PHOTONEWS: Oando's Overturned Petrol Tanker

An Oando truck carrying petrol lost control and spilled on the road while making a U-turn on Ogunnusi Road opposite Oando filling station, in Ogba Lagos today.


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the news is traffic

the news about this is the traffic congestion around ikeja this evening as a result of this accident. It was a mess

Aje oh!

Aje oh!

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The news is all about SAFETY

The news is all about SAFETY and PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES before usage...

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The news about this about

The news about this about this accident is that the whole Ikeja,Ogba, Agidingbi, Ojota, Ojodu and its environ is now saddled with traffic gridlock-no movement

OANDO tanker accident in Lagos

What is the news about this accident please?

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