Extreme Corruption And Abuse Of Office By Prof. Joseph Otubu: A Call To Put An Urgent Halt To This Evil

By Omamoke Akpesiri, Peretmode Ebiere , Eboka Dike , Eyituoyo Temisan

DELSUTH was established by the Delta State University Teaching Hospital Law 2008 and the Law makes it abundantly clear that it is for the use of the entire state in line with public service rules and regulations and the enabling law setting up the hospital.

Unfortunately this hospital has been so abused by the Chairman of the Board (Prof. Joseph Otubu) and he now runs the hospital as if it is a personal property of his which is established for the use of his relations and friends particularly in terms of employment and appointment to top management positions.

The law clearly stipulates the roles and responsibilities of the part-time Board of Management as well as the responsibilities of the top Management team. Indeed section 3 and 4 of the bill ascribe the responsibilities of guidelines and policy formulations for effective running of the hospital to the Board of Management. The Board ought to meet once quarterly (4 times yearly) and emergency meetings could be held if need be (section 12, subsection 3). The enabling law did not ascribe any specific functions to the Chairman of the Board or is he vested with the responsibilities of the day to day administration of the hospital. The day to day running of the hospital using guidelines and policies enunciated by the Board is vested in the Hospital management committee chaired by the Chief Medical Director (see section 18 of the bill).

Regrettably, this is hardly the situation in the hospital with the Chairman (Prof. J.A.M. Otubu) of the Board practically assuming the functions of the hospital management committee and running the hospital as if he is the Chief Executive Officer. This has been a source of incessant crisis with members of the management team that has certainly impeded the rate of progress of the hospital. He asserts and intimidates everybody including the board members that the former Governor of the state is his younger cousin and that his father trained the former Governor and therefore he does not have a right to tell him how to run the hospital and moreover when the hospital is established in his village.

The Board Chairman is extremely high-handed; he ensured that till date there is no functioning tender’s board and he seem not to be in a hurry in ensuring that one becomes effective and operational but rather undertakes unilateral, arbitrary award and inflation of contracts; overstepping the bounds of the office; unilateral appointments, designations and deployments of staff (he personally signs the letters to this effect); witch-hunting; discrimination, among several others.

If this hospital must grow and meets the vision of the founding fathers, and if the government must avert impeding ethnic unrest over the hospital, then the Board as presently constituted must be dissolved and an enquiry set up to look into the corrupt practices and gross abuse of office by  Prof. Otubu and his cronies.

The issues are highlighted below:

1.    Arbitrary and unilateral employment of all staff with collection of varying amount ranging from N250,000 to N300,000 from each candidate using his driver (Samuel Ogide) as the courier for collecting money to him. No time since his appointment as the Board Chairman has employment been in line with due process. Adverts are not done, no short listing based on established guidelines or criteria and no interview panels constituted prior to employment. After he employs staff and they have resumed, he would after some months set-up a committee to ratify his sole employment. A very worrisome and most recent saga is his employment of 75 nurses and all were through his community agents he gave slots to and whom collected N250,000 from each of the nurses on his behalf. When the head of nursing (Mrs. Eunice Williams) during a meeting with very senior management staff, some DELSUTH Board members and senior members of Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria in attendance raised objection to the processes by which the nurses were going to be engaged, he almost physically assaulted the Head of Nursing who had politely suggested that rather than the arbitrary appointments of nurses by him, that a formal interview in line with due process would be advisable and that employing 75 nurses by himself alone would jeopardize the possibility of getting the best for the hospital. He had to be physically restrained by a senior professor but not after he threatened as usual to get her sacked (see attached letter of Head of nursing to the contractor that engaged her from the UK and marked A). This lady has since fled the country for fear of being attacked.

2.    Ridiculously, to ensure that the candidates that have paid for employment gets in immediately he personally signs letters of appointment. See attached copy of letter of appointment marked B.

3.    Over 70% of staff engaged in the hospital are Oghara indigenes from Ethiope West. This policy is deliberate by him and often denies other ethnic group positions, and would only consider others only if he does not get his relations or Oghara indigenes. Pleases see attached report of the details of the first tranche of staff employed (Marked C) and you would appreciate that Oghara/Ethiope west constituted over 70% of employed staff.

