PHOTONEWS: Is Ngozi Okonjo -Iweala A member Of PDP?

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is seen at the PDP convention with PDP's Bamanga Tukur
Bamanga Tukur
PDP youth
VP Namadi Sambo


Photos of participants at the National Convention of the Peoples Democratic Party, held at the Eagle Square in Abuja, Nigeria, on March 24 2012. Finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala who was recently nominated for the presidency of the World Bank was conspicuously present at the PDP convention. Is Mrs. Iweala a member of the PDP?

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Dr Okonjo-Iweala is being readied for 2019 when GEJ would have finished his second term (if he fails to istitute the single seven year term proposal).


@Emeka Okafor. U're such a shallow minded person. Shallow mind like you peddled rumour and half truth. May mercy come to you before God descends on you!

Would we rather continue to

Would we rather continue to have charlatans in politics? Do we want reasonable people in politics? Nigeria must realise that we can't move forward with all these no brains in politics. The entry of Dr. Iweala into the PDP should call for celebration. This is good news.

Their uniform is as repulsive

Their uniform is as repulsive as what they do. Let the rest of the country consult Anambra and Imo states on how to combat the rigging machine of PDP.


Someone just want to keep hounding this woman, unfortunately she's too tough for these elementary attempts at embarrassing her.
What if she's a member of PDP?. How does that qualify as an important story.
Making an issue out of what seem to be identifying with the party whose government she works for reduces this story to junk journalism

NOI is being banged regularly by a senior exco

Rumour gaining ground is that Iweala is being banged by a member of Jonathan kitchen cabinet. Remember, her husband was involved in a blackmail issue as a result of extra-marital affairs a couple of years ago. Info gaining ground was that she is just co-habiting with the man due to her status not as husband and wife

Show me your friend

Show me your friends/associates and I will tell you who you are.

Ngozi is a looter

A 2 faced Janus

Since accepting office as a government minister in 2 successive administration Dr Okonjo-Iweala has been a 2 faced Janus. She has thrown whatever principles she has to the dogs!

Iweala is corrupt

By looking at her face and cheek, you will know she is a thief. America is GOD's own country and Obama did the right thing for not surpporting Iweala. She is determined to loot our treasury before returning to MD in 2015.

Why Saharareporters why?

Saharareporters u have started again this campaign against anything or anyone that is igbo, u dont want to start a quarrel between the igbos and the yorubas, so like the saying goes let sleeping dogs lie, pls stop this campaign of calumny and smearing and innuendoes, because if we reply it would only escalate beyond reasonable proportions.
Thanks for heeding the word of advice.

Ngozi has become too

Ngozi has become too pro-system and pro-establishment. She needs to separate her job from politics. If she is a PDP member she should come clean so we can treat her as the same.

Sunday Njokede


yes she is a member of pdp


there is a freedom of association which Okonjo is entitled to exercise, is there any crime in joining a political party of one's choice, after all no one is better than the others. Nigeria can not grow with nonobjective criticism

SR get busy abeg ((

I wonder what Saharareporters is trying to achieve with this constant smear misleading campaign against Okonjo, Obama appointed an American, their topic was that Obama rejected Okonjo as if everybody was not expecting Obama to nominate an American candidate. Now its whether she is a member of PDP for showing up in a programme organized by the gov/party she is working with... the next story will be why is Iweala sitting without crossing her legs? Why did she untie her trade mark head scarf? SR get serious abeg

SA used to be my fav but u guys ar gradually degenerating...

Is she pdp member

How on can they expect european and america to support her,with all the curruption going on in nigeria,and she fail to do anything or speak about it,even said she is not interested on the job,let her dont waste her time and stop public money that will be use in lobbying for the post.america contributed largest money to world bank and they said they dont want her.

I KNEW......

When JONA said it will be TUKUR or NOBODY. I knew what he was talking about. I knew he would give money to those greedy northerners who came forward to contest against Tukur, the President's imposed candidate. The useless PDP politicians from the north will never take any good decision that will favour the north. They are busy taking money from Jona and South South useles/thieving governors to feed their 4 wives and minimum of 30 children. You will always see them fall over themselves to please Jona. Jona is working his way for 2015. SHAME ON THEM!!!!!!!!!

Your comment was outrageous.

Your comment was outrageous. The bible is right, a prophet is without honour except in his own country, and in his own house.See Mark 6:4

Ngozi a Disappoinment

She is a disappoinment to ordinary Nigerians for forcing the subsidy removal n also to her international MAFIANS for not removin it 100%, she wil neither be world bank president non Nigeria president.

is ngozi a pdp member?

She's gotta be!

Yes, she is. Gotta join the killers if you want to live

you have to join PDP either before you become a minister or after. you have to join the killers, if you don't want to get killed. Isn't she smart?
The problem is that PDP members are banned from becoming President of the World Bank, for obvious reasons. You see, the rest of the world - U.S. in particular, are aware that anything that a Nigerian PDP member touches immediately becomes mired in mediocrity, fraud, and incompetence. That is why she will be rejected for the world bank job, eventhough she doesn't really want to leave her higher paying minister of finance job (yes, her job as a minister pays more than being president of the world bank). She's getting getting to run for president come 2015.

"Okonjo-Iweala for President 2015!"
"Okonjo-Iweala transform Nigeria!"

Please stop embrassing our

Please stop embrassing our leader the questing should have been why is she not a pdp member having served in that party in different govts for long time. Please leave our daughter from your mud slinging... Enyinnaya

Ngozi is a chamelon. Principle less woman, greedy and corrupt fa

Ngozi is a chamelon. Principle less woman, greedy and corrupt fat ass!

Trick Question.

Question: Hmmm. Let me see. If I am at a party, I am either a guest or the celebrant. So is NOI a guest (friendly observer) or celebrant (member of PDP)?
Answer: NOI works for a PDP Government and is head of the economic team implementing a PDP Agenda. Therefore, she is a member of PDP.

Sowore, Okonkwo. Did I get it right? I have never failed a school exam.

How does she expect Barack

How does she expect Barack Obama to accept her nomination, Okwonjo is a sycophant?