Electoral Violence And Slain 10 NYSC Members: Partial Compensation Without Prosecution Is Not Justice

Funeral service for one of the corpers killed during the post 2011 electoral violence in Nigeria
By Sam Itodo

Abuja, Nigeria: Monday 1 July 2013 - The Secretary to the Government of the Federation SGF, has responded to the FOIA request made by a group of Youth organizations to release the report on the state of payment of compensation to the families of the deceased youth corps members who were slain in Bauchi state during 2011 elections and the status of the prosecution of those arrested in relation to their gruesome murder.  A similar request was also made to the National Youth Service Corps and the Independent National Electoral Commission but neither of the two offices has responded to the request.

On April 23, 2013, a group of youth organizations: Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth & Advancement (YIAGA), Centre for Public Policy & Research (CPPR), Cybercrimes Awareness & Fiscal Accountability Foundation (CAFA), Human Rights Volunteer Initiative (HURVI) and Youth Hub Africa, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (2011),  made a request to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) demanding the release of the report of the state of payment of compensation to the families of the deceased youth corps members who were slain in Bauchi state during 2011 elections and the status of the prosecution of those arrested in relation to their gruesome murder.

In his response, the SGF provided a report with detailed information on the state of the payment of compensation. The report states that on May 10, 2011, the following compensation was paid to each of the families of the ten slain corps members during the 2011 post-election violence in Bauchi State:

1. The sum of Five Million Naira (N5, 000,000) ;
2. The sum of 100,000 as transport fare for the representatives of the families to come to Abuja;
3. The Sum of One Million Naira (N1, 000,000) as NYSC Insurance Cover.

However, there was no mention of the automatic employment for siblings of the deceased NYSC members into the Federal Civil Service. Recall that the Federal government at a special session hosted in the villa by President Jonathan in 2011, promised as compensation automatic employment for siblings of the deceased corps members into the federal civil service.

The SGF had in a memo dated 8th May, 2013 and signed by Mr Charles Bonat, Permanent Secretary (GSO), requested the groups to contact the National Youth Service Corps Directorate Headquarters which handled the payment of the compensation to the families of the ten (10) slain Corps members.

In compliance with the SGF’s directive, the groups in a letter dated 4th June 2013, forwarded another memo to the Director General, National Youth Service Corp, Brig-Gen Nnamdi Okore-Affia notifying him of the SGF’s directive that the groups should follow-up on the FOIA request at the directive since the NYSC handled the payment of the compensation to the families of the ten (10) slain corp members.

It is worthy of note that the groups previously sent a FOIA request to the NYSC DG’s office demanding information on the status report on the payment of compensation to the families of the dead corp members. Despite the 7 days stipulated period under section 4 of the FOI Act 2011, the DG NYSC has consistently ignored FOIA request forwarded to his office.

Photocopies of Oceanic Bank cheques, e-Payment Mandate Form to Unity Bank, copies of internal and external memos on the payment were attached as annexures to the report.

Speaking on behalf of the youth groups, the Head of Research, Policy & Advocacy, YIAGA, Samson Itodo, commended the Secretary to the Government of Federation for obeying the law by providing the information requested. According to him, the SGF is setting a good precedent that other public institutions should emulate. The Freedom of Information Act, 2011 is an enforceable law in Nigeria hence our avowed conviction that every public institution or agency must respect the law at all times.

He expressed the disappointment of the youth group in the Independent National Electoral Commission for failing to provide information sought using the FOIA on the status of prosecution of electoral offenders. Section 150 of the 2010 Electoral Act vests the power to prosecute electoral offences in the Commission. In recognition of this statutory provision, the groups forwarded a FOIA request to the Commission in April 2013 demanding a status report on the prosecution of those arrested in connection with the death of the 10 NYSC members who were killed while on national election duty. Till date, INEC has failed to respond to the FOIA request. It is important to note that the continuous non-disclosure of the requested information by the Commission is a violation of the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, 2011.

It is obvious that INEC has not satisfactorily performed the responsibility vested on it by virtue of Section 150, Electoral Act, 2010 to prosecute electoral offences. It is worthy of note that the Chairman of INEC, Professor Attahiru Jega, on numerous occasions proclaimed INEC’s lack of capacity to prosecute electoral offenders which accounts for the Commission inability to undertake timely prosecution of offenders.

The group called for the passage of an Electoral Offenses Commission Bill that seeks to establish an Electoral Offences Commission saddled with the responsibility of investigation and prosecution of electoral offenses thus relieving INEC of the onerous task of prosecuting electoral offense. This is consonance with the recommendation of the Justice Uwais Electoral Reform Committee.