4.    Deliberate pursue of appointment of Oghara indigene as Top management staff and to positions of HODships. Worst still without consulting with management he goes ahead to issue letters personally signed by himself appointing these relations of his from Oghara into this positions by memos personally signed by him. Examples of Oghara indigenes holding such top positions are:

a.    Mr. Solomon Oyagbhara – Chief Security Officer

b.    Mr. Joel Adjekukor – Acting Chief Accountant (was actually employed as a principal accountant because of his cognate experience, but the Chairman unilaterally promoted him to the rank of Assistant Chief Accountant and made him the Acting Chief Accountant)

c.    Dr. Onome Ogueh – HOD, Obstetrics & Gynaecology

d.    Mr. Samuel Ogide – Acting Transport Officer (even though he does not know how to read and write)

e.    Mrs. Betty Abebor – HOD, Hospital Library

f.    Mr. Iteme Emmanuel – HOD, Public Relations

g.    Mr. Richard Ogide – Project Manager , Drug Revolving Fund (DRF)

h.    Mrs. E. M. Skinn as Acting Director of Administration (the husband of this young lady is his relation in Koko and the mother of the young lady is also his cousin). This young lady is at best qualified to be a Senior Admin Officer. He brought her in on temporary appointment and till date she has not had any formal interview for her credentials to be verified (yet is paraded by the Chairman as the Acting DA having chased away the duly employed Director of Administration to enable him actualize his game plan of installing this relation of his).

i.    Mr. Iteme Emmanuel – Chairman, Diesel Monitoring Committee 

j.    Mr. Ufuoma Ochuko James – Head, general accounts unit

k.    Monday Akpodinyo – Head Legal Unit
Attached are letters personally signed by Prof. Otubu to these effect.

5.    Persecution, maligning and deliberate attempt to always destroy top management staffs that are not Oghara indigenes.  The list include:

a.    Mr. Dan Imishue (Ughelli Indigene) who was seconded from the ministry of health to the hospital to help set up the administrative wing of the hospital. He was sent away by a letter personally signed by the Chairman just before he had accomplished the assignment for which he was posted to the hospital.

b.    Same applied to Mrs. P.O. Adjarho (Agbarho Indigene) a Chief Accountant seconded from the Accountant Generals office to help set up the accounts department. The immediate past Chief Medical Director of the hospital

c.    Dr. Seyi Oyesola had a grueling time under him and he used his relationship with the past Governor of the state to ensure that his contract and tenure was not renewed.

d.    A former acting head of maintenance (Isoko Indigene) and a seasoned generator mechanic was not only driven away from DELSUTH, he was almost physically moved him out of the premises by the Chairman of the Board.

e.    DELSUTH Deputy Director of Administration, Mr. Onwuka Thomas (Aniocha Indigene), has decided to “keep off the (DELSUTH) environment for security reasons” following alleged “harassment, intimidation and threat to my life” instigated by the Board Chairman. His appointment got the ascent of the Governor and less than two weeks of assumption of duties, he was chased away by the Chairman (Prof. Otubu). Please see his attached memo referred to the Board to this effect (Marked E).

f.    Very recently Dr. Lawrence Omo-Aghoja (Okpe Indigene), the Chairman Medical Advisory Committee (CMAC) of the hospital which he sent on suspension based on false allegations cooked up by himself. The process he adopted falls short of due process, gross violations of public service rules and regulations, and contravenes the law establishing the hospital including the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. He wants to destroy this young man so he can have his way to install his relation Dr. Onome Ogueh as the next CMD of the hospital. To get this scheming of his through, as against the statutory provisions in the enabling law setting up the hospital, on how a CMD is appointed, he single handedly suggested 3 names including that of his relation (Dr. Onome Ogueh) to the Board and forced his way to get them to approve this for him to send to the Governor to appoint Onome Ogueh as the CMD. See the extract of that Board meeting attached and Marked as F. The case of suspension of the CMAC is now a subject of litigation in a young hospital.

