EFCC Press Release: EFCC To Arraign Kano Civil Service Commissioner Tomorrow For N22.3m Scam And Forgery

Alhaji Aminu Ibrahim Gaya
By Wilson Uwujaren

A Kano State Civil Service Commissioner, Alhaji Aminu Ibrahim Gaya, is to be arraigned by Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC on February 14, 2013 at a Federal High Court, Abuja on a 4 (four) count charge of  forgery.

The 61 year-old who was arrested on Monday February 11,  2013 in Kano  is alleged to have forged 3(three) land title documents which he sold as genuine to prospective buyers for a total of N22.3 million (Twenty Two Million, Three Hundred Thousand  Naira )

The crime was committed while he was an administrative officer with the Federal Capital Development Authority, FCDA in Abuja, until his retirement and subsequent appointment as Civil Service Commissioner in Kano state.

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Governor Lamido devorce his wife.

Aftermath of arraignment of his son in court, Sule Lamido went mad and divorce his wife, all in preparation for contesting presidential election of 2013. Shame on these politicians! I pray none of his daughters will never see peace in their homes.


Everybody is trying to make corruption look like an ethnic issue, rather than a national one that has retarded our progress as a nation.

All the evil happening in our country now is the result of corruption.

Lets find a way out of the mess through our representative (that is by electing credible ones of course) instead of every moron using ethnicity to discuss issues.


Related to Jimoh Ibrahim by fraud too. He is a fellow of LAWAN FAROUK's INSTITUTE OF FRAUD AND CORRUPTION too. SEGE BARAWO! Alias DAN' YISKA.


It seems many comment makers here have missed the real points. What we've today is the gradual death of PDP. Most of these people witch-hunt by this government have contributed to the criminality of PDP in cash or in kind. Now it(PDP) has come its termination point the parts are being subletting. We are very grateful to Almighty God for bringing a shameful and disgraceful end to this clique of riff-raffs who are using ethnicity and religion to perpetuate in power for their personal economic greed.




He is another Kano product like his cousin in fraud: THE DISHONORED FAROUK LAWAN. The midget with giant stolen properties. Their stealing knows no age boundaries or limits. We must apply sharia once and for all.


Useless hypocrite. Who gave him white beard as a mark of piety? By his fruits we have known him. He like many others like him are not worth this beard by the works of their hands. This includes that one whom Major Al-Mustapha always reveal to us as another thief, formerly dismissed, but retained to head the military and the Nation. Can't you see his face suddenly turned grey as if that would save him from hell? They are all masquerades. Oputa panel unmasked the man. Till tomorrow Al-Mustapha still makes us know the man has sticky hands like his neighbor ex-this ex-that the evil genius.

Cecelia Ibru

Did you say Cecelia is a Muslim? Where did she get Cecelia from?

u hd exhbited a high degree

u hd exhbited a high degree of irrationalty,wch ws believe 2 be as a result of complete felure in d intrnilization of wcheva typ of societal culture u hapen to com 4rm,or perhaps,in d proces of structuring ur pasonality "CURRUPTION is evrywhre persistntly in d premodel country,eg, NIGERIA whre statistic indicate its citizn live below $1 pr day compare to american citizn who ws blv to live $15000 pr dy,chineese,$5000. e.t.c .. go bck to scul mah fren.

Sahara reporters are Bigots

Sahara reporters always publish comments that attack Muslims and Islam and ignore our replies. I curse all staff of sahara reporters in the name of God, the most high. May God punish all staff of Sahara reporters the way Sodom and Gomorrah was punished, amen.

Christianity legalizes prostitution and theft.

No wonder Cecelia ibru, a Muslim woman from Islamic North is the biggest thief in History. Christians are so corrupt that even their women are Armed robbers.

Niger Deltans are Crudely Corrupt.

Crude oil/Bunkering theft only by Militants. Tom polo and DG Nimasa Partrick steals N1'bn monthly from our Maritme, Odili, Sylva, Igbenidion, Alams Cleaned UP their States, Deizani and Badluck are Killing Nnpc, Patience Ghana must go Only. Revolution is near.

Shout up.ur dirty mouth in

Shout up.ur dirty mouth in nig b4 one northan muslim is arraighned by Efcc ten southern christian are already in their net. See reverend king,see pastors engaged in sexual scandals everywhere but u ll never see a muslim sayin dat d killin or d adultry is commandment in d bible bc we know its their selfishness. U r dull nd illitrate of d highest oda. mumu.


He was so corruptly active in his days at FCDA. The same applies to his siblings or clan. This would not be all, as there would still be more documents with them. They should just squeeze him softly till he confesses ALL that he has and knows about fraud and forgery (LAND RACKETEERING) in the FCDA Metropolis. The name Gaya appears synonymous (or is a middle name) with corruption. He should also serve as a lead in getting the syndicate at FCDA. He's got a lot to sing or share. Imagine at 66!

Otile the beast!

Otile the animal.I wonder as to why animals are after other people's beliefs rather than attacking personalities involved in one thing or the other.I dey laugh.

Corruption is so endemic in

Corruption is so endemic in Islamic North that you can't trust anybody there. Did the imams teach them forgery in madarasa school? Mutane barayi.

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