ACN Rips Into Doyin Okupe, Says Incompetence Is The Hallmark Of The Jonathan Administration

By Alhaji Lai Mohammed

The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has described incompetence, cluelessness and inconsistency as the hallmark of the Jonathan Administration, contrary to the futile attempt by presidential aide Doyin Okupe to pull the wool over the eyes of Nigerians through a pedestrian play on semantics.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the
party also slammed Okupe for seeking to blame the opposition for the failure of the Jonathan Administration to make a positive impact on the lives of Nigerians, saying the likes of Okupe, rather than the opposition, have contributed in no small measure to the Administration's low esteem in the eyes of Nigerians.

''There is no point rummaging through the dictionary to define incompetence, as Okupe has done in his rambling statement. All one needs to do to understand the meaning of incompetence is to look at the waffling Jonathan administration.

''Touting President Goodluck Jonathan's impressive academic qualifications is also very cheap, as they have not proven to be an asset in the way and manner the President has steered the affairs of his Administration, especially his articulation of his government's policies and the projection of its ability. In any case, while a Doctorate Degree in any field is something to be celebrated, it is not a pre-requisite for being a good leader,'' it said.

ACN said the incompetence and cluelessness of the Jonahan Administration have resulted in the country being bogged down by monumental corruption, unprecedented level of insecurity, policy flip-flops, absence of governance and downright lies that have estranged the citizens and erased their trust in government.

''No Administration in our recent history has been more a hotbed of corruption than the Jonathan Administration, whether it is the fuel subsidy scam or the police pension scam, just to mention two. Even when a feeble attempt is made to prosecute those behind the scams, incompetent prosecution that ensures that convicted persons get only a slap on the wrist rubbishes the majesty of the law. Under the Jonathan Administration, the more money you steal, the less punishment you receive!

''Profligacy has also been the order of the day. If this government is not building a 2.2 billion-naira banquet hall, it is spending 4 billion naira on the office building of the African First Ladies Peace Mission. The funds being wasted on these white elephant projects would have been better spent on creating jobs for our youths, millions of whom are roaming the streets daily in search of what to do to make ends meet,'' the party said.

On the road contracts awarded by the Jonathan Administration, it said the joke is on Okupe who, in saner climes, cannot be speaking for any government that is worth its salt.

''There is nothing new about awarding contracts for road rehabilitation. What the public expects from Okupe is how many of theroads have been completed or are nearing completion. The contracts for most of the roads, which Okupe listed in his statement, have been awarded severally by previous PDP regimes, with nothing to show. Even Okupe has collected huge funds for road contracts that he later abandoned! How then can such contracts be celebrated, when all they do is put money in the pockets of party cronies?

How can such men like Okupe speak for any serious government, when he should have been dutifully prosecuted? Little wonder the citizens have no trust in the Jonathan Administration?'' ACN queried.

The party said one area in which the Jonathan Administration's incompetence is most glaring is the provision of security. While a security crisis of the scale perpetrated by Boko Haram may be unprecedented in our country, equally unfathomable is the government's inability to rise to the occasion, to such an extent that even the President admits that Boko Haram members have infiltrated his administration! Of course, there are also unprecedented cases of kidnapping and armed robbery, all of which have overwhelmed the clueless government.

''Overall, a government that lies to its citizens by either saying it had been hailed for its anti-corruption effort by Transparency International when that is not the case, or giving an exaggerated amount of electricity that has been generated cannot get much respect from the people.

A government that sends conflicting signals to foreign investors, in particular over whether or not the power contract awarded to Canadian firm Manitoba has been cancelled, cannot and should not be trusted.

''The Jonathan Administration should address the issue of trust, chase away those among its officials who lack credibility because of their past deeds and begin to take governance very seriously. Then, and only then, will it not have to worry about what label an imaginary opposition is putting on the government,'' ACN said.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed
National Publicity Secretary
Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN)
Abuja, Feb. 5th 2013


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Fools on the prole

All those denigrating Lai Mohammed and ACN are fools of the highest order. For once in Nigeria, we have a good opposition party that have put the ruling party on its toes and people are making foolish comments. I pray that you see the light someday.

Okupe is the problem

Doyin Okupe who is a media aid to the president lacks crediblity,he is not trust worthy. This is some who have collected hundreds of millions to Benue State govt for contract nd abandone it,its only in nigeria that some one like okupe can walk the street freely. He is one the reasons why nigerians have lost confidence in Jonathan administration. If the image maker of the administration is such a deceptive individual,its therefore,shows how deceptive the administration is. Fire okupe, prosecute okupe, and sentence him to prison coz he is a thief.

The big nosed clown and his clan of aborigines!

