EFCC Release: N18b Scam: “You Have A Case To Answer”- EFCC Tells Akwe Doma

Aliyu Doma
N18b Scam: “You Have A Case To Answer”- EFCC Tells Akwe Doma

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC has told a Federal High Court sitting in Lafia, Nasarawa State and presided over by Honourable Justice   Marcel Awokulehin, that a former Nasarawa state governor, Aliyu Akwe Doma and six others standing trial on a 17 count criminal charge of laundering state funds totaling over N15 billion, have a case to answer and that their applications seeking to quash the case before the court lacked merit and should be struck out.

The other accused persons are Senator John Dangoyi, Abdulmumin Jibrin, Timothy Anthony Anjide, Dauda Egwa, Suleiman Ibrahim, Broworks Ltd and Green Forest Investment Ltd.

At the resumed hearing of the case on Monday May 21st, 2012,   Prosecution counsel, Dele Adesina, SAN who stood in for Kemi Pinhiero, SAN told the court that EFCC was opposing eight applications brought in by Doma and six other co-accused persons seeking to quash the case against them.   Counsel to all the accused persons excluding the 4thand 8th accused persons, S.I Ameh, SAN, had earlier moved a motion to quash the charges preferred against them.  Also, Counsel to Doma and Abdulmumin Jibrin, Charles Edosonwan, SAN, had  prayed the court to  discharge the accused persons  on the grounds that prosecution did not disclose the element of crime in the charge. “This is a criminal proceeding that ought not to proceed,” he stated.  He said the case was an attempt to criminalize government and that the trial was instituted because they once held government positions.   

 However, EFCC Counsel argued that the accused persons’ counsel should have brought the application to quash the case before their plea was taken.  He said that the case of Federal Republic of Nigeria vs. James Onanefe Ibori cited by the defense counsel was different from the case before the court. “My lord, Ibori’s case which is one of the authorities they are relying on is quite different from the case before your lordship because in that case, Ibori had not taken any plea unlike here where they had pleaded not guilty to the charges before you.”
  He said that by taking their plea, they have joined issues with the prosecution and have actually challenged the prosecution to prove the case for which they have been charged.  As to whether the charges are vague and ambiguous, Pinhiero urged the court to look at its record which showed that the accused persons having pleaded not guilty to the charges cannot go round to say the charges they listened to is now vague and ambiguous.
 “Besides, the proof of evidence are clear that all the accused persons according to charge number 8 have flouted Section 14 (1) (a) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2004 as their action clearly shows elements of conversion and concealing,” Pinhiero stated.

He went on to disclose how the statements of some of the accused persons namely the 2nd  and 5th showed their connectivity with 15% of $89.5m contract that was awarded to Incapint Nigeria Limited.  The said percentage,  totalling over N1.5 billion according to the prosecution, was raised in the name of the 5th accused person through a UBA Manager Cheque and supposed to have been paid to Incapint Nigeria Limited but was paid to a Unity Bank account belonging to the 7th accused person.

In separate statements, both of them acknowledged receiving monies as part of the deal. While the 2nd accused person  Senator John Dangoyi confirms a “15% Largesse to Incapint Nigeria Limited,” the 5th accused Dauda Egwa admitted he received what he said was;  “My share of One Hundred and Thirty Million Naira (N130 million) which was paid to me in two Cheques of N110 million and N10 million respectively.”

The judge, after ruling that Doma and his co-accused persons have a case to answer, adjourned the case till June 11th, 2012


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Awoku what?

Nigeria is a sick country. The Chuef Justice of the Federation must resign NOW, if thieving and disHONOURABLE inJUSTICE Awokulehin is still judging cases in Nigeria!!!

What a shameless country! I am ashamed to be a Nigerian.

This Judiciary stinks to high heavens

The bible and all religious books say truth and righteousness exalt a nation. Nigeria is aggressively warring against the two. With the sentencing of Ibori in a British court, on wonders for how long the Nigerian Judicial Council(NJC) would sit idle and allow a judge like Awokulehin to remain on the bench.
From every angle, Awokulehin has a case to answer over his acquittal of Ibori and his continued stay on the bench is a stain on the fabric of judiciary in Nigeria. This is sickening and tiring. One begins to wonder if they would be buried with all the blood monies being made by Nigerians. Even, with the honest money made, no one has ever taken a dime with him in death. My countrymen are twisted, stupid and moronic.

Yoths Face your Future to be Happy

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Ignore them and build on your Talents, this world will still favour you. One Secret is:
"Destiny beckons on the youths to change the World
Irony is:
Youths are waiting for Elders to change the world.
But the Truth is:
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Was Akpabio's Introduction!!!!!!

Cash And Carry Judge Marcel Awokunlehin was introduced to James Ibori by Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State. By that time, Akpabio, Ibori, were working together to frustrate somebody in Aso Rock. Till date Awo(Awokunlehin) as he is fondly called by Godswill remains one of Gov. Akpabio's Private Consultants on Legal Matters.

The Nigerian Judiciary is in shambles. A judge like Marcel Awokunlehin should have been shown the exit door. I don't think Akwe Doma will be able to pay his(Awokunlehin) bill so expect Akwa Doma to be found guilty. Thats 9ja justice of Cash And Carry.

Justice and Marcel Awokulehin

It is absurd that the same Marcel Awokulehin who set James Ibori free from his corruption charges is presiding over another corruption trial of another former governor!
How much is he going to be paid before setting Aliyu Doma free?
It looks as if we are going to make this guy very rich before the London judiciary gets him one way or the other.

Jonathan's "Get Out Of Jail" Card in Awokulehin

This Rogue Dishonourable Justice Marcel Awokulehin cannot still be allowed to seat over cases in Nigeria after the Ibori saga?

Jonathan's government neither CONDEMMED NOR BERATED Awokulehin after the clearly compromising judgment against Ibori. Even dictator rigimes would have reassured the masses after that blunder.

This goes to show that Jonathan (and the other political gangsters) see rogue judges like Awokulehin as "Get Out Of Jail" cards should they be required in years to come.

Politicians have long known the corrupt judges likely to offer "Indefinite Injunctions" and "Supernatural Court Discharge" at a price. When in power, the have conviniently left these judges in position of authority should their services be required later.

Favourable judgments for Kalu, Atiku, Bankole, etc where engineered years ago. They are just now reaping the fruits of their long term investment.


These are the lazy northerns who want to be president of Nigeria.These people are only good at stealing, killing, marrying to 8 old year old girls and producing jihadists. How will Nigeria move forward with these animals?

Honourable Justice Marcel Awokulehin

The same useless and robbing Judge - Honourable Justice Marcel Awokulehin. The same thief that let the criminal Ibori off the hook. Nigeria is a big joke.

This one too will be settled by British courts

Marcel Awokulehin of the Ibori 170 count acquittal fame will see to it that all the counts against the thieving governor are struck out

EFCC Release

Is this a joke? Is this judge still a presiding judge in NIgeria? Nigeria is doomed. Is that not the judge that freed Ibori of 170 counts and now Ibori pleading guilty not to go on trial. Nija, na waoooooh.

Awokunlehin again

Why is this Awokunlehin still in the system? Honestly, Nigerians are shameless. Any society that has lost the sense of shame is a disgrace to the human race.
This clown of a judge only said he has a case to answer so his bribe would be greater.
Watch him declare the guys not guilty after the pay him his egunje.
Shameless Nigerians

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