Who Is Olusegun Obasanjo's Father?

Olusegun Obasanjo and Onyejekwe

 The pictures of these two men, former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Igwe Okwudili Onyejekwe bear a striking resemblance. Igwe Onyejekwe is the former Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Okwudili Onyejekwe a police officer, who lived in Abeokuta around 1930s. He died in 1970.

 Former presient Obasanjo has procurred a writer from Ghana to do a 50-page book on him and at the launching of the book bragged that he was "100%" from Owu-Egbaland in Ogun State. The question if not where Obasanjo think he comes from but his real paternity.

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OBJ,the best leader

OBJ is the best leader Nigeria has ever had,he is a leader among leaders.OBJ fought for 4 survival of Nigeria nd put things in order.Long Live OBJ,Long live Nigeria,God bless Nigeria

obasanjo' father

ask obsanjo who signed his form that enabled him to enter the military. that person is his father

He who God bless, who can curse? No one!

Anybody can wrought their mouth 2 say wateva, as far as I am concern, ds man is a great leader, a father, an adviser, brave n confident and a man of many honours! I alwaz luv 2hear him speak n I read a lot abt him! He who God bless, no man can curse. Long live baba africa!!!


You are so wonderful comedian, more grace

Obasanjo is the last man Standing

whether his son of Oyejekwe or Eijekwe, why is it now that people are now looking into the pidgin hole of fatherhood after he had done more than enough for nigeria. He sacrifised his life and everything for the sake of nationhood, he deserved to be encounraged and respected, Either you like it or nor he'ii continue to remaing nigeria's number one leader not Jagaban of anywhere

he did good for nigeria and africa

pray for hime

Boy Oh boy! Man you are very

Boy Oh boy! Man you are very funny. So since obasanjo's presumed father is ibo, therefor Yoruba never enter Aso Rock? Men you need to be a comedian. Ibo man is not wicked...but na condition make krafish bend so. Wickedness is an individual thing. Because one Ibo man chop stone for lunch without water to flush down... no mean say all ibo man dey chop konkiri. I beg you brother...just leave OBJ alone because the man has don agood job ruining sweet home naija. By the way, where you dey when the man dey rig election? since you know say the man na ibo, una for whatch am well well. My brother, burry the hatchet and explore avenues to prevent folks like him from worming their way into the system.



My father died many years ago, and yet when something special happens to me, I talk to him secretly not really knowing whether he hears, but it makes me feel better to half believe it. Share your unforgettable story with your father at this site father at www.bailerbin.com.


we dont care about his parents

Contributors to this item from sahara reporters have degenerated to a level not compartible with civilsed standards. obasanjo is a patriot, his foibles not withstanding. his cocern had always been the growth of nigeria. to accuse him of having a hidden agenda in supporting the presidential aspiration of gef is unfair to him. you are catigating him because he did not support the return of power to people who in their umpteen years of rulership of nigeria, have not advanced the country beyond what it was in 1960. obasanjo deserves better treatment than this. one does not need to wait till the end of the tenure of gej to realise that obasanjo in sponsoring him had placed nigeria's eggs in a safe basket.

OBJ na prince

Wetin una dey complain about OBJ resemblance to the late Obi Onyejekwe?. Brother's it is okay. OBJ can now aspire to be a red cap chief in Onitsha.




If you had any education worth boasting about you wouldnt have reduced yourself to illiteracy and primitivity in your comment about the ibos the way you did, no matter how provoked.

And some of the claims you have made obviously an educated mind wouldnt make such claims without studies and evidence. And infact avalable evidence contradicts you in many ways.

There is what is called relative terms.

In a population of 100 people if 30 are lawyers/educated can you call them better educated in another that has 30 people and 20 are lawyers/educated?
I wonder if you have the education to understand what I am alluding to. I read all the claims you were making but hardly have you any hard facts other than anecdotal evidence No statistics. If I begin to desbribe some hard facts in Nigeeria about that particulat tribe you want to demean then I would have fallen into you darkness of mind and primitivity. So I spare you such stupidity.

If you have education and someone annoys you you reason with him otherwise you are the most stupid .....to resort to falsehood, curses, abuse and pouring insult on a whole group ......it shows you lack religion you lack intelligence you lack morals. Nobody would be proud calling you their own for you are a complete insult to your origin in the way you expressed yourself in your comment.

