"VIP Movement"-Jonathan’s Plane Prevents Mourners From Attending Oshiomhole’s Wife Burial

Nigeria's Presidential Jet
By SaharaReporters, New York

Groups of journalists, human rights activists and mourners were today unable to attend the burial of Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s wife in Auchi due to what is locally referred to as “Presidential movement” by air traffic operatives.
That invariably means that a presidential jet is in the area or is expected in the area.  Today, it meant that the planes conveying prospective mourners who were eager to say farewell to Clara Oshiomhole were not allowed to land in Benin. 

One particular flight carrying civil rights attorney Femi Falana; Abiodun Aremu of the United Action for Democracy (UAD); Louis Odion, a journalist; and Odion Sylvester Akhaine, a political activist and academic and his wife, had to return to Lagos after it almost ran out of fuel as it hovered over the skies for 35 minutes, refused permission to land.

The Arik Air flight left Lagos for Benin at about 10: 00a.m. local time, after delays occasioned by unfavorable weather conditions.  It arrived in Benin City airspace 30 minutes after departure from the local wing of the Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos.

After hovering in the air for 35 minutes the Arik air pilot told the air traffic controller on the ground that he was running out of fuel, but they were still denied the opportunity to land.

The pilot then informed the passengers that it would be dangerous to keep hovering in the air as no one could tell how long the hold would be; he then turne the plane around and returned to Lagos.

It was not known how many other aircraft suffered the same fate in the hands of the air traffic controllers.

Nigeria’s “presidential movement” orders are widely known to greatly endanger aircraft movement as they usually happen without notice to pilots.

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President need to be protected so, does the masses

@FightDpower, you have actually decimated and articulated the baseless views of those scavengers in the corridors of powers who, do the biding of their masters.
Yes, it is the norms every where that airport should be close in places that are volatile politically or terrorism wise like America. I have lived almost in four countries in europe, non witnesses such hindrances because when the Govt. is for the people, there is no need to be afraid.
@Edson Aranthes De Nascimento, you can compared America to Nigeria in this regard as, there are much similarity and fear over the attack on their leaders.
Obama, wld be most likely assaulted or attacked in the US than any where else in the world. Pres. Lincoln is an example and the US congress woman (Giffords) that was attacked in her own state of Arizona, speak volumes of the level of insecurity to politicians there. Talkless of a black president that would be a likely target to the white racist(klu klu clan) that are prevalent in US. So, they can close their airport in US for all I care, but, it would not be in comparison with Nigeria, that every thing is done without notice and consideration to the masses.

more to come

CHIE, Traffic hold also in the Air in Nigerian Aerospace? For the 1st time? Yes I thought as much and more to come! and very soon it will be exported to USA and Europe By Nigeria presidio after the recent acquisitions of 4 new presidential planes, plus the once bought by OBJ , that means more traffic in the air , just image the president and his entourage going to Benin-city on air from Abuja with 7 Airplane in a Conveyor- one for Mr. presidio, one for his wife and one for mad- servants, one for protocols, one for senate president, one for house of Rep Speaker, and one for CJN, yes expect more air hold up more than what we have in BENIN- ORE-ROAD,.
America has Air force 1 for their president , the British prime minister does not have Airplanes he flies British airways but here there we borrow to buy planes we don’t just to make sure that the presidio moves in a conveyor of 5 fleet Aircrafts, Chers. 9ja

Hahaha, they should change

Hahaha, they should change the name of this site to "all things negative in 9ja dot com"... Anybody looking for concrete, unbiased information on the state of affairs in our beloved country Nigeria, if u enter saharareporters, take it from me: BROS YOU DON MISS ROAD! Because you'll only be bombarded with twisted stories & irrelevant information by writers who try to make you believe they're writing in our country's interest, when in reality it's so plain to see that everything here is anti-Jonathan, anti-Jonathan, anti-Jonathan all the way... losers.

