EFCC Press Release - EFCC Arraigns Binta Kuraye Over N17.5m Fraud

By Wilson Uwujaren, Ag. Head, Media & Publicity

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, today January 31, 2013 arraigned Hajiya Binta Kuraye and the Umita Construction Company before Justice Kekemeke U. Peter of the Federal Capital Territory High Court, Apo, Abuja on a two count charge of issuing dud cheques with intent to defraud.

The accused person allegedly issued two dud Cheques worth  N17, 500.000 (Seventeen million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira Only) to one Claire Uzoamaka Arinze in March, 2012.

One of the charges reads: “That you Hajiya Binta Kuraye and Umita Construction and Supply Company Limited on or about the 22nd of March 2012 in Abuja within the Jurisdiction of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory with intent to defraud did issue a GTB Bank Cheque No. 00000090 dated the 22nd March 2012 for the sum of N9, 000,000 to one Claire Uzoamaka Arinze which cheque on presentation was dishonoured for lack of sufficient funds in the account and thereby committed an offence contrary to section 1 (1) (b) of Dishonoured Cheques (offences) Act Cap D11 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 punishable under Section 1 (1)(i) of the same Act”.

She pleaded not guilty to the charge, prompting the prosecution counsel, Marylyn Eimonye, to ask for a date for trial, while accused is remanded to prison custody.

However, defence counsel, Innocent Agada prayed the court to admit his client to bail but the application was opposed by the prosecution counsel who informed the court that the accused had earlier jumped the administrative bail granted her by the Commission.  

The judge ordered that the accused be remanded in Kuje prison and adjourned to February 5, 2013 for ruling on the bail application.  

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Claire Arinze is a bigger

Claire Arinze is a bigger thief and I wish I could say more here without hurting the main boss........life

She has jumped bail

She has jumped bail previously; why should the court grant her bail again ?

Thank you so much Mr. We need

Thank you so much Mr. We need men that can think same as you do. Masha Allah

The truth

Let us say the truth. John who is a christian stole #32 billion farouk 620,000(a muslim), they are both thieves. But one tin beats my imagination,aside these greed that is like an epidemic amongs people of both religion why do one of these religion the world over love shedding innocent blood and think every other religion will not look at them with so much hatred? Pls muslims sit and think cos JESUS LOVES U ALL.

Obi on Hajiya Binta

Its very sad that Muslims and Christians resort to insulting each other's religions. So do you think that by insulting another religions your reflect yours in a good light?

please read well

pls read well before you comment. The woman had jumped bail initially, definitely there is a case of fraud.


Nice response.

l also disagree and agreed!

Alhamdulillah no any muslim found wit a froud of over 100 000 000, but can u imagine those stupit christians that they claim to be saint like the issue of John yusifu who admittte stealin over 32billion naira between farouk and yusifu who is a better man of GOD! I need ur reply through my mail box. STUPID!!!

Joininh d Nigerian Easy win promo

Please, would mind to furthee guide or direct me on how to join d promo? Am optimistic of my success, buthw to join is d issue. I know no matter hw much d EFCC chaege of, if only u can just give out some token out of it then u can always go free, and even be cleared for any post.

I Agree with you

Like Farouk who called Otedola to pay bribe abi? Remove your head from the box u have hidden it in. Moslems are as evil as the pagans who you have mentioned. Moslems drink beer,sniff gum,smoke indian hemp just like the pagans, moslems perform human sacrifice why do they shout Allah hu akabar before they kill some one or before they blow themselves up forgetting that any and all forms of murder is fundamentally evil.

On Obi

You dont deserve a space for comment here. It is people like you that instigate religious violence in the cities. Am assuming you are a christian, but wait, do you even know whats in the bible. Its amazing how some ignorant people make bad comments about ones religious beliefs. Well right now am very upset with the comment you made, but what can i do? Nothing!! writing you back in a foul language or making jokes on christanity will not make any difference but rather make me be as foolish and ignorant as YOU. Obi Shehu you have to accept that there are muslims in your society and also respect there views. Understanding the differences is the key. may you find peace tomorrow.

Educated Fools

It is unfortunate that we can not turn our differences into our common advantage. I taught with education comes knowledge,but it is with regret that in Nigeria the most educated are the most foolish. If in this 21th century our youth still operate with shallow mentality, that is, by turning every discuss to Religion, it then means we have long journey toward actualization of Nationhood.

Tell me what you stall to

Tell me what you stall to benefit from this blasphemy. U fail to underatand that ur hands with which u type, mind u used to imagine/conceive this will all testify against u in d grave and reckoning day. May God guide u if only u deserve His Mercy. Repent before it becomes too late. You slandered the best of mankind ever created on d surface of the earth. What prompted u into conceiving this? Dont u fear d punishment and qestioning in d grave? Your limited free-will is being misused and u shall be questioned accordinglly


The comment maker who abused Prophet seems to have forgotten that Moslems are not born in toilet and do not receive or pay pride price with beer. Moslems are not magicians or believers of it. Moslems are not fools whose values are replaced by pagans' ideology. Moslems are not liars and deceivers that alter the ordinary calculation of one+one+one= one.

obi d shehu

what has the holy prophect of islam done to u. If you simply dont knw what to say keep shot and avoid such attack on islam i sure you are not a good person of your faith.


