Yakowa’s Death: Sambo Captures Kaduna Tense Politics, Starts Secret Consolidation Meetings

New Governor, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero and VP Namadi Sambo
By SaharaReporters, New York

With the death of Kaduna State Governor, Patrick Yakowa last Saturday and the swearing-in Namadi Sambo’s political child, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero as the state’s new governor, the Vice President has finally captured in Kaduna State politics what he has been unable to do at the polls.

Prior to the death of Yakowa on Saturday, the Vice President had been engaged in a tense power struggle with him, as well as with another former governor and now Senator representing Kaduna North Senatorial District, Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, along with some other political forces led by Alhaji Suleiman Hunkuyi.  In the past two years, he and candidates backed by him have been repeatedly defeated at the ballot box in various elections.

Fate seems to have played the latest hand in his favour in Kaduna’s tense politics.  A credible source within the Peoples Democratic Party told SaharaReporters today that Sambo is now the new ‘emperor’ of Kaduna power play, and has since his arrival in the State yesterday been holding a series of meetings to consolidate his new fortunes.

The meetings hinge on who is to be chosen as next deputy governor, and he wants to make sure he selects a person that will work in his favour.
The source said, “You know it was Makarfi that midwifed his entry into mainstream Kaduna politics, though with a long business association with Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida and other top Northern elite. That never birthed any breakthrough in the polity. But it has been crises shortly after he becomes governor and later Vice President. They parted ways with Makarfi.

“Makarfi too has a wide cloud and Yakowa’s main advantage was the fact that his Southern Kaduna axis was 100 percent PDP without resistance. And there is the Hunkuyi’s camp too. The three forces were dragging back and forth and now, Yakowa is gone, Sambo has finally gotten an edge with Yero being his boy. Sambo has governor, DG of NEMA, Sani Sidi, Minister of Environment, Hadiza Mailafiya and even the PDP chairman in the state.”

The source added that Sambo’s ambition of grabbing Kaduna power base has finally been realized, but that it remains to be seen whether he can consolidate it.

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I've been talking with my

I've been talking with my friend Aaron DelSignore about the hatred that goes towards the new governor, but I honestly can't get it. The man is trying to do something good - or so it seems, from the news. Is the press tainted by corruption?

sambos Consolidation

I see that sahara reporters has been invaded by retards.You can see from their comments that they never finished sec sch. If sambo does not like yakowa,how could he have stepped up to let yakowa ascend? Some guys are just very *s*tupid.I wont read junk journalism again!

I am soo sorry for the new gov.

The new governor is hated by many just because he is Namadi Sambo's boy. He should be ready for more hatred. Unfortunately no true politics is played any where. Namadi does not know politics. His area boy posture is the issue. Unfortunately again, there is no strong opposition party to challenge their gangsterism. God will help kaduna state.

Someone needs to remind these

Someone needs to remind these fools out there whether Azazi and Yakowa knew 10mins before take-off that they were going to die on that faithful day.

Re: Yakowa's Death...

The sudden demise of those otherwise big-wigs,should have served as lessons for any right thinking man. But would people think beyond their nose? Vanity upon vanity....

Nnamdi Okoro Sambo Kaduna's Enterprise

Okoro is always Okoro, that is Sambo. Sorry for Kaduna state.

NAVY said Helicopter was well maintained, true or false?

This was what I have been talking about. If you follow Nigerian politics and understand the race to 2015 you will know that the Helicopter crashing was a Hoax. The Assassination was a Russian style job. Read response from Nigerian navy about the Chopper,below. GEJ your time is ticking, don't go the Aguiyi Ironsi way,keep an eye on your NSA, I warned you before.




Probe Yakowa's Death

Was Gov Patrick Yakowa simply deleted to make way for the "right" person? Everyone knows that since Yakowa became governor, acclaimed owners of Kaduna has been complaining loudly that the "wrong" person has become governor of their state. They tried to stop his inauguration but failed. His problem is that he was from Southern Kaduna and a Christian - two things that automatically disqualifies him for the office. Now if this report is true Yakowa stood on VP Sambo's way to political ascendancy, and that Sambo could not even wait for Yakowa to "buried" before swooping on Kaduna to "consolidate his new fortune", we already think we have some idea where the investigation and questioning should commence. Yakowa - a well-respected and commended governor should not just die and be forgotten. Thorough investigation must be conducted.
This is not saying that Sambo has committed any crime. I am just helping the investigators...

What Nonsense! If this is

What Nonsense! If this is what SR has become, then I don't think it is worth my time anymore. How dearly I miss 234Next!

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Black Hawk Down Part 2

First public press responder came from NEMA during the Helicopter crash and the DG of NEMA is a friend of Sambo, do the maths people? Some Fulani's here are telling us that the pilot is a muslim, what happens to been a martyr for Allah? I read on a different blog about iwitness account stated that the Chopper exploded in mid air. If one engine fails techically the other can safely carry the bird to a safe landing. These guys are smartly paving ways for 2015 election. I hope Nigerian leaders come together through sovereign conference and talk about their future by then since we no longer trust ourselves.

Death Unseen

All these politicians lack a common fear/understanding which is that it is God who takes and gives. It is too early to begin all these political moves. For who knows who is next to die? For death will run through politicians in this country. Can't they read the handwriting on the wall?

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Truth should be told...

Truth is, the late's Yakowa and Azazi are victims of the prophet mohammed teachings. The islamic believe that anyone who blow themselves up alongside infidels gets 72 virgins in aljannah was the brain behind their sudden loss. The both islamic extremist pilots of the chopper blowed themselves up so they can go enjoy their own share of the virgins. They had to make sure some infidels die with them or else they may end up not getting their minors in mohammed kingdom. Unfortunately Yakowa and Azazi had to be the scapegoats. I'm not completely ruling the fact that their choice of target could have been politicise but rational minds know islam is the major reason behind their deaths. If I'm to rate both reason why they were murdered accordinly I will say: islam gets 99.99% why politically undertone is 0.1%.

May God save Biafrans from all oppressors within.
All say Amen!!!

Namadi Sambo IS NOT ESCAPING anywhere!

Namadi Sambo IS NOT 'ESCAPING' anywhere!

Mr 'ESCAPE', those ABU days LIFE STYLE will not solve the problems of establishing you as the new Emperor of Kaduna state!

As long as the mindset of Kaduna MUSLIMS is that they can never be governed by a Christian governor, shall this escape route you have found in the death of Yakowa, elude you.

Go back to the drawing board or ESCAPE to your COO COO land of fantasy and drug crazed political atmospherics!

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