And dont refer to speak about a war that with your typical dark african mind you dont know the facts about except as fed to you in unlearned quaters. For some of the claims you made of the Civil war and of Ojukwu are completely false but being of primitive background inspite of your schooling (Not education) you carelessly hold falsehood.

People from the side you have chosen to castigate from amonsgt them even the uneducated brain would outsmart you cleanly. Those you call jobbers to other tribes a little research will tell you they own more than eighty per cent of houses in abuja....I wouldnt tell you of lagos just make some enquiries.\
Those you call jobbers of other tribes a little education would tell you that across Nigerian major cities apart form the indigenes they are the next biggest ethnic group around.

When you write the way you write you show that even in the part you come from you dont represent them well ...
You dont represent good education. True Education doesnt entrench falsehood.
Read about the struggle of independence you would not call them jobbers.

Its also lack of good education.....reading books is far from education. For if you had proper education you wouldnt consider ibos as politically marginalised. But its not part of my response here to educate you on this. Reading is all you have, otherwise application of a liitle common sense, a bit of nursery learning would have told you the ibos cant be politically marginalised.....but you only read books therefore lacking in any intellectual abilities, can only report marginalisation as advocated by some ibo politicians who use such to seek personal relevance amongst the ibos .......explaining it all to you, would be too much for your understanding.

Those who hate other tribes are usually none-entities in their own back yard.

re: We are at a Different Time

OBJ's disdain for the Igbo is synonymous with the same anger our Black American especially thei men show toward Africans. The rumour holds it that some Africans collaborated with the Caucasians in slave trade. OBJ feels betrayed that his Igbo Dad dissed him when in actual fact it was all in attempt to conceal a one night stand. Well we are in a different times now it no big deal whom the heck your father or mother is or came from. Just be a good progressive dude or dame the rest is history.


Please leave OBJ alone! What's your problem? No one on earth comes without a father! One should know his/her father; then if you don't know, your mother would know! If your mother is not around to ask - leave it open. Remember blood is thicker than water; there must be a resemblance. Maybe we should conduct a DNA test - we could exhume the corpse of the Igwe and match his DNA sample with OBJ's ( that is if he would allow you guys). Atleast that would put to rest this wahala! Baba, no mind them jare...abi you dey mind them?!

Dis Na Yeye Story

If mere resemblance were enough to prove paternity, then Falcons goalkeeper Precious Dede must be the daughter of President Jonathan. Yeye Fowl.

@Muhammad Lawal Ishaq, please

@Muhammad Lawal Ishaq, please explain how Yaradua sacrificed his life to save OBJ? Were they not both imprisoned? Were they not both ordered to be poisoned by an hausa/fulani man? OBJ was only lucky, the prison warder who was given the mandate to poison OBJ happened to be someone he touched his life in prison. Some goats just write shit in the name of contribution. Yaradua died for no one but was killed by his fellow greedy northerner. Yaradua family will forever be grateful to OBJ. He foisted their son on Nigeria in the name of friendship,dont you get it dumb man? Or you think umaru was qualified to be Nigeria's president?

OBJ and the South-East

With this revalation do we still insist that the Presidency be zoned to the South East come 2015 or anytime closer when the 'shone of the shoil' has been there twice, first as a soldier and then as civilian? Wonders hall never end!

Re- SR: run out of news?

I must say I agree with you, but the term used to describe the soldiers in rather insensitive!as they fought for what they believed in...

"O Ye Generation Of Vipers"...

..."O ye generation of vipers," spitting out bile-filled venom from your mouths against a worthy, thorough-bred Yoruba man, leader, statesman, and spiritualist, Olusegun Obasanjo ("OBJ"). Why? Just because you hate him? I submit to you that the same syndrome that convinces "Oyinbo" people that we all look alike, is in the works here. I do not see any resemblance of "Ogagun" Obasanjo to the purported picture now being displayed of being his "'biological'" father. Obasanjo is not a bastard! He is a thorough-bred Egba-Yoruba--a "Babal'egba." All the people--"'Nigerians'" (I prefer the spelling "Naijirian") who have joined the band-wagon of labelling him a "bastard" should be ashamed of themselves... Yoruba people should be proud of him ("Tiwa-N'Tiwa")...

