US Doctors Tell Gov. Suntai's Family He Can't Function As A Normal Person

By Saharareporters, New York

Neurological doctors treating Governor Danbaba Suntai of Taraba State in the United States have told his family and the state government footing his medical bills the governor cannot return to normal state of mental health that would enable him to function as a governor.


Mr. Suntai first received treatment at the famous John Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, before moving to a rehabilitation center in upstate New York, both of which have reportedly given up on the chances of full recovery of Mr. Suntai.  In October 2012, he survived an aircrash near Yola Airport and was flown to Germany for treatment for brain injuries.


A medical source told SaharaReporters that when Mr. Suntai was brought in from Germany, he had swelling in his brain and had lost significant control of his ability to recognize people or speak coherently.  The source also described the governor as drooling like a baby.


After several months of treatment in the US the doctors have now told Mr. Suntai's family and the deputy governor of Taraba State who came visiting two weeks ago that Mr. Suntai be sent home to manage his condition as there is nothing more that can be done to heal him.

The State government has spent close to $3.5 million on Mr. Suntai’s treatment in the US alone.


At a meeting with his Deputy two weeks ago, Mr. Suntai was seen in photographs laughing out loud, but our medical sources said he repeats anything told to him several times until he is told to stop.


A clip of Mr. Suntai meeting with his deputy was shown on the Nigerian Television Authority network, with the sound curiously muted.


Mr. Suntai's wife and a few political office holders, including the Commissioner of Information, Emmanuel Bello, are reportedly manipulating the media by claiming that Suntai has fully recovered and is on his way to resuming power as governor.  He has been seen in photos that appear to be stage-managed for brief moments to show the ailing governor as though fully healed, but nobody has heard him speak or answer any questions.


Mr. Suntai, a trained pilot, was personally flying the aircraft in which he was injured.  


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This story of Gov. Suntai is another great lesson for all Nigerian political leaders with no exception. Report mentioned that his brain has swollen before finally got to the hospital. As a result Nigerian govt should upgrade all our medical centres now with modern medical equipments, drugs including trained medical expertise because, no one knows who is next for emergency medical needs among the politicians. Though ordinary Nigerians have accepted their fate government do not care about their well being. Stop foreign medical treatment, it wastes your life and our resources. Remember Senator Evan Enwerem, he could not make the trip before his sickness got worst at the Airport. When will Nigerian Leaders learn from mistakes of others?

My dear sahara fan, u better

My dear sahara fan, u better wake up from ur hallucination, how long will it take u to know that sahara reporters is anti jonathan, anti PDP, and Haram and Islamic promoter??? They lie and deceive good nigerians. Its only God that will judge our ignorances. Thanks

All I Know Is That If God Say

All I Know Is That If God Say Suntai Danbaba Will Well He 'll Well, All Nigerias Should Be Pray For Him, Nothing Pass Prayer. In The Name Of Allah God Will Return Is Peace Prefectly Than What His Brain Function Before Amin Naa Ya Allahu

Governor's health

Anybody can go to any media house and lie. Even the media themself can formulate a suitable lie that will appear to be true. Brothers i want us to know that who ever wish somebody dead he himself will die and the person he wish dead will live and not die. As for me I say governor Suntai will return very healthy to take his rightful position in Jesus name

Worse comment read so far.

Worse comment read so far. Full of ignorance


All this is as a result of right of people he trample upon, especially the muslem in the name of spreading christianity, by torturing them and drive them out of taraba, but GOD so kind, today even lunatic is useful than him. Allah akbar.



Governor Suntai's illness

I wonder why no one has suggested that he be taken to Prophet T B Joshua. He has handled worse cases.
With God all things are possible only if you believe so that His name will be glorified.
His wife or members of his family reading this comments should please take this advice and take him to Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN). Forget about the side comments about the man of God which is a grand conspiracy to malign him.

Sowore for President

Leave Sowore alone. Those criticizing his style of journalism are living in the dark ages; I consider them idiotic morons incapable of patriotism. I wonder the nature of journalism in Nigeria without Sahara. Up Sahara Reporters! Up Sowore! Sowore for President!


It is the ethics of their religion, no human's feelings. Too bad indeed

His family is grateful to

His family is grateful to Allah that he is alive. shekana!

look at picture

pls my fellow naija watch the pic of ex-governor carefully see how his wife help him 2 hold the babies using her arms, now give judgement 2 ur self, which condition is he now.


The Yar Adua Saudi Arabia hospital fraud is playing out again. Some people were claiming huge sums of monies daily for over ten months from the nation's treasury purportedly for the president's treatment and hospital bills. The Saudi govt meanwhile was not charging Nigeria a kobo. The secret of this fraud leaked to the Saudi Mornach who promptlly ordered that Yar Adua be discharged and sent home as his case was hopeless and govt criminals were cashing in on it.
Some Taraba State politicians are playing the same game on their poor people with Danbaba's health. $3.5million ? The hospital or the American govt should please advise the Federal Govt of Nigeria and the good people of Taraba on the true state of their governor's health and put a stop to this waste being foisted on the good people. Thank you.

