PHOTONEWS: Femi Falana and Seun Kuti Join #Occupy Nigeria

Seun Kuti at the Lagos protest today

Son of afrobeat maestro, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti jointhe mass movement in Lagos protesting against IMF/World Bank induced withdrawal of gasoline subsidy in Lagos.

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Re: Kuti, please pull up your pant

Good observation but irrelevant to the cause. Let him walk naked if he so chooses, let's just stick to the objective.

Time done reach... chase out those agbada-wearing animals: JEG, PDP, IMF, NOI and all the other Beasts of No Nation. Now the human beings take over. Great Falana, great S.e.un, thanks for showing up. Decolonization begins now!

GEJ: Your Time is UP!!!

GEJ will not last past this year...This will be his final year in office...

Kuti, please pull up your pant

First of all, Segun Kuti should pull his pant up. If he wants to immitate the African American gangster's mode of dressing, he should do it the right way. American gangsters do not expose their briefs but some kind of short covering their briefs.

Nigerians! its time to

Nigerians! its time to overcome all the things that divide us and weed out all the bad-luck in our midst.

No more suffering and smilling! No more

This GEJ govt don't feel the

This GEJ govt don't feel the pains ,they have just allocated to themselves billions in the budget ,2012! and now they re calling on Nigerians to sacrifice ,making themselves comfortable and let the rest die! is God who will punish them and their children,wives ,they will never know peace ,let all Nigerians match to aso rock straight ,and put them on their knees !

War Against IMF, World Bank...and Podgy Iweala !!!

This is one crucial battle Nigerians must win against the agents of darkness. The podgy Antie Ngozi has her blurred vision set on 2105 to continue her evil recipe for her slave masters. This is the time to remove the monkey's fingers from our broth, petroleum egunje before it becomes human fingers! She doesn't pay for fuel so she cannot relate to our pains. Likewise Dumbo Jo and his PDP clique! They're all evil.

All Nollywood stars, Music stars, Activists aand well wishers, this is your chance to show love for the common folk. Join the cause, it's a noble cause. Save Nigeria and Do It Now!

I see BankyW too. I know my

I see BankyW too. I know my own, my own know me. Trust DBanj not to show up for this kind of movement.


Those that voted Jonathan, this is the result of your actions. Thank you very much. And as for that 50 naira or 200 hundred naira you collected on the day of the presidential elections, I say CONGRATS, you are now spending much more than that hourly.

Listen to Fela Kuti's Authority Stealing

Authority Stealing

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