PHOTONEWS: Prominent Nigerian Activist Joe Okei-Odumakin At The US Int'l Women of Courage Award

US First lady, Michelle Obama and Joe Okei-Odumakin at the event
Michelle Obama addressing the recepients
US Secretary of State, John Kerry in a handshake with Joe Okei-Odumakin
Michelle Obama and Mrs. Odumakin

Nigerian democracy activist and women’s right advocate, Josephine Odumakin, has been honored, alongside nine other women, with the United States Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award.

The U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama, with Secretary of state, John Kerry presented Joe’s award to her at a ceremony in the Dean Acheson Auditorium of the US State Department.

The ceremony coincided with the International Women’s day. Joe Odumakin heads the Campaign for Democracy and has been involved with a lot of initiatives to broaden Nigeria’s democracy.

Other recipients of the award are Malalai Bahaduri, First Sergeant, Afghan National Interdiction Unit (Afghanistan); Samira Ibrahim, Coordinator, Know Your Rights (Egypt); Julieta Castellanos, Rector, National Autonomous University of Honduras (Honduras); and Elena Milashina, journalist, human rights activist (Russia).

Others include Fartuun Adan, Executive Director, Elman Peace and Human Rights Centre (Somalia); Tsering Woeser (Wei Se), Tibetan author, poet, blogger (China); Razan Zeitunah, human rights lawyer and founder, Local Coordination Committees (Syria); Ta Phong Tan, blogger (Vietnam); and Nirbhaya “Fearless,” champion for justice (India).
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She Deserves More!

A well deserve honour! She is a living legend!! More grease,strenght and wisdom!!!


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A Call to More Courage

Welldone our dear sister, Joe. I can imagine the personal affection being showered on you by Mrs. Obama. She is so so very proud of you. And so are Nigerians.

No doubt, this is a call to more service with unimaginable courage. Keep the flag flying (as you have with the beautiful shirt). Surely, Mr. Taiwo Akinkunmi did not design the shirt :) (though he designed the Nigerian flag.

May God be with you in the years of challenges to come.

Viva Nigeria!

Warm regards,

This is an honour well

This is an honour well deserved.

well deserved honour

Indeed the righteous will be recompensed on the earth (proverbs 11:31),this shows that whatever we do has consequences. The world is watching us & beyond that God is watching us. Hence let us continue to do the good that will benefit our neighbour as we build a new Nigeria of our dream together. God bless Nigeria

Very Impressive

While other first ladies are striving to add value to humanity, our first lady here is striving to outdo previous first ladies in theft and graft.

Men, be careful who you marry for you do not know where destiny will catapult you to. Trust me, you don't want to have an embarrssmmet as a wife when you attain a high political/business office.

Congrats, Joe Odumakin! Well deserved recognition.

Much Respect.

much respect madam. with people like you in Nigeria, there is hope.
we are proud of you. GOD bless ma.


Well done Odumakin. I wonder however if your mandate is entirely devoid of political ambition or compromise. Your organization 'Women Arise' claims fight for women's right and justice yet this is not entirely true as you have turned down clear cases of violence and human right abuses.

Am not going to brain-stress however because evidently, you make noise where your pocket is and cannot be regarded as a true 'African female legend'
Shame on you if your conscience pricks you whenever you cast your eyes upon the award presented to you by Mitchell Obama - is it well deserved??? who and who have you TRULY impacted in your noisy quest for Women's rights???

NGO's / Women rights civil society groups in Nigeria are corrupt , self seeking charlatans who do not know the meaning of fighting for the freedom of women and children....

Mind you, the beautiful ones have been born and will soon shine their light to liberate the poor and helpless in our Great Nation.....

Odumakin's award...

This is an idea of a true award, not the run-of-the-mill type we see here. more grease to your elbow madam.