“At the root of the lacuna in

“At the root of the lacuna in Taraba is religion. The calculation is therefore about 2015. In the event that Umar becomes substantive governor, he may want to run in 2015 and with the power of incumbency, the odds would be in his favour. That definitely will alter the political equation in the state. To therefore reach any consensus, powerful stakeholders from the state like Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, who I understand is a kinsman of Suntai (and the anointed front-runner for 2015 before the crash); PDP State Chairman, Mr. Victor Bala and others will have to work out a compromise. The way things are, President Goodluck Jonathan will also have to come in. But the most powerful actor from what I hear is actually the state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) without whose support there can be no deal. And of course, nobody can forget Lt. General T.Y. Danjuma, the most prominent Nigerian from the state. ” – Olusegun Adeniyi


This is a pdp family matter, that's why the people can't rise up to do what is right by the constitution, what a big shame.....

Denial is a River in Egypt!

The Ag. Gov. Umar is in-between the Shark and the Mermaid. If he didn't goes to visit, they will term him of being "Insensitive" and now that he went, they are calling him "power drunk". Where are the so-called Human Rights Activities that fought for GEJ during the Yar’adua saga? I cannot believe they are now keeping mute in the case of Taraba. Where is Mr. President GEJ himself that suffered in the hand of power drunk Turai Yar’adua in a situation similar to this? I can’t believe this is happening under his nose and he is still keeping mute. Double Standard is the second name of Nigerian politicians and Denial is a River in Egypt. May God save our country, amin.

santais heaalth

U leave Ur house when dey burn na rat u wan pursue?t


Danbaba is a repented Christian am sure by now. Let them bring him and take him to a strong Man of God and he will be well again. I want the Muslims and the entire secular world to know that Christians serve a living God. When Yara'dua was sick pride and arrogance and fear of tremandous converts that his healing will attract towards Christ especilly among Muslims made them prefer taking him to Saudi and infested him with more demons in the name of Mohammed, the end result you and I already know.

ignorant people

I wonder why ignorant people that did not know Suntai are praying 4 him.this man was voted for by the mass but he turned his back to this people.within Jalingo metro poly Suntai was chasing Okada raider with helicopter ,making life difficult 4 the people.Now those of you praying 4him did u think that God can answer your prayer.But I want us to know that let us learn from Suntai.




It may be true that Nigerians have been forced to believe almost anything negative about their leaders but this is over stretching it. I ve always respected SR but this is a let down. Respect should be given to this bedridden man. If u guys are convinced he committed an offence,lay a complaint.

Don't put God into this!

One thing we do in this country is that we will be doing things God condemns and we will still be expecting him to solve our problems. If Suntai is not stealing Taraba state's money things wouldn't have gone so bad for him like this, but this man sapped Taraba as a commissioner, Secretary of the state and governor how do you expect miracle? I know you will say grace cos that is what you people use to deceive yourself to continue to do evil forgetting the phrase that said you cannot deceive God for whatever a man sow so shall he reap!

Y some peaple they are mad ØҜ

Y some peaple they are mad ØҜ U̶̲̥̅̊ dnt wnt sahara 2 report suntai problem 2 the peaple that he serving but U̶̲̥̅̊ wnt the deputy governor 2 resing.that very good of U̶̲̥̅̊ sahara we wnt more details on suntai condition.

i think

i think he should resume his duty because, half of gov's are not normal anyway. so gov suntai most to resume his work bcs, he is not death yet.and GOD will see you through so that some of those wecked ones will go and die first . after all you are better than some of gov's who fill that they are ok.

The Suntai's Gimmick - Part 2

This theater will surely end one day. Part 1 done in Germany, we are watching part 2 and I think Part 3 will soon start in Abuja or Taraba State, Nigeria. Too many Nigerian leaders are not normal anyway, so this is really no news.
The Suntais and their cohorts should keep on laughing and lavishing the dollars - (no wonder the U.S. is set to review their Federal Reserve's quantitative easing policy).
But, one thing is sure; the rivers will overflow one day. What a vacuous and catastrophic space called Nigeria!

Dredging The Sewers

Everybody I guess loves titillating news (the more disposed towards idleness, the more likely is one's propensity to gossip and idle chatter), and schadenfreude is clearly alive and well in my beloved Nigeria. Of course, Mr. Suntai is a public citizen, but even the devil himself is entitled to some measure of privacy in an operational democracy. Those who deny Mr Suntai his privacy are heedlessly traipsing into an ethical minefield: that much is a central tenet of journalism.

Wish 4 ur brodas wot wish 2

Wish 4 ur brodas wot wish 2 urself.may God almighty restore him his brain

Everybody lelax

God give power to whom he wishes and withdraw when he likes, being Danbaba will or will not return is not something to argue on, many leaders have done their era and leave death or alive. For example Abacha (RIP) goes death, Yar'adua (RIP) also goes death, Obasanjo goes a life and many more so, when God decide to replace Danbaba with some one no body will change or have control over it. Let's pray for better of.

eh Nija!

Why do we Nigerians play to the gallery with religion? To me not only governors deserve healing! Even the lowly person in the hospital or mental institution deserves a healing. Politics must be kept out! A mental case is not fit to rule. But if it is proven that the Suntai is not mentally ill then he should simply fly in and assume office.

my frnd u follow dis story

my frnd u follow dis story well so?na video dem put der o no b pix dem talk,i wonder 4 u o

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