I sincerely hope the big nosed otuoke drunk and his clan of aborigines get to achieve their midiocre SE&SS dream, because if he doesn't, they will all pay dearly for the madness going on at the moment. We are indded watching.

Only God

I believe many of you crucifying the Leaders today will soon take mantle of Leadership.We ve seen and exprecience it,the spirit of lie is all over everywhere in our Country,but remember nemesis we catch up with you.

Gbenga Ashiru is also corrupt than Tinubu

You are not fair.Ask Minister Gbenga Ashiru to inform the public how much Ministry of Foreign Affairs spent on the on going installation of website in the Ministry.It is worse than the corruption perceived Tinubu has ever done.Please dont be a tool to destruct Tinubu and ACN.

Chief Oboro more corrupt than Tinubu

Agreed Tinubu is worse but Chief Felix Oboro of Embassy of Nigeria Venezuela is not only worse than Tinubu but is an ex convict and cocaine baron who is being protected on ethnic basis by the government.So,Stop abusing Tinubu.
A Fulani adage says "an unjust man even if swimming in a river will sweat" Chief Oboro has been sweating even though he is busy demonizing innocent people before security agents in Abuja.He is more corrupt than Tinubu.It is hoped SR will publish this comments as certain corrupt people
in government have given millions of Naira to various newspapers outfit not to publish adverse comments on Oboro and Olugbenga Ayodele Ashiru, the paymaster of corruption.

pdp vs acn

the removal of the lousy driver, with a forged driver,s licence not insured absolutely reckless drinking ogogoro on the wheel, smoking weed,over charging the passangers, dropping passangers in a wrong destination, the removal of that driver and his punishment is also cretical in sanitising the absolute reckety 2015 we will sanitised the reckety vechicle led by thiefs

Keep Up The Heat

This is exactly saying it the way it really is.

I know Okupe and co wont like it.

incompetent jona

I've seen comments from series of ceasars and their likes. One does not need a soothsayer to see that all these comments are comming from the same source. I want to assume that Nigeria Information Ministry are paying some characters who stays on internet to comment positively about every negative article directed at jonathan and his goons. The truth is, God will never deliver us from this present evil, we must be ready to pay maximum price for our deliverance.

incompetent jona

I've seen comments from series of ceasars and their likes. One does not need a soothsayer to see that all these comments are comming from the same source. I want to assume that Nigeria Information Ministry are paying some characters who stays on internet to comment positively about every negative article directed at jonathan and his goons. The truth is, God will never deliver us from this present evil, we must be ready to pay maximum price for our deliverance.

jude, am sure u hv been

jude, am sure u hv been turned upside down mentally because u hv been deprived d opportunity of living in a decent nd functional society. The south west is carving out itself from the rotten contraption called Nigeria nd some stupid ones like u cannot see d writing on d wall. Well, na una problem

@Tony Caesar and William Caesar

@ Tony Caesar and William Caesar, while your claims about Tinubu is right, we welcome what you claim to be "cosmetic development" in lagos state. Thank GOD you you did not deny that fact - there is development in Lagos state. We can see how and where the debts are spent. Its better to borrow for "cosmetic devt " than to borrow and just divert the money into private accounts for personal use as your PDP governors are doing. Stick to your govs. and lets stick to ours. If you are tired of living in lagos, go back to your village. If you dont even live in lagos, you have a right to live where you are. As for Tinubu, thank GOD he is an old man and won't live forever. Thanks for your comments anyway. GOD bless.

A sense of direction in a

A sense of direction in a place where u could not even take care of the welfare of doctors? Not to talk of the issue toll gates and the affairs of Okada riders-these are real issues--also there are too many certificate forgers in ACN-if that is an achievement then I doff my hat for ACN and CPC--but they should not see the death of late chief Gani as an endorsement of tinubu and bakare-the yorubas will always vote for tinubu and bakare-but not a fulani like buhari who insulted the entire yoruba nation cause of his fulani brothers in the west

Lagos vs The Whole of the

Lagos vs The Whole of the Northern states governed by PDP. I rest my case. Ole!!!

@ Adamu

Adamu, we are pleased with ACN government in South-West. We have peace and there is no killing like we used to have under PDP (Usurpers). We have steady growth in South-West and there is sense of direction being given by ACN Governors & LP Governor in South-West. We do not pray for a day governance by PDP in South-West again because PDP is the greatest calamity that has befallen Nigeria.

It is a lazy man's talk to say that Nigeria is difficult to govern/rule. It is only a leader that is not prepared for serious leadership that would be complaining. It is the likes of Okupe that are responsible for bad leadership in Nigeria bc instead of telling the present what should be done or what Nigerians want; they are busy selling lies on the media. Shame on you, Okupe!!!

Doyin is a disgrace 2 black race.