...Awu, e lo joko ara nyin je--Obasanjo ki nse omo ale! Isokuso ni e nso... Ihuwa ati isowosoro nyin yi da bi ti awon janduku... dandan ni ki Obasanjo je omo ale ni? E jowo e huwa bi omo'luwabi o... pele-pele d'owo nyin o! Obasanjo ti gun oke agbalagba... Awa l'afi se... Awa l'a fi s'agbalagba... Awa l'afi se!...

"O ye generation of vipers." ...

... "O ye generation of vipers," spitting bile-filled venom from your mouth against a thorough-bred Yoruba man, leader, statesman, and spiritualist, Olusegun Obasanjo ("OBJ"). I submit to you that the same syndrome that convinces "Oyinbo" people, is in the works here with you, where and when you, like them, liken one black man to another. I do not see any resemblance of Ogagun, Alagba Obasanjo to the purported picture, now being displayed of an Ibo man being his father. Olusegun Obasanjo is not a bastard son of his Yoruba father, and the Yoruba Nation! He is a thorough-bred Egba-Yoruba--a "Babalegba." All the people--"'Nigerians'"--who have joined the band-wagon of labelling him "a bastard" should be ashamed of themselves. Yoruba people should be proud of him! In the final analysis, I plead to Obasanjo to, please, forgive these hateful bunch of "'do-no-goods'" who hate him for nothing; but for righteousness sake...

@ EKONG... Shut ur mouth!

Ekong or what is your name, If you dont have anything to say its good you shut your mouth. You dont talk about an entire tribe like that, if you dont have elders at home i believe you should seek how to react at situations like this from more matured friends.

This is a very crucial time for us to see ourselves as one in Nigeria and not a time for segregation.. Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa, Eurobo, Sekiri and all should be seen as one, we are one Nigeria. I must also add that we are only helping in tarnishing the image of Nigeria in the international community because all eyes are on us now.. so we need to be very careful with what we post online.

OBJ has done his own part, Good or Bad.... the question is: WHAT IS YOUR OWN CONTRIBUTION/PART?

2 make this comment.

yes! all u can say whatever, its ok!! all is polities, but calling obj a typical igboman, that is a b**nch-of-bull-sh**t.instead of obasanjo, now he is igwesanjo. what am saying - pls dont take this name IGWE 4 a jok.

This Man Is Actually Orji Uzor Kalu's Real Father

This man is actually Orji Uzor kalu's father.As you can see he has the same 419 features like Orji Uzor Kalu.The same lips, nose and prominent features that u can see in Orji Uzor Kalu.Please leave Obasanjo alone,he is a very,very Handsome man and that is why girls are running crazy for him.

OBJ & Nigeria

I am an Igbo man.The point here, shows that many have deviated leaving what they are called to do, chasing shadows of their society and completely dependant of the system,rather than system depending on them.OBJ has done his part as well as his imppeccable contributions to keep the unity of this great nation called Nigeria.Me and You what can we do in our own little way to actualize the dreams and aspirations of our beloved country Nigeria? Think............. SR and others

Onitsha/Igbo ppl, be vigilant

Well, all i can say is that the ppl of Onitsha should be careful and vigilant because you never can say when it come to OBJ, its possible he is peddling this rumor himself before you know it, he will be claiming that he is an err to the throne since he has found out that he has no place in this country and sooner than later, he will lose relevance before all.
He might even just say he is Igbo and as a result, the Igbo's has done their turn in PDP's evil zoning.

SR Please think of something

SR Please think of something that will better the lots and fortunes of Nigeria and Nigerians to report not where somebody's father comes from or did not come from. It appears the Ciruma group is teaching you how to divide Nigeria instead of uniting us. Please be wise!!!


Now that we know that OBJ is from South east, The Presidency should not be zoned to South east again, they have taken their turn, Southwest needs to take their turn, haha

Nwoke you made my day with

Nwoke you made my day with your write up on OBJ

OBJ and is father

If that is so then OBJ is a prince which may be why he did not also like Zik,it is possible that he OBJ wanted to be the Owelle of Onitsha.Don't worry OBJ at the passing of the present Owelle,you will assume that title because physiognomically speaking,that man gave birth to OBJ,one should take a critical look at Iyabo and his grand father,blood no dey lie shekinah


Only a bastard can be so ungrateful as OBJ has shown:turning around and biting the fingers that fed him. late Yar'adua senior sacrificed his life to save him, yet he dragged the name of his family to the mud.

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