EFCC PRESS RELEASE: $11m Fraud: Nigerian Jailed In The United States

Emmanuel Ehkator
By Wilson Uwujaren

A Nigerian, Emmanuel Ehkator who was investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for criminal conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud in the United States of America has been sentenced by District Court Judge, Middle District of Pennsylvania, Yvette Kane, to a three-year term. He is also ordered to pay $11,092,028 in restitution to his victims.

The conviction of Ehkator, 42, who was arrested in Nigeria by the EFCC in August 2010 and extradited to the United States in August 2011, followed his plea of guilt.

Justice Kane also ordered Ehkator’s forfeiture of properties in Canada and the contents of several bank accounts in Nigeria.

While the trial lasted, the prosecutor informed the court that Ehkator was part of an attorney collection scam. Their modus operandi, he said was for the convict to contact U.S. and Canadian law firms by e-mail claiming to be individuals or businesses outside North America who were owed money by entities in the United States and asked for legal representation to collect the money.

The prosecutor further told the court that, “often, the prospective “clients” said the money owed came from a real estate transaction, tort claim, or divorce settlement. Once the law firm agreed to represent the out-of-country client, the law firm would be contacted by the U.S. entity purportedly owing money with an offer to pay the client by cheque. The client would instruct the law firm to deposit the cheque in the law firm’s trust account, retain the law firm’s fee, and wire the remaining funds to accounts in Asia”.

The cheque that was then mailed to the law firm would be a counterfeit cheque, a fact that would be discovered only after funds from the law firm’s trust account had been wired to the Asian bank, the prosecution said.

The counterfeit cheques, which appeared to be drawn on legitimate accounts from well-established financial institutions, often included a telephone number for the financial institution. Lawyers attempting to determine the validity of the cheque would call the number only to reach another conspirator who would falsely verify the cheque. The court was also told that Ehkator’s involvement in the scheme makes him responsible for losses of more than $7 million and up to $20 million.

Ehkator’s co-defendant, Yvette Mathurin, has also been charged for conspiracy and is awaiting extradition from Canada while another co-conspirator, Kingsley Osagie, was arrested as he arrived in the Atlanta area from Nigeria and is currently awaiting trial in the Middle District of Pennsylvania. Other co-conspirators are pending extradition from several foreign countries as investigation continues against other members of the large, multi-national conspiracy.

Aside from the EFCC, other agencies that investigated the crime were the United States Postal Inspection Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Secret Service, the Toronto Police Services and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Christy H. Fawcett.
Wilson Uwujaren
Ag. Head, Media & Publicity
11th September, 2013


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Emman i truly loved you,i wish someone could tell me which prison you're in,i would come see u or at least call you.. deep down you're a good man.......#always loved


Forget about the colonial master\slave rubbish! If you are a thief then the long arm of the law can catch you anywhere irrespective of your geographical location..Nigerians should not steal in the west and think that by escaping to Africa they can't be persecuted ...I hope this is the beginning of downfall for any Nigerian bringing the name of the country into disrepute!

leave matter for God

If You guys will agree on a revolution. Kill all them leaders, and set this country free

what about his wife, NKECHI?

what about his wife, NKECHI? I hear say she too dey do the same runs of 419. she used to live large and look down on everyone. wonder what she is doing now. and her so called shop in benin that was 419-funded. ole, theif theif

SR get your story right

SR get your story right please . please click on the link for the actual jail terms. he was sentenced to 8 yeaars and not ONLY 3 years


where are the sisters and mother?

I know this guy very well. His sisters use to flaunt his ill-gotten wealth when the "business" was booming for them. He bought a house for his sister called Joyce in San Bernadino, California. Bought house for Angela in Toronto, Canada. The junior brother Osagie living large at Igbinedion University. Now, Stella, their mother is on the run. Sad enough, these people all claim to be Jehovah's witnesses. Their father, Christo Ekhator was a very honest man when he was alive.

na wa

How many usa citizen has been extradited to nigeria to face trial? colonia masters, this is advance slave trade, Nigeria leaders should wise up. we be get court before, they should here.

where are your so called friends now!

When this guy had a party in honor of the "get rich or dis trying" , many top politicians and royalties were there hailing him as the Nigerian Youngest Tiger". No one cared to ask, where he got the money from just like many of his like in Nigeria today. There are politicians, crooked Business-men and fake men of God who do not deserve to breath the freedom air of a just man.

Sharp GUY!

If no be say na law firm he dey scam who cares and moreover! The EFCC people are useless.. Then beehive the guy coz he no give them links to his game.. If una share his properties and money and leave his families broke na Ogun go kill una

This is very interesting.

This is very interesting. Nigerians always think they can have their way. Most of them always want to steal and destroy others all in the name of being a big man to show off cars, houses etc. Imagine someone who earns minimum wage in that country but has fleet of cars, uncountable houses etc. This is what corruption has taught this people. Imagine this thief posing as a well known law firm operating from Nigeria all in the name of defrauding others. Shame on all you Nigerians who use the internet as a means of making money from naive citizens of the world...419 will never end in that country cos even the top officials of that country are involved..I urge the FBI to carry out further investigations on these scams perpetuated by Nigerians. Corrupt country breading corrupt citizens

May be the person wanted to

May be the person wanted to say bendel igbo just make sure he mentions a tribe.Achebe once wrote that when d lizard of the homestead does a thing which its kind is not known,it will be mistaken 4 the lizard of the farmland,

i love your write up.

To be frank, Nigeria as a country is really rubbish, efcc should come and arrest me, i'm a fraudster too, stupid fools like EFCC, Nigeria the vulture will soon eat your born's one after the other, nonsense country that has no meaning, politician are stealing more than this money, why won't this stupid EFCC arrest them, they will be there dulging their graves and saying that they are doing their jobs, they should not look for something good and join and leave people to make their money.

