NANS Wants Corrupt Leaders Prosecuted By The EFCC

"Members" of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) protesting in front of EFCC headquarters with placards calling for the immediate  prosecution of former President Olusegun Obasanjo in Abuja on Thursday .

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Yes o, IBB is the Mother of Corruption!

Yes o, IBB is the Mother of Corruption! Get rid of him and corruption will disappear overnight!




Because everyone else will be scared!

Uproot the tree of evil and the branches will die!

This is the biginning of the end!

Nigerians are gradually waking up to the fact that we cannot continue to allow corrupt leaders toy with our collective destiny. What compunction has treasury looters like IBB and Dr. Peter Odili to canvass for votes from the same people they have destroyed their tomorrow?

According to EFCC, Odili looted over N100 billion from the Rivers State treasury but today is in the forefront of the IBB bandwagon who clamour to rule in 2011. A court in the land gave indefinite injunction that Odili should not be touched. On what premise was such a judgment? Is that 'Justice of the court' still in service or has he been removed with ignominy? How much did Odili expend to 'settle' him?

Please, Nigerians, let us wake up from our slumber. NANS has woken up. They have now passed the baton to other civil groups like Save Nigeria Group, SERAP, etc. Please, let us galvanize the grassroot people, the impoverished masses of Nigeria to demonstrate, to picket, and finally to take the country back from OBJ, IBB, GEJ, Atiku, etc.

CORRUPTION, A Malthusian catastrophe!

No 1 enemy of Nigeria? Corruption.
No 2 Enemy, Corruption.
No 3 Enemy, Again Corruption.

Until we,(everyone, notwithstanding your tribal, zonal affiliations, religious or tribal leanings)start a MAJOR offensive against CORRUPTION, there is no hope for Nigeria and NIGERIANS.

Kudos to the Members of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)for taking the lead. It is not too late for True Imams and Pastors, other religious and Traditional leaders and PATRIOTS to join and lead THIS BATTLE.


It is now or NEVER!

October 1st is as good a day as any for the WHOLE country - East to west, North to South - to join hands together, especially if you want a good GOVERNMENT and progress for yourself, your children and Nigeria. Make it a day to remember!

Whilst they celebrate our failure in ASO ROCK with our 7.5 Billion Naira, we should all pray and peacefully protest nationally in all cities and towns, nooks and corners, byways and expressways of Nigeria, that we have had enough of corruption.

This is not a political statement.

PS. I seize this opportunity to salute all those in their various ways have silently and publicly fought this corruption scourge. It is time to unite and wrest our lives from our Malthusian catastrophe.

We are our own problem in

We are our own problem in this nation. Why would a sane being allow himself to be used in this shameless protest. I quite agree that corrupt persons should be prosecuted including OBJ,Patience and whoever the culprit may be, but this NANS protest is politically masterminded. I know that IBB is very dirty and can fight very dirty but let him don whatever he likes,he will never win an election in Nigeria whether free and rigged. Nigerians have woken up now. I was 20yrs in 1993 and now am 37yrs, I cannot be fooled. They should not heat up the polity unnecessarily.

How about EFCC start with you

How about EFCC start with you my friend. As corrupted as Nigeria, I think EFCC will find something on you. I like Jonathan's wife, because she speaks out. In Nigeria people accord women the same respect as men. It is about time Nigeria women fight for equality with men.

We are Jokers!

How can you convince these thieves and looters their epochal looting spree is wrong, if you are not willing to "deter" them, when they engage in their treasonous treachery? These thieves have belle-full with "carrots", Now is the time to apply the "stick". When day breaks.....

even you

Your spelling and use of english says all about you.Stupid man.

NANS Organise and Mobilise

I am glad NANS has finally woke up from their slumber.If NANS is truly serious and honest about their stance against corrupt leaders, they need to mobilise and organise the students to register to vote and also be available to monitor votings in their neck of the woods on election day.If NANS can implement these ideas, rigging will be minimal or next to impossible for those crooks parading as politicians.Good start NANS.

Don't mind them brother

These are confused people who has nothing to do, IBB we believe

Start with DAME PJ

I agree with NANS but EFCC should start with Dame Patience Jonathan. I particularly want to know the outcome of the loot case against her. Otherwise, GEJ will not have any moral grounds to talk to us about the fight against corruption.

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