Violence: Curfew Imposed on Plateau State

Senator Gyang Dalyop Dantong
By Saharareporters, New York

Following the massive violence of the past 24 hours, a curfew has been imposed on parts of Plateau State and soldiers have been deployed in the area with a view to forestalling reprisal killings.

The Plateau State government announced the dusk to dawn curfew after several political leaders were killed today by gunmen suspected to be Islamic militants in four local government areas of the state. The local government affected are Barkin Ladi, Riyom, Jos North and Jos South

Following yesterday’s massacre of about 20 people by unidentified gunmen, Senator Gyang Dalyop Dantong, and Plateau State Asemblyman Gyang Fulani were today killed along with many others at a funeral for yesterday’s victims.  A House of Representatives member Simon Davou Mwadkwon was critically injured.

The death of the politicians is reported to have led to reprisal killings along Barkin Lardi Riyom expressway, where motorists were caught unawares. Several commuters were reportedly slaughtered by mobs.

In Jos, the state capital, at least four people were killed in reprisal attacks in front of Senator Dantong’s home on St-Finbarrs road.

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Cellist Vitalia Passley is 100% addicted to it style, genealogy. Furthermore she prefers enjoying a Tampa bay lightning hockey-game in the stadium.

They will one day come for the president

First they came for the Igbos And I did not speak out because I am not an Igbo. Then they came for the peasants And I did not speak out because I am not a peasant. Then they came for the northerners And I did not speak out because I am not a northerner. Then they came for the politicians And I did not speak out because I am not a politician. Then they came for Nigerians and there was no one left to speak out for me
The present day nigeria is at crossroad. Boko garam is the present day Nazis of the republic. The people of nigeria will need to take a stand against the Islamic terrorists in the north or else soon they will over run nigeria

Good ridiance?

I can just imagine d kind of person u r by this comment, surely u can never be a leader.
Who is d govt? Can u i dentify 1 person as d govt? If u can then u will see that u also fall in that class.
If u were in d shoe of d senetor what would u av done diff? Just imagine sum1 making such comment about u when u r gone....
May God 4give u!

A General Election for Violence

Sorry for those people who died. But as for the lawmakers, good riddance to bad rubbish. I will never shed tears for any legislooters and representathieves. As to those who died, it is better to die defending your votes and establish good governance. To those of us alive, we should endeavour to entrench good governance than voting thieves into power. 2015 is round the corner, and Nigeria will be no more.

Curfew, to what purpose and extent?

Nigerian rulers are jokers and inept buffoons who employ purposeless and vision less words and means to achieve absolute zilch. Every time there is carnage on the streets, they declare "a curfew" and impose meaningless hardship on the general purpose by restricting movement and economic activities. Shortly afterwards, the curfew is lifted with nothing achieved. The perpetrators of violence walks free; the victims are mourned and the mourners await their turn to become victims! If curfews are to be used, there must be a purpose i.e. "we suspect this is where the perpetrators are from. We therefore impose a curfew here for x number of days and the soldiers will conduct a methodical house to house search of EVERY home and inch of the area for illegal weapons and suspicious people!" Is it so difficult for these dolts to understand?

Now let see what will be done

The time has come to see the step that the government will take on these Islamic Sect (Boko Haram) now that the art of killing has affect them now.


why not eat them?...

I wonder o,to forstall

I wonder o,to forstall reprisal.

this is retaliation

Dnt blem fulanis at all!who so ever u call ur self, cos they cannot just go n look 4 any 0nes troble unles ur the course so pls watch ur mouth! Where ware you last week wen they were attack?

Who so ever u are your very

Who so ever u are your very stupid where were u long tym ago eight years ago when pilato christain have been killing fulanis eaten there flesh,stealing there animals y woudnt u talk?is just nown that they are retaliating so u open ur dirty mouth and say govt is not doing anything on it?is d same govt dat leaved u people u during dis day killing them stealing there properties, what so ever they do they are d one leave them do what there doing now so watch ur mauth!u think govt are stupid lyk u?


