PHOTONEWS: Zangon Kataf Killings In Kaduna

 Reports from Aduwan village stated that five persons were  killed last night in Zangon Kataf local government area of Kaduna State.
 Photos from citizens in the area shows several others injured by unknown gunmen who stormed the area last night

The incident, according to a military source happened  along Zonkwa-Madakiya Road in Kduna state.

 Photo credit Bege Chechet

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Frank William, you are a fool.

I was referring to Mr Frank Williams in my previous post. I did not get the name on his post initially. Just as I said earlier, you are really an ignorant fool for calling the Beloved Mallam Ribadu a coward and advocating his murder. Nigeria does not need idiots and cowards like you mr!


Stupid and completely irrational people like this 'good news' person, should not post comments on a public forum like this. How senseless and irresposible can you be? How can any sane human being advocate the murder of Malam Ribadu, who is the finest leader ever to walk on our land. This is a man who is loved, admired and respected everywhere in Africa and around the world!! Ribadu is the only Nigerian, dead or alive who is 100% incorruptible. He is about the only Nigerian leader who loves his country and it's people.
El Rufai is also a great Nigerian who has great leadership qualities, and Genereal Buhari led the best military government in Nigeria.
These leader deserve to be revered and respected. Cowards like "GOOD News" are better dead!!

We've got to talk

Anyone delaying with the big talk,"To BE OR NOT TO BE" is a traitor to the nation.

Tinubu....Discuss Boko Haram...That na no go area

Tinubu wll not dare discuss Boko Haram. Not even in his grave. It tells you the magnitude of this blight of cowardice in him. His own strand of cowardice before the Fulani is particularly strange...

For him to fly 1hr every month to Kaduna just to prostrate to Buhari says it all. Since 1777 when the Oba of Illorn was chased into the Offa forest and an Emir installed, the Oduduwa descendants never recovered.

Long live the United Rep of the SS&SE

No any religion can send followers for killng

No any religion can force there followers to kill people's just like that, unless personal interest, racist and segregation because first of all the beginning of this issue come from misunderstanding and political interest, and that is the result which is appearing practical, no religion issue in Kaduna. But Gonin Gora have already started this crisis since 2012, and the related brothers of victim want to revenge now that is it.

GEJ is the sponsor of terror

President Goodluck Jonathan is the one sponsoring all the chrisis. The idiot is busy promoting tribalism in Aso Rock.

Good news

They never see anything yet so what happen to Eygpt will surely continue happening to them.

See what they called houses over there bastards cow brothers and sisters I wish them more death.

They should try to kill the following idiots quickly; coward ribadu, liar el rufai, blood sucker buhari.

Including all their family members

U guys hv declared ur country

U guys hv declared ur country nd non of u
Hv started moving enmasse to d den of kidnap
Appers,cultism,rituals,armed robbery,imm
Orality etc d case of okija shrine,bodies
Found floating in anambra is still fresh
In our memory

boko haram celebrates buhari with the blood of innocent gawaris

The people of Zongo Kataf, do not need sooth sayer to tell dem its time for their sons to defend themselves-in a country where they foolishly allow their land and culture be swallowed up by the fulanis from Mali-they need to wake up from their slumber-serves those yearning to have buhari rule them right-this is what happens when u allow your thoughts to be inferiorized by Buhari-the animals backing them in APC will soon turn around to claim it seems as if we don't have a government in place--was it not the Northern governors who said a Fulani in the person of dasuki should be hired as the NSA? Boko haram has killed more people now than when late Azazi was the NSA. Again have we heard 9jas complained about Dasuki and the killing machine of Boko haram? tinubu ati buhari would rather hire crowds to demonstrate against the wife of the president than even discuss boko haram in the safety of their bed-rooms

Killing at Kaduna, Gombe & the rests

We pray that God should be merciful to us. It's just as if we dont have government or laws in our land

...Blame it on Peter Odili, Ibori,Silver etc

...ha ha ha....
So, na who impoverish the North? Na who they embezzle the money wey the SS&SE Republic dey send to the unproductive North?

Walahi! It must be Odili, Ibori, alamiesegha, Oruebebe or Jonathan who is/are responsible for all these killings of southern countries in the Northanstan countries of continent Nigeria. I am very sure. It must be one of them mentioned above. Hmmm...Interesting!!!

Verily verily I say unto you, Nigeria is not a country but a continent. Accept & live this fact & set yourselves free.

Long live the United Republic of the SS&SE

Killing at Kaduna, Gombe & the rests

We pray that God should be merciful to us. It's just as if we dont have government or laws in our land

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