Airspace Closure

Power is powerful, as the saying goes, some powers are more powerful than others!!! Why risk the life of the President, when he has soooooooooooooo many miserable subordinates who are better off dead? Pls., allow the citizens to finish before descending on the "Most Powerful"

no comment

no comment

This is an overzealous

This is an overzealous attitude of the security operatives. Mr GEJ may not be aware of their antics.

What is so special about this

What is so special about this report. Plane disallowed to land in Benin because President is there. This happens all over the world. Please check through your news before posting it.


FightDpower pls respect people's opinion in as much as you want your opinion to be respected how on earth will you compare nigeria with us if you are in jonathan's shoe what will you have done done for the little time he took over the mantle of power. the u.s you are referring to does not just get to the level they are in nine months GEJ or whoever you think can take nigeria no the promise land require more time i am not one of those you referred to as GEJ benefactor but the truth need to be told here in as much i will want nigeria to grow, i dont think the little time GEJ has been in charge is enough to make a meaningful impact. there are so much problems associated with nigeria. take lagos state as an example, the state is being govern by the same political party for the past 12 years yet the state could not experience the desire development so GEJ, ATIKU,IBB,RIBADU and others need more time and our support to take us there. remember Rome was not build in a day. the blame should go to our past leaders.

Is Jonatha now the airport commandant of Benin air-space?

Yes oooh! Karl Cash and his cohorts will claim to know it all. Anybody with a nose for news can pen this watery piece for us to read. Most especially when the newsroom is empty. These are the type of stories we refer to as dry news.
In all of my over 10yrs involvement in the aviation industry, I have witnessed events such the one Karl Cash wrote for SR, concerning the closure of the air space whenever our heads of states are up in the air, and about to land or take off. Our air space was even closed to enable people like Louis Farrakan fly out of our airport. Imagime them saying when the president was about to land with his aircraft any where in Nigeria, its his duty to control air traffic at CMS bus stop and Aminu Kano, with the help of the cabin crew and his pilots. The American Airforce one when air bound, no private airline goes near it.
It usually the duty of the security to give clearance to the air traffic controllers not the president. What type of reporter is this one for heavens sake? So u guys want to turn Jonathan into an airport commandant or what? Was Jonathan even aware of what transpired between that useless Ciroma airline and his security personnel? The flight plan or schedule of any presidential movement is usually issued to the airport commandant, the Chief of facilities and the airport managers of all the international airports around the country. The airport commandant duty is to give clearance to private airlines any time he deems it fit security wise. Now some are claiming its the responsiblity of Jonathan to radio control tower that he is through with his activities in the moon, so they are free to fly in and out of the airport as they like. The reporter is just a novice if not a fly by night corresdpondent in the aviation business period. The story shows how ignorant some of us can be when out to chase shadows in the air in the name of journalism. In one space the reporter is talking about the weather. In another its Jonathans fault, in the last the fuel in the aircraft got finished so he had to fly back to lagos-why did the socalled arik air not leave by 7 am which was when its first flight was scheduled to take off? That apart why did the reporter not take the pains to cross check his facts with the airport commandant or the airport manager. Laziness. Somebody phones to say he could not make to the funeral of late Adams wife. the journalist in him is fired. Such that he thinks he can manufacture some coktail or funeral news out the discussion he had with Falana. He then picks up his lap-tap from the corner of his bed then fires a 5 para story for us-that is what happened---my brothers-! No shaking sha.
Hate Jonathan, love him if u like, he is better than the abacha bag handlers and the 419ners whose convoys act like kill and go political undertakers. They are not different from the attack dogs now presenting themselves as saints having dumped those who edited their smelly profiles for us in NCP.Happily the spirit of late Gani is watching them from where--ever he is--cheers and cheers again. Che sara sara

It's global practice!

People,as an aviation practitioner abroad,I can confidently state that most countries(MOST I say,not all) have this practice of closing portions of their airspace for VIP movements. However, I agree that the timelines in Naija are just too long. Closing the airport even after the President has left d airport?? Nigeria we hail thee!

