Waziri Faces Calls For Her Ouster Over Halliburton Bribe Case

EFCC Chairperson, Farida Waziri

Farida Waziri, chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is facing calls for her immediate removal over a bribery scandal involving the U.S. energy services company Halliburton Inc. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo reportedly benefited in the scheme, which totalled $74 million.

In a protest today staged by members of student and civil society groups at the EFCC Head Office, the demonstrators demanded Waziri’s removal and the prosecution of former President Obasanjo over the matter.
The multi-million dollar payoffs reportedly occurred during the construction of a giant liquefied natural gas plant on the Nigerian coast near Port Harcourt from 1996 through the mid-2000s.
Among the protesting groups were the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Arewa Youth Development Foundation, Democracy Vanguard, Legal Practitioners and Anti-Corruption Crusaders, Nigerian Youth Awareness Initiative, among others.
Defying the heavily armed mobile policemen mounted at the gate, the protesters stormed the premises of the commission. Some of their messages read: Dare Obasanjo, Dare Corruption, Remove Farida Waziri and Attorney General of Federation, Prosecute Obasanjo now.
A statement released to the press read: "We find Halliburton most embarrassing because of the gross financial scandal that has left Nigeria mortally scarred. Yet in the face of this glaring national disgrace, President Jonathan keeps shielding Obasanjo from prosecution.
“Nigeria’s own internal inquiry shows that Olusegun Obasanjo benefited from the Halliburton bribery when the presidential panel of investigation headed by Former Inspector General of Police Mike Okiro revealed that Obasanjo, Atiku and Former NNPC Group Managing Director Gius Obaseki, and Funsho Kupolokun jointly got $74 million (N1.77billion) in the Halliburton bribe."
The group listed its demands:
A---That Olusegun Obasanjo and all those indicted in the Halliburton scandal be immediately arrested and prosecuted.

B---That all cases on the power and transport probes be re-opened immediately.

C-That Farida Waziri be immediately relieved of EFFC's Chairmanship.
D-That a comprehensive re-structuring of the anti-graft agencies be carried out.
The group gave a 14-day ultimatum to meet above-mentioned demands or it would launch a nationwide campaign demanding a mass boycott of the coming general elections. The group also threatened to take the matter beyond Nigeria borders by calling on the international community “to cease all anti-corruption collaboration with Nigerian authorities because they are not sincere.”

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@ perry ..I agree with u

@ perry ..I agree with u


If there was any evidence against former President Obasanjo in the Halliburton scandal, both the US and French investigative inquiries would have picked it up. How come it was only the Okiro/Aondoakaa(Ibori)-led inquiry that listed Obasanjo? Are we now saying the Okiro/Aondoakaa-led investigation is more credible than those of the FBI and French authorities? I smell more than a rat. The Okiro fiasco was only an attempt by corruption and the Northern hegemonists to fight back. They have failed already as they will continue to fail. OBJ is not a saint by any standard, but he's still the best President that ever ruled Nigeria if we are honest with ourselves. You can't put a good man down.

God please!

Only God can save Nigeria now!



Why Revolution is the Answer

I think it is not only unhelpful but also diversionary and divisive to personalise when we address the problems plaguing the Nigerian State, especially the interface between corruption and our politics. Because the effects of corruption haunts us all whether living in Nigeria or abroad. If we continue to look at issues from that angle we will end up fighting ourselves. So, how do we look at issues then? I think we are all alert to the time-bomb that corruption represents but which our leaders have conveniently chosen to ignore. The degree of change in Nigeria since 1999, albeit downward slide is very significant. For example, in 2009, there was no legislated treasury looting as we now have it in 2010 by the National Assembly.

More specifically to the Nigerian Youth and fraud, in 2005, at least "Yahoo, Yahoo" was anything but an emerging phenomenon; needless to say that it has assumed alarming proportions today. At least, kidnappings and hostage-taking in Nigeria in 2005 was only confined to the Creeks of the Niger Delta and oil workers. But recent developmnts show that it has assumed a new dimension as even babies are now being kidnapped in the heart of cities and elsewhere far removed from the swamp of the Delta. Is anyone saying Nigeria of 1999 is the same as 2010?

The change we desire will not happen unless and until there is a REVOLUTION, perhaps a political revolution that could trigger a chain-reaction of social, economic and cultural revolutions. Society is in a constant flux - continually evolving. Nigeria did not get to where she is in one day and certainly will not get out in one day. A change of heart by the masses of Nigeria will achieve nothing unless it can translate to a revolution across the spectrum. Prof Nwabueze and others have advocated for a violent revolution to cleanse the land and unfortunately, I do not see a peaceful alternative to his proposal either.

1. The Nigerian State has been captured by the military/industrial complex who confiscated the commonwealth through the apparatus of coercion and brute force.

2. Confronted by an inevitable popular uprising (June 12), this class midwifed a political transition that produced a (negotiated settlement/arrangement) brand of civil rule that left the people disfranchised (1999, 1993 and 2007). So, the appropriation of the commonwealth by this 1% is maintained and sustained.

