IBB Murders: Major Ibrahim Babangida and Major Mammam Vatsa At Okigwe In 1969

Major Ibrahim Babangida, the self-aclaimed "evil genius" and Nigeria's most corrupt dictator is seen here standing with his bossom friend (both of them Army Majors) in Okigwe in 1969. 17 years later IBB framed Vatsa in a phantom coup. He set up a military tribunal to try the "coupists" but the tribunal which had the input of  Babangida's minister of defence, Major General Domkat Bali found no evidence of Vatsa's involvement. But blood thirsty IBB won't have any of that, he had to kill Vatsa.

When Vatsa was facing the firing squad, he was asked what his last words were, he didn't say much, after checking what time it was, he removed his wristwatch and asked his would be killers to pass it on to his wife.

 IBB went on to become one the biggest socio-political menace to confront the Nigerian state. In 1993, he annulled Nigeria's freest election that he 'd organized, claiming that he had access to security reports that would have led Nigeria on the part of war. Almost 17 years after, Babangida wants to come back to power. You can imagine what he will do to Nigerians if he could have done this to Vatsa!

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Non Snese Northerner

Despite what you perceive as acedemic improvement on your part because you could for ones correct a sentence by a Southerner; you and your entire so-called Northern educated elite cannot match the intellectual capacity of one small village in the extreme corner of any southern states.

Maybe you should advice your leaders to help educate other Northerners such that ignorance like yours will seize to pervade.

Educated Northern "Dummy"

Non Sense Northerner

Despite what you perceive as acedemic improvement because you could for ones correct a sentence by a Southerner; you and your entire so-called Northern educated elite cannot match the intellectual capacity of one small village in the extreme corner of any southern states.

Maybe you should advice your leaders to help educate other Northerners such that ignorance like yours will seize to pervade.

Educated Northern "Dummy"

Non Sense Northerner

Despite what you perceive as acedemic improvement because you could for ones correct a sentence by a Southerner; you and your entire so-called Northern educated elite cannot match the intellectual capacity of one small village in the extreme corner of any southern states.

Maybe you should advice your leaders to help educate other Northerners such that ignorance like yours will seize to pervade.

Educated Northern "Dummy"

The Contra rebels against Vatsa are here again with their tales!

Some writers and politicians, all left-overs from the IBB Abacha era, want us to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that, IBB killed Vatsa, and Dele Giwa. Or that that IBB was actually smuggling drugs on behalf on the CIA to enrich the Contra rebels amongst us here. Others have it that Vasta, whose wife, mourned him untill her death in Minna kingdom, had her husband kill a domestic servant because he or she, saw madam naked. We are not told if the he/she was doing the (abina) with Madam Vatsa or her daughter in exile, before the domestic servant was slaughtered. Lies, upon lies, upon a heap of lies! That is what they are.Soon we wld be told that, madam Vatsa had a python hidden inside her pants hence her sudden death. Or that Bongos Ikwe was Bongo-panning Mariam Babangida some where in Las Vegas, before her illness and subsequent death.(Me I no see dem oooh! I only hear pppl dey talk am for motor park) If IBB catch u, dey talk am for Minna, na yr wahala be that. That is Nigeria for u. Know what? Nigeria and her citizens would have lazy minds rule her for another 50yrs, if we dont learn to speak truth to devils like IBB. God cannot always come down from the heavens to Abacha our leaders for us via Indian Viagara. IBB sees himself as Fulani. Vatsa is not. Vatsa does not belong to the born to rule class of Fulanis in Nigeria, like Ribadu, Gusau, IBB and Buhari. So he cannot be head of state of Nigeria. A Gwari becoming president of Nigeria? Haba malam Sokoto! The change we talk about in Nigeria, is to cut forever the master servant relationship between Gwaris like Vatsa and Fulanis in the shape of IBB. That is the new Nigeria that we wish to build. Not the Nigeria where Jonathan is seen as a second class citizen (BY THE ZONERS CLUB)-so JONA nee okrika waterside, must not aspire to contest with those whose ancestral homes in Nigeria, are even in doubt by INEC and the apostles of the penkelemess mess theory in Nigeria. What a country-what a shame!We cannot all be auctioned by Alqaida in Nigeria. Nay

I respect SR

I respect SR, it has always bring out things that nobody thinks taht can be obtained. Congratulations, keep the good work.

