ACN’s Solidarity Speech At The National Convention Of The All Nigeria Peoples’ Party (ANPP) Delivered By Nuhu Ribadu

Nuhu Ribadu
By Nuhu Ribadu

I am happy to be with you today at this moment of your National Convention.
Once again, Nigeria is at the cusp of change. We stand at the threshold of history, willing and determined to keep the promise of building a new nation. I am thus happy to be with you today at this momentous occasion of your National Convention.

A similar momentous event is taking place in Abuja about now. That the ANPP and CPC are holding their National Conventions the same day though in different locations to, among other things, endorse the on-going merger process barely three weeks after the Action Congress of Nigeria had done its own in Lagos, underscores the unquestionable commitments of the Progressive Nigerian leaders to re-direct and reposition Politics and Governance in this country.
Before I delve into the details of my goodwill message, let me publicly acknowledge that my Party ACN, and your own the ANPP, have been in working alliance in Zamfara State since the 2011 Gubernatorial elections. Arising from that electoral alliance, members of both Parties have since enjoyed harmonious relationship as members of Zamfara State Executive Council  and have diligently been providing excellent services for our people here in Zamfara State.
Distinguished Party leaders, ladies and gentlemen, we have embarked on this historic journey, the first of its kind in Nigeria's political history, because we want to be recorded positively on the side of history. We are, however, not unaware of the huge challenges we would face in this endeavour, and the series of minefields we are to cross in our common resolve to rescue this country from total collapse. It is against this backdrop, that we are gathered here today as we did in Lagos to fulfil one of the requirements under the law to actualize our coming together under a single political platform - All Progressives Congress, APC.
We have heard the Macedonian call of our people and we have set sail on an irreversible course to contest and assume power at the centre. Our undying quest to refocus and, possibly, to re-fix this massively endowed but hugely debased country has made us to set aside our individual interests for a larger national one. For every PDP’s years of the locust, we are offering, in exchange, a new regime of prosperity, fiscal discipline, security and a more emancipated society.
"The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but has no vision"- Helen Keller
For about a decade and a half, since the People’s Democratic Party came to power, the development of this country has been arrested and almost stalled. Their strange institutionalized style of governance has engendered a general sense of hopelessness, despondency and inertia among the citizenry. Since the coming of this government in 2011, all we have seen are tales of woes, gnashing of teeth and the crimsoning of our street with the blood of fellow citizens. Perhaps, aside the civil war period, the unity of this country has never been as threatened as it is presently. All of our national fault lines are growing deeper and the continuous existence of the country as indivisible entity is increasingly in doubt.

In just the same way as the entire democratic space has been fouled with fraud, leadership failure and high level insecurity, our social and economic management has been constricted through unbridled corruption and widespread poverty in the face of enhanced revenue earnings to such an extent that the strata of the Nigerian society too has been engulfed in mutual suspicion and fractured with national disunity.
This coalition of progressively minded leaders represents a major shift in Nigeria’s political paradigm. As leaders, and indeed, as political parties, we are convinced, beyond any shadow of doubts, that Nigerians deserve a better country. Nigerians deserve better leadership.
We wave or hold no magic wand but we signpost the fact that a new country and better leadership is possible. What we are now offering is our commitment to changing the past ways that have set us back through progressive thinking, sound and people oriented policies, and dedicated leadership. Through sacrifice and renewed patriotic zeal, we hope to unseat the current incompetent and corrupt leadership.
With renewed commitment, we must make sure that our electoral system is open, credible and transparent. The cardinal points that define true democracy are the rule of law and free choice of leaders.
It is our expectation that Nigerians would side with us by voting right when elections come. Nigerians must reject the kind of presidential election results foisted upon us from 1999 to 2011. The continued   polarization and division of Nigeria between the North and the South and between the Christians and the Muslims which has been escalating sectarian violence, intensifying bloodletting, and destroying properties flowed from these flawed elections.
This unfortunate state of affairs foisted on us by an inept and clueless regime must be halted before the entire country conflagrates.
Embarrassingly, however, the 2011 presidential election has witnessed the most violent reaction in the history of Nigeria; and, apart from the Biafran war, the consequential human carnage of its aftermath has been unprecedented in our history. This time around, Nigerians must rally in support for One Man, One Vote based on fraud free and accurate voters’ register. Biometric voting system has become a clear option for free and fair elections in the other emerging democracies like Ghana. Nigeria must move in that inevitable direction.
I am convinced that this bold and historical step by ACN, ANPP and CPC to merge into one formidable electoral machine against PDP, would serve as a major antidote against the seeming total disintegration of Nigeria. The merger process therefore affords us the singular strength of ensuring fraud free and credible voters register by biometric evaluation and thereby democratically dislodge the PDP from power with a view to bringing to end frequent incidences of blood shedding and destruction to property which have become the defining nature of the Jonathan's administration.
Our streets continue to flow with the blood of fellow citizens who are innocent of any crime. Perhaps, aside the civil war period, the unity of Nigeria has never been as threatened as it is presently.
The events we are witnessing in Gusau and Abuja today, just as we did in Lagos on April 18th, beyond their partisan import, therefore, are but a demonstration of the courageous efforts of the people towards saving Nigeria from descending further into hopelessness, poverty and insecurity. We can therefore not rest on our oars because the need to rescue Nigeria from the hands of its detractors, rent seekers and seeming irredentists has never been as compelling as now.
On this note, I salute you all on this auspicious occasion and bring to your attention that the greatest numbers of the Nigerian people have now invested their hopes in a future with APC.

