Goodluck Jonathan's Presidential Address On The Implementation Of The Deregulation Policy-EMBARGOED


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  Presidential Address On The  Implementation Of The Deregulation Policy In The Downstream Sector Of The Petroleum Industry, Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dear Compatriots,
1.    This is the second time in two weeks I will address you on the deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector. In the last seven days, the nation has witnessed a disruption of economic activities.  Although, the economic imperatives for the policy have been well articulated by government, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) went ahead to declare a nationwide strike.
2.    There was also near-breakdown of law and order in certain parts of the country as a result of the activities of some persons or groups of persons who took advantage of the situation to further their narrow interests by engaging in acts of intimidation, harassment and outright subversion of the Nigerian state. I express my sympathy to those who were adversely affected by the protests.
3.    At the inception of the deregulation policy, Government had set up the Justice Alfa Belgore Committee to liaise with Labour and other stakeholders to address likely grey areas in the policy, but despite all our efforts, Labour refused the option of dialogue and also disobeyed a restraining order of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria.
4.    However, following the intervention of the Leadership of the National Assembly, and other well-meaning Nigerians, Labour accepted to meet with government, but this yielded no tangible result.
5.    It has become clear to government and all well-meaning Nigerians that other interests beyond the implementation of the deregulation policy have