ELIMINATE the Minna Medusa!

ELIMINATE the Minna Medusa!

The idiot call IBB

When I hear that Idiot called IBB and his followers and admirers talk about how he conducted the freeiest and fairest election in Nigeria. I'm always amazed, It can be compared to a stupid cook who cooked a meal that smelt so delicious, but he sprayed the meal with sand making it inedible he then starts boasting that he cooked the most delicious meal, no one can eat the meal but the stupid cook is still celebrating his achievement. Even a ten year old, would tell you IBB Never intended for that election to be a success he was trying to dribble Nigerians but he dribbled himself so he simply annulled the results to fix his mistake

Lester Kester,when specking

Lester Kester,when specking on issue you seem not so versatile on it is suggested that you speck the truth gained from verifiable sources or keep mute&return the stipends paid you by your benefactor.
Firstly,if you claim that Vatsa short a domestic staff of his for seeing his wife naked,where is the proof to that effect?Or just like the phantom coup that was cooked up against Vatsa&9 other officers in order to get them out of the way so that IBB could bury secrets of his passed deeds know to Vatsa& some of those 9 officers,like how he was to stand trail and be dismissed from the army on the return of Idiagon from mecca for his involvement in the Gloria Okon drug saga,of which Vatsa was the one always bailing him out of hot water? we will come to that later in due course as Dele Giwa had to be killed for this same reason!Now you say Vatsa gave 10 thousand naira to the boys to carry out a coup against IBB right!?now tell us when col Nyam gave his first interview after awhile in exile in London after the orka coup, in that interview Nyam told his interviewrs that "this house i am living in here in London was bought with money given to me by IBB!" so now Lester Kester,if it was a crime for Vatsa a Soldier,Poet,farm to give ten thousand naira farming loan to Col Bityong who equally had a farm and collected a loan from Vatsa,and that was what took Vatsa&9 others to the stake!why is it that IBB who gave Col Nyam money that he used to buy a house in London has not faced trail?since loaning money to a junior office was adjudged an act of treason by the same military law that was in force when IBB gave Col Nyam money to?
Lester Kester as you earlier pointed out,On the re-appointment of Vatsa by IBB as FCT minister and you equally stated that Vatsa was on Idiagbon's side of the fence,so are you now telling us that Vatsa was re-appointed by IBB just in a month in order to eliminate Vatsa?
Lester Kester shed more light on why the Treason and Other Offences (Special Military Tribunal) Decree No.1 of 1986 with reference to Section 37(2) of the Criminal Code was speedy passed into law after the arrest of Vatsa & 9 others!was it to give IBB the much needed cover to commit the murders under the cover of the law put in place by him? Was that decree Draconian?and if it was what was the purpose and motive for it?
Lester Kester,The Nigerian civil war was not started by Vatsa i hope you know?and Vatsa served on the Federalist side and I on the Biafran side and as one of the Biafran solders captured by his 21st Battalion I must confess that during that period of utter madness on the Battle filed Vatsa way amongst the most civil and well trained military officer the Federalist side could have produced.Vatsa's standing order to his men was "treat the captured well because with or without this madness of war we are still brothers".Vatsa during that war was a respecter of the Geneva Conventions,unlike some Federalist soldiers my comrades fell into!it is sad that he vatsa later fell a victim to the wimps and caprices of the wicked 'souls' who still hold the same beliefs that put us on the battle filed then!
Lester Kester,all should be fair in war as well as propaganda,and you should be brave enough to speck the truth and not wive webs of lies to please who you have chosen to serve.
Your attack on the siblings of Vatsa holds no grounds on this issue!why not ask why IBB's children speck and sound like IBB?
And do not Vatsa's daughter did not kill anyone as the full facts of the case are open for all to see and she is not on the run as she visits Nigeria frequently and leads a successful business life abroad and in Nigeria and parts of Africa!as she was discharged and acquitted of all charges and remember she was the one who braved the odds and maltreatment meted out to Vatsa's family and the other 9 to sit in front of Dodan Barracks to re affirm her fathers innocence and that of the other men she braved the odds pleaded for their lives and this at that period had consequences for her later!because as you know your benefactor is indeed an "EVIL GENIUS".