6.    He ensured that till date there is no functioning tender’s board and he seem not to be in a hurry in ensuring that one becomes effective and operational but rather undertakes unilateral, arbitrary award and inflation of contracts to his personal companies or fake and non-existent once cooked up by him and his cronies like Prof. Angela Okolo, Mr. Bonny Smart, Mrs. E. M. skinn and Barr. Victor Adigwe. No contractor is registered in line with due process with the establishment because they are fake and cooked up by them. They are masters in contract splitting and inflation of contracts. So far since the inception of the Board he has spent over N500,000,000 without a tenders Board and all the approvals/spending are done by him and his cronies, only to get the Board to ratify these. The non-management members of the Board usually are all part of the racketeering and get their share of the inflated contract.

a.    See attached documents G, H & I to confirm that Prof. Otubu unilaterally awards contracts. He ensured till date that the tender’s board is not functional

b.    He awards contract to his own companies – see items 3, 4, 5 & 6 on attached document G. the items here were awarded to SENFORCE INSURANCE BROKER’S LTD a company his has his personal interest. He paid the company N4.8 million naira cash on 21/04/2010 by contract splitting, his approval limit being only N1 million. One wonders what they actually insured as the hospital vehicles were insured by government upon supply.

c.    See item 7, 8, 9 & 13 on attached document G were awarded on 29/04/2010 by contract splitting.

d.    Items 10, 11, 12 & 14 on attached document G were awarded on the 29/04/2010 by contract splitting.

e.    Items 33 & 34 in attached document H which is quoted for a total of N1.6 million was never supplied to the hospital at anytime. If you doubt this, please undertake a sting operation on the hospital.

f.    Items 43 on attached document H is spurious because the university footed the bill for this visit including paying Prof. Otubu’s driver his allowances for the days the exercise lasted. Regrettably, Prof. Otubu also approved payment of same allowance to his driver from the hospital’s account.

g.    Items 60, 61, 62 and 63 on attached document H were undertaken by contract splitting which amounts to financial crime.

h.    Items 66, 67 & 68 on attached document H again is by contract splitting and all approved and paid same day. What exact servicing of generators that gulps this whooping sum in one go.

i.    Attached document I shows release of N120,000,000 to the hospital. The Chairman needs to explain what exactly this money was spent for. Imagine item B6 maintenance of vehicle and other assets at almost N6 million. This is ridiculous as the vehicles were just barely supplied and all brand new, and had been scarcely used. So what exactly was this huge sum spent on. What other assets were they maintaining with this money when indeed they had spend almost N3 million on maintaining the buildings.

j.    N20 million is released monthly for diesel procurement, yet the hospital spend less than N4 million naira monthly on diesel. What does Prof. Otubu do with the balance and why should he collect far more than what is needed. Is this in line with financial regulations?

k.    Since December 2010, staff of the hospital has not been paid salaries till date. The main reason being that monies meant for salaries has bee shared by Prof. Otubu and his accomplice (Prof. Angela Okolo, Prof. Phillip Umebese, Barr. Victor Adigwe and Mr. Bonny Smart). Secondly he tripled the staff strength of the hospital illegally after collecting N300,000.00 from each staff employed thereby bloating the wage bill.

l.    There is gross financial misappropriation, embezzlement and crime in DELSUTH. The government must speedily investigate this.

Finally, it is our submission that if this hospital is to achieve the targets for which it was setup, then government must urgently address this ongoing misnomer as a matter of priority. The Board must be dissolved and the government setup a special task force to oversee the hospital and undertake the functions of a part-time Board until the enquiry into the activities of Prof. Otubu and his Board is fully undertaken. This is only way to convince other ethnic groups that government is not part of the ethnic cleansing and marginalization being undertaken by Prof. Otubu and ensure the much desired peace cherished by all and sundry.



Omamoke Akpesiri          Peretmode Ebiere      Eboka Dike        Eyituoyo Temisan
Urhobo nation         Ijaw Nation            Delta North        Itsekiri Nation

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An Organization is Not an Individual.....

