EFCC Press Release: EFCC Docks Micro-finance Bank’s Legal Adviser

By Wilson Uwujaren

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission today, May 10, 2013, arraigned the Company Secretary of E- Barclays Micro Finance Bank Limited, Abuja Oby Onwukeme before Justice Adeniyi Ademola Adetokunbo of the Federal High Court, Abuja on a one count charge of obstructing justice.

Onwukeme was alleged to have willfully declined to furnish the Commission with account information of one of her customers, Chief Paulinus Enendu of Pamadas and Sons Limited who was being investigated for obtaining money under false pretence and issuance of dud cheque to the tune of N4.2 million.

She had, despite repeated appeals and citing of Section 38 (2) (a) of the EFCC Establishment Act which relates to the crime of obstruction, maintained that her client’s lawyer wrote and informed her not to disclose the information to the Commission.

When the charge was read to her, she pleaded not guilty prompting the prosecution counsel, Maryam Aminu Ahmed to ask for a date for trial.
However, counsel to the accused person, C.O Achilike presented an oral bail application which was not opposed by the prosecution.

Justice Adetokunbo granted the accused person bail on self recognisance stating  that the accused must produce two passport photographs, an ID card and an undertaking signed by the Managing Director of E-Barclays Microfinance Bank, Pastor Kingsley Onuorah to produce her when needed by the court.

The charge read; “that you Oby Onwukeme being the Legal Adviser and Company Secretary of E-Barclays Micro Finance Bank Limited on or about the 21st day of January, 2013, at Abuja, within the jurisdiction of the Federal High Court of Nigeria, did willfully obstruct the officers of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in the exercise of their powers to seek and receive information on Account Number 4010074168 belonging to Pamamdas & Sons Limited, and thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 38 (2) (a) and punishable under Section 38 (2) (b) of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (Establishment) Act 2004”.

The case has been adjourned to the 8th and 9th of July, 2013.

Wilson Uwujaren
Ag. Head, Media & Publicity
10th May, 2013

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Sahara Reporter, why did you

Sahara Reporter, why did you indiscriminately publish the picture of a company secretary that has not been found guilty? Are you becoming a junk journalistic venture? The woman is following due process as the legal adviser of the bank and the secretary. In the banking industry, there is also something called bank secrecy. The privacy of the client has to be respected at all times. If EFCC has the legal power to look into someone's account, then it needs to be guaranteed without any flagrant infringement on people's fundamental rights. The man is accused of obtaining 4 million Naira in an illegal manner. Did he defraud anyone? If so, EFCC should deal with him. I can give EFCC the names of thousands of Nigerians at the helm of affairs, who have collectively defrauded ordinary Nigerians 500,000 Billion Dollars. Does EFCC want to go after such folks? Please answer me dear EFCC.

shameless EFCC and Sahara Reporters

when i saw the caption, the first thing that came to my mind is oh she has stolen some money! You mean a lady who is following her constitutional right can hounded down like a common criminal? To say that sahara reporters will join in the frenzy by publishing her pictures as if its that sensational. EFCC should just go and bury their head in the mud. no shame. what have they done to the real criminals out there. Nothing. So they so impotent that all they pursue now a honest citizens doing their job. Mscccccccccccchheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

re: she's going to build a church with the money

Surely, you don't know what you are saying.

Aboki Sanusi

@ Sanusi, Aboki like you. You no even read the news begin open you tribal mouth. Which is better - to open church or to be a "moof**cking" terrorist?

She is going to build a church

Sanis Yar Adua u are shamelessly a christophobia going by your comment. What has building a church or becoming a pastor got to do whith the high level of ignorance exhibited by EFCC officals by accusing the woman of obstruction in their investigation of an allegation. Perhaps in your ignorancee you failed to seek ccounsel before leaving the subject matter to dable into a completely unrelated matter.
You may have to be educated in the legal relationship between a banker and her customer.Note that the banker is under obligation to disclose the account information of a customer only under the following ccircumstances in that order:
1 With the customer's written consent
2 BY order of the court
3In the public interest
EFCC officials have no authority to undremine the court by failing to obtain a court order for disclosure of

customer's account information


I overheard someone saying that NASS has slashed EFCC 2013 budget (i.e. the yet to be implemented budget)and I was furious.

Mind me not, never knew that they are trying to wound up EFCC via starvation as they have now loss focus.

E-Barclays did not made data available, E-Barclays staff is being arrange in court.......

GOD dey ooooo

The prosecution of this woman

The prosecution of this woman and patently and manifestly unjust. What is her crime that she should have this unwarranted record? She was merely doing her job in the interest of her client and if that was interfering with EFFC investigations, how about obtaining a court order to effect the release of the records. And if there has been a crime committed, how about prosecuting the company she works for and not her personally. Sometimes I begin to wonder where the leaders of our institutions got their training. For no just cause, this innocent lady is being given an undue and bad publicity and woe betide her should she look for a new job...Google search will indicate an indictment of sorts in her profile. This is unfair. Just my 2 cents.

This is how a once useful and

This is how a once useful and powerful anti corruption agency has gone to the dogs. From a determined fight against corruption amongst the country's political elite that dip their greasy hands into the nations life blood, the EFCC is now a shadow of its former self. It is now chasing rats. And its Media & Publicity chief- Wilson Uwujaren is unashamed to post it's uneventful activities for our consumption. It's time to shut down the agency. It has outlived its usefulness. The present role that it plays can be comfortably handled by the existing judicial and other law enforcement agencies. It's has become a drain on our national resources and scourge on our collective conscience. The Government prefers to pay a slip service to checking corruption. Therefore, let corruption thrive as it may wish.


She has stolen the money to build a church and become a pastor. It will be venture switching from Public Money Swindling to Private Money Swindling through deceptive talks and concocting allegations and lies. A doctor becomes pastor, a lawyer becomes pastor, an engineer becomes pastor because the venture is more lucrative than any profession in terms of money making since most of these pastors now own private jets while a doctor or lawyer cannot buy a car with his legal earnings.

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