Azazi, Yakowa Navy Chopper Crash: Probe This Crash-NLC

Nigerian Navy AW 109E helicopter crash site in Bayelsa
By Abdulwahed Omar

The country has once more been thrown into mourning by the unfortunate death of some of her best citizens in an air crash that involved a military helicopter yesterday.

The Governor of Kaduna State, Patrick Yakowa and former National Security Adviser, Andrew Owoeye Azazi, their aides and two pilots were reported to have died in the crash, which occurred in Bayelsa State.

This is not just a shocking occurrence but a devastating incident of no mean magnitude as Governor Yakowa is one of the best governors in Nigeria. Yakowa governs a state considered one of the most turbulent but has been able to manage the state despite several internal contradictions. He was clearly in charge as he demonstrated unequalled competence in his handling of the challenges facing the state. He was worker friendly and saw workers as one of the key pillars and driving force of government.

The late Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa also played key roles in promoting national unity with the way and manner he was able to manage ethnic and religious interests in Kaduna State, which gave hope for national unity and cohesion.

While we condole with the families of those who died in this crash, we urge the Federal Government to institute a high powered probe into the cause of this crash. We also reiterate our call for a thorough safety check on all aircrafts, including helicopters, private jets as well as the Presidential fleet because it is obvious that the appropriate air safety authorities have not done enough in their statutory functions.

We also call for a serious and deep review of the country’s search and rescue system as we seem not to have the right equipments for quick response to emergencies of this magnitude. It was reported that the crash scene was difficult to locate after the crash. Possibly, some or all the victims could have been saved if our search and rescue system had the right equipments and personnel.

We extend our condolences, on behalf of all Nigerian workers, to the Governments and people of Kaduna and Bayelsa States where Yakowa and Azazi hails from respectively while praying that God gives the families of all those who died in this crash the fortitude to bear the loss.

Abdulwahed Omar


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A group of misfits are hired to burglarize a house in the countryside and acquire a rare tape. The guys are confronted with a dead body and an endless supply of cryptic footage, each video stranger than the last... Cast: Joe Swanberg, Calvin Reeder, Kate Lynn Shiel, Sophia Takal, Lane Hughes, Helen Rogers, Adam Wingard

shocking sad news

Those that committed such a crime thought that there problems has ended behold judgment is at door for them unless they repent

The bigot that said Fulani

The bigot that said Fulani leaders from the North are not from Nigeria is an ignorant fool. The Fulani are the most aboriginal West African ethnic group. Most of the people from the south east and south south originated from the Congo Basin and therefore originally belong to Central African sub region and not West Africa. I will leave readers to Judge then who is more Nigerian, the Northern ethnic groups or the Igbo/Ijaw hegemonists.




According Ross Alabo-George, The General received a signal his helicopter was on the way. Who sent the signal? How did they know of the over ten trips, that trip was for the General? From Where did the Helicopter take off and who was the last to do the pre flight checks? Was the person aware the flight was being sent for the General? The flight path was known and filed as with all other flight before take . Did any Chopper land in the adjourning villages prior to the crash? Do we even have ballistic and forensic services to ascertain if the chopper blew up mid air? Are the manufacturers involved in this investigation ?When was the last time life limited parts were changed in this and other aircraft in this fleet ? Were they bought brand new ? Do we even have hospital ships with ambulance boats on board to respond to such and similar incidences? The General was a rare NSA from the south, what information was he privy to, and who wanted him silenced? Is it fate?

My condolences to the

My condolences to the families. However....when will we stop using government helicopters for private matters such as attending burial ceremonies?

Why the probe?

I wonder why it is necessary to set up "high powered probe" into the cause of the crash. What we know from the beginning that the report will never be made known and virtually no lesson would be learnt from it so why wasting time and resources finding out the cause? By my last count, this is the fourth air crash in Nigeria this year. I wish we learn from them but ...

No 1 Enemy Of Nigeria, NLC Leadership ,,,

This empty leader of NLC, you are not asking how come Navy Helicopters were used in a private burial ceremony which will cost tax payers several milloins of Naira.

And do you know the only people who pay tax in Nigeria? Yes, the Civil Servants you claim to be their leader.

By the time they waste all the money on burial ceremonies of aides to president and MDAs, they will either increase fuel price or retrench ( Sanusi says 50%) the Civil Servants you supposed to be their leader.

Your leadership is No.1 Enemy of The Masses of Nigeria,

Allahu Akbar . He was a

Allahu Akbar . He was a perfect gentleman and well loved. Patrick yakowa will be missed by everyone. And someone like Jang is still there causing problem.


This NLC are all just opportunist group that seek the right avenue to high-jack and situation to their own benefits and claim they are representing the people.

Dangerous Politics

Unfortunately we delving into a very dangerous territory, elimination of real and perceive enemies. Well, if you called this an accident that makes you a political novice. We certainly do not want this deadly politics as many heads are going to roll. Watch this space.


Every child in America and Ghana is taught to be a patriot right from nursery school to adulthood. They don't start being patriots at 90. The problem with most of our leaders from the Fulani North, is that some migrated from Senegal, Chad, Mali, and Niger Republic to 9ja. So they owe their allegiance to the nations that they hail from instead of 9ja! According to late Madam Gambo Sawabo, most Northern politicians are not from Nigeria! In the South, u cannot lead without them knowing your roots! That is your family history-Every child in 9ja should be made to produce a family history-and not have vagabonds who strayed into the army and governance, work to protect their nationals from d West african sub-region. Whom they hire to plant bombs in planes, churches or create LGAs 4 in Jos. Patriotism means not encouraging BH to kill, giving d SS their dues, not diverting money allocated 4 roads, schools & health 2 other uses-time to say good bye is now!

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