I thank you for listening.

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@Nuhu Ribadu

Nuhu Ribadu, please be weary of Tinubu's 2 faced tendencies. Remember; Once Bitten, Twice Shy.

If u are looking for a formidable party, I will advice u look to outside APC. the element formation (strange bed fellows) of APC, speaks volume. You can just tell none of them of the masses interest at heart but theirs...

Buhari's presence in the party will do little to nothing... Buhari is pretty much a DIVIDER...

You can run on a different party based on your known Anti-Corruptuion stance and still win hands down at the poll.

No doubt GEJ's ineptitude has worsen our lots since inception. U don't need much campaign money to dislodge Jonathan come 2015

Nigeria is a country of corrupt and greed leaders

Nigeria is a country of corrupt and greed leaders, there for i advise all Nigerian to be praying for positive changes. Bcos most of Them are not with government that is why they are making noise like good people once they enter the office they will change to something else "is only a fool will be cheated twice" Ribadu you were there before,what have you done for this conutry only arresting anti PDP now you are telling us PDP is not good, infact you are all bird of the same feeders.

J. Salvage: Learn to think out of the ethnic box

@J Salvage

It is pathetic that while the world moves on, people like you would rather live in the stone age. You want Nigeria ruled based on ethnicity ?
Exactly what have you gained since 1999 when Presidents have been chosen based on ethnicity. Only a mad man does same thing over and over expecting a different result. Learn to think out of the ethnic box !What happens to voting based on performance, accountability, uprightness, boldness ?
Is it not inferiority complex if you advocate the only way a South South / South east would win an election is if APC zones the Presidency to them ? Why can't the South South / South East man go into party primaries with anyone from any part of the country and win purely on merit.


The North is not ready to rule Nigeria until 2039–2047 – part 1

Buhari and other northerners know that after 37.5years and the present situation, the North is not ready to provide a leader for the country nor any candidate from the area is electable until 2039-2047 when the new structure is firmly in place.

The leadership rotational arrangement in order of area compatibility that will save Nigeria effect from 2015 is as follow, the;
Greater South East (South South and South East Zones) - 2015-2023.
Middle Belt (Current North Central Zone) - 2023-2031.
South West Zone - 2031-2039.
North (Current North West and North East) - 2039-2047.

Therefore, APC should narrow the selection of its 2015 Presidential candidate to the pool of aspirants from the Greater South East (South South and South East). The PDP with any candidate, their incumbency and stolen billions of naira will not be able to rig the 2015 election against APC candidate of Greater South East (South South and South East).

The North is not ready to rule Nigeria until 2039–2047 – part 2

At these times, only a progressive candidate under the APC from the Greater South East (South South and South East) will be able to put the country on a formidable foundation and structure that can stand the test of time and sort out the mess of the PDP since 1999.

It is a fact that there has not being actual unity between the North and South before and after independence on October 1960 till date. But Buhari and other respected and reckonable northerners have decided that enough of the division and mistrust is enough. They came down to the South and the same respected and reckonable southerners welcome them and all of them now in the mega progressive APC.

The young, rest and relevant ordinary Nigerians for whom the stable future of Nigeria is most sought through the progressive APC should welcome all of them and be ready in a free and fair election that must be in 2015 to vote for every APC candidate in every elective position in the country.

Don't know about you, folks.....

....but at this stage in our national development (or otherwise as the case may be) I'd rather anything but directionless.

This regime makes even the Abacha regime look very purposeful and dynamic!

I shudder to think what another 4 years of this would mean to 150 million people.

Dumbo is the Most Pathetic Person in the World ...A pèna, mugu !

""The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but has no vision"" - Ribadu ...quoting Helen Keller.

