"We Have Shut Down Oil Exploration Activities In Isoko Land", Isoko Communities Say

Isoko communities today announced that they have shut down oil exploration activities in the area, and listed demands which must be fulfilled within seven days or else they will demand their own country where they can manage their own resources.

A statement signed by spokesman Barrister Okiroro Iki-Ebieroma said the shut-down was coordinated by executives of the Isoko Survival Synergy of Oleh, Olomoro and Emede communities and the host landlords.

It described the Isoko Survival Synegy as a pressure group in Isoko land which is knowledgeable in the oil and gas industry and has been saddled with the responsibility of creating awareness and sensitizing the people.

The grievances of the communities, according to the statement, are as follows:

•    The sales of OML 30 and OML 26 to Shoreline Natural Resources Ltd and First Hydro Carbon Ltd respectively representing the 45% equity stake of  Shell, Total and Agip without due and prior consultation with the various Communities that are stake holders in Isoko land;

•     In the course of the protest, the Communities demanded for the immediate evacuation of all NPDC personnel from the operational base field and location in Isoko Land;

•    A formal agreement to be executed by the Communities before the commencement of operations;

•    Compensation of 1 billion dollars from SPDC  for so many years of neglect, pollution and environmental  degradation;

•    Patronage of indigenous Isoko contractors; and

•    Guarantee of top management positions to Isoko people in the area of employment, and

Isoko people are also demanding their share of the amnesty program and pipeline surveillance, the statement further said.
The group warned: “If our demands are not met within seven days, we will be force to ask for our country where we can manage our resources.” VIDEO of The Protest earlier today:

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ibrahim abdullah, You said

ibrahim abdullah,

You said you are a true Muslim, right? Does this mean that you are going to carry out suicide bombing in order to fuck good virgins in paradise? Remember Farouk Mutallab is a true Muslim too, and he proved it to the world.

Only Devil hated Islamic Sharia Law

Islam is my religion and i am happy and froud to be a Muslim not a missguided person in the name of religion. Islam never share shelter with corrupts, illigal sexual acts, abductors, rappers, drunkers, high killers, gay families, robbers, illuminatis, washiping or keeping pictures or idols as sign of religion. Sharing Allah power with something created by Rabbu is prohibbited. Allahu Akbar ( Allah is Greatest)

Sanusi A.Yaradua, What are

Sanusi A.Yaradua, What are you rambling about? Whenever the North indulges in massacring Igbo people is it not ethno-religious savagery on your part. You Hausa Foolani are the worst hypocrites under the sun. We are glad that your congenital savagery has finally caught up with you. May Baal give Boko Haram more power to behead you all. Shege.

@Ben Ikari ........

You have spoken well..... but my problem with you is that you stated that we should demonstrate peacefully. Impossible. When the oil companies exploit our land, they go in company of the occupying Nigerian military who are armed & battle ready. Ken Wiwa teaches us the peaceful path. He is a great man. I use the present tense for the beloved comrade bcos we believe he is alive wit us in spirit. He teaches non violence all the way, but he was hung! It is therefore pure stupidity for anyone to suggest peaceful confrontation after that incidence. This is what militarilized the struggle in the SS. Pure & simple.

We love peace. We are a resilient & patience pple but we are nobly bold & brave. Therefore, when the thieves exploit our land with military protection, we MUST confront with rockets & nuclear weapons if possible. We hav no other land bt this which Nigeria & its allied oil companies desecrate. Ben, I hope u hav learned.Long live United SS&SE

You will expect that GEJ

You will expect that GEJ being a son of the soil will pay due attention to the PIB and pollution in the host community, but I can't say confidently that he is fairing better than all the other. Go to bayelsa and you will not be able to guess that the president is from that place.

I encourage you all but..

this is not a time to sing and dance. you must be ready to...

continue it for days, weeks and months... until your demands are met.

Have plans on how to deal with traitors and sellouts.

Have plans or how to carry on as Nigerian rogue government will surely seek to intimidate and send death squads on your leaders should they refuse to "settle"

Actually all Nigeria oil fields should be shut down as it only benefits the politicians and their foreign enablers. Nigerians gets nothing

Deri Are You Okay???

Deri, your comments on this forum makes me cringe in utter disbelief. When we're talking A you're talking B, are you sure you're okay. I know you maybe an agent of PDP but in sincerity most, if not all your comments here on national issues smacks of ignorance. Are you sure you're schooled??