It is unfortunate the way all these is playing out...but one thing is very clear.....there is need to audit the process of corporate governance and administration at DELSUTH.
Corporate governance of public Institution should be process-based.That is the only way to guarantee that the institution will attract the best manpower available and be abble to retain them to do the work and keep working appropriately.
When there are lacunas..it gives opportunities to be exploited and create bad blood. It also stiffles potential for best performance and the society is the ultimate loser.........What if Prof Otubu is no longer at DELSUTH for whatever reason ?? will the place run??? Modern Management emphasises team work and this should be embraced as an adoption of creativity or a process of inovation......Good luck to prof Otubu, DELSUTH...and Nigeria....


As an objective observer of the the petitioner, i am of the opinion that the following approach be adopted;
The Governor/ Commissioner for health should set up a comittee with a view to verifying the allegations raised.

Prof Otubu needs as a matter of urgency to tell the world his side of the story, explaining why salaries are delayed and post counter evidence to show he did not sign appointment letters let alone before interviews.

There is need to establish the percentage of Ogharans in the delsuth employment vis a viz other ethnic groups.

The EFCC needs to be properly brought in to investigate the alleged financial crimes. The issue here is that of public trust , no sentiment.
Contracts award should follow due process.

Insults on human persons is a very primitive way of addressing issues. One can make a point without necessarily being insultive and arrogant.

Corrupt SA in Fashola's Cabinet

Engr Ganiu Johnson, the SA to Gov Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos State on Works and Infrastructure has made a name for himself within the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure.

The said SA has been awarding all major contracts within the Ministry to his wife Olufunke Johnson, who has been riding on high horses as she is tagged untouchable.

This case has been reported to the Governor on several occasion and still, the SA remains a solid part of his administration. With this event, one wonders if the Governor is in charge....

Another Professor Otubu.

Another Professor Otubu. Remember the one that was caught on the sex for grade scandal at Ambrose Alli University? No offence to all the good Otubus.

No Insults pls, but due process issues

Elegance and decent langauge is demanded of all, but Prof. Otubu or his supporters must address the issues raised. This makes the north-south dichotomy claim trite. Or that of regional or ethnic division.

Incidence like this make

Incidence like this make complex the argument of we-they: north-south: Niger Delta vs. the rest.
The culture of impunity and arbitrariness MUST be challenged wherever they exist and not be oversimplified in ethnic or regional sense.





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Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. It is not a matter of exonerating the chairman or appraising the petitioners. Allegations of corruption is not uncommon even in our contemporary church communities; yet it should be clear that while every leader has his own set backs, some desperate followers who are bent on having their way would stop at nothing to pull a leader down. "It they call master of the house Belzebul how much will they malign those of his household". Only a fair minded investigation free of sentiments can save the situation but who on earth is actually free of this crucial sentiments?

i've gone thru d depositions

i've gone thru d depositions and its quite disheartening to see adults debase themselves to such a level as insulting themselves. It is very clear that there r cans of warms in delsuth. I believe d petitioner shuld send d petition tn the efcc. In the main time stop this names calling.

Prof Otubu

It sad that, Deltans don't know what they have in the Person of Prof. Otubu. This man was behind the accreditation of University of Abuja medical school. When he left the accreditation was revoked. He is the same person that is behind the accreditation of Delta State University Teaching Hospital and yet this stupid man call Lawrence is writing all these about him.
I think the problem with Prof Otubu is that, He is practicing all that he Learnt been honest, Straight and God fearing in his day to day activities. He has trained and supervised other doctors and they are among the best in this country.
He is not even in active service,all that this man is trying to do is Create a World Class Teaching Hospital in Delta which is what you have there now.
How many teaching Hospitals in the Country can boost of what you Deltans have?
Let the truth be told, this man is honest and does not deserve all this rubbish.

The evil called Victor O Adigwe

Victor Adigwe formelly Daniel Lokpe and now Erijibo welldone. Certainly you have cried more than the bereaved and what occurs to any same mind is that you have an interest you are trying to cover up. Were you not the one that boasted you would drag the name of Prof. Otubu to the mud because he employed an Oghara Lawyer to come head your brother you had earlier smuggled into the legal department? Did you also not complain bitterly that the same oghara (indigene) Lawyer engaged was obstructing you from your normal overwhelming control over Prof. Otubu and as such you would stop at nothing but embarrass prof. Otubu? Before prof. Otubu will realise the evil you are, you would have done too many harm to him. A man that has been so and too nice to you, is same person you are doing everything to run down and yet you cry woolf. Welldone and keep it up smart fool.