As we match towards the 2015 elections we will continue to stimulate discourse on the continued involvement of NYSC members in the management of elections. While we support INEC’s decision to use NYSC members for the 2015 elections, we will not hesitate to resist through civil means any attempt by the Commission to deploy young people for elections, if their safety and security is not guaranteed.

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Why is it that no one is

Why is it that no one is talking about d compensation to d injured as promised by d president which should include automatic employment under the federal civil service.these promises are overdue cos we have waited over 2years.please we would like to hear about it.08036658110


May the curse of Allah be upon you one million times nonsense idiot stupid

tundemess don mess up again for buhari

Are u saying the youth corpers who were killed on the orders of Buhari should not be compensated abi? The issue of Sultans and emirs releasing murderers in Nigeria is as old as the country itself. Don't forget that it was Buhari who ordered his backers from Niger Republic to hack those who voted for Jonathan to death-Are u not aware that the killings in Plateau started long b4 jona-became president Jonathans victory -was Awo not stoned in the North in the early 50s-that is their way of life-they eat from u when hungry but when u are in need of their help that is when the fulanis open their true colors to you-hence the need for us to distance ourselves from them and their cohorts in the south

@Deri and other crumbies: Why is GEJ reluctant on justice ?

@Deri and other crumbies

If Buhari did it according to you, should Buhari also arrest and prosecute himself ? Why can't your drunk President do his job fearlessly ?

The truth is that PDP and Dumbo sponsored the mayhem hence their eagerness for monetary compensation and their reluctance on pursuing justice! He swore by the constitution to defend the poor. How is he doing that now? Azazi, who should know claimed Boko Haram is rooted in PDP and yet GEJ sacked him. PDP senator arrested for sponsoring Boko Haram is walking free; thanks to PDP. VP Sambo's friend arming Boko Haram has disappeared while Dumbo hugs the bottle.

News Worthy.... Thank you, SR.

Please, d FG should fully compensate families as promised.

They should be compensated

They should be compensated handsomely by Buhari who killed them. He will also unleash his boko haram in 2015 after Jona beats him again. He will decamp from APC and form another party, PPM or CCP or even IED (all na party), after losing come 2015. Buhari is a serial loser and a shameless old man.

5 Million naira is not enough

Five million naira is not enough as compensation for each of youth corper victims. If the family of Boko Haram leader, Yusuf who is terorrist and as useless in the world as his "prophet" Mohammed can be compensated as much as 100 million naira, what prevents the Federal Government from compensating the family of these young corpers from receiving at least 2 billion naira each?

Vampire Mohammed's men will not be prosecuted..

Vampire Mohammed's men will not be prosecuted because Attorney General is muslim, Yuguda who killed them because he said he was not treated well when he served in the south is a muslim and it happened in the animal kingdom. Tell me how you can get justice for these young people, eventhough their parents spent millions of naira to raise them so that they would not be wasted generation like the northern muslim children.

The 10 Slain NYSC members?...NO! Those killed by Buhari are more

Those killed by the unproductive & vampire North just because a United SS&SE citizen won elections are more than just 10. They were over 31. The list include those whose buses were stopped on the highway even as they attempted escaping. These killings have been on for decades since the 1960s. From Kaduna to Hezbolah Kano, to Maiduguri, Kebbi, Zamfara & the who North, the peoples of the South have long become endangered species who must be slaughtered at will. Yet, bcos of my oil & gas, idiots from even the South continue to prostrate for the Hausa North & hold meetings of allignment and/or allegiance. Is this patriotism, trepidation or cowardice? They enter into churches & shoot Professors, students, Pregnant women dead. They go abroad & behead a soldier, giving us - the SS&SE a bad name by their Terrorist actions. Nigeria has no business being a country. Its long over due for 7 countries.

buhari should be prosecuted for those killings

Buhari who dared d FGN to arrest him if they can over the incident, should be held responsible for the killings. Sadly Fulanis like Buhari don't go to jail in 9ja! Cause of d support he enjoys from the Fulani extremist groups in Boko Haram which slayed d youths corpers ati 9jas in Borno, Kaduna, kano, Bauchi and North Central. Buhari believes that the Tuaregs backing him from Mali wld invade 9ja should he be arrested. Again rather than have 9jas call for the prosecution of Buhari, they are hiding under the babariga of Islamic parties like APC and boko haram, to deceive us. A party which has the likes of Yerima, who introduced sharia law in Zamfara state as a leading figure needs not the sympathy of 9jas. Not single murderer of 9jas in Plateau, has ever been prosecuted. When caught they are often handed over to the sultans and emirs-yet they tell me they want to form their own Islamic party in the fulani North 4 Buhari again b4 2015-with Amaechi as head-I laugh!

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