This is unmistakenly well-derserved. Joe's recognition is an affirmation of the strength in collective voices for a better Nigerian society. We (Iam) indeed proud of this glaring testimonial to courage that relentlessly defied autocratic militarily regime and has remained unfailing in searching for best standard under the trying democratic excursion in Nigeria. A very big congratulations to our indomitable Joe Okei Odumakin!



Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin

There are quite a few people Nigeria owes a debt of gratitude for working tirelessly, without pay or leave for many years to entrench democracy. Dr Joe has been the face of civil society for many years and it comes as no surprise that she is being honored on an international stage. When the dust eventually settles and Nigeria returns to the path of progress, and it will by God's grace, people like Dr. Joe would be remembered as the true heroes and heroines of Nigeria. More power to your elbow ma.


Nigeria now has another good thing to cheer about. What an honour!!!

o di ok

thumb up/kudos. but u must help gej to succed aganist dis political vagabonds dats is setting our mother land back

Congrats our Sis.

Odumakin Congrats! from your Sopporters from the Northern Alliance. The struggle continues and Victory is Certain in bringing about Good Governance in Nigeria.
Northern Alliance.


Josephine - Thanks a million for making us proud as Nigerians. At least the world will know that fantastic things such as these can come out of Nigeria. More grease to your elbows - we the millions of silent Nigerians are with you, and will remain with you! Your best is yet to come! March On!!!!!

Well deserved, you and your husband are one of a kind,blessed.

Well done to real activist, we musn't stop fighting the monsters in pdp and Asorock untill our people are set free from bondage of corruption and under-development.

US Int'l Women of Courage Awards

Bravo Joe Odumakin!It is simply fantastic when an unsung hero such as Joe gets a tune on the International Stage.Nigerians have been made proud especially at this time.And they appreciate the work you do.

Out of Naija!

We are really proud of you, Mrs. Odumakin. May God continue to bless you and give you more courage for the struggle. Aluta continua!

Thank you Mrs Josephine Odumakin

Nigeria is my country though im living abroad. I continue to hail and herald the positive things about My country Nigeria. Mrs Josephine Odumakin, you are a light that cannot be hiden.The likes of you will usher Nigeria to the promise land. We will get there in God's apointed time. Nigerians in the Diaspora will come home because when the Lord will turn around the captivity of Nigeria we all will be like they that dream.Our size is not a mistake, our Blessings will endure. Thank you Mrs Josephine Odumakin for making us proud. The Good Lord will Bless you, your household and our Country Nigeria.


Thanks for being one of the active informat/cell agent of C.I.A./FBI on Nigeria issue on politics,social and economy.The award was handed over to you by first lady and Senator Kerry a famous member of SKULL AND BONE SECRET SOCIETY OF FAMOUS YALE UNIVERSITY.


Thanks for being one of the active informat/cell agent of C.I.A./FBI on Nigeria issue on politics,social and economy.The award was handed over to you by first lady and Senator Kerry a famous member of SKULL AND BONE SECRET SOCIETY OF FAMOUS YALE UNIVERSITY.


Good for her. Admire her a lot for not being and armchair or ordinary blogging activist...she has always been out there in the battlefield...congrats

Joe Okoi-odumakin

I am delighted for your well deserved award ,you even clad yourself with our nation's colour , your family name will be forever written in Gold. You are a blessing to womanhood.thanks and God bless.

Compar and Contrast with Mrs. HipoPatience !

Welldone Mrs Odumakin ! You didn't need a N4b mission house in Abuja to achieve this !

Like begets like; Yinka Odumakin & Mrs Odumakin,compare and contrast Ebele Jonathan & Mrs HipoPatience !

Proud of You

I am proud of you as a Nigerian. At the time when other leaders are busy looting our treasury Mrs Odumakin is contributing in no small measure to improve mankind.She has surely left her mark in the indelible sand of history. How many of our past leaders with bigger than life ego can boast of this fit.American first lady in contributing in her own way to further the course of mankind while our first lady makes a surprise visit to her daughter at school by distributing stolen cash to fellow student. What a misplaced value. May God in its infinite mercy continue to guide and protect her.

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