Buhari’s Prediction Of Bloodshed In 2015 And Comments On Boko Haram, Sad And Unfortunate - Presidency

By Reuben Abati

The attention of the Presidency has been drawn to unfortunate statements in the media made by former Head of State and presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Major Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) in which he allegedly predicted bloodshed in 2015 and labelled the Federal Government led by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, as "the biggest Boko Haram".

But perhaps the most unfortunate part of the statement was the portion in which Buhari said that, "Since the leaders now don’t listen to anybody but do whatever they wish, there is nothing the north can do."
We find it very sad that an elder statesman who once presided over the entirety of Nigeria can reduce himself to a regional leader who speaks for only a part of Nigeria. We now understand what his protégé and former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Malam Nasir El’Rufai, meant when he wrote in a public letter in October of 2010, telling Nigerians that Buhari remains "perpetually unelectable" and that Buhari's  "insensitivity to Nigeria’s diversity and his parochial focus are already well-known." Who can know Buhari better than his own political associate?

Come to think of it, as the CPC presidential candidate in the 2011 election, how many states in the Federation did he visit to campaign for votes? Buhari never bothered to campaign in the southern part of the country and consistently played up the North-South divide to the chagrin of patriotic and well-meaning Nigerians. As the results revealed, Nigerians will never vote for anyone who wants to divide the country. Is Buhari going to continue to be a sectional leader?

The Federal Government led by President Jonathan is not Boko Haram. Boko Haram means Western Education is sin. That being the case, one wonders how a government that devoted the largest sectoral allocation in the 2012 budget to education could be said to be Boko Haram. Between 1983, when Buhari forcefully seized power from the democratically elected administration of President Shehu Usman Shagari, and 2012, no other administration has committed the same quantum of resources as the Jonathan administration to education in the part of Nigeria that has witnessed the most Boko Haram-related insecurity.

Only on April 10, 2012, President Jonathan commissioned the first of 400 Federal Government Model Almajiri Schools, equipped with modern facilities such as a Language Laboratory, Qur'an Recitation Hall, classrooms and dormitories as well as a clinic, vocational workshop, dining hall and quarters for the Mallams. As Nigerians read this, more of such schools have been completed.

We now challenge Major General Buhari (rtd) to tell Nigerians what he has done, whether in his capacity as the head of a military junta or in his private capacity, to bring education to vulnerable children. If he cannot live up to this challenge, perhaps he has to reassess who really is Boko Haram.

Buhari claims that the Federal Government does not listen. Such an accusation ought not to emanate from a man overthrown by his own hand- picked colleagues in the military for refusing to listen to advice and behaving as if he had a monopoly of knowledge.

It is on record that the Federal Government led by President Jonathan is a listening administration hence its decision to pursue all means of resolving the Boko Haram insurgency including through dialogue.

When Buhari says that "if what happens in 2011 should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, ‘the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood", we hereby state that it is Buhari himself who does not listen. He has obviously refused to listen to the Nigerian People, the European Union, the Commonwealth Monitoring Group, the African Union and a multitude of independent electoral monitors who testified that the 2011 elections were free and fair and "the best elections since Nigeria returned to civil rule."

Indeed, such a reaction from Buhari is not totally unexpected since he has become a serial election loser who has never taken his past election defeats graciously even when such elections were generally acknowledged to be free and fair.

Still on the issue of Boko Haram, we wonder what locus a man whose party's Secretary General, Buba Galadima, told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in December, 2010, that the Federal Government is underestimating the support base of Boko Haram, has to accuse a government that has been threatened on camera by the leaders of Boko Haram of itself being Boko Haram?

Major General Buhari (rtd) also boasts of his knowledge of the Petroleum Industry because of his time as Federal Commissioner for Petroleum. We wonder why he did not boast of the infamous scandal that occurred in that ministry where under his watch billions of Naira (in the 1970s) were reported stolen, a matter which led to the setting up of the Justice Ayo Irikefe panel.

