Yobe Closes All Secondary Schools Over Boko Haram Killing Of 30 Students

Governor Ibrahim Gaidam
By SaharaReporters, New York

Following Saturday’s killing of about 30 students and a teacher of the Government Secondary School, Mamudo, the Yobe State government has shut down all secondary schools in the area.

Governor Ibrahim Gaidam, worried that more students may be attached, gave the order for all the students to be sent home to allow for review of school security throughout the State.  

The governor, according to a military source, has also appealed for the restoration of mobile phone use to enable citizens to alert security agencies of emergency situations.

The Joint Task Force and other security operatives have arrived in the State, SaharaReporters also learnt, and are planning on how to contain Boko Haram’s new tactics in the state.

Yobe is one of Nigeria’s three States currently under emergency conditions as a result of the violent activities of the Boko Haram sect.  Members of the public are now questioning the quality of the work being done by the military under the emergency following the sect’s brutal attack on GSS Mamudo yesterday.  

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We deceive ourselves with religion especially PRAYER. What will prayer do without action? See how many churches and mosques we have all over the country. Where are these pastors prayers? They burnt down houses you said we need prayer, they killed and kil and kill you are still praying no action! Shame to YOU ALL WHO BELIEVE IN ONLY PRAYER AND NO ACTION

prayer is the key to all

prayer is the key to all situations, problems or hardship, prayers nigerians, prayers is the most powerful we got to use....


In all sincerity and honesty,i think we have have a weak government, otherwise, i still find it hard to believe that some myopic faceless group of nigerians who believe in taking away the lives of innocent people without any just cause will still be living in this very age and time, i beg to differ if this kind of dastardly act can be perpertrated in the military regime say under Abacha,it cant happen. i believe something must be wrong somewhere, it is no longer the bombing of churches,NPF HQ,UN buildin,now little innocent children.
This is really unfair, unjust and uncalled for. In all sincerity, if i were made the President for a week, its either i wipe away all TRACES OF BOKO HARAM or they kill me. declaring a state of emergency is not enough! it is just a step out of about 10 other steps Jonathan should have followed. what are the soldiers doing, what are the armed forces doing,

They only need koran

They only need koran. Western education is evil according to Muhammed, or arabs. I remember one of the northern governors either Gombe or Yobe said his state only has one mathematican in the whole state. In the south, one local council can produce more than one hundred mathematicians. Witout Mathematicians, no country can develop technologically. If you don't go to school, how will you be a mathematician? In the north, only koran can make them develop so that they become thieves, terrorists, killers, armed robbers,rapists, looters and jihadists.

Not even a cough from Buhari or Tinubu?

Not even statement, sentence, word, or cough from Buhari,Tinubu, or Lai Mohammed?

is this killing Islamic?

Why hasn't the sultan of sokoto condemned this massacre? Even Buhari and Adamu Ciroma have not uttered a word. Is it part of their islamization agenda for the country? Only time will tell.


By closing the schools in Yobe state - even temporarily - Boko Haram is fast winning the fight for anti-Western values, including Western education in Nigeria. It is even winning the Islamization drive in other states of Nigeria, especially in the southwest.
Great problem is that those not professing Islam are being dragged deep down by those fanatics professing Islam in Nigeria; and those not professing Islam tend to believe that the Boko Haram problem is a problem mainly for the north.

God help us

The closure looks to me as an act of surrender and victory to the Talibans known as Boko Haram. Their original objective is to frustrate the educational system and it appears they are winning with their grotesque strategy. May God help us.

BOKO Creatures

The end of BOKO Haram has come! If only the Govt left civilians with Boko Haram,by now these idio.ts would have history.But security votes allow some elite to bleed the nation's treasury white. Hence,Bh has a field day.


AS a matter of urgency the federal should restore the network of mobile phones in the three states under emergency rule for easy access to security agents in case of attack by insurgents, cos this issue of cutting off this mobile phone network is nolonger working in interest of the states cos this insurgent have device a new means of carrying out there attacks on the defenless civilians without the Nigerian army having a new tactic, I think this is very bad, please this security tactic is nolonger working instead is endangering the lives of the people because when this attack is going on the people cannot reach the security agents due to lack of phone communication and this insurgent does whatever they want to do and get away with it, the government should know that cutting of mobile phone network is nolonger effective and a review should be made to save this innocent civilians that are the victims.

I will not advocate for the

I will not advocate for the closure of schools because of this unfortunate human beings but then again where is the security when you need one!

Military should take total control of Emergency States -1

What is the boko terrorism containment strategy of our Military in the state of emergency States? Whatever may be the strategic information leak by insiders that are sympathetic to their boko terrorists, by now the Military ought to have been able to contain the terrorists to at most minor or ineffective terrorism.