Presidential Security

People, I live in playa vista (los angeles) which is about 5 minutes from los angeles international airport, and I can tell you that on 2 occasions that President Obama came to los angeles this year, the entire airport (as huge and busy as it is), and all roads within a 3 mile (about 4.8km) radius of the airport were completely SHUT down. And I mean absolutely no movement. So it is common practice around the world (at least in advanced nations) for this sort of thing to happen. GEJ is our man; practically hoisted to that position by God - and we SHALL respect that.

Our Time

Please vote Ribadu as next President of Nigeria


FightDpower AKA Sahara Admin

Your yash don open. How come you know or claim the ip addresses are from Abuja? That means you are Sahara admin. For long i have suspected that Sahara admin post a lot of comments disguised viewers. Now i have my proof. If you like don't publish my comment. Shame on you Sahara.

shame on arik airlines and there pilot

so how did the plane get back to lagos if what the pilot claimed is true.......... a plane running out of fuel was able to return back to lagos without completely running out of fuel........... i was in benin friday for the burial....... and arik is to blame for unnecessary delaying flights. same thing happened this morning on my way back to lagos.

To FightDpower

If anyone should be open minded, that person is you.
your choice of unsavoury words notwithstanding, it is obvious you are a nigerian who has been bought or hopes to be bought for the GEJ perpetuation drive.
May God help you, and may your children and mine not curse people like you.
If anything is obvious, it is the display of ignorance on your part. Wake up!

Sahara Reporters - an instrument for Jonathan's victory

Sahara Reporters probably believes that its shameless and tactless campaign against GEJ will cause sufficient disenchantment among the Nigerian people against him such that they will not support him. Clearly the opposite is happening. Most Nigerians see Mr. Jonathan as a quiet humble and modest person who is respectful of all and who is not drunk with power. He is of the generation of many who write in this space, the "denied" generation of sorts who worried about Nigeria and her place in the world, who dreamed about the possibilities of our country and who hoped to one day make a contribution to the greater good of the country. He understands the frustrations of life for everyday Nigerian of his age, of those who have no "family" name to help them advance, the meek, the humble because that has been his lot. He recognizes that had Bayelsa not been created he couldn't have become what he has become because he is too quiet to succeed politically in the old Rivers State. He looks very much like the kind of friend most of us wish to have who cannot be perturbed, who laughs things away, takes all jokes even those against him, shakes his head, shrugs his shoulders and moves on with a smile.

His background invites sympathy and support from most Nigerians. The more SR attacks him and attributes all kinds of evil nonsense to him, the more sympathy and support he gets from the Nigerian people. For goodness sake, everyone knows that the "VIP movement" restriction is standard. Last November in Banjul, The Gambia, our Virgin Nigeria flight was grounded for 5 hours after we had boarded because of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinajad.

We have a right, a duty and an obligation to criticise, even insult, our President. Those are the prerogatives an elected leader gives to the electorate in a democracy. But then, we the electorate have an obligation not to needlessly insult and make a fool of ourselves by demonstrating an incontinent desire to find fault in the actions of those who lead us. That, is the responsibility of citizenship.

Food for Thought

The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.

Norman Vincent Peale

I do agree that the President

I do agree that the President may not have known what happened, but our leaders and leaders to be are fully aware of the inconveniences they create on their travels, to the people they are there to serve, and they can order a review of their security/travel arrangements with a view to minimising the suffering of the people, who have already suffered enough! The problem is, we do not understand service. When we do, we would know how to react in such situations. It is just not right to put citizens lives at risk in such a way, we are all human beings. May God give us all we need in order to do the right things. God may be getting tired of helping Nigerians because we have deliberately used the will He gave us for the wrong things, and after that we say 'God help us' or 'God is in control'.

RE: Jimmymy

You continue to play the psychologist with all your thrash about abuse, trying to hide your own demons. with all your intelligence, you have failed to grasp the essence of my complaints which is that you respond to the substantive accusations against your paymaster. You have been so brutalized and become used to peanuts that electricity for 30 minutes a day has become a sign of progress for your small mind and expectations.