I have said it severally in different online fora that the deception being unleashed on Nigerians will be exposed someday. President Yar Adua established the amnesty Programme to assuage restive youths in the Niger Delta.However, Jonathan came to power and hijacked the process for his Ijaw brothers. Other ethnic groups where shut out. Now, they are asking questions. Why should Jonathan sell Isoko assets without consulting Isokos. Can he do the same if the assets belonged to Ijaws? He yanked off oil blocks belonging to Rivers State and gave them to his home state of Bayelsa. I have never seen a patently partial President since I came to understand political issues. How many Ukwuanis or Urhobos are in Jonathan's regime. His idea of Niger Delta emancipation is Ijaw emancipation. Yet these are oil bearing areas. 2015 will shock Jonathan. What happened in Edo State will repeat itself.

No Government Present In Isoko

It is very sad that these old women are made to come out and protest before the Government would feel their presence and sufferings, not quite long, I wrote on my Facebook page and twitter that there is no single development in Oleh Town which happens to be the Isoko South Local Government Headquaters, the only development you would see is the television that our Governor mounted on a four road junction, known as mammy market junction, aside from this TV which is even situated in an awkward site there is nothing else to show that this town (Oleh) belongs to Nigeria not to mention being an oil producing community.

The Government should do something to improve the lives of these people because we cannot afford to waste anymore lives and disrupt the peace and number of barrels Nigeria is currently enjoying. Seriously, the people there are suffering, you need to be there to feel it.


Please, let us don't bother about this because of leaders will chop all the money if anything will be done. NPDC, Aso rock, FHM, onshore/heritage and all contractors in ISoko north are the corrupt.

Now the Isoko people are wising up...

Kudos to the Isoko people for sending out the warning signal to the so call criminals in government and shell magic...Before you say anything take a trip to Isoko land and see the injustice been perpetrated by shell and co...It is high time people stand up to save their land from this wicked government and shell


Oil has brought nothing but hardship and poverty,to millions of people who live where this so called black gold is found.
Lets call it as it is.
After more than 50 years,yes 50 years look at the people.
Hungry!!!!! poor!!!!
I dont blame them,if they dont speak out,they will spend another 50years being cheated.


Many ethno-religious savages sleeping in the southern part of Nigeria assume that crises only occurred in the Northern part. For that they become excited whenever something terrible happened in the North not knowing that crises have no ethno-religious boundary. They show no remorse for whatever happened to people there as if they're not human beings. While they're the same people crying for human rights and right to equality and existence especially when a Northerner was ruling. Ethno-religious inclinations of these people have changed the attitudes of our people. The North will no longer agree to any dubious and hideous ideology concealed up beyond ethno-religious tendencies. It's all enough.

Congrats, but think and act smart to maintain success esle...

Congrats to the Isoko people for this bold and courageous step taking back their land and resource of oil. It isn't easy getting to this point. My advocacy is that all oil producing communities do what Ogonis started-stop oil production in their land to force the government and oil companies, especially $hell to rethink-respect the peoples' humanity and renegotiate on a fair terms that benefit all stakeholders.

The people must be united, firm and not allow government and these rogue oil companies to break their spirit nor penetrate them with bribes, promises and other trickery measures. They'd learn from the past. I think they understand the political realities of Nigeria while crafting their strategies to achieving their demands. Taking all fears away, getting the people mobilized, enlightened and demonstrating honesty and open, better communication will save and win the day for the people, not the contrary.


This is simply as a result of age-long neglect of the people and a perpetual rape of their common wealth.

Wayo Allah. I am beginning

Wayo Allah. I am beginning to think that our brother Jonathan is a big fool. Does he not hear the plea of these women? Not long ago he paid a hefty sum to Hajiya Turai who does not have a cup of oil in her father's backyard. Those billions paid to Turai & her concubines can alleviate the hardship of his own people. Not long ago IBB & the cabal diverted the oil money from the SE/SS to build Abuja. What is Jonathan doing? Bori or Chokocho were more developed than bush Abuja, but who can compare Bori to Abuja today? The Hausa Fulani ingrates must be laughing at us for the exploits they have done in our land. Accursed be any Hausa Fulani who will ask the people of SE/SS to vote for him come 2015.

Lugards Nigeria

For almost 50 years before oil was discovered, Nigerians depended on resouces from all parts of the country. Salaries of civil servants who were from all parts of Nigeria where paid from money generated from such resources, security, infrastructure,education,health and everything Nigerian was from such resources.