These sporadic but massive killings by the boko terrorists should not be occurring by now. One is now forced to ask for what is the emergency engagement with heavy Military presence meant if the boko are still so free to be invading Prisons, Police Stations, robbing banks and killing people in such large numbers. The Military ought to have by now in addition to road check at strategic places put a pocket of soldiers or Police at each of such places such as schools, etc, the kobo are likely to attack and could slip through to attack.

Military should take total control of Emergency States - 2

Although the northern Muslims are responsible for not reporting the boko terrorists, who are in their midst, their sons and whom they know and conspiracy of silence, this is not an excuse for the Military in their inability to get a tight strategy to contain the boko terrorists, corner them and easily picked them up when on a mission.

Jonathan and the Military should rethink their containment strategy not only in the three emergency States but the other Northern States that have minor or serious boko terrorism. What we do is more of a matter of the right strategy and not primarily the number of personnel, equipment and fund.

As the boko and those behind them are apparently unknown, as you cannot continue to fight unknown enemy, while there are continued insider leakage and sabotage of the Federal Government and Military efforts, with these there is no doubt that the boko terrorists are sustained by each of the State Governments of the North and their very wealthy elite.

Military should take total control of Emergency States - 3

As most of us have suggested before, there should be a total state of emergency in these three States. The Military should be in total control while their civilian State Governments cease to function. The rest of the Northern States should be flooded with Police, Security and Military personnel.

Not less than two third of the Federal fund allocation goes to the Northern States. What do we get back from them; instability, insecurity and misery. This is not a partisan matter. Nigeria must be saved from the northern Muslims. We cannot allow the northern Muslims and their PDP in Government to continue to drag our country backwards and disgrace us before the world all because of Jonathan’s Presidency and foremost the elusive Presidency from their North.

30 student kill in yobe

inna lillahi wanna ilaihi raju"un to Allah we be long and unto him we shall return. what has happen in yobe is very unfournate thing ever heard in my life may Allah give the family to fortutes to bear the loss and who ever behind this incident my allah expose them for the world to see them ammen

If this military officers

If this military officers won't do the work they are called to do in the Northeastern part of Nigeria. They should retreat and let the people Live as they were. Plz, let the Network be restored for effective communications. May the souls of the deceased rest in peace.....

Your Excexllency,its quite a

Your Excexllency,its quite a good idea for closing the schools now.we Yobeans will tirelessly continue to pray for more peace and tranquility across the state and nation @ large.

OVERTAKE don OVERTAKE 'overtake'...

While the FOWARD THINKING Southern & MiddleBelt regions are on Cruise-Control & move Light-Years ahead, the Core-north is catapulted..sorry I mean; CATAPULT THEMSELVES back 2 the STONE AGES.
But hey..as I always say; if that's what Makes em happy,....
Alhamdullilah for project 'Transformation To The Stone-Age'!!!

Islamic Republic of Sharia Law

The effects of Sharia law imposed on the Core Northern States by their leaders. Unknown to these wise men of the North that they were digging the graves of their future children; this is the demise. Of course this pain will not affect the elites whose children are caged in Western world.

Islam have nothing to offer humanity except death and gory agony. This is just the beginning of hell I suspect for the Northern leaders; these evil men are awaiting for your children to disembarks from the plane, and so will they hacked them to their graves.

You have outlined a course of evil path by massively creating an educational holocaust for the Northern children through the births of fatherless almajiris. These self created weapons of almajiris were to be use for your political necessities, but, Allah has turn their diggers on you and your children.

May the souls of these dead children rest in peace.

The Governor did the right

The Governor did the right thing. Close all schools, build more prisons. The next step is agitate for creation of Islamic Republic. All these cosmetic shenanigans like amnesty money, martial law, and banning this, banning that does not do us any good. They are a waste of time and resources. If it were not for oil money from SE SS the North would have separated long ago, and we would not be in this deep do-doo today. At least one of the governors is beginning to get the message. Utangirma Allalh.

Yobe is bin set bk by 50yrs

Yobe is bin set bk by 50yrs by satanic agents bhind Boko Haram yet,doz bind dis evil organisation re bin given national honors n taken care of with tax payers mny.

Rationalise This

I look at what the Boko Haram people are doing to their own people in the North East with frustration and bafflement. One day a group of gunmen attacks a school and kills 10 innocent children. Then, a few days later, another attack and another 30 kids are killed. What cause could justify such carnage? What deity ordained it? Above all, what is the crime of these children commit? Did the lord Jesus not say “Suffer he little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for to such belongs to the kingdom of God.”? Why then would anyone do such a crazy thing in the furtherance of their professed religious cause? In truth, they have shown themselves to be agents o the devil himself.

Killing the children and thereby forcing the authorities to close schools in the state, merely serves to destroy the hopes and aspirations next generation. What is modern man without education?

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