Respond to this. why does GEJ enjoy all the benefits of the presidency without discharging the obligations as "in other parts of the world?" You can deny all the accusations of being a paid blogger as much as you want. The fact is that GEJ has paid bloggers like you and they will never admit to being one. Your responses will start to make sense when you start to respond to the substantive accusations against your paymaster - GEJ. What has he done about corruption? Looking for Cheney when OBJ and IBB and a stone throw away. Members of his party are robbing the nation bling and in that you see a vision for the future? He buys three new planes to increase the presidential fleet to 9 aircrafts, the same number as the aircrafts in the fleet of Ethiopian Airways, one of Africa's most successful? That is a vision of the future for you? You cannot blame others for having legitimate expectations of our public servants. My expectations cannot be circumscribed because yours are so low. Get it my voodoo banker?

Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!

I was coming to register my disapproval of the shameful incident narrated inn this news, but have encountered even worse shame in the comments from people who are supposed to be reasonably educated.
I can now say that the foolishness and primitiveness of the majority of overzealous Jonathan Supporters commenting here far outweigh the primitiveness of the " Presidential Air Movement saga".
Anyone wondering why bad governance and corruption remain our political culture would easily find answers from the comments here.
I commented earlier in the year that Nigerians have not had enough, but some people claimed otherwise.
The comments on this article and many other comments on saharareporters clearly confirm either that Nigerians are not interested in good and accountable governance or that we are irredeemably ignorant people.
One would ask what system of government do those absolving President Jonathan of blame really want for Nigeria?
In a civilized society, this incident would be condemned by even President Jonathan himself.
In a civilized society the only person to blame for this incident is the President and C-in-C! In a civilized society,the leader takes responsibility for any failure falling under the executive arm of government and the leader's supporters would be among those criticizing a shameful incident like this.


If you want Ribadu to be the next president pls. visit www.ribadu2011.com to donate to support his campaign.

However, if you are a beneficiary of or happy with the current despicably poor state of things in the country and do not want any change, you're free to continue to write disparaging remarks about Ribadu and embrace the likes of IBB, Atiku...to FIX Nigeria. They have a TRACK RECORD for FIXING Nigeria, so go with them!

I want you to remind you that this is not just about you, it's about the future of your children and grand children who will have to deal with (while you're gone) and continue to languish in the jungle of incompetence, corruption, nepotism, poor infrastructure...

If you do have some conscience, love of country and would like to see the beginning of a true transformation of our beloved country in your lifetime, I urge you to support Ribadu.

I just donated to support the campaign and I urge every Nigerian all over the world to please do the same, no matter how small for the sake of the future of our children. Visit www.ribadu2011.com

Re: Fellow Nigerians, Support Ribadu for President

@Bolarinwa I want to thank you for Reinforcing my view to our fellow country men.

I urge Mr. Bolarinwa and the likes to help spread this message and help mobilize friends, colleagues, and Nigerians all over the world. THANK YOU MY BROTHER.

"Thanks to David Odiri for his heartfelt message: that Nigerians who want to stop corruption and move the country forward must support Ribadu for President and donate to his campaign.

I believe the only message that will resonate with the people both inside and outside Nigeria is that Nuhu Ribadu will have the resources to wage a competitive presidential bid. Otherwise, the lotters and traitors will use their ill gotten wealth to manipulate the elections again.

For the first time in the history of Nigeria, we have a fighter who is willing to take on the task of nation building and do battle against corruption. He has done it when given the opportunity and I believe he will do it again if given the chance to govern."

Fellow Nigerians, think about it. Obama would not have been the President of the United States if not for the money he was able to receive in order to wage a competitive presidential race. I ask you to make a personal commitment of at least $100.00 to support this historic campaign. If 100,000 of us make a minimum donation of $100.00 within the next two weeks, I believe the message would have been sent that Nuhu Ribadu is a serious candidate with deep support among ordinary Nigerians.

I urge you fellow Nigerians that the time of talks is gone and this is the time for action. Please visit www.ribadu2011.com to make your donation today!"

Why Ribadu?

