PHOTONEWS: Jonathan's Declaration: When Jonathan Women Met Goodluck Men

Half-naked prowls Eagle Square

On August 10, 2010 the Nigerian chapter of the African Women in Diaspora after their inaugural meeting in Lagos made a call on President Goodluck Jonathan to declare his intention to run for presidency in the 2011 election. In the widely reported statement, the women also appealed to commercial sex workers to join them in the pro-Jonathan crusade.
On Saturday September 18, 2010, these half-naked men were caught prowling the grounds of the Eagle Square. Jonathan people swear that they didn't hire anyone to attend the declaration yesterday, were these men responding to the impending lift of embargo on sex?

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SR lash everyone being IBB or GEJ or????

SH don't really take side. Today it might look as if they take side with IBB, tomorrow might be his day of lashes and most forumite will begin to write this and that. Hmmm! Sahara Reporters should be objective in their reporting and set a standard for themself...... Not writing about naked ppl, who will die soon as a result of illness etc. Be mordern, clear and precise so that no one will always abuse ur hard work. Yes it is hard work cos it takes time and money for us to enjoy this daily readings. Best of Luck!

Panic measures

This Jonathan internet mob won't work. If it is agreed that these photos are real as the initial skeptics have seen, why worry your heads about how it is used?
Sliced, pasted, cut, halved, joined- This is the prerogative of the publishers to use.

You guys should note that as long as SR reports the truth, it would remain a respected medium even when they write news regarded as 'unpopular' with the Jonathan mob! These guys are mesmerizing the Jonathan campaign with revelations after revelations about him.

It doesn't look like you could ignore their reports otherwise no one would ever worry about these reports even if it regarded as fake, biased, untrue, half-true and sensational. Truth is that they have an uncanny way of reporting the truth in manners that is raw and downright unbelievable. Watch this space!

My question to SR is whether

My question to SR is whether they knows where naked men are being hired to an event? If siting a nake man in place with crowd over 1,000,000 ppl means hired, then the whole of the place would have filled with nake ppl. I dnt know you r this shallow. Ibb will never come back we can see dat u wish nigeria bad luck, God forbid. On GOODLUCK we stand. My advise for u is to go on the street of nigeria and make a reseach on who we want to vote for, am sure dat will give u a clearer picture of what Jonathan represent.

I wonder why you have to cut

I wonder why you have to cut and past pictures, if dont want Jonathan, then who do you want ''ibb'' or atiku? tell us who u are working for, so you guys think nigeerians are mumu because u are in america n you think nigeria is till backwards. Pls try another tricks nigeria has moved beyond this level ok. We can do better in computer than what you can get 4rm america so try another tricks. this is so childish, I traveled to eagle square with my money nobody hired i and my friends, you can never have ibb back if he has paid you.



Fight SR!

Guys if you want to fight SaharaReporters, don't do it stupidly, because Nigerians are so sophisticated. They may not comment but they sure know a correct representation of photos, and or texts. Everyone at the Eagle Square saw these two guys yesterday.

Also, a careful look at this photo shows that two diff. angles of the "half-naked" bozos were taken and joined together as one photo. The image(s) are both original, anyone can join two photos with MS Word. No crime there!

All those of you swooning over authenticity are just engaging on bullying, it doesn't scare any serious newspaper.

Unholy Deception.

It is shameful for you engage in this type of deceit, by splicing the same picture twice to fool your viewers, yet you have been able to discover plagiarised text in a speech.I wonder what is worst, borrowing a good paragraph or deliberately decieving your readers.
Have you joined Atiku, Saraki, Gusau, or I.B. Babangida's payroll.
Let us know so we can read your Reports from now on with pained eyes.

Why are people doubting the

Why are people doubting the picture when these people were a center of attraction at the venue!


"you can easily know that Sahara Reporters that i used to respect has fully become political and childish.

I have lost my Respect for Sahara Reporter and im beginning to doubt most of its stories"



ha sahara reporter this picture is mabe up, it a fake.


I was a fan of sahara reporters, infact the whole of my family loved you guys. But you've just failed, what a cheap stuff, that even the youngest media in Nigeria will ever publish. Pack n go, shame on you, you want Nigerians to be murdered again, you want to bring back the Majors, fuck you.

