EFCC Press Release - Ikuforiji: Court Adjourns Sine Die

By Wilson Uwujaren

A  Federal High Court sitting in Lagos on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 adjourned indefinitely the trial of the  Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly, Adeyemi Ikuforiji.  Justice Okechukwu Okeke, in a short ruling, said that he was transferring the case file to the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court for re-assignment to another judge.

The trial judge had previously refused the request by the EFCC that he transfer the case to the Chief Judge for reassignment to another judge in view of the imminent retirement of his Lordship from the bench. Justice Okeke is due to exit the bench in May. Counsel to EFCC, Godwin Obla had argued that it would be impossible for the judge to conclude the case before he exits the bench.

But rather than withdraw from the trial, Justice Okeke promised accelerated hearing. He consequently chose 13 consecutive days for him to sit on the trial.

At the last court session, Obla wrote to the court indicating his desire to withdraw from the case. In the letter dated April 5, 2013 he noted that the manner the court fixed dates for the trial would deny him the opportunity to diligently prosecute the case.

Ikuforiji and his aide are expected to be re-arraigned when a new judge takes over the case.

Wilson Uwujaren

Ag. Head, Media & Publicity

24th April, 2013

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Please EFCC I have a very important question for you and the people of Nigeria. How many Government officials have you showed online for corruption? Only civilians? Try and do a better job please we are tired of all these flashing over the internet. Be mindful that we are not fools. Get those corrupt politicians and keep them behind bars, not civilians that are fighting for survival. And stop playing mouse and cat for us please.


Federal Civil Service Commission is a nest of corruption.Without bribe,eligible and qualified civil servants cant get promotion.There are cases in which civil servants have to buy brand new cars to official of the Commission before being promoted.The last promotion examination was conducted in atmosphere of curruption.If clerical officers are now selling appointment letters to job seekers,the FG is totally finished.The FG,security agencies and the national Assembly should not pretend not to know. The current news is a dent on the already dented image of the country. America has said it all that corruption is a way of life in Nigeria.The National Assembly is powerless to curb corruption in FCSC.How do you expect an armed robber to blame a pick pocket?

Justice Okeke's conduct is suspicious.

Justice Okechukwu's Okeke's conduct is suspicious and un-becoming. EFCC did the right thing by withdrawing the case from him. Once a Judge becomes this desperate and overzealous to hear a particular case, by all means, with just 6 weeks to that Judge's retirement, there's something else inducing him other than a quest for justice which any other Judge of the court equally has.

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