NON SENSE southern

NON SENSE southern Ogomalu-Gorimaka of a teacher!!!
checkout your last sentence: "This is the different b/t the South and North" Kindly lower your big head and take the corrections below:

This is the difference between the South and the North.

Please, take the above correction from the extreme corner of the North!!!

@Lester Kester If I may ask

@Lester Kester If I may ask who are you? And what makes you the authority on these issues? How can your claims be verified? I have seen Vatsa's first son in an interview and he doesn't sound like anything you claimed here.

@Lester Kester If I may ask

@Lester Kester If I may ask who are you? And what makes you the authority on these issues? How can your claims be verified? I have seen Vatsa's first son in an interview and he doesn't sound like anything you claimed here.

Waste of time...why not learn

Waste of time...why not learn from Mandela and allow the nation to move on and you are digging out what will never help the cause for a new Nigeria.

Babangida Was Betrayed By Vasta!

B4 the Attack dogs on this blog go ballistics on my comment, I wish to state categorically that I am not a supporter of any of these midgets, Ibrahim Babangida Or Mamman Vasta.

As a friend, Vasta Betrayed Bangbangida.Before we get into this discourse, let us for a moment shine a bit of light into the character of Mamman Vasta without getting too emotional here.Those who know Mamman Vasta very well, including his wife can tell you that he is a very Hot tempered, emotionally stormy character, who reacts first sometimes, b4 thinking and some of those traits have been acquired by his children who speak in their fathers lion, intimidating, baritone voice.

Here are some examples about Mamman Vasta's impulsive reactions, Maman Vasta shot and Killed one of his domestic staff for accidentally seeing his wife naked! He was not charged for that mean spirited offence.Mamman Vasta's daughter, who is hidding in London today, shot and killed one of their domestic staff too and took off to london when she is wanted by the authorities.That case is still open.

The genocide committed by Vasta in his area of command in the theatre of war is well documented.

Bangbangida was loyal to Vasta by appointing him the Abuja pointsman, after the coup that overthrew Buhari, inspite of the fact that Vasta was supporting Idiagbon, who never got along with Bangbangida and even went on the hajj with him.Vasta was killed because he raised money and recruited young army officers for the purpose of overthrowing the Babangida government at that time.

He may not have been in the meetings by these junior army officers, but he actually knew that the aim of such meetings was to finalise the arrangment to overthrow the Bangbangida government, sponsored by him.In military law, that is an offence punishable by DEATH.If Buhari had a clue about Bangbangida's plan to unseat him, he may possibly have executed Bangbangida. General Gowon knew that Mohammed and Obasanjo were planning to overthrow his government , but being a God fearing man, he did not want to spill any blood so he quietly left for Kampala without a Plan B. Obasanjo, the ugly ape even executed innocent army officers after the Coup that Killed Murtalla Mohammed.Currents events have also shown that the lust to hold on to power is the reason why Obasanjo made this shameful and fatal mistake of executing innocent army officers and this, he would have to deal within himself and God at the end of his natural life.

So folks lets be a bit objective here and not get too emotional.Bangbangida is making a Mickey Mouse of himself though, by attempting to stage a come back.Does he have a right to?Hell Yeah.Does Orji Uzor Kalu have a right to run for Office, Hell Nooooooo!Until he is cleared by the NIgerian courts of stealing Abia State funds, he is an accused money swindler!I thought I should clear that one up for you folks!!

Get the song right "for Christ's Sake"

The song goes: "Who kill Dele Giwa? Na Baba, if you add Ngida, na u sabi" - Fela Kuti

As IBB would say "For Christ's Sake" , get it right.

Evil man

As far as am concerned Ibb does not have future with Nigeria anymore.A bloody murderer ! what does he want this Time to murder us all.

hope now that you have eaten up your bosom friend,you need to tell us how tasty his meat was oh bloody murderer.
Evil and sorrow will keep visiting you and you family and may you all rot in hell! shameless greedy old man!
i wonder what you forgot in Aso rock,maybe your wife's lingerie? buy another for with your ill gotten wealth,ole!,onye oshi!,baban barawo!
the good news is that Nigerians don't need you ....
I hope when you die you be ready to take all the money and house along with you to hell!

the best election in this country

While i consider it a minus for IBB to have nullified june 12 election, no body is mentioning that IBB conducted the most free and fair election in this country, what someone said that even Jesus cannot do. So by Obasanjo's standard IBB did what Jesus can not do. A really big plus and that is what we really need, credible election but without nullification.