I am having problem reading with insults. I will like every one to submit his/her point for or against without calling opposing camp members names. I believe in reading the facts and not name calling. Please lets be civil.Thanks.

Prof.Otubu Should Go

Prof.Otubu has done enough harm to the hospital it is tine for him to leave the hospital alone

Dr. Lawrence Omo-Aghoja & His Cronies

I have read with disdain the attrocious rubish written by Dr. Lawrence Omo-Aghoja masquerading in diffrent names in this site. No doubt, Dr. Aghoja was a product of a sinester recruitment conducted in DELSUTH at the time.
Some of the culprits dropped by the Prof. Otubu led Board were seconded from MDAs to strenghten the young administration. Rather, these people turned the place to a fertile Farmland. They recruited various persons without the approval of the Board for pecuniary considerations! Of course, they had to be sanctioned when discovered.
I do not know whey Dr. Aghoja should now use this site to cry load when his complaint is already in court.
This is a tertiary hospital that was visited by a team of parliamentarians from ECOWAS countries and they were amazed at the world class facility. This Okpe man mustnot be allowed to rubish the hospital for obvious selfish reasons. No Oghara indigene is in support of this drowing & discredited doctor!

Daniel Lokpe, you sound like

Daniel Lokpe, you sound like a very typical nigerian politician. It is either you are already on the payroll of this prof or you are begging to be on it soon. whatever be the case, you seem to be doing a 'good' work for your money. My only question is if this lawrence was not qualified, why was it not found out by the interview board or did he bride the prof too and there is a higher bidder now? Your story gives up the prof as a dictator within a sovereign state who is both the executive, legislator, and judiciary. Coming from a place like Ibori then one can understand why he should be a corrupt guy because it runs in the family maybe. I do not see Uduaghan doing much about this scandalous situation since the institute in question belongs not to deltans really but to ibori and his community of oghara. I am more surprise to hear that prof otubu is still in active service and i wonder when the younger phd holders and prof will ever serve their country. Brain drain is thus encouraged and that is why most of us will remain where the older ones give way for us to take over and bring new ideas to serve them and every other citizen of these great nations that exclude of course my very own land of birth -nigeria. SHAME and i am afraid corruption is just about to be enthroned fully by GEJ since he wants to be president by all means. He was not corruption free as Bayelsa gov. and cannot change overnight because of adeboye's prayers. NO WAYZ!


I thought that Prof Otubu has now exited from public life, and retired quitely away from controversy. If he still has some working life in him, then that is good, in which case that working life should be in an advisory capacity, allowing younger generation an opportunity to play a role. A series of serious allegations have been made against him, and it is important that he clears his name. I see in the commentaries, different camps threading insults at one another, is meaningless. It is important not to forget that Prof Otubu has had a past adverse record in terms of conduct, whilst in public office (Jos, Abuja)-did he clear his name in the past? Is he just carrying on with a charactrer trait, or a routine pattern of behaviour, at DELSUTH? Those who have come accross Prof Otubu, will know better!

Lokpe Daniels

Sorry Ooo! your vainglorious efforts have not in the least addressed the issues raised by the petitioners. You can see you are alone in your mad rantings. Anyway you are working for all the booty you get from the Prof at the expense of the growth of the hospital. You are a disaster!!!


LOKPE you are indeed a criminal that should be brought to justice.how can you brag on the net that december and january salaries which are very crucial to workers have just been paid in 2nd half of february.
this alone undermines the insults and rubbish you have continually heaped here on one man.

Prof. Otubu has done Extremely well for DELSUTH Part 4

Lawrence Omo-oja, Oja will be your portion HENCEFORTH. I am happy to hear that you have just fired yourself. And you will continue to fire yourself here in Sahara Reporters Web by confirming that it was lies you posted here for the purpose of cheap blackmail.

You told the whole world that Prof Otubu and the Board Members shared among themselves December 2010 SALARIES meant for staff. I responded by telling the whole world too that it was a lie from the pit of hell.

