EFCC Press Release: EFCC Arraigns Serial Fraudster in Kano

By Wilson Uwujaren

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on March 6, 2013 arraigned Emmanuel Akabueze before Justice Fatu Riman of the Federal High Court Kano on a three count charge that borders on conspiracy and obtaining by false pretence.

Akabueze who is serving a jail term, having been convicted in another matter investigated by the EFCC, arrive the court from prison to take his plea on the fresh charge. The accused who is also known as ‘Temple Obiora Nnaemeka’,  alongside his accomplice, Tony Momoh (now at large) allegedly defrauded a certain Moses Gana of the sum of N410,000 (Four Hundred and Ten Thousand Naira )  over a phony business proposal to supply ‘Solar 15A’ equipment, to some foreign partners.

One of the charges against the accused person read, “that you Emmanuel Akabueze (alias Temple Obiora Nnaemeka) and Tony Momoh (now at large) on or about the 3rd day of April, 2012 at Kano State within the jurisdiction of the Federal High Court, with intent to defraud obtained from one Moses Gana the sum of N410,000 (Four Hundred and Ten Thousand Naira Only) via Temple Obiora Nnemeka's account domicile at First Bank Plc account number 3054441795, under the false pretence of a business proposal that PHCN need an equipment called "solar 15A" that could be gotten at Mother Cat Company in Kaduna with some foreign partners that are ready to buy the materials for a commission, which you knew to be false and thereby committed an offence contrary to section 1(1)(a) of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act, 2006”.

Akabueze pleaded not guilty to the charge prompting the prosecuting counsel, Salihu Sani, to ask for a date for hearing of the case.

The case has been adjourned to March 25, 2013 for continuation of trial and the accused remanded in prison custody.

Wilson Uwujaren

Ag Head, Media & Publicity

7th March, 2013


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Moses Gana the Victim now has Justice!!!

It is good this serial fraudster is being punished by the EFCC. now that his name and story is in the public more people will learn a lesson.

An ordinary Nigerian citizen gained justice, keep up the good work EFCC!

A Fraudster is a Fraudster!!!

Chai Nigerians! A fraudster should be held to account even if he is not a Politically exposed person. This man defrauded people of millions of Naira. Should he not be prosecuted and exposed! Keep up the good work EFCC and rid us of these criminals, whomever they may be and wherever they may reside!

I'm appalled that EFCC

I'm appalled that EFCC officials are publicizing the arrest of this petty criminal as a major breakthrough in their fight against corruption in the country.It's only the small fries that are swiftly and successfully prosecuted.But when it comes to the big sharks and whales,their cases don't go beyond the usual indefinite investigations until they disappear completely from the radar.Who's fooling who!

And what should we be doing

And what should we be doing with the Hausa Pension thief, Faruk Lawan and all the other non-ibo thieves/fraudsters/looters etc?

Political EFCC

EFCC was created as a political tool by a master political manipulator for the harassment of political opponents and allies who have the audacity to disagree with the master. When there are no opponents or disobedient allies to deal with, EFCC resorts to fishing out petty thieves and tax defaulters to keep busy. Sometimes, in an attempt to confuse the public and give the impression they are working, they assume the responsibility of the FIRS, States Internal Revenue Services or the CID.

Since, the guy na Igbo man,

Since, the guy na Igbo man, no wahala. Cheating, stealing, robbery, kidnapping, lying and all sorts of criminalities, na their occupations and labels. carry go, Oga serial fraudster.

Na Igbo guy. No froblem, na

Na Igbo guy. No froblem, na dia whok bi dat!

Irrelevancy of the EFCC

I think the present leadership of EFCC lack focus and direction. Im disgusted that EFCC should start pursing cases of this nature and still feel bold to release a press statement for this kind of achievement. This is a clear indication that the commission is also corrupt. The ongoing prosecution shows that the culprit has made little gain to have enough to bribe EFCC that is why their cases are being prosecuted. The law makers, governors, ministers are busy stealing everyday and non of those prosecutions have come to a meaningful conclusion. This is a big shame.

This is ridiculous

U guys should let this man be! So why did u people post this ? U r demanding an applause from the people of Nigeria that EfCC is doing a good job? That is Non-sense!!! Please let this man go . Politicians, ministers, syphone billions and they are let go .


WHEN WILL SR stop carraying these kind of stories from the EFCC as a breaking news even though crime is a crime. This is a country where over a TRILLION NAIRA was stolen in the name of yet to be supplied petrol by fuel subsidy scammers, Billions stolen under Pension Scheme in addition to Billions stolen in railway rehibilitation, IPP, National ID cards, aircraft acquisation funds and too many to mention and yet EFCC cannot prosecute or detain these real scammers but are busy cheasing shadow by making head lines for arresting someone who probably was accused for under N500,000 business deal that went wrong, its a shame.

Serial fraudster indeed!

Serial fraudster indeed! Where are the Ministers, Governors, Dishonourable memnber of House of Rep and Asseblies, the crooked senators et al. You guysmake me laugh. You are real international jesters in Efcc.

Misplaced Priority

EFCC! You are trying your best. I understand that the major problem lies between politicians and the hopeless judiciary. Its always not good to cheat, but this poor gentleman is hustling to survive and being locked up while those gigantic thieves walks Scot free. Wallahi!!! God will never leave this to continue.

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