Its such a shame 2 have cheap human sample defending d indefensible. How can u flount badluck PHD profile wen it was in his tenor a co-phd secured a driver job in a friend of d govts company (DANGOTE). Dis govt stinks !

Will every Nigerian be a

Will every Nigerian be a member of a paty.


My brother, you dont have to lost confidence in the guy. He is trying his best judging by the sensitive nature of our country.

I remember someone saying, for one to rule in Nigeria is like sailing in a ship without compass.
Hope is still alive.



ACN No Go Area

Has Jonathan denied you of what belongs to you. U make unverified claims to substantiate your arguments.The ACN has performed woefully in their states evidently while their baba Isale takes Ishakole from every Councillor to local govt chairman. truth be told they are a no go area.

Rather than Focus on

Rather than Focus on counselling Fashola and the other ACN governors as to the necesssity for them to find the money to pay staff salaries and uplift the spirit of the citizenry wallowing in poverty in their States, the grand old loudspeaker of ACN is still deluding himself that his party is a credible alternative to the PDP.His article above says little about offering credible policy alternatives , rather he spends all the time denigrating the government and mouthing off.
At least he was honest enough at the end to own upto being part of the imaginary opposition but seems to have little imagination as to what else to do

Mr Amobui, you have captured

Mr Amobui, you have captured the exact situation of state of affairs in Lagos.
I don't know why people choose not to see beyond their nose. Im sure, by the time Tinubu is done with Fashola, the former will be relaxing back managing his various SHOPRITE chains of shops while Fashola will go back to the courts sweat it out arguing cases.
All men of Goodwill in that Geo-political zone should shine their eyes and see beyond the cosmetics development goping on in that city.
As for me, I believe Nigeria is great and by the time all Nigerians team up with President Jonathan, the country will be a better place for all to live in.

Talk about the pot calling

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.Lai Mohammed and his ACN cohorts are on course to being known as the most fraudulent party ever headed by a demagagoue.All one has to do is look a little closer at the affairs of the ACN controlled states to be appalled at the Level of Fraud and dishonesty being perpetrated against the masses.From the kleptomaniac area Father running as the Head of ACN who is amassing the wealth of Lagos into his personal coffers to the seemingling unending plethora of yes-men that worship him and hold him in dazed reverence, all the we see is a bewildering series of failed states that are unable to pay salaries , build infrastructure or proffer any meaningful service to the public that unwittingly voted them in .

Wake Up

What is your point. You became so personal with Okupe after he has been cleared of any wrong doing by the EFCC. Hey get over the bitterness entrenched in you. Open your eyes and see the moving train of transformation or else you will be left out. This people u r supporting don't care about you but to take the little that you have. This is a wake up call.

While growing up, i was told

While growing up, i was told and actually told by my grand parents that there are certain times and stages in life that you get to which makes you wiser.

I dont know how long it would take Lai Mohammed to understand that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is using them as sacrificial lamb on the alter. When the heat on them gets intensified, im sure Tinubu would disown them and find his square root.
Time for Lai to get wiser is NOW......

Lai should concentrate his energy on more productive things that will unite the people than those that will set the people at each others throat>>>>

Tinubu is worse

TINUBU IS WORSE....hahahahahaha....if he is not lootin the states, he is forgin date of birth, passports, degrees, and even Obama


Only dumb asses like u will pray that a party led by a crook called ASIWAJU shd unseat PDP. today no one PDP man has the FG in his pocket but d day ACN grabs Aso Rock, Tinubu will move CBN to Bourdillion in Ikoyi


ACN is itself is the meaning of incompetence. They never see anything worthy of commendation about this administration. They will never appreciate the rail development, never commend Jonathan on power but rather desire that they rub him in the mud. Their states keep demolishing people means of livelihood in the name of refurbishing or redecorating. No wonder Mimiko wrestled and delivered the people of Ondo from their shackles. It is left for other westerners to see the deceit in their governance. So incompetent and very dictatorial.


How WELL has the ACN managed the little that it has been given?

The opposition is simply a set of confused, disgruntled and dishonourable men who are only out to create disharmony and animosity. They seem to have nothing to offer as they are more often than not engaged in issues that will not lead to any iota of progress in the country.

It is time for Lai Mohammed to stop preaching or insulting the GEJ administration in the day time and going about tirelessly, from door-to-door of Jonathan men to solicit for one kind of offer or the otrher in order to enable him ceasefire.
Shame on Lai......Your ideas are not for the good of the nation but just to get more bargaining powers......TOO BAD for Lai.....

u so dumb

no one is sayin jonathan is our messiah, but only morons like u will listen to LIE Mohammed. go and check his AC controlled states. their speaker in lagos, ikuforiji is bein hunted by EFCC. Tinubu is the most fraudulent politician Mohammed shd shut it