Under moron Dumbo's visionless leadership, the fake Transformation Agenda has transformed the country into a veritable wilderness of broken promises, corruption and insecurity. He set the pace with Independence Day Bombing, resulting in Nigerians witnessing "An astronomical rise in the standard of dying" (cr. Buhari) comparable only to the Biafran Pogrom. Nigeria is a War Zone ...No Thanks to Aborigine leadership. Ribadu rightly summarized the ills as being exacerbated by a wayward and clumsy clown from the creeks, too scared to take decisive decisions that can move Nigeria away from certain perdition. A patriotic concern ...Respect! Where's Ed Clark et cie, who are quick to compare Nigeria to the US but not common Ghana that has "upgraded" to Biometric voting system ...either way, Dumbo will be done in 2015.

Day 12 ...@ Deri is done!


this speech sir... god bless Nigeria..

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division is near

Again a big NO to Bokohari and any other mallam! Most people in the south will rather clueless Janatan stayed put than have a mallam lord over them again!  Big wahala in the making! Wish 2015 were already here!

Pretender ACN message

ribadu is a pretener like his asiwaju man so they will all fail again and again

Re: Ribadu Speech

I am from the Niger Delta, and I want Jonathan to leave the presidential sit 2015. Asari and Kingsley Kuku should be immediately be arrested and detained till 2015 and then be handed over to the new president from APC. They are just stupid and selfish individuals, and want the selfish president to stay in office so their selfish goals can be achieved. The God that rescued Nigerians from Abacha is watching Jonathan, and will strike when time comes. Jonathan is a failure to Nigerians, Niger Deltans, and the world as a whole. He steals our money through his ministers and aides, and divert our money to develop Bayelsa State and his village, Otueke. Please Go. Ribadu will be better.

Re: Nice ! Dumbo Jo and PDP must go down !

@tundemash: That was a brilliant one there.
They used their opportunity to deplete our foreign reserve even a period of oil boom.
They only know to flex their muscles at perceived political opponents but not at Boko Haram.
Whereas democracy is government of the people by the people for the people; theirs was government of PDP tins gods by the same for the same.

well, if u wantt change, u cn

well, if u wantt change, u cn give somtn new a trial....perhaps u r a fan of d worthless pdp d@ has left our nation grounded for years...well..i pray u witness positv changes as we vote apc....moreova calin ribadu a looser is out of it...a filure isnt d end...ts jus a chaleng...

Why is this con artist Ribadu still relevant?

oh, I see he is there to address fellow con artist. Bunch of shameless looters.

Excellent!!! Ribadu, God will

Excellent!!! Ribadu, God will be with you all leading the way to the path of freedom for Nigerians.

patnership that works

I think it is high time we should work together and flush this focusless leaders out of power



You will be better off

Ken Mani or whatever your name could be, only a fool will like to keep the experienced looters with track records of killing and depriving common Nigerians basic amenities in power to continue toiling with Nigeria futures. After all, you can see the “progress” Nigeria has recorded and benefited through the experience of the looters in government. Your ploy and that of your masters to continue using baseless arguments to scare away disciplined people from politics and governance has failed. Repent today, join the progressive, you will be better off.

Another bullshit message

Ribadu is a loser and clueless without vision of progression but a semi bigot of a lossing sect. Nothing will bring a person like him, Buhari, Tinubu to the leadership position of Nigeria, plain and simple.

If you like sponsor Boko Haram but once a failed person is always a failed loser.

@Ken Mani: Only a mad man would compare GEJ and Ribadu

@Ken Mani

Mad men placed the responsibilities of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the shoulders of a clearly incompetent, born-to-kiss-ass, corrupt, confused moron in 2011 and Nigerians are worst off for it now.

You claimed Nuhu Ribadu has no experience .... can you tell this forum what experience of governance Mandela & Obama had before they became President ? Of what use has the experience of GEJ as deputy gov, gov, vice president, acting President it been to himself and Nigeria in general ?

Can you list GEJ's achievements in past appointments ?



We must set forth at dawn

We must set forth at dawn

ONLY A MAD MAN..........

Only a mad man will suggest that the duties and responsibilities of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria should be placed on the shoulders of mediocre, childish and infantile born-to-rule Nuhu Ribadu who really has no convincing past or track record of performance and experience. Governing Nigeria is no joke. Ribadu should go and contest for Councillor-ship in his Local Government Ward; period. The insult of Ribadu on the Presidential Ballot must not be repeated again.

Nice ! Dumbo Jo and PDP must go down !

Nice ! Dumbo Jo and PDP must go down ! Ribadu .. u forgot to add that all looters shall be tried and executed !

As 2015 draws nearer, they would come with their usual lies of "I had no shoes"; "Buhari created Boko Haram"; "4 yrs too short"

And we will also remind them that;
1. They didn't give a damn when we questioned them
2. They used their opportunity to pardon treasury looters.
3. They used their opportunity NOT to build hospitals, roads and schools in Ijaw land but made hooligans lik Asari and Tompolo billionaires.
4. They were elected as Nigerian President but acted like and behaved like Ijaw President.
5. They politicised terrorism and would kiss the ass of terrorists for political gains !

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