Now you have confirmed in your write up below to the whole world that that indeed Prof Otubu and the Board Members did NOT shared among themselves the December Salaries meant for staff rather staff December salary has been paid including your own, that of your girlfriend Anthonia, your three blood younger ones and your cousins.

What more do people of this world want to hear from this drowning man called Lawrence masquerading with fictitious names. All his cooked and baked stories about DELSUTH Chairman and Board Members are as good for the DUST BIN were they rightly belong.

Like I said in Part 1, nobody should take this clown called Lawrence seriously because he is a drowning man who will stop at nothing until he lands in his waterloo. He is already there.

Lawrence has also confirmed to everyone that he is the author of the faceless and non-existing persons, imaginary story as you can see in his write up below masquerading as Rukky.

Prof.Otubu and the Board Members have been vindicated by the same false accuser and false alarmist. They are NOT EATERS and SHARES of Staff Salary as wickedly posted by Lawrence. Rather, they are INCORRUPTIBLE characters that will never condole fraud and abuse of office as they have rightly demonstrated by suspending Lawrence indefinitely from the office of CMAC SIX months ago.

Lawrence is only an accuser of the brethren, the son of Perdition and an ally of the prince of this world.

It will be needless after now responding further to Lawrence Madness, Lies, Fabricated Falsehood and Imaginary Lies because the truth has prevailed. Remember, the word of God CANNOT be disputed see 2nd Corinthians 13 Verse 8, "FOR WE CAN DO NOTHING AGAINST THE TRUTH, BUT FOR THE TRUTH". December Staff Salary was never EATEN by the Chairman and Board Members, the staff has been paid, period. I am happy he has fired himself and the truth is now known even to Sahara Reporters if they were in doubt about my earlier responses.

Lawrence is only envious of DELSUTH success story which he is NOT part of. He wants to be CMD by hook and crook which will NEVER materialise. That exalted position is not meant for nitwit and nonentity like him. Above all, the position is NOT even Vacant.

I have referred Lawrence to see the Word of Commendation from His Excellency, Dr.Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan, the Governor of Delta State when he paid an unschedule visit to DELSUTH as reported in two leading National Newspapers in Nigeria. Read Friday, 11th February, 2011 Gaurdian Newspaper Page 3 and The Nigeria Punch Newspaper of the same 11th February, 2011 Page 9.

The Almighty God will continually Bless the Incorruptible Chairman, Board Members and Staff of DELSUTH for their tremendous efforts and time spent for the overall development of DELSUTH.

God Bless DELSUTH!
God Bless Delta State!!
God Bless Nigeria!!!

I remain,
Daniel LOKPE!

Criminal LOKPE, DANIEL and now Lokpe Daniels - A certified idiot

You can see how foolish and alone you are in your worhtless defence of criminality at DELSUTH and malicious attack of an innocent Dr. Omo-Aghoja, you are yet to show your proof that he is linked with the petition that you have being making futile and senseless defence of. You have not addressed any of the substantive issues raised by the petitioner but embarked on wicked attack of a young distingusihed Nigerian with an indellible track record and penchant for excellence and hard work.

Your crying woolf suggest like it is well upheld in the african tradition that we should be careful of that person that tries to cry more than the bereaved, and that indeed, that such a person might be the witch responsible for the death that has just occured.

Why are you making so much effort to convince the professor that you are his advocate and fan. Afterall you are not the only contractor to DELSUTH or is it a Board member now that is benefitting from him. One is getting worried that you know more than meets the eye in the unfolding drama associated with this petition.

Are you not the same person that was said to have vowed somewhere in one of the Ndokwa local government areas that you would do everything to bring Professor Otubu down becuase he chased away Mr. Onwuka the Director of Administration, your tribesman and the one you influenced his appointment? Prof. Otubu needs to be careful of people like you. Was it not same shameless you that did the publication in Midwest times at the time you were so agrieved that you brother Onwuka was chased away from DELSUTH by Prof. Otubu? Why are you so treacherous? why are you fanning embers of confusion and precipitating tension over DELSUTH?

Prof. Otubu needs to carefully introspect on the happenings in DELSUTH and ask himself does his purported "good friends" mean well to him in the running of the affairs of DELSUTH? Does his perceive supporters on the Board say well of him in his absence or they are actually the one undoing him as soon as he turns his back? painfully they always speak ill of him and yet in his presence they urge him to do what is wrong because they want to get him out of the Chair.

