Wagbatsoma's Fuel Subsidy Fraud Trial: Judge Warns Lawyer Olanipekun Over Ploy To Dribble Court With Trivialities

Walter Wagbatsoma (Left)
By SaharaReporters, New York

The high profile trial of subsidy fraud suspect, Walter Wagbatsoma, who is accused of illegally obtaining N1.9 billion from the Petroleum Support Fund (PSF) continued today with his lead attorney, Wole Olaonipekun, acting out a script aimed at delaying judicial proceedings.

Wole Olanipekun, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) embarked on trivial questioning of the prosecution witness, in an obvious effort to delay and frustrate judicial progress.

As part of the subterfuge, Olanipekun took the court back over facts that were already before it.   To that, EFCC counsel, Rotimi Jacobs quickly drew the attention of the court to the ploy.

The judge agreed with Mr. Jacobs, and issued a warning to Mr. Olanipekun to desist from such delay tactics and squandering the precious time of the court.

"Mr. Olanipekun as a matter of fact, you are wasting the time of the court and I think we will make progress if you don't ask questions on facts already before the court,” Justice Lateefat Okunnu warned.  “I will not tolerate wasting judicial time in my court."

Mr. Wagbatsoma is standing trial alongside his cohorts, Adaoha Ugo-Ngadi, Fakuade Babafemi Ebenezer, Ezekiel Olaleye Ejidele as well as Ontario Oil and Gas, for duping the PSF of the nearly two billion dollars under the guise of importing 39.2 million liters of PMS, but without actually importing a single liter.

When he found his name among those to be arraigned last year, Wagbatsoma and Ugo-Ngadi,the Managing Director of Ontario Oil and Gas, curiously warned President Goodluck Jonathan to desist from trying them, or else they would expose how they bankrolled his 2011 presidential campaign with close to $1billion. Sources knowledgeable about that deal disclosed that over $300 million was trafficked through the Minister for Petroleum Resources, Diezani Allison-Madueke.

At the time of his arraignment alongside his cohorts in July last year, Wagbatsoma demonstrated contempt of court by his absence, reportedly leaving Nigeria for Paris as his arraignment drew near.

The courtroom games played by Mr. Olanipekun today appeared to be one of the ploys carefully scripted to ensure that, over time, Wagbatsoma’s trial fizzles out.  It is a game that is being played by many people in Nigeria rich enough to purchase freedom with funds looted from the public till.

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I don't understand this

I don't understand this report, it alleged that he is standing trial for duping the PSF of 1.9bn while still stating at a latter paragraph that he is standing trial for duping the PSF of nearly 2 bn dollars. While I k ow as a fact that the entire amount arrived out by forensic audit is about 320 bn which is about 2bn dollars. Which one be una own.


Dear brother Olanipekun, if you still abide in the faith; please comply with Psalms 1. It is not only those you seek to protect that have a stake in your matter. What of myriads of young folks seeing you as a mentor because they feel you profess the name of the Lord. By your briefs we shall know you. 2 Timothy 2 : 19, Mark 8: 36, Matthew 6: 33 and Amos 3: 3 refer. I HOPE YOU HAVE NOT DELETED THOSE PASSAGES FROM YOUR BIBLE.

Benighted Olanipekun

Olanipekun is the bane of corruption in the nation judiciary. He is the errand boy of corrupt politicians and evil people, distributing Ghana must go bags to the corrupt justices to induce judgment. That can never put him archives of legal guru in Nigeria. Nigeria knew that all cases decided in his favour were bought. God will fight for the people of Delta State.


A man is INNOCENT until proven guilty, but in Nigeria when a man is even arrested we parade them like they have been convicted, grandstanding is our way and ultimately cases built on weak facts and sentiments always collapse. How many convictions have we had for corruption? Olanipekun is a lawyer and it is the job of a lawyer to defend his client so he has done nothing wrong. I also know that this man here might or might not walk free from this case (depending on the facts and how they are presented in court)but NONE OF US talking here know much about the case apart from what we read in newspapers and hear as gossip. So why don't we hold our uninformed judgments and let us see how the case evolves.

subsidy thieves

I know in India or China, these Lawyers defending these thieves would have been killed in the court room whenever they appear.Here in Nigeria,lawyers are even more dubious than the criminals.Someday,the masses will react and some of them will meet their untimely death.Mark my words.

Wole Olanipekun, we know your antics

This lousy lawyer who has amassed a fortune on the back of corrupt men and riggers of election against the suffering masses of this country, be warned. You are unwisely putting your name in the list of those that will go with the revolution. You can choose to be on the side of the masses like your brother lawyers, Femi Falana and the late Gani or you can be with them. The choice is yours!

Olanipekun Again

This man with his penchant for protecting and fostering evil and against the people. He should watch it. Oruko rere san ju wura ati fadaka. Creating avenues for evil to thrive does not in any way serve the purpose of justice. He should go back to gain deeper understanding of natural justice and let lessons from history help him to smell the coffee. The filthy wealth, the jets, he is accumulating will not save him when the house they are undermining collapses.

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