Bullshit, this is BokoHaram. If its not religous, name one mosque tht has been burned, bombed or attacked. The fulanis are doing their thing and hence don't knw how to use Ak47s and bullet proof vests.

Ask them

Ask them, after killing christian they bring curfew

kill all the fulani

kill all the fulani....... They are animals


All those who blindly believe Muslims/Fulanis r d ones perpetrating these crimes against humanity do not get d bigger picture. Y now after decades of peaceful coexistence? Were all those xtians arrested in various places accross d country in connection wit church bombings ever questioned? Wat hav they said? Y are all these crimes being carried out in d north? Who r d real faces behind this criminal conspiracy aimed at disintegrating d unity between nigerians? A million questions.....

Am tired of all this

Am tired of all this


who is this nincompoop calling himself nasir

Very sad, but also amazing

Very sad, but also amazing story. How could the murderers' identity be known to be be fulani origin when they were dressed in military outfits? Did they speak to the people in fulani language or what? No really, I am so curious as to the identity of these murderers especially after a Berom Customs big guy was caught with massive quantity of arms which he was said to be supplying his kinsmen...just thinking aloud.

Plateau killing

Plateau crisis has know religion base pls stop discribe those Fulani as Muslim militant you instigating others


Ur leaders must take measures now hence it touches dem.


How long will Nigeria governemnt allow these fulanis to have a free day on the flesh of the christians? Why is it that curfew is always impose after the killing of christians?

Self help

Since Govt can only promise as usual to bring the culprits to book and has never done so, the people resort to self help. Let the ratatatata music play on!

LiTtle by little

Little by little, the corrupt high and mighty have begun 2 feel the impact of the people's wrath. All these violent outbursts are the results of the rampant corruption and mismanagement by our oligarchic ruling class.
Hopefully iT will improve till only those corrupt leaders are targetted. God bless Nigeria.
All the Farouk's should be assassinated.

senseless killings

When will this senseless killing stop in this country? I challenge the security operatives to rise above partisanship to restore normacy. Nigeria is on the precipe of disintigration.. We need revolution, but who starts it ?

Biased Reportage

Islamic militants? Why not Christian hooligans who eject Fulanis from their Fatherland, are they not Nigerians? Reprisal, reprisal, reprisal, the worst way of registering grievances and peace will be a mirage with this kind of expression. Pls Objective Reportage SR.

plateau killings

May almighty gives you fortitude to bear the irreparable lost

condolence master GEJ

mr gej
its time to cut back on ur quick condolence visits
you might wanna make sure the fulani don reach house before you
embark on ur popular visits.........

these fulani people are not smiling
even their cows are not smiling
farook lawan is not smiling
otedola is not smiling
yakowa is not smiling
atiku has never smiled
ibb is smiling on the outside
obj is scared to smile
tambuwal is not smiling


plateau killings

Pls differentiate between fulani herdsmen and Muslim this is a tribal clashes not religious.


Those hopeless fulanis in jos should be castrated and their balls stuffed through their anus

move the fulanis to bauchi now

Has anybody being charged to court since the crisis in jos started? The problem in Jos among other areass in the North are being oreganized by the Fulanis. Yet we have them in power and they cannot talk to their subjects in BH. Let us wait and see who will vote for buhari. After this they will claim he was rigged again in 2015! The speaker of the house is fulani, dasuki, fulani, sanusi fulani, turkur is fulani-buhari, ribadu and elrufai are fulanis-yet the claim we have an ijaw man in control of only God knows what in 9ja-I saw it with OBJ--it happened to abiola-late gani and awo-it was all by the fulanis-the war by the fulanis in jos--has already spread to the west african sub-region. All the normads from chad, niger republic, and mali are here-central african republuc-the massai are also there killing in the name of danfodio-while the animals blame jonathan-for a century old danfodio war

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