Picture is a Cheap

If you look closely to this picture posted here, You will find out 4 observations ie if i'm not blind:

1. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd man in this picture are same person.

2. Look at the 3rd guy's butt, you will see a man's leg cut off.

3. Look at the water bottles on the floor, you will see it repeatedly with a white nylon bad.

4. The women dancing in the background has a different photo pixels and saturation with the naked men.

you can easily know that Sahara Reporters that i used to respect has fully become political and childish.

I have lost my Respect for Sahara Reporter and im beginning to doubt most of its stories.

The truth is, IBB will not win, no matter how, If Jonathan does not win PDP Primaries, I see a situation of other parties rushing to adopt Jonathan and many will live PDP and PDP as a party will crash. The truth is, the true Nigerians are all out to vote Jonathan, no matter how far the oppositon goes to blackmail him, he will win. Nigerians are smatter now, no matter what anyone writes, here is the truth.


There were only TWO men not FOUR men as the picture seems to suggest. Look at the picture again; pay more attention to the middle of the picture and you will notice the "join-join" work!

what an event to show off

what an event to show off Nigeria's only quadruplet...I pray the world does not end before Nigeria dreams of giving life to its citizens.

LETS talk the talk.

this are traditional dancers, i dont see how and why this should be a political issue. If u dont like their tradition,there is nothing u can do because they re very proud of their tradition.The main issue is that the declaration was a success and a sign of acceptance. IF you dont like Jonathan, pls lets see your alternative, i m begining to suspect that Babagida has bribe his way into SR like e did ti AIT.

Leave Jonathan alone - let him contest

Those criticizing Jonathan for declaring should leave the man alone, he has a right to contest. For the rented crowd, you can see that it is obvious the crowd is not a rented crowd, as the turn out was superb, or will you say someone paid me to go to Abuja for rally?

It is funny foe Jonathan to

It is funny foe Jonathan to even say that his group has not hired any person to be at the Eagle Square...those women and all the naked guys does that mean they were out of their desire to see that Jonathan continue milking the nation in his own way?

Very funny, indeed!

You guys speaking against

You guys speaking against this traditional dancers are just idiots. Is it because the butts are black? If you see those naked bare bodies with bikinis at South American Resorts or elswhere in Europe will you open your mouth with the same level of venom? You guys need the liberation of the mind.


Those who say that the crowd at the Eagle Square was not hired with state funds to attend the declaration should have a rethink. What it takes is just an increase in the monthly allocation to states.

God will cause an intervention in Nigeria. Soon. Soon. Soon.

the pictures are

the pictures are fake............ look carefully, the naked men were superimposed on the main picture........... saharareporters...... shame on u


it is very shamefull to see people goes neked in this modern world all name of traditional dancer ,tradition should not be prtray in that manner.

half naked men - WTF

what the fuck...are they men or boys?

Perhaps thet were hired by

Perhaps thet were hired by Pro IBB supporters.. Goodluck is class above IBB..

Well, it is still our culture

Well, it is still our culture and tradition let's not pretend about it. Culture informs the art of government.

There is no way IBB will ever

There is no way IBB will ever rule Nigeria again, get that to your head. IBB is only rehearsing his funeral

half naked

this is how insensitive our political elite have always projected our country... there is no different with what these half naked men and the projections of the country... who is really cloth... no power, education in shamble, health care eko i no dey... my country is in crisis... are the contenders or pretenders really serious about us and the image of our dear nation.... up Ribadu.. generational shift of leadership is the answer pperiod

down down jonathan

this is what he will encourage Nigeria to be, he will surely fail. UP IBB

The pride of every nation lies in her traditon

A nation without tradition or cultural dancers is a dead country-these are traditional dancers from BENUE.What a crowd. We are yet to hear them cry for the payment of their stipends anyway.


These must be the Agbekoya incarnate, right? a bad omen for Nigeria if it is correct. blood on the eagle square.

Yes SR.

And now that Goodluck Jonathan is running, I hope the African Women in diaspora will order a free sex for all.Anxiously waiting for the order to let the machine loose!

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