Finally, we wish to make it known to Buhari that given his reference to "dogs and baboons", perhaps his best course of action would be to travel to the zoo of his imagination because President Goodluck Jonathan was elected by human beings to preside over human beings and it is human beings who will determine what happens in Nigeria at any material time not "dogs and baboons".
Special Adviser (Media & Publicity) to the President
May 15, 2012.

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Islam is cursed!

1 9ja is a scam

abati a clawn, deciver

when abati was not in government he tent to see well, but now he act as one that somebody has bought over.that reminds me of Nweke Junior when he was spokesman for OBJ,he abuse everyone and everything that is trying to talk sense to gvmnt in which he was part of then. this one that I respect before, is singing the same devilish song,but posterity will tell and judge them right.abati is twisted,shameless,if is demanding accountability of 70s how much have they in this current regim giving about fuel subsidy.is it not in animal kingdom that u take action without informing the animals?

My Declaration Today is the end of Talk

My Declaration for First Woman President of Nigeria from Iboland come 2015 is the end of talk. I will not talk again till the three years end of Nigeria sign of Jona that will usherd in Nigeria first Woman President come 2015.Any person who wants to stop this movement must be crushed by Sign of Jona, being you a Nigerian or foreigner. Whether you are Ibo, Hausa, Fulani, Minority and Yoruba etc any attempt will be crush even in the house where they gathered they will be scatter. Therefore there will be no room for rigging of the election because Nigerians will ask for Mother Grace whom the power has been given to free Nigeria.

Just once

Boko Haram should just once no that nonsense outside north to know their capability.They will all run and your sponsors will fly out only to leave you and your family to be raised off.Just try east of south to know your status.Buhari is just but a fool.

buhari 2015

Buhari for president 2015, we are behind you

international community silence on genocide in Nigeria

Islamic Terror Attacks on Christians. (Since 9/11)

systematic killing and ethnic cleansing of Christians in the northern Nigeria why is the international community silence on genocide in Nigeria

Date Country City/State Killed Injured Description
5/9/2012 Nigeria Tahoss 7 1 Muslim activists set fire to Christian homes and then shoot those trying to flee, killing at least seven.
5/1/2012 Nigeria Riyom 6 6 Muslims raid a Christian village, setting fire to homes and shooting those who fled.
4/29/2012 Nigeria Kano 16 22 Sixteen Christians, including professors and doctors, are massacred by Islamists, who bomb their church service and then shoot them in the back as they try to flee.
4/29/2012 Nigeria Maiduguri 5 6 The pastor is among five Christians shot to death by Boko Haram Islamists inside their church.

It shall biggin 4rm your house.

The bloodshed prediction shall biggin 4rm his hose-hold.

Hmmmm, some Nigerians still

Hmmmm, some Nigerians still don't understand what is happening in this country. Coz they have been deluded in to thinking that Jonathan will bring change to this country. Time will tell........


Buhari have nothing good to offer this indivisible nation he believes in bloodshed and he is the chief sponsor of Boko haram and what is happening in the north he always entice we Muslim to fight against Christian to enable him achieve his political aim Allah will never forgive you. Garba Jamil from Yola

Boko haram

Bihari the controller general of Boko haram. Well done


You are not human....you a sick Islamic jihadist who believe that killing people will make God give 7 virgins...well God is not a pimp.....its not by force if people no won vote your foolish brother....why must they suffer for not voting him...You and him will never live to see that 2015...Isha allah

Talk as intelligent

point of crrctn to you by saying that pple lyk buhari are the worst just bcos of his religion, go and read the achievements of nigerian goverment throug buhari and also that of jonathan to see who was the best? And islamic leaders are d best wheither u lyk or not, go back to nigerian history since 1960, shame on your statement.

Buhari is not a Nigerian but Buzu

Tinubu, Bakare, Buhari and their gangs should go ahead but they forgot God in their business and God will prove Himself to them....

Their sacrifices are all created by God and He will should them that He alone He is God.. and will show and prove Himself..

