EFCC Press Release: EFCC Nabs Banker For Multiple Fraud

By Wilson Uwujaren

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has arrested one Onyekachi Nwosu, the relationship/account officer of a new generation bank in Enugu over a case of multiple conspiracies, forgeries and bank fraud involving over a hundred million naira.

The 33-year-old  native of Mbaise, Imo State is purported to have provided false information to his bank to facilitate the approval of a loan of N50 million to Floxy Aluminium Odiofele Products Limited in 2010.

The suspect claimed that Anyaso Chinedu, the managing director of Floxy Aluminium Odiofele Products, approached the bank for a N30 million loan facility but could not secure it because of insufficient collateral. He claimed that a non customer, Femi Akintobi approached the bank for a N40 million facility and came with sufficient collateral which he then use to secure a N50 million loan from which Akintobi got N40 million while Floxy Aluminium  was given N10 million.

Akintobi allegedly defaulted in repaying the forty million naira while the collateral was discovered to have been forged.

However, Nwosu admitted that he initiated the loan request and that the bank was unaware of the arrangement between himself, Femi Akintobi and Floxy Aluminium.

In a related development,  Nwosu is alleged to have connived with one Nnamdi Mezue to defraud his bank of N36.8 million in another crooked loan scheme. Under the pretext of helping Mezue to fund his account to enable him secure a UK visa, Nwosu approved a temporary overdraft for him, after extracting a commitment from Mezue to withdraw the funds from his account and hand over to him (Nwosu).

Nwosu then credited Mezue’s account with N36 million and later withdrew the money with cheques Mezue had signed and given to him.

The suspect will soon be arraigned in court.

Wilson Uwujaren
Ag. Head, Media & Publicity
25th April, 2013

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There is one thing I want the

There is one thing I want the guy that submitted this post to realise 'what goes around comes around. Do you think rubishing your fellow man's image publicly like this when a competent court of law has not declared him guilty connotes prowess; well... Come to think of it, is this guy the only operative in this saga, what about the bank internal control system, so called professional managers who claim to be in guiding custody of the depositors' hard earned money. It will only be cheating if any judge sentence only this acused... others within that same bank are hiding; they all must be fished out if not the bank is not worth banking with.

The Bank's Licence should be Suspended.

In as much as I dont support this fraudulent practise of this crook, I strongly feel the bank's operating licence should be revoked for not having adequate intenal control & loan granting procedure except they are being economical with the whole tale. How on earth would a customer relationship officer ( Marketer) be able to unilaterally grants an unapproved loan( overdraft) to the tune of #35M and even credit the Customer's account. How did their software cum internal control allow his jointly having the banking operations access and loan approval access?

Meanwhile EFCC is a joke and this low level working class stealing will continue until we have an OGA AT THE TOP with serious anti corruption agenda.

efcc shame

when are we going to see our corrupt governors and ministers in pics like this?

Has he being declared quity?

This has nothing to do with tribe. This is the high level of professional misconduct punishable under the law. My only worry is the fact that our law enforcement agencies are now taken law int their hands. Suspect is deem innocent until he is proved quity in the court of law; while the display of his photograph with a script pasted on his chest? What happen if at the end of the day he is found not to be quity. I suggest we should rethink on how we treat ourself in this country. Thank you.

U r an idiot(most definitely

U r an idiot(most definitely uneducated maybe schooled but uneducated)

@ Anonymous

Another bastard who cannot not disclose him/herself, hiding under the cloak of anonymous...


This is the major reason why Nigeria will never advance as a nation. A situation where there is a pathological hatred for the Ibo pple even where pple of other tribe has done more worst thing is very unfortunate.

another Ibo thief in the net

another Ibo thief in the net

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