EFCC Press Release: Woman Arrested for Fraud

Mrs. Ekaete Ime Sam
By Wilson Uwujaren

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC has arrested one Mrs. Ekaete Ime Sam for alleged criminal conspiracy, breach of trust, forgery and obtaining money by false pretence.

Ekaete is alleged to have collected N830, 000 from one Jerry Ekezie, a clearing agent, under the pretext that she needed part of the money (N130, 000) to clear some goods at the Apapa Wharf and the balance to fund a N227million contract in Abuja.

The complainant, who claimed that he was introduced to the suspect in June 2013 by his pastor, noted that he didn’t suspect foul play until the woman demanded for another N1. 5million

In the course of investigation, Ekaete admitted forging a letter-head paper of the Federal Ministry of Commerce and Industry on which she typed the contract award letter. She claimed to have given all the money she collected from Jerry to one Shola Fayemi who is now at large.

Ekaete further revealed that Fayemi who is a herbalist with clinic at Bassa Airport Road, Abuja, heads the syndicate of fraudsters.    

The suspect is to be arraigned in court soon.

Wilson Uwujaren

Ag. Head, Media & Publicity

3rd July, 2013

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Is EFCC Now Acting In The Capacity of Ordinary Police?

This report begs the question "What is the responsibility of the Nigerian Police Force?" because this appears to be a criminal issue of fraud and theft. Has the NPF abandoned its responsibility for investigating and prosecuting common crimes for the EFCC? If yes, is the EFCC properly constituted, equipped and funded to perform this function? The point here is that the EFCC was created to go after big direct or indirect looters of the country treasury such as politicians and their gang of thieves and now they are going after common thieves. Is such diversion of focus planned or is it just mission creep that is letting the big looters get away with billions of dollars to the great detriment of the country?

EFCC Should be abolished

It's now very clear that EFCC are not empowered to go after these men who are the chieftains of corruption. I adjudge that it should be renamed Economic and Financial Crimes Conspiracy. Since the government conspires with these known crooks to defraud the country. The commission should rather be abolished since they cannot be empowered to go get the sacred cows. Mtcheeeeew!

I wonder what...

I wonder what is running through the veins of those who are against efcc for charging this woman, a thief is a thief, crime is crime no matter what the degree its only the court that can pronounce the level of punishment, more than 60% of comments above celebrating a thief simply because the feel its minor?, till tomorrow a lot of nigerian still says Ibori did nothing wrong? even after he owned up to the various crimes...do not be identify with crimes or criminals except you too is criminally minded.

How can I get to EFCC? I have

How can I get to EFCC? I have a similar case where someone collected about N600k with a claim to fund a contract more than a year ago whereas he promised to pay back in 2 months.

Is this news? Waste of my

Is this news? Waste of my time and airtime. Pray, go for the real fraudster Fayemi and set the poor woman free. At best, let her off with a stern warning, a fine or even community service. THEN WE'LL APPLAUD YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE.

....what a fallacy.checkmate

....what a fallacy.checkmate the corrupts politicains and political office holders.then,we can congratulate and celebrate you greatly.

Less than £4,000

What a sham. The EFCC displays a dishevelled old woman as being a major triumph in their fight against economic crime. The amount involved is less than £4k. How about Ibori, Babangida, Obasanjo, Dan Etete, Danjuma, Aiyela, Okonjo - Iweala, Ishaku Ibrahim, Tinubu, Alakija and hundreds of others that have brought Nigeria to her knees because of their corruption, theft and ineptitude, when are you going to display them?

final bus stop

Mugu fall guyman wak. You have that sense and failed woofully to common Babalawo. Too bad woman. Roast your ass in Kuje Prison.

EFCC is this your best shot?

If i were this woman, i will sue. I will bloody Sue the stupid EFCC. Shebi na de one wey una fit catch be dis? Poor woman. What you did was wrong but certainly not BIG enough to command a page on SR....

Shame on EFCC!!!

Shame on EFCC!!!


I supposed the woman has Phd in zooooooooology like Mr. Phd minus Intelligence who has talent enormously in stealing but has none at all in governance. Who has Nigeria ungovernable for him but has power to give contract to his kinsmen,divert contract from other part of Nigeria to his village,enforce state of emergency in some northern states where his enemies are situated,muzzle PDP for his personal ambition. According to some certificated illiterates wth the ethno-religious cancer in their brain whatever Jonathan is doing is as a result of making Nigeria ungovernable for him including releasing culprits from prisons.


That is a good attempt but try to do something on internet fraud. It is so rampant nowadays!


That is a good attempt but try to do something on internet fraud. It is so rampant nowadays!

She Was Not Arrested for Fraud...

she was arrested for looking so ugly. You can park a Mack truck in her nostrils. Thief! Ole!



Errant nonsense

Go after the big fish my friends. You gloat with fingerlings while the sharks and the barracudas are swimming free around you.



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