This is food for thought for Prof. Otubu.


i am disturbed at the manner some people who are probably paranoid or worse of rabid @ LOPKPE will just come online to vomit un-utterable trash.
from all the important issues that were raised up in the petition all he can do is to come here and turn it all to with hunting on one man.
please come to your right senses and be objective.this kind of attitude each time a petition is raised of blaming it on an individual will not lead nigeria or delta anywhere
since this petition has been written i have done a research and found out today that staff of the hospital were just paid their DECEMBER salary yesterday 16th February ,and through this period there was no public expalanation from management or their sleeppy union .
please all relevant agencies must look into the petition and bring those wanting to justice to move the hospital forward.

Very Disheartening

Self deceit is the incurable disease that is affecting most of these people pretending to commend Prof Otubu and ignoring his atrocities in Delsuth. Otubu has a multi-facetted personality. One side he is a SAINT/Evangelist C&S ,another side is a DEVIL who has come to steal,destroy and kill. Stop deceiving yourselves by defending Prof JAM Otubu and blaming Dr Lawrence Omo-Aghoja or people telling the truth. THE GAME WILL SOON BE OVER and the truth will PREVAIL. ABUJA CMD can confirm the story of OTUBU Tenure there.

Prof. Otubu has done Extremely Well for DELSUTH Part 3

Dr.Lawrence (Omo-oja) Omo-Aghoja, Lawrence i prefer addressing you as Omo-oja to the other way, because that is what you are and will continue to be. I have decided to ignore you on Sahara Reporters web for obvious reasons BUT was compelled once again to address you since you are now masquerading as Oghara Youth and Rukky your stock in trade.

1. Up till now you have NOT been able to publish and post your Appointment Letter and that of your girl friend, Anthonia along with your three younger ones own, for the public to see and know who SIGNED them. I have challenged you to publish and post them here on Sahara Reporters and you were unable. This goes to show how stupid and callous you are. A black sheep indeed!

2. The CMD position you are obviously dying for is not meant for your type and I have told you point blank that you will NEVER get it besides it NOT even VACANT. The mistake Prof and the Board made by making you CMAC has SINCE been corrected with your indefinite suspention SIX months ago because you did not merit it.

3. It is ONLY a fool that will take you seriously when you falsely and arrongantly accussed the Chairman and Board members for sharing among themselves Staff Salaries for the month of December,2010. Another lie from the pit of HELL!

I have told you on two occasions and I will repeat myself here again. All the cooked up stories and fabrications you called allegations are figment of your own imagination. They are as baseless as you, senseless, unfounded and imaginary. They do not exist. Hence, for fear of being arrested by the STATE for outright lies, falsehood and misinformation you COULD NOT go to the Appropriate Authority, rather you resorted to Sahara Reporters Web for a cheap and callous blackmail that will NOT hold water.

Those who knew Prof Otubu and the distingushed Board Members, knows too well that they are NOT push away in the society. Their INCORRUPTIBLE life style speaks volume. Their credibility is NEVER in doubt.They carry intimidating credentials in their field of studies. They were carefully chosen by His Excellency to do the very good work you are envious of.

Get a copy of the Nigerian Punch Newspaper, of Friday, 11th February, 2011 Page 9 and see the COMMENDATION story by His Excellency for the great work the Chairman, Board Members and Staff have accomplished for DELSUTH.

We will CONTINUALLY pray that the Almighty God will bless the Board Chairman, Board Members and Staff of DELSUTH for the good work and their tireless efforts for DELSUTH.

Lawrence is ONLY a detractor, a fifth columnist and a black sheep and he should be treated as such, period.

DELSUTH will continually soar from height to height even in the face of her detractors.

God Bless DELSUTH!
God Bless Delta State!!
God Bless Nigeria!!!

I remain,
Daniel Lokpe!

EFCC to Probe Prof J A M OTUBU

Prof Otubu has no shame,he lies alot and he will pretend as if nothing has happened, he should resign but he has no decency at all. EFCC should probe and punish him if guilty. Otubu is like Mubarack, Saddam, Abacha etc You have to show him the way out.