3. The only thing that could have produced results similar to a violent revolution is an intra-class struggle (Obasanjo-Atiku-Yar'Ardua fight in 2003/7) the consequences of which could have been a reconfiguration of the socio-political and economic process. But as always, because of a pursuit of common objectives and similarity of interests, these differences were resolved one way or the other and the impact on the class of 1% of Nigerians minimised.

4. At the institutional level, this same class design the laws and create the institutions to shape the social, economic and political future of the country without inputs or contributions from the masses. So, those laws and institutions are invariably designed to protect this 1% class interests and other rent seekers in the politico-economy. (The Freedom of Information Bill was never passed because it is viewed by this class of 1% as a potential weapon against their class interests; executive immunity, the various Appriopriation Bills since 1999 etc are all examples).

5. History however reveals that this class of 1% of Nigerians represented by the military/industrial complex that captured the Nigerian State and thus control and exploits its resources to sustain class interest will never sit with the other 99% of Nigerians for a negotiated settlement. Nor will they willingly surrender the sovereignty they have usurped by subjecting themselves to credible elections or through a Referendum or a Sovereign National Conference.

Finally, I should mention that it is very disheartening when some Nigerians talk about a Yoruba Presidency, Ibo or Ijaw Presidency, or Hausa/Fulani Presidency; or worse still an O'Odua Republic, or the Biafra Republic. It must be understood that the masses will not necessarily fare better in either scenarios because ethnicity is tangential to the problem of the Nigerian State and it is merely an instrument of manipulation in the hands of the military/industrial complex whose class interests cut across ethnic boundaries and can thus be easily united against the Nigerian people since their allegiance has never been to their ethnic groups nor to the Nigerian State.

In the same vein, the Nigerian masses must be united by the common objective of reclaiming their sovereignty from a common enemy without distinction as to tribe or creed because as pointed out by Nelson Mandela "It is the enemy that defines the nature of the struggle".


If OBJ was in prison custody when this scandal happenned, then i dont see why he should be prosecuted. I want you people to know that OBJ is the reason why these Northern dictators and looters are having a very tough time in ruling Nigeria again. If OBJ hasn't come into Nigerian politics, we would still be swimming in the Ocean of corruption. Am not saying OBJ is clean, but to us the southerners, OBJ is the best thing that ever happenned to us southerners. He has broken the wings of these Northern domination and they are angry with him.

Corruption Breeds Corruption

Ribadu is the Answer. Vote Ribadu, and IBB, GEJ and OBJ will be brought to books. IBB this most corrupt and living ex-president of Nigeria needs to face up to the evil he has done us all.

Probe All or None

When we wake up from our slumber as a nation we will demand for all to be probed. Every unexplained wealth must be probed.

Probe All or None

When we wake up from our slumber as a nation, we will demand that all be probe period. Every unexplained wealth must be accounted for.

I guess she is blind.

I guess she is blind.




Come watch the roddens scramper when Presido Ribadu gets sworn in.

OBJ is not clean but IBB stinks..

OBJ rigime must have come and gone but today we are calling them to give account of their stewardship. We shudn't be talking of Harliburton saga alone. What happened to the gulf/ oil windfall?, IBB shud be brought to book. We are tired of all these political motivated protests and rented crowd. Let's not allow this looters put confusion or derail democracy.


I don't trust Madam Wasiri. GEJ Cannot prosecute OBJ. He cannot prosecute other heavy weights involved in the Halliburton Scandal.
We must be careful,that the protesting groups do not give IBB an Escape route.Hear them:
"It would launch a nationwide campaign demanding a mass boycott of the coming general elections." Why do the group want to toy with the elections?
I can see IBB's remote hands, although his is involved in the scandal but the maradonna is desperate and can deploy many smoke screens to achieve his aim.
Once he gets there, he will become a life president. Then he will silence all oppositions, and rewrite the Nigerian History. All Nigerians including the un-born generation will make him a national hero of all times.

Not just OBJ, I dare them to Probe IBB and ATIKU too!

Not just OBJ, I dare them to Probe IBB and ATIKU too!

Farida... OBJ...

@ NJIKO Ude: Just for your info: Mike Wallace of 60minutes grilled IBB at an interview one Sunday evening in 1985. This was a face-to-face interview wlith probably less that 3-feet space between them. Many times Mike looked directly into IBB's eyes and calling him, inter alia, a thief, a rouge.... Mike also clutched in his hands a number of IBB's bank accounts and other banking transactions involving IBB's family members. By contrast, journalists in Naija have never been as aggressive as they should, and this is due the under-development and leadership crisis.

Halliburton Bribe Case

I am suprise that readers of the said report failed to note that authors of the report concluded that "OBJ MAY HAVE" in the report.