Nigeria is a God own Country and anyone who say rubbish and blaspheme against God's will, will bear His wrath.....

God Bless Nigeria....

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This Buhari guy is so irresponsible. His own children and evil followers are the dogs and baboons that will bath in their own blood Insha Allah plus I think this Sahara Reporters are just a fraud and an instument of evil. otherwise why wont they do an editorial to condem Mr Buhari's IRRESPONSILE hate statement.
Buhari can never win any election in Nigeria, no because he is a Northerner, No and then in every election where he fails, there riging . he is shit men!


Right thinking Nigerians know that 2011 election was criminally rigged in favour of PDP. It was only in the south west that common sense prevailed to some level. South south, Mr President had free rigging activities, ditto south east and some people in the south west that forgot their brain at home while casting their votes for Jonathan and not "gridlock". It is now done on them that they voted for a lame duck president. Another opportunity is coming in 2015, If they vote foolishly again, they must be ready to suffer. Buhari has said it all.


What utter nonsense from somebody who actually ruled Nigeria. I used to have regards for this now fool. Little did I know that he is a segregationist. Thank God that he did not win the election, and the sky will certainly not fall because he lost. What an idiot to advocate bloodshed because he is not in power. Buhari,in the future, if you have something good say ..I mean statements that should be coming from a former head of state, we will be glad to have it.... and if you have trashy statement like the one above, do us all a favor....SHUT THE F**K UP.

Bolekaja Diplomacy

Dr. Reuben Abati's piece on Abacha's public engagement with opposition is replaying itself in which Abati captured the situation as "bolekaja diplomacy". To me Abati has always been a fraud, two-face opportunist with no moral strength or any sense of appropriateness. He rather used Guardian group of newspapers as a platform to plant himself for a better job. Elect him into any office and you will see the worst of Abati.



Buhari is the Arrow-Head of our present predicament

General Muhammadu Buhari will never earn my respect based on the fact that he is among those that created this present lacuna in our history. For it not Buhari and his ilks, our democracy would have grown by now. Sentiments apart, 20 years of interregnum of military rule by Buhari, IBB and others cost us a lot of under-development and the present mess he championed by truncating our nascent democracy on the 31st day of December, 1983 which is still haunting us. Methinks, if not for his personal ambition to rule Nigeria with all cost through the military putsch, our democracy could have been well developed by now. I challenge anyone to state what Nigeria achieved during the misguided coup-d'etat Buhari championed for almost 20 years and what we have achieved during the 13 years of this present democratic dispensation.


No mind them my brother..................they voted for Jonathan and not PDP............In fact Jonathan is worse than PDP....................They will live to curse Jonathan [also themselves] sooner or later.


Mr Abati, you cannot stop amazing Nigerians. The fact that you abandoned your principles as a semi objective writer, to become one of the most disgusting sights in Nigeria 's recent history, shows that you lack moral justification to criticise anyone in matters of State discourse. You claimed that it was during Buhari's stint as Petroleum Minister that billions were siphoned from NNPC. Nothing can be more further from the truth! Go ask OBJ who was Head of State that time and he will tell you Buhari's contribution in sanitising the Petoleum industry as Minister. Same cannot be said about your principal and his cronies led by Deziane Allison Madueke at that same Ministry now, where against all logic, over a trillion Naira was stolen in broad daylight in the name of subsidy! One day all the thieves in position of authority and their spin doctors will be brought to justice, no matter how long it'l take. Shame on you!!