Truely,i can't place you what part of this country you are from.I believe what ever part you are from they did not teach you how to respect your elders at all. For if they do you wouldn't insult an elderly man like IBB openly or publicaly like that. It baffles me indeed.
How ever bad you feels about him and the country atlarge dont loose your head for this particular General who loves this country more than you think you do. He fought for the unity of country where were you then? The firt military president to head the affairs of the state where were You?, I can go on and on, on his achievements and contributions to this country.

Look ma friend IBB is by far out of your league. So dont look down on him like that.

"After checking what time it

"After checking what time it was, he removed his wishwatch and asked his would be killers to pass it on to his wife" IBB, Vasa blood is on you and you will never have peace in your remaining days on earth.


@Ibrahim Yaradua.
Are you a stranger in Nigeria to know the evils that your brother IBB wrecked on Nigerians.what further confirmation or proof do you want? if you are too young go home and ask elders about IBB.You live in the past to believe you can suppress information or that you or your sponsors can pull down sahara reporters site. why are you afraid of the writings here, you should join issues on intellectual discourse by writing back not with empty threat or force that you and your people are known for. Nigeria is on the march to greatness, we want our country to work for the people, if you and your goro chewing people are not ready like you did in 1957 we are willing to let you live in your dream sharia republic where people like IBB will continue to exploit you and turn your kids into Almajeris. And you will be chorusing Rankadeda. we love liberty and that we shall insist in a united Nigeria

Nigerian's want a court rulling on this

If anybody has a fact, let him produce it and convince us that IBB is a murderer and then he can be jailed, otherwise, I advice that people should spend their quality time in something that will profit them more than mare and baseless propaganda. Only the court can call convict someone of killing. As far as am concern, IBB is a free man. I have heard and even seen people accused of killing falsely so I say to Nigerian, Be guided!


I use to apprecite your paper but it seems you are biased to a fault. Was it only IBB that did wrong in this country of all those gunning for the Presidency?
You are not talking of the ills of GEJ as Governor, the reported scandals for Saraki, the enigma called Gusau or even Atiku that is being accused of corruption. Why IBB?

You guys are only giving thi man un-necessary publicity.

As for all those who think that by running to foreign lands and raining abuses on northern leaders/elders or northerners they are helping their tribal bigots, I have bad news for them.
No northerner has been implicated in the killings and kidnapping in Ngwaland and the Niger Delta. They should first advice their own people have to live decently before teaching the northerners to disrespect their Emirs etc. If you ar ignorant of the workings of government, please ask. Dont your Ezes, Igwes, Obis and Obas get paid stipends by their local governments?

Ewu (Goats)!!

Dear AnonymousOmolojuAje (not

Dear AnonymousOmolojuAje (not verified) on October 27, 2010 - 05:20,

We know that the titles were bestowed on this man by less than one percent of the population of Nigeria and other countries you mentioned. Let the masses be made to vote (free and fair) when these so called "honours" are bestowed to some of these evil people and we shall see what "honours" they will be left with.

SR, @ RIGHTDATA, be removed with immediate effect!

This should be removed with immediate effect If they want to advertise then they should go through the right channeland pay for it.

SR should please be more diligent in their screening!

And your point is? There is

And your point is? There is no rationale in the point you are trying to make because Babangida, Obasanjo and others have all done this evil, we should condone their criminal activities because they are Nigerians and this should be accepted as business as usual? You said the fact that they did what they did was a matter of priority/mistake/suprem council/expediency is all jargon. Who was the suprem council at the time when Nigeria was in darkness and Babangida did this evil? And who made the comment about Gen. Powel having killed in war? You likened Gen. powel to Babangidal? This is a low blow. Please, check your facts. I agree that this is a civilized forum, and as such, it should be treated with courtesy, but your analysis is flawed.

What a manner of man

IBB'S honours contradict his deeds. I am in this light of the forgoing realise that those who are really cheating and killing us are just behind the scene. IBB was said to be evil but view how our world bestow honour to evil.