It is disheartening that

It is disheartening that people could go to any length in a bid to achieve their selfish interest. Without sentiment Prof. Otubu has shown unequalled passion,commitment and dedication since assumption of duty as Board chairman at the prestigious teaching hospital. In all his dealings he has shown remarkable fairness and the fear of God.
for the records, DELSUTH was commissioned barely a year after the Board was inaugurated, ensured that medical depts are accredited to enable medical students who have been in school for ten years to graduate, Ensure industrial harmony in the work environment as he is fully at home with the workforce. i think what he deserves now is commendation and not condemnation to spur him to achieve even greater things for the hospital.

Prof Otubu again

You are quite right, history will remember him for what he stands for, Calamity, Disaster, Mismanagement,Confusion, Lying,Bullying,Intimidating, Humiliating, bringing underage girlfriend to Board meetings.Disobeying Authority, Manupulating and Knowing all. JOS and ABUJA memories linger on. DELTANS can not pretend not to know this symbol of Satan EVIL man. A professor with ????????? He throws tantrum like a toddler during meeting to silence any opposition.Someone must halt this man before ruining Delsuth.This Hospital is bigger than Otubu and his agents of disaster.

Daniel is confuse

Daniel ,you are totally confuse. There is no point taking this matter personal, you should remember that Omo-Aghoja is one of the victims of Otubu reign of terror in Delsuth.You must be one of his agents,who are getting salaries for doing nothing. You know what I mean. One of Otubu Touts. The whole story is 100% true.
Go and check the appointment letters, Otubu signed them before interview, Ag DA Mrs Skinn can confirm this, so get your facts right before attacking Omo-Aghoja who is just an innocent victim of lawless tyrrant Prof Otubu.
The last workers salary was paid in November 2010. WHY?

Probe Prof J A M OTUBU

Otubu has no respect, he thinks he is above the authority. Highly corrupt,arrogant to the level of boasting that his father trained the state governor an he can do anything and noone can query him. What a mini god.This prof is practising what he did in JOS and Abuja in Oghara now. The truth is bitter that is why Silly LOKPE ,Daniel & Elvis are disputing it. Time will tell.


Only IDIOTS can commend a corrupt, arrogant and oppressor like Prof J. A. M. Otubu. Elvis wake up and say the truth for once in your life. tomorrow may be too late if you continue to tell lies. There are too many ghost workers already in Delsuth, stop pretending that Otubu is doing a good job. Far from it. History will prove you to be a liar like LOKPE and Daniel.
Nemesis will soon catch up with you lot. DO NOT FORGET whatever goes around comes around. It is a matter of time, Judgement is coming soon.he Governor and the Ministry of Health cannot pretend not to know that the story of CORRUPTION is TRUE, so stop wasting ting in defending Otubu and his allies. Remenber, Abacha, Saddam Hussein, Mubarack. Think twice before oppressing the vulnerables.

Sychophants in Delsuth

LOKPE and Daniel or whatever they pretend to call themselves are liar and not lawyers.
Instead of address the TRUE story of corruption and misappropriation of fund in Delsuth by a mediocre prof and his accomplices Barrister Victor Adigwe, Prof Umebese, Prof Angela Okolo and their puppet Bonny Smart are sabotaging all efforts to maintain high standard in the hospital. Prof JAM Otubu is a Bully and a tyrant.
He single handedly recruited workers especially nurses without proper recruitment process and when the then head of nursing Sister Eunice challenged him he went into a rage with this deligent and highly professional lady who politely left Delsuth for safety reasons since Otubu was threatening her.
Only fools will commend Prof JAM Otubu, he is a DICTATOR. He has turned Delsuth into his private hospital. The hospital has less than 180 beds with less than 50 inpatients at the moment but Otubu recruited well over 160cleaners, 70 gardeners,over230 nurses with and without licenses etc, giving employment letters before interview. LOKPE and Daniel should not decieve / confuse anybody by their aggressive LIES and FALSE defenses. An independent decent panel should investigate level of Corruption in Delsuth.
LOKPE and Daniel must be very bitter for exposing the mismanagement of this 'state of the art' hospital.