PHOTONEWS: Kano Bomb Blast

Photos from the scene of motorpark bomb blast in Kano today.

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Infamy...! Ignominy...!! Unbridled conscience...!!! What words else can best describe it. D country is witnessing a new dawn of an era spawned by a theology that permits the killing of humans all in the name of religion while our statesmen, traditional rulers and leaders fold their arms and watch.
A sage once said things would continue to remain the way they are because that is the way we left them.
Sovereign National Conference now... ...

War for principles

War should be fought for principles and not against flesh n blood. It is high time these so-called jihadists to repent perhaps God will be merciful.



Stop insulting mr. President.

Tayo, u dont know anything at all. If u know these terror groups, why not report 2 d security agencies? U want d president 2 give oder 4 Kano 2 be cleared as was d case in Odi? My friend, b reasonable.


Try to live a life pleasing to God, always ready for your death because you don't know who next it's going to be. May God visit our afflicted brother and sister with his divine and permanent healing..... whether Satan like it or not, it is well with the CHRISTIANS and all INNOCENT people in this country. GOD BLESS YOU AS YOU GIVE YOUR LIFE TO CHRIST.

cowards naija

until we take our destiny unto our own hands this murderous act will persist. we r just coward in this country. simple!!!!!!


It is sad to hear such a huge lost of lives in Nigeria with existing dullard President. No doubt Jonathan is the most useless President Nigeria has ever had because he continue condemning every act of destruction by whosoever without any reasonable action to halt the act. For how long will Jonathan continue to condemn this kind of act without any meaningful action. Frankly, Jonathan is too dull and senseless to preside over Nigerian. I strongly call on the Military to take over since Jonathan has failed to render solution to the act of terrorism in Nigeria before this terrorists finish killing all innocent Nigerian. Useless President instead of tackling terrorism and make life better, he continue to encourage corruption and forgive corrupt leaders.

carry on boko haram

carry on boko haram since the government will not arrest those they know are sponsoring boko haram. let the country tear apart. when the christians start bombing areas dominated by muslims knw that the country has come to an end. sheguuuu wawaye kawai

The use of terror by a clique

The use of terror by a clique of base people is actually a ploy to heat up the polity and create an excuse for military intervention in the country. The aim of these people is to rule over a united country with all its resources available for exploitation. Howbeit that the terror attacks are concentrated in one part of the country where there is no threat of reprisals that may lead to the disintegration of the country like Lagos or Onitsha? My condolences to the families of the deceased.

God will repay the wicked.

Innocent Nigerians don't be troubled.God wil avenge the wickness of people like this boko haram and ansaru.surely believe! God is in control.

scums are back again.

These useless scums are on it again.They lack focus n humans respect.In d name of Islam killing why? Which Islam? U have departed peace n will never have internal peace,U will die a misearable death.Allah will disappoint U on judgement day animals.

bomb blast in kano

Evil shall meet up with evil doers. My heart goes out to all affected by this callous act. To all Nigerians don't hope that government will help the situation. Just be security conscious and do all you can avert heart sickening situations like this.

One Nigeria forever? Let Islamists have their Arewa nation.

The earlier the predominantly Muslim north - 12 northern states - is granted Arewa Republic, the better.

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