Report should facts and not assumptions or may be.

lying lying ribadu

Dr, Rashid ribadu has no home to go, he has lost his home to lying and egolistic behavious. he lied always that he always forget what he said earlier, this was a man , or a boy who said Bode George my foot and turned around to said Bode George was ordinary board chairman of NPA and cannot over invioce any contract but when the same Bode George was convicted the same useless ribadu quickly said we initiated the case. ribadu is a fool


Jonathan is too weak to rule nigeria, we need a strong president that could lock up those thieves that call themselves politicians in our dear country, therefore protest must go on. we cannot expect this thieves to do anything about corruption
because thats the way they make their money,nigerians wake up!wake up and fight for your land. Its only Ribadu that can be trusted among all of them, GUdluck Jonathan is not fit to hold the highest office in the land if he's not ready to tackle corruption, Ibb is evil,Atiku is a thief,Bukola saraki is a bastard or is it Kano Gov {shekarau)that will turn nigeria to sharia country? Ribadu is the only one, think nigerians, think

Farida has truly Bown Up From Choppin!

This Farida's face signifies that she is Chopping money like crazy! You remember the time she was inspector for police?Her face and neck dey like lekelele(The white bird wey dey follow cow dey chop the lice for cow back)

Now she is blowing money like it is water.Meanwhile many Nigerians can hardly afford one meal a day.Are these leaders Mentally ill or are they under a spell or curse?

I wish Nigerians will stop venting and act.Since our legal system has been paralized by these criminals, maybe the Law of Natural Justice and survival must be introduced right away, the way we dey actualy burn thieves with a ring of motor tire laced over their neck.

Corruption is like prostitution, instant gratification without an iota of shame!May these corrupt people al die of AIDS!

Farida's removal is long over due!

My case with Farida is numerous! I have never liked that woman and Michael Aoandoaka since the first day they were both appointed by Yar'adua. With the alarm we Nigerians raised against Aaondoaka, he didn't last in office. Thank God Nigerians are now raising the alarm again against this "she devil", so it's obvious that her time is up! And I want to believe that our president who has shown to be listening, has already taken note of all these alarms being raised against her. So its just a matter of time!
Farida Warida, hear this, you are on the go whether before or after the elections & we Nigerians dont feel sorry for this embarassment you have brought upon yourself. It's too late for your excuses, so dont even bother to give any explanations, b'cos we are not interested.
There is only one thing we Nigerians know at the moment, and that is the fact that you are a woeful failure just like your ousted colleague Michael Aaondoaka! So if I were you, I would start parking my bags to go!


Anyone who has an eye can see that Waziri is spending her last days there. Nigeria is preparing for an election, soon after this, the woman will be kicked out! I guarantee you that 100% She wont be part of the next government, but somebody thats as sharp and dedicated as Ribadu!

If you say OBJ is clean........

If you say OBJ is clean, then you have not watched his interview on BBC's HardTalk last year. BBC's Stephen Sackur strongly and closely questioned OBJ and serialized the facts. He following the transaction papers and the cash flow. OBJ was beaten to submission. He must have thought he was going to be interviewd by a "brown envelope journalist".
OBJ knows he as guilty as sin when it comes to Halliburton. He is holding that against GEJ. GEJ is torn between making good with US government that wants total and complete trials of all Nigerians involved and OBJ whose support is necessary for the 2011 elections.

@ forkasibe..................

if you truely believe that obj is clean, then i will add that the third mainland bridge is in kano,that nigeria is in asia,that obama is the president of togo,that nelson mandela is algerian, that africa is a continent of white people and that above all forkasibe is a clever person......people like u reason from their anus.you reason as your name suggests FUCK ASIBE


@Forkasibe...What do you mean clean, when he hasn't even be investigated? The OBJ guy stinks as a cesspit - corrupt as the rest of them.


From the their timing and statement you will agree with me that this is a sponsored group. I don't believe in the make up of this group. I think somebody somewhere is trying to use some gullible youth to farmet trouble. I think their parent should advise them now because they don't yet know the implication of what they are doing.

And About Time too

NANS, and other youth organizations and NLC had been in the vanguard of national cleansing. The conspiratorial silence of such groups in recent times is deafening. Now NANS is rising. NLC is still bribed to silence. The only time they rumble is when their jobs are threatened. National issues matter little to them. Tell them: if there's no country, there can be no jobs to protect.

Just See The Glasses Wey Dey Farida Face.

See the expensive glasses wey this Farida woman deck for face.Corruption don make am fat like Fatima.These people are heartless i tell u.In the midst of terrible suffering in NIgeria, they are just flaunting there Ojoro money left right and center. Will any of these corrupt champions ever get prosecuted?

The International community should stop playing double standards and ban all corrupt Nigerians from showing up in their country.

Then again, it is always their National self Interest that comes first.They are ready to dine with the devil in order to achieve their national objectives.Sad world.

Is OBJ really involved ?

I fail to understand how a person who was in jail up till 1998 can be indicted in a fraud that actually ended in the mid 90's. This halliburton scandal is so politically sensitive in the US that I would have expected somebody credible to have said something by now.

Why the glasses

By the way, why does Waziri shield her eyes? Is she giding something? Maybe the truth.

Pictures Please

I think Sahara reporters need to support their news with pictures. Pictures are more engaging and also proves the report true.

I did not see any picture of one-leg-IBB at the declaration and I do not see any students protesting.

I believe the story but pictures please.

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