Buhari comments

Mr. wise man the presidency of Nigeria is not a chieftancy title if Buhari want to rule nigeria let him campaigne throughout the length and breath of the country, he should convince us why we should vote for him,he cant campaigne only in the north, then hold a gun to the head of the rest of the country to vote for him,secondly his party is a regional party while PDP is a national party, that is what most people refuse to undersand,there must be a strong and viable alternative to PDP, if not they will rule for 100 years,at the last election Buhari planned to fail,instead of him going back to plan and strategise on how to reach out to the entire country he is threatening bloodshed if he is not installed

Shoeless bigot is a disgrace,well said General Buhari

Gej is a bigot and so as many from his part of the country. Just today pdp chairman Bamanga Tukur says Boko Haram is fighting for injustice and heaven hasn't fall, another time Obj says if PDP keeps going this way there would be bloody revolution, heaven did not fall because is a pdp warlord, in the past NSA Azazi says problems of boko haram is a result of pdp zoning, heaven still didin't fall. To all you mugu, you can go to hell if you don't like to hear the truth because if pdp continue to take our people for a ride the way they are going there would be violence buhari didn't have to say that for any clever person to know, the same dumbo refused to prosecute fuel subsidy thieves because he's one of them, looting and corruption is the order of the day under this bigot jonathan, as far as am concern buhari is speaking on my behalf.

To the bigots on this page,have u heard PdP chairma's statement?

PDP Chairman Bamanga Tukur just says Boko Haram is fighting for justice, i wonder what the mugu or beneficiary of nigeria downfall on this page will say about that. Only a fool would not know that boko haram is a creation of pdp thats why dumbo could not really fight them just like what he's doing now with fuel subsidy thieves.

re buhari

it is on record that Buhari promised he will make this country ungovernable because he lost the 2011 presidential and since then, Boko Haram has been waging war on the country. now he is threatening fire and brimstone. if one may ask, is it that only Buhari and his Hausa and Fulani buccaneers that have monopoly to violence?

Whatever anybody says, the

Whatever anybody says, the truth is that Buhari does not believe in democracy; and so he should not benefit from democracy. The god of democracy forbids him to win any election. What with is seizure of power from Shehu Shagari. He is an Islamic fundamentalist and such men are of the worst type of extremism. Buhari is not calling for a revolution; he is calling for his forceful installation in office. His philosophy is that of the chicken, to wit: if he did not have it he will scatter it. Is that the a patriot? Much less a leader?

Between intellectual prostitution and duplicty!

SaharaReporters, we've since lost Dr Reuben Abati to intellectual prostitution! All hail Abati, the latest 'member' of the dreaded Abuja PDP gang, the powerful man of power speaking some powerful truth to the 'powerless' Buhari.

But the truth is that Dr Abati has lately become the 'transformational' attack dog of the (mis)ruling party, the PDP! Yet the discerning mind knows that Gen. Buhari was right in his assessment and I intend to demonstrate that powerfully early next week in the article being knocked into shape.

SOC Okenwa

Buhari Should cover his eyes

Buhari Should cover his eyes with shame. 2011 election is one of the freest election conducted in Nigeria. Jonathan had a landslide victory. This same Buhari overthrew a democratically elected government through a military coup. This same Buhari detained Alex Ekueme in Ikoyi Prison while Shagari was placed on house arrest because he is from royal family in the North. This same Buhari Served under a very corrupt Government. This same Buhari did not campaign in the South East because of what he did to Alex Ekueme but expect South Easterners to vote him in . This same Buhari expect the south South People to leave their own son Jonathan but vote Buhari because the Northerners are Born To Rule. I can go on and on . From this recent statement made by Buhari , Buhari will contest for an election 100 times and lose the election 100 times QUOTE ME.

Buhari’s Prediction Of Bloodshed In 2015 And Comments On Boko Ha

Buhari Should cover his eyes with shame. 2011 election is one of the freest election conducted in Nigeria. Jonathan had a landslide victory. This same Buhari overthrew a democratically elected government through a military coup. This same Buhari detained Alex Ekueme in Ikoyi Prison while Shagari was placed on house arrest because he is from royal family in the North. This same Buhari Served under a very corrupt Government. This same Buhari did not campaign in the South East because of what he did to Alex Ekueme but expect South Easterners to vote him in . This same Buhari expect the south South People to leave their own son Jonathan but vote Buhari because the Northerners are Born To Rule. I can go on and on . From this recent statement made by Buhari , Buhari will contest for an election 100 times and lose the election 100 times QUOTE ME.