Fool like you.

Honestly your an idiot, they will soon burn you into ashes, you will die soon for mentioning igbo people's name, come to talk of it, yoruba guys, what re they doing outside countries, tell me, in terms of fraud, can you compare igbo guys with Yoruba people, stupid fool, the vulture will eat your born by calling igbo people's name as fraudsters, Satan will soon seal that your mouth with aradite super glue, you will soon be punished by devils, fool, you will never see better in your life by calling igbo people's name, Animal like you, bastard like you, illiterate like you, fool like you, thunder fire your family. please guys, you people shouldn't listen to this idiot that called igbo people's name, PLEASE SOMEONE SHOULD HELP ME WITH HIS OR HER BB CHANGER, MY BATTERY IS GETTING LOW.

Fool like this writer.

Honestly your an idiot for calling igbo people's name, they will soon burn you into ashes, you will die soon for mentioning igbo people's name, come to talk of it, yoruba guys, what re they doing outside countries, tell me, in terms of fraud, can you compare igbo guys with Yoruba people, stupid fool, the vulture will eat your born by calling igbo people's name as fraudsters, Satan will soon seal that your mouth with aradite super glue, you will soon be punished by devils, fool, you will never see better in your life by calling igbo people's name, Animal like you, bastard like you, illiterate like you, fool like you, thunder fire your family. please guys, you people shouldn't listen to this idiot that called igbo people's name.

Honestly, this person that do mention Igbo people,i pity 4 you.

This idiot that do mention igbo people's name, God will punish your entire generation, you seems to be nothing than a fool, Fuck your father and mother for calling igbo people's name, afteral why won't Emmanuel become a fraudster, did you give him a job in Nigeria to do? you won't see those Hausa and Yoroba people, using pen and their powers to steal people's money over there in Nigeria, you will be here calling igbo people's name as you like, fool like your father,


My God! Stealing from

My God! Stealing from Lawyers. These lawyers must be daft. How can you be depositing cheques that you have not authenticated ( especially since you know Nigerians are involved) and then wiring the money overseas.
Sometimes I wonder if some of these scammed people have brains or may be it was greed that took over their brains whenever they are promised lots f profit by scammers.
Scamming is fast becoming an art because if not, how come people keeps on falling victims?
These scammers need to set up shop and teach others how to scam because the western world is full of MUMUS. Let them loose all their money who cares.

@Anonymous on September 11, 2013 - 19:20.

re:@Tony h. Why not? When did

Ha ah, I knew it! It did not take long before GEJ is dragged into this one O! By noon tomorrow, Patience will be accused of feeding the American judge rice and dodo.

Emmanuel Ehkator is an Edo Man

Why so much hatred toward the Ibo's, when did Emmanuel Ehkator, become an Ibo man,for your information he is an edo man.And why is it that of all the criminal activities involving Nigerian, only the Ibo' singled out nobody talks of IBB $12 billion gulf oil wind fall,Abacha billions loot, Abdulsalami $67 billion national reserve loot,OBJ acquisition of public corporations,Yaradua's 2years mess,Ibori and the rest.Just go on the internet and search for Nigeria fruadstars and find out how many of the them are Ibo's, does that make us a saint no. Instead of seeking for way to enthrone a true federation and meritocracy,by abolishing born to rule syndrome, quota system, tribalism,catchment area, federal character,indigenenization policy, some so call nigeria here are only busy castigating the Ibo or yoruba tribe.And with this kind of negative mentality it will be very hard for Nigeria to forward as a nation .

@Tony h. Why not? When did

@Tony h. Why not? When did EFCC become a US Court news agency. Who made them so impotent that they can only arrest 419 criminals while thieving politicians are busy disturbing Nigerians with their politics?

Efcc Are Theft...

Yes he his from Edo State, i dont denies that fact, but right now, he is arrested by the Efcc, and they are going to confiscate is property and freeze is account, at the end of the day, the Efcc will share the money within their Self, who is now the Theft amount the.. i hate Efcc they are Bastard.. Its list this very man would have invested in Nigeria, how many politician have they arrested that had stolen more than this, and what have they down for us. I hate Nigeria. something i really do not know why i was born there.. Rubbish.

Useless EFCC, shame on you !

So how many rogues have been jailed in Nigeria through the activities of EFCC ? This 419 man was asked by the US court to refund the $11m he stole while the Nigerian court asked the Pension scam thief who stole N22b to return just N600K. What a country !

Meanwhile we have confirmed rogues sitting in Aso Rock as President and wife !

Sick folks...

What on earth does this article or the names mentioned have to do with the igbos?..u clearly (if u really have eyes) see that Ekhator or obasogie are names from Edo state...it will do u great justice to resist being a tribalist and let the igbos be..like if you were not given an opportunity to be in power, you wouldn't do same...

Seriously? This guy may be my

This guy may be my Landlord!!! I have never met nor spoken with him


If u see igbo people and see snake, pls make sure say you hit igbo in the head b4 u go 4 snake. or else you are gone.IGBO + WAYO = ?

Lemme Guess....

GEJ put him up to it?

Before the day is over, Sowore and his cohorts will blame this on President Jonathan.

Ibo thieves.Na money and

Ibo thieves.Na money and dubious quests for it go kill una.All over the world when a Nigerian criminal is arrested which is often.They always assume they are ibo.My ibo brothers and sisters,why now?Okonjo Iweala is another one,very corrupt and un-adulterated tribalist.She only favors her tribe,the ibo.

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