EFCC Arraigns Pat Enechukwu for N2.3m Dud Cheque

By Wilson Uwujaren

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Monday, 18 February 2013 arraigned one Pat Enechukwu before Justice R.I Ahiakwo of the Rivers State High Court 19, Port Harcourt on a three count charge bordering on issuance of a dishonoured Cheque. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

One of the charges against him reads, “that Pat Enechukwu on or about the 22nd November, 2009 at Port Harcourt within the jurisdiction of the High Court of Rivers State with knowledge that you had insufficient funds in your account issued to one Dr Chimereze Chima a Bank PHB (now Keystone Bank) Cheque number 37213357 dated 22nd November, 2009 for the sum of N2,300,000.00 (Two million, three hundred thousand naira) which said cheque when presented for payment within three months of issuance was dishonoured due to insufficient funds in your account and thereby committed an offence contrary to section 1(1)(a) of Dishonoured Cheque (offences) Act Cap D of the Revised Edition (Laws of the Federation of Nigeria) Act 2007 and punishable under section 1(b)(i) and (ii) of the same Act”.

In view of the plea of the accused person, the court granted him bail in the sum of N5m (Five million naira) and one surety in like sum. Surety must swear to an affidavit of means and reside within the jurisdiction of court. He must own property worth N10m (Ten Million naira) and appear before the Director of Litigation every first Monday of the Month from March till May, 2013.

The matter is adjourned to 25th and 26th of February for hearing.

Wilson Uwujaren
Ag Head, Media & Publicity
18th February, 2013

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Mr. Yaradua, people from the

Mr. Yaradua, people from the North dont steal peanuts like N2.3m. They steal billions. If you think I am lying, ask Maina and Yusufu - the pension robbers.

At teast if hand no reach

At teast if hand no reach Maina with his billions, Haliburton culprits and Fuel Subsidy thieves with their trillions, hand fit reach Nwachukwu with his thousands. Na so ibii jare. EFCC and GEJ, na you biko

show of shae to EFCC and they

show of shae to EFCC and they still have mouth to talk. people are stealing billions and they rub it in our faces and walk free and her they are blowing their trumpet for this minimal amount. dont get me wrong, stealing is stealing but EFCC should up their gme and the lawyers should behave themselves and stop defending thiefs nansense.

UP EFCC & Nigeria Criminal System!

EFCC & Nigeria Criminal System is now telling all Nigerians "that it pays to steal billions" than millions! If you must steal, make sure you stole billions as to 'settle' EFCC officials, lawyers, Judges, police & others money-bags (that will stand as surety)for your bail! The more billions your loot-figure, the higher your protection from the ‘real law’ of the land with even the approval of the presidency! Nigeria criminal system hates people that steal millions just for themselves. The elephant called Nigeria will soon be in the sky flying very high; we are moving forward and almost there, one Nigeria indeed!

EFCC is after poor people

What is EFCC doing about those who have stolen Billions of Naira ? Poor people are the ones getting judgement .What can EFCC do to Bankole ? How about those ex-governors that are untouchable to EFCC ?
Kai Barawo


If this man charged by EFCC has been a Hausa/Fulani Moslem from the North no matter how low his social status is the ethno-religious animals would have started abusing,cursing and making all sort of allegations against him and his tribe and religion. But being him Igbo some are saying he is innocent or he has right to do so. These are the people calling for justice and claiming that their religion teaches justice,equality,honesty and is the true religion. But most of what they and their leaders say are proved lies.

Shame on EFCC and SH

Indeed a very very sad story, here is a country where those that stole billions are walking the streets in the best of cars and criss-crossing world capitals with private jets with stolen funds from Fuel Subsidy, Aircraft Acquisation Funds, IPP Funds, Failed National ID Project etc so also as former governors, ministers etc and yet no body challenge them but EFCC is wasting state funds instead of arresting these crooks but stupidly making it a breaking news a N2.3Million simple business dispute case. Its a shame on EFCC as well as SR for reporting this story.

blame the stupidity on Efcc

they seem to be deceiving nigerians with these rubbish-what we want are the governors and ministers and not the 10,000 dollar crooks!

The bigger the amount the smaller the punishment

A man stole N23 billion and he was granted bail for N750k. Another issued a dud cheque and he is granted bail for N5m. Our lawyers should bow their heads in shame and weep publicly because they are disgrace to planet earth. The import of this judgement is that people with tendencies to steal are encouraged to do so in billions because the bigger the amount stolen, he smaller the sentence given. Nonsense country, useless people. Rubbish

What is EFCC's Interest In This Case?

What is the EFCC's interest in this case? This is a simply a civil case that ought to be filed at the High Court of Justice, Port Harcourt Division by Dr. Chimereze Chima against Pat Enechukwu. Its a pity that the EFCC has reduced itself to pursuing rats and lizard cases when the big ticket cases involving Billions of Naira stolen by Political office holders are left un-prosecuted.

Babalawo Justice

Somebody is arraigned for issuing a dude cheque of N2.3 million and you granted him bail for N5m, and a surety who "must own property worth N10m". This is the most stupid judge on earth. He is so stupid that he should be sitting on the "floor" (like babalwo) and not on the bench.

Stupid news

Mr. Wilson, it seems you dont have any better thing to do in EFCC than to post some non-news on SR. You arraigned a man for N2.3m dude and you're plowing a trumpet. mchewwww

The Nigerian Judiciary are

The Nigerian Judiciary are the scum of the world...dirty pigs...when someone steals police pension funds and pays 750k for bail...then smiles out of the court..what more can i say

He issued a dud check of

He issued a dud check of N2.3million and was granted a bail in the sum of N5m. Is this how shallow, shattered and shambly Nigerian judiciary system is walking? #9jaisfinished!#

Ndigbo don suffer for naija.

Ndigbo don suffer for naija. Wallahi!. EFCC has now become so jobless that they now go after 2.3m naira fraudsters. Just say na Igbo man abi. Where are the major looters in naja. Those who steal in billions. This EFCC na wash!

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