Stop insulting ISLAM and live in peace.
Allah will punish you if you do not repent from this insult. You are warned.


Good she covered that bad head. We do not deserve to see such privately nor publicly. She has something to hide: her bad head. Who wants to see the head of a thief? A head bowed in perpetuity to shame and disgrace? Wish the bigger thief (YERIMAH ABDULLAHI) could pronounce a fatwah on her immediately. Nigeria would be better without many of her ilks. i HOPE THIS IS NOT THE MISTRESS OF FAROUK LAWAN? THEY ARE RELATED BY STEALING. BUT HOW COME OUR PRESIDENT REMAINS THIS HELPLESS IN THE HANDS OF FAROUK LAWAN?

OBi Donkey

I Don't know how can Nigeria prosper while people like this Illiterate, Stupid, idiot and ill mannered person who doesn't have respect for one's religion are still in existence.... well I don't blame you because your are who you are the son of "Donkey" which I believe that's the letter "D" in your name Represents.

please mind the way you comment

you should not make joke with our holy prophet please.

Clap for yourself!

What do you intend to achieve with this kind of post. What ever goes arround comes arround. There is reward for every action.

This is really becoming a joke! EFCC PLS REFOCUS!

EMJ rightly asked, 'WHEN DID EFCC TURN DEBT COLLECTOR'? What is wrong with INFORMING THE 'ISSUER' (including a company) THAT A CHEQUE COULD NOT BE CASHED, AND TO MAKE PAYMENT (presumably for goods or services) BY ALTERNATIVE METHODS? The EFCC shouldn't be the FIRST (or even a) PORT OF CALL! Unless, of course, the complainant flashed her 'long-legs' to some people in EFCC, and got them to abuse their powers. WHY CRIMINALISE A PURELY CIVIL MATTER OR A BUSINESS TRANSACTION?

What if the lady had funds in her business account at the time she issued the cheque? What if, in the course of doing her business, she had to pay for another transaction, and hoping to be paid in time, to honour the cheque? And what if a payment she was expecting had not been paid, hence insufficient funds in her account? WHERE IS THE CRIME? PLEASE!

Promo! Promo!! Promo!!!

Promo! Promo!! Promo!!!
Steal N32b from FG and payback N750k as fine. No jail term. Hurry now fellow Nigerians. The following people have won so far: Mr Yakubu Yusuf, Bode George and Cecilia Ibru.
This Promo is Proudly sponsored by Nigerian Judiciary, NFG, NPF, EFCC, ICPC, PDP, Nigerian Senate and House of Reps and Many others. Hurry while offer last!!!

The Ignorant fellow

What has the story got to do with Islam or specifically the prophet of Islam and the other people you mentioned in your submission.People like you are eveready to pour out your venom of hatred at any given opportunity to the followers of the religion of Islam.

You are very ignorant of the environment around you and the poverty of knowledge is the highest superlative order.Am sure you are not a follower of Jesus Christ because you do not know of the biblical verse talking about saying the truth which shall set you free.

The ignorant fellow that you are,am sure knows the of people in Nigeria has the highest number of corrupt individuals and corruption laden societies- prostitution,armed robbery,advance fee fraud,human trafficking(for prostitution)
to Spain,Itaty etc,cultism and many other societal vices.

Obi D Shehu comment

He that knows his religion would not blaspemous on one religion.

Business with Kuraye

Thats not unexpected form a daughter of the HYENAS (Kuraye)

Re: Obi on Hajiya Binta

Well, your comments sounds strange be it you are xtian or pagan or okija shrine attendant. But your conscious will always not allow you to say d right thing because you are bastard, and born from the private part of a shameless and parents dis-owned woman. The useless pastor that impregnate your prostitute pastor was feeding himself from the monies contributed by his ignorant followers, so you see from the day one you are impure like Igwe of Nnewi,the President of MASSOB, no doubt because Ekwueme and Ojukwu where among people that deny the Ohana Eze Ndigbo the Voice to be heard that is why we igbo boys engage in armed robbery in Aba, fake drugs in Anambra, Kidnapping in Imo and our young Ladies engage in Commercial sex in Abuja, Lagos to earn a living.

The Coordinator of NNWPF,

The Coordinator of NNWPF, Binta Kuraye, who spoke with reporters in Abuja on Thursday, said if Jonathan’s predecessors spent eight years in office, his case should not be different.

She said,any one who intend to run for the office of President in 2015 should wait and not overheat the polity because Jonathan is still interested in moving the country forward.

“There is a need to improve the power sector, create more jobs for our teeming youths and develop the rail transport system which is the cheapest means of transport.

you are an idiot and that's

you are an idiot and that's why we Muslims will always and forever be better than any living person
as a Muslim i am obligated to believe in Jesus and his books and you will never find a good Muslim uttering such comments please think twice before you talk

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