CPC Uncovers Fresh PDP Plot

By Rotimi Fashakin

The Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, has uncovered another devious plot by the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to cause disaffection and confusion within the Polity.

In the latest Plot, the PDP plans to use the renegade group led by Senator Rufa’I Hanga to goad unsuspecting Party men into a meeting on Wednesday the 23rd May, 2012 where a noxious vote-of-no-confidence decision shall be passed on the substantive National Executive Committee (NEC) of the CPC.

Understandably, the PDP, at the lowest ebb of popularity with the Nigerian polity and willing to employ all shenanigans at causing distraction, is at the epicenter of this latest infamy.

Having failed to cater for the security and welfare of Nigerians, being the basic constitutional requirements for responsible governance, the PDP seeks to languidly lay hold of straw of hope by deliberately sponsoring confusion within the Polity.

It would be recalled that the same disgruntled elements were used by the PDP-led Federal Government to put on hold all financial transactions of the CPC’s account with First Bank Plc. The same Senator Rufa’I Hanga, having been paid for a two-year lease of his property, sought to renege on agreement by attempting eviction of the Party.

It is not our desire to give recognition to a former leader of the Party who is in cahoots with PDP to undermine the integrity of lawfully constituted Party Leadership. However, we feel compelled to let Nigerians know the level of desperation of PDP and its paid agents in derailing the Nation’s democracy.

As a Party, it is our belief that this latest plot, like the others, is bound for colossal failure! We hereby appeal to our loyal Party men and women to remain calm in the face of these subversive plots. This too shall pass!


Rotimi Fashakin (Engr.)
National Publicity Secretary, CPC.
(Tuesday, 22nd May, 2012)

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cpc a great party

whoeva intent to see ur setback has already late. to our enemies d fact is there n is one even if u dont want see it u must hear it.


Are you aware that movement of OBASANJO to ACN is another plot? Of course he is just these to frustrate the alliance efforts.


Are you aware that movement of OBASANJO to ACN is another plot? Of course he is just these to frustrate the alliance efforts.


God will judge u
Useless party

That shows how weak the

That shows how weak the structure of CPC is. Just one man can be used as agent to destabilise the whole party, yet the PDP that you intend to dislodge; more than half of the population of Nigeria say or do something to bring it down.

Let CPC cleanse itself and build a structure rather than blaming lack of its organisation and strategy on PDP.

PDP is hell bent on

PDP is hell bent on destroying any party that will stop it form rigging election, yet I know that only a true value system based on honesty integrity and vision by the opposition can change this. On this note, I urge well meaning Nigerians to come together and join the cause of Buhari to liberate this country and rid it of corruption.

Hanga be careful

As you knows that PDP is shegiyar uwa mai kashe 'ya'yanta that they hired you plot and coordinate anythjng harmful to our dear party we advise to take it gently if you want leave the party pls leave in peace and understanding as fact that we are not cowards CPC is always a law Abiding party nigerians are always trooing in because of our good elites and the men of integrety, national endeavor to attain a better Nigeria natinally and internationally so you are on your own and be careful God is with us truth is Always bitter so that is why remain jutice and equity and no matter how we will transform Nigeria in what cause 2015 for CPC by God grace God plans is always better than for you to cheat your nation your region and even your family entire.In kakiji baka ki gani ba in dai PDP ce gatanan kayi mu 'yan kallo ne tsakanin ka dasu kasake tunani a matsayinka ya kamata kasan in da yakema ciwo amman Hausawa kance ba girin girin ba tai maiko to aga reka dai ba maikonn

cpc,d popular party

"PDP @ d lowest ebb of popularity in d country"..hmmm.lowest ebb indeed.yet they have a strong presence in almost every state.baba secretary,pls inform ur bloodbath general to start campaigning & stop crying foul.nigerians know who they'll vote pls.....na by force??

We know PDP as the main Terrorist party of Africa

We know PDP as the main Terrorist party of Africa, no need to tell us again. We are watching and waiting for 2015 when we shall be bye bye to their criminal party and clueless GEJ

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