PHOTONEWS 2: Bombing Of United Nations House In Abuja

More photos from the bomb blast scene of the United Nations office building in Abuja Nigeria. Photos are exclusively those of SaharaReporters, New York.©

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Demons have entered the

Demons have entered the Bokoharams. These people are not muslims anylonger. They dont deserve a right to fair trial. They should be killed at sight. Allah has condemned the Bokos already. They are no where near aljjan-nah.

Oh Allah, destroy the Bokos and their generations and inflict these people with killer deseases and let them go in the way of Lahabi (Amin)

If we must be one Nigeria,

If we must be one Nigeria, let it be one Nigeria. If it cannot be one Nigeria, let us divide. Enough is Enough!!


This incident again brings to the fore the need for all components of this nation to have an honest dialogue on the future of our body polity.

I hope our political leaders will be courageous enough to kick-start this national conference.

My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones in the violence of the last few days- Nigerians and foreigners alike.

God Bless Nigeria.


This makes it that
1.Nigeria is not one indivisible entity.
If we remain together as nation it out of divine will
2. The request to dialogue with boko haram was wrong.
You can never negotiate with fanatical terrorism.
3. Governance in Nigeria is more about reaction than action.

...No Pain, No Gain 3?

Should the West (especially the US and it allies) define the inimical, high corruption level of our LOOTERS as TERRORISM, and vehemently declare the kind of war they declare on the Taliban on our corruption political class, Nigeria would be the most peaceful and progressive nation in the world.
Nigerians, do not be deceived! Until we make the collective and painful sacrifice to bring sanity to our system (government), what we are currently witnessing in the country would be the beginning of a long and hard road to social justice, economic and political stability.
Note that the biting effect of corruption cuts across ethno-religious borders. So let distill ethnicity and region from our struggle for emancipation.
In all, I still maintain that it is unfortunate that we allowed things to degenerate to this level of using arms to send the message to the cultist of looters.

...No Pain, No Gain 2?

While it is unfortunate that the struggle for social justice and rule of law has taken this dimension, it is equally important to note that a tough ailment deserves tough treatment. In other words, the different and unique acts of seeking redress embarked upon by different individuals and groups in Nigeria, are NOT acts of terrorism, but acts directed at the Nigeria cult and instrument of terrorism: The Nigerian government that has been the haven of ours political terrorists.

The West and their media have also compounded the problem for us by branding people and groups fighting against social injustices, economic and political looting as terrorists. When our leaders, with their help loot us, bleed us to death, destroy our environment while their companies make huge profits, they call it Democratic and Legitimate government.

...No Pain, No Gain?

The terrorism of our political class is is what is responsible for the social mess in our society: Armed robbery, Ritual killing, Kidnapping, the formation of militia groups (MEND, OPC, MOSSOB, Boko Haram, etc.), Poverty, 149 million illiterate people, lack of all forms of infrastructure, stealing in the name of God, and so on.

The politicians, like their colonial agents, have together terrorized Nigeria and Nigerians for about 100 years via incalculable economic looting; celebration of corruption and mediocrity; institutionalized oppression and repression and the like.

We are watching GEJ

Jonathan Goodluck we are watching.We will know if you are real president or a coward.
I will not say anything let's see what you will do after this,then I will pour out my anger depending......

Vote of no confidence

We're in trouble and need help from the entire world. Vote of no confidence on our leaders!!!

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