The Kano groundnut pyramids was there, cocoa from the west,coal from the east,tin from jos and so on. Now oil is discovered in the south and sharing formulae becomes an issue, what if in 50yrs time the oil dries up and some other part of the country has more valuable resorces? Are we going to start fighting about sharing formulae again? I believe that we all, north,south,east and west are victims of Lugards Nigeria, we should stand up and fight to build a new Nigeria together, all this divide and share tactics are the antics of Lugards henchmen who make us fight with one another while they steal our common wealth.

Here comes a continuation & call for the SS&SE Spring!!!

Good!The Isoko pple hav taken d Bull by the horn. I suggest they go further & take d Bull by its "Broukous". Thier action is comendable. Olomoro is Isoko South & boast of several oil wells. Coincidentally, on a visit to Olomoro abt a decade ago with a friend,I noticed dat there exist no portable water, light or roads. In fact, d oil compnies had provided 2 Giant generators for d local Chief & built a 1 storey 4 him 2 ensure he pacifies his pple & permit their evil exploitation of d resurces of d Isoko people. D guilty companies-AGIP& Shell. I documented my findings wit video & photos. This crude modus operandi is same 4 much of d Niger Delta & d entire SS&SE. We MUST stop dis exploitation & d only way is to control our resources witout recourse to d feelings of d other countries in continent Nigeria. Pure&simple...all SS&SE peoples shud get ready. SS&SE Spring is to be launched formally. Logistics & armoury is been put in place.Long live MEND, Long live Biafra, Long live United SS&SE

Another terror crisis on the rise.

We ad MEND, then Boko Haram, now Isoko secessionists are after ther wn piece of the pie. I sympathize with them, but violence is not the answer. If every small ethnic group decides to tear ths country apart, in the end they will suffer. How many more years can the oil and gas flow for? After it has been exhausted,Mehta will those who depended solely on hydrocarbons for sustenance do? The governor of Delta state Uduaghan should rein these people in. What gives people the right to use violence to pursue economic gain? This is another terror group raising t's ugly head, and government needs to nip it before terrorists hijack it for criminality.

Deri, you are so dull and

Deri, you are so dull and dumb. We are talking of issues and you are talking of mega party. What planet are you from?

so what????

Is that why you will come to our land, take the land and explore for oil, find oil and exploit to pollute our lands and water bodies. Rape us in the broad day for over 60 years? This is where the second oil in commercial quantity was found in 1958. Since then, it has been one rape saga or another on our sensibilities because we are a peace loving people? We have rights to our lands and we will exercise it.

Fraud in the Making.

I feel sad when I see opportunist taking advantage of poor, helpless rural women and men for their selfish motives. What kind of unrealistic demand is that? The process is flawed from the get go! They claim to have shut down oil production in their area, how true? The leaders should go and do their homework first before misleading their people into believing that paradise is near. To me, this is just an attempt by some few smart alecs to intimidate the govt and the oil companies into giving them lucrative contracts. Once they get some few millions crumbs into their bank accounts, they will abandon the people and life will remain normal for the people while they will go and buy choice properties in Abuja, PH and Lagos! It is sad.

ride on fight 4 yr rights now or never!

After 52 years of oil exploration look at the result on the faces of the women? u see poverty umlimited written all over their dry cheek bones-hardly will you know that they hail from an oil producing zone which gave 9ja, over 55 trillion Naira! Yet we have people from oil-less areas of 9ja, beig awarded oil lifting contracts daily-at the expense of the natives! Then have them contrive to blame Gej for the mess that their regional leaders made of the SS zone! None is ready to talk about resources control or fiscal federalism-all they want is the creation of what they now term as Mega party--NPN was established by the fulanis-same as PDP-Now the fulanius yearn 4 Mega party with a view to overthrowing Jonah and installing Buhari and his boko haram agents-the very Jonah that has been caged by them in aso rock abi!?

The weakness and beauty of Nigeria diversity.

Nigeria is bound to be terrorised by another ganges of sect called isoko again?
the insurgencies of the boko haram is yet to be mubbed, here come another issue,Nigeria need to seat down and discuss the truth about our staying together as one, my simple interpretation to this terrorism saga is that Nigerian can no longer stay togeda as one,we can no longer endure one another, we can not longer pronounce the beauty that lies in our diversities,although back to story lines,the northern and southern protectorate that was amagamated in the 19s was done by the colonialist not because they have things in common, but for their selfish economic reasons, they did so that they can easily adminstre them together cos of the vitality and beauty in it pastures.
let the fed. government negotiate with them if there demands can be met, and peace rein in our land.

Yeye dey smel,ol d demands

Yeye dey smel,ol d demands jst didnt mek sense.let dem com 2d knw and see 4 demslvs hw in dia no singl tarred road leadin to a local govt tok les of d water en electricity

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