PHOTONEWS: Despite Court Order, FCT Minister Commences Demolition Of Mpape Community In Abuja

Abuja: Authorities of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja in Nigeria today  commenced demolition of Mpape community near Abuja. The FCT has marked 19 villages for demolition in the month of July alone. The demolition being carried out by  Federal Capital Development Control Unit will render thousands homeless.


The demolition squad ignored an advisory letter issued by the Solicitor General asking the FCT to stay action pending the resolution opt matters in court.


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@Julie Sanusi-Williams

What difference does that make and how were journalists to know that it was not from the court? Were you even correct? The fact remains that people were rendered homeless and it is a wicked act.

Until Nigerians start filing criminal complaints that can be investigated by the International Criminal Court, these cruel leaders will continue to steal from the poor, in order to sell to the rich, like Maroko.

Abuja Minister and Court Order

we need to repent and pray like the Ninevites. God alone can save this nation.

Disobedience to Court Order

Its sad that things like these happen in our society today, in the midst of biting poverty and insecurity with everyone looking over his/her shoulders ????? My pple these are sure signs of the end times. My dear pple, victory can only be won when we persist in doing good other than evil. We want to fight that trend and so we have to go against it. They shouldnt make us be like them instead we insist on they being like us by our prayers and actions.

Why can't this animals in govt obey our laws? Very disgraceful.

Why shld i obey the law if the people in govt or in power do not obey it? How can we practise democracy without the rule of law? I think Bala Mohammed should be held in contempt and jailed but where? Not in Banana republic.


Oh what a wicked government! How can government embark on this kind of demolition exercise without any compensation package for the property owners.

Cruel Act By the Minister of FCT Not Illegal

This is an incomplete story necessitated by the rush to print. The Court, it seems to me, has not issued any injunction or restraining order barring the Minister from carrying out a demolition policy.This would, no doubt, make life unbearable and miserable for the affected residents, but does not make the demolition action illegal. May be inhumane, but not illegal. While it could be characterised as cruel, it is within the bounds of what a constituted government could do.
"The demolition squad ignored an advisory letter issued by the Solicitor General asking the FCT to stay action pending the resolution opt [of] matters in court." It was only an advisory from the SG and not an order from the court. If the matter was important to the court, it could have met in an emergency session to make a ruling. It is clear, therefore, that the reporter(s) were trying to make the news and not to report the news. Poor journalism!


May God Rescue, Bless & Support Nigeria
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if the govt does not obey laws, Boko Haram and society won't - 1

I support all slums to be replaced with modern affordable housing for the poor (I prefer to use low-income earners, because the so called poor are that way because they have been stolen from, raped, and short-changed by their government), but it should be done within the ambit of the law. Obviously, there are things that need to be sorted out before commencement of the demolition, as the existence of a court-ordered injunction would suggest. But for the government to go ahead with the demolition in a manner that disregards the courts is wrong and irresponsible.

if the govt does not obey laws, Boko Haram and society won't - 2

To blatantly ignore the courts on one hand, while telling criminals and Boko Haram to respect the law of the land on the other hand, is hypocritical, as such actions by any government smacks of, as well as, encourages lawlessness and anarchy in the society. What would the authorities at the FCT do if for instance, those who have been displaced by their irresponsible, tyrannical, and oppressive exercise of power decide to start a violent riot in the city of Abuja? They would order our zombie military to kill them right? Ok, what if Boko Haram and other criminals make the same argument that they do not see reason to obey any laws by way of stopping the killings and other crimes, as this action by the government is potentially going to cause people die also?


What a bizarre politics we play in Naija.Imagine Geidam of Yobe State an ANPP governor saying he supports GEJ for PRESIDO come 2015,IS IT NOT INTERESTING somebody from an opposition party supporting another candidate from another party.My suspision is that this man is one of the sponsors of the dreaded BOKO HARAM and he does not want GEJ AND PDP to expose him publicly.

if the govt does not obey laws, Boko Haram and society won't - 3

Indeed, exercising of government powers in this manner MUST, as matter of urgency, stop in this country because it is "Orwellian" in nature and anti-democratic. Otherwise, oppressing people indiscriminately and causing untold hardship for already-suffering families will backfire very soon into anarchy, in which the rich won't be allowed to sleep at night or to hold on to their material wealth (which they stole anyway). If Jonathan were a serious President, this blunder is enough for the FCT Minister to be fired or forced to resign right away. But ofcourse, that won't happen as our government is allergic to good democratic practices. Notwithstanding, I'm still going to ask the FCT Minister to resign immediately because his actions has clearly demonstrated that he is incapable of running the affairs of the FCT.


The Minister & his colluding agents are only complying with Castro's statement that it is illegal to be law- abiding in a lawless society, so I am waiting 4 when the people will emulate him.

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