•General Service Medal ( GSM )
•Royal Service Medal ( RSM )
•Forces Service Medal ( FEM )
•Defence Service Medal ( DSM )
•National Service Medal ( NSM )
•Forces Service Medal ( FSM )
•Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ( OFR )
•Commander of the Order of Federal Republic of Nigeria ( CFR )
•Grand Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ( GCFR )
•Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, United Kingdom ( GCB )
•Grand Patron , Nigeria Academy of Science .
•National Patron Boys Brigade of Nigeria .
•Citizenship of Yaound� City , Cameroon by President Paul Biya.
•Honorary Citizen of Malabo by President Mbasogo.
•Member, National Institute for Policy and Strategy Studies Kuru, Jos (mni) 1980.
•Freedom of the City of Harare , Zimbabwe by President Robert Mugabe.
•Medal of the Order of Independence ( Equitorial Guinea Highest Honour )
•Gold Medal of the Supreme Council for Sports in Africa ( SCSA )
•Grand Patron of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines & Agriculture.
•Onne Ochure Eleme (Redeemer of Eleme People) by Chairman traditional chiefs.
•Obom (The Pillar of Akwa Ibom) by the Nsobom of Uyo, Obong Michael Eka.
•Bawa Jan Gwarzo of Nigeria by Emir of Suleija Alhaji Ibrahim Dada Musa.
•Madakin of Minna (Chief Councillor to the Emir) by Dr. Umar Farouk Bahage.
•Zanna of Borno by Emir of Borno, Alhaji Shehu Mustapha El-Kanemi.
•Honorary Citizenry of Ibadan by Mayor of IMG, Mr. Niyi Adelu
•Ajagunla of Ibadanland by Olubadan of Ibadanland Oba Oloyede Asanike.
•Bobagunwa of Ogbomosholand by Shoun of Ogbomosho Oba Ajagungbade.
•Jagunmolu of Oyo State by Ooni of Ife , Alafin of Oyo and Owa Obokun of Ijesha.
•Oguguo Ndi Igbo (consoler of the Igbos) by Chairman Imo state council of chiefs.
•Babaiyero of Lagos State by Oba of Lagos , Oba Adeyinka Oyekan.
•Izhan Tarok ( Shining star of Tarok Land ) by the paramount ruler Mr. Edward Jatua
•Kagama of Laria by Emir of Lafia, Alhaji Mustapha Aguni 1.
•Jarmai (Here) of Nasarawa by Emir of Nasarawa, Alhaji Jubril.
•Sarkin Noma of Eggan (Head of Farmers) by Mr. Bala Angbaze of Aren Egganin.
•Suga Jos (War hero of Jos) by the Gbong Gwon of Jos, Dr. Fom Bot.
•Ukpohore Uwana (Key of progress) by the City Fathers in Calabarland.
•Obu Omu Alabo (Great King of War) by Rivers State Community.
•Oyame One of Yala by people of Yala Local Government in Cross River State .
•Honorary Member United States Black Congressional Caucus by Senator Owen.
•Honorary Fellowship National Postgraduate Medical College by Prof. A. Akinkugbe.
•Honorary Fellowship and Medal of Honour African Mathematics Union by Prof.Kuku
•Honorary Fellowship of Academy of Education in Nigeria .
•Honorary Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Bankers by Chief Femi Adekanye.
•Honorary Fellow of the Economic Society of Nigeria ( FNES )
•Presented with Ceremonial Key to Lagos at City Hall by Oba Adeyinka Oyekan.
•Presented with Master Key of the city of Abuja by Major General Gado Nasko (rtd).

If all these honours and medals are meant for a man considered evil by his own people, what is left for Mohammed and Jesus?
In the above, nobody ever wrote his greatest honours- unaccomplished and a destroyer.He was qualified for an award from Hitler.

The song goes who kill dele

The song goes who kill dele giwa? Na baba if you like put gida na u sabi.

Aboki Mallam please try go

Aboki Mallam please try go back too school or ask your useless IBB to send you back to school. You can't even spell simple ALWAYS. This is the different b/w the SOUTH and NORTH.

Who killed Dele Giwa.

Who killed Dele Giwa?? If you add am giwa na u sabi.(Fela Kuti)

Who killed Dele Giwa.

Who killed Dele Giwa?? If you add am giwa na u sabi.(Fela Kuti)


it is fools like you that cannot spell "ALWAYS" that will still see reason to support IBB.