To those promoting Ribadu, I need answers to the following questions
1. What was behind his releasing a list and indicting some political aspirants just before the 2007 elections? Many of them had never held public positions and I recall one of them was an opponent to Iyabo Obasanjo and other entrenched establishment candidates. These people instead of campaigning were busy in court to clear their names but when they were cleared, it was impossible for them to make any political headway. The stage was thus set for the PDP landslide
2. What was behind Ribadu ingloriously using a minority 9 members out of over 20 in Plateau assembly to impeach Gov Dariye? The court later ruled it was unconstitutional. Was that not abuse of power by him and wont he do worse if he becomes President?
3. What was behind Ribadu's campaign to make sure Amaechi does not contest the 2007 Rivers' elections? He recklessly swore that over his dead body would Amaechi be governor. Was he not doing OBJ's bidding?
4. During the 3rd term saga, money for bribery was openly displayed on the floor of the national assembly. Did he investigate anybody? Was he not a collaborator?

Re: Presidential movement


Be open minded to alternative views

To FightDpower
I referred to you earlier as a political and intellectual lilliputian. Maybe you dont know what a lilliputian is. Let me come to your level. You are a political and intellectual dwarf. Be open minded to alternative views and stop insulting people. You make one believe you were an abused child raised by abusive parents and relatives. Why do you think its so easy to buy people's conscience? Does GEJ need to pay people to blog for him? Have you checked my internet service address? Is it from Abuja? You must learn that Nigerians are not as dirty and greedy as you think. Millions of people genuinely support GEJ because they see in him the change they have always wanted, imperfect as he is. His drive to give us credible polls is unprecendented among interested incubents in the annals of our history. And mind you, scale down your arrogance, several other contributors are far more knowledgeable and intelligent than you are. Its way too obvious!!

Executive movement

It is time to rethink the idea of "executive movement" on air or land.,whether by the president or the governors.Restricting movement for hours,unnecessarily,in expectation of the passing of the president or governor,makes movement hellish for other people,and is simply not good enough.

*Please check out my blog:http://henryik2009.wordpress.com.

Please leave a comment.

The President has no control

The President has no control over his security management which is haddled solely by the Nigerian airforce. People should try to be reasonable. But in any case is he not the president and commander in chief? We see pple like Atiku and Babangida so desperate for power and can do anything to take the present occupant out. It is the security operatives that know the amount of security informations they have and therefore, the measures to put in place.

Fellow Nigerians, Support Ribadu for President

Thanks to David Odiri for his heartfelt message: that Nigerians who want to stop corruption and move the country forward must support Ribadu for President and donate to his campaign. I believe the only message that will resonate with the people both inside and outside Nigeria is that Nuhu Ribadu will have the resources to wage a competitive presidential bid. Otherwise, the lotters and traitors will use their ill gotten wealth to manipulate the elections again. For the first time in the history of Nigeria, we have a fighter who is willing to take on the task of nation building and do battle against corruption. He has done it when given the opportunity and I believe he will do it again if given the chance to govern.

Fellow Nigerains, think about it. Obama would not have been the President of the United States if not for the money he was able to receive in order to wage a competitive presidential race. I ask you to make a personal commitment of at least $100.00 to support this historic campaign. If 100,000 of us make a minimum donation of $100.00 within the next two weeks, I believe the message would have been sent that Nuhu Ribadu is a serious candidate with deep support among ordinary Nigerians.

I urge you fellow Nigerians that the time of talks is gone and this is the time for action. Please visit www.ribadu2011.com to make your donation today!

Shame on you Nigeria

Even when the Pilot siad he's running out of fuel the air traffic controller still refused him landing. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

It is now clearer than ever

It is now clearer than ever that people have their minds made up on what they want to hear; during the Yar'adua episode SR was bashing the Yar'adua family and her cohorts left right and centre; I didn't hear of any complaints then.People will jump at any article attacking ATIKU, IBB even it were to junk!

This same story would have attracted the opposite reaction were Yar'adua to be the President, it is high time we gave credence to objectivity and forget sentiments, I have nothing against GEJ, and I think this SR piece is just the same as every other piece in Nigerian Journo; alarming headlines that will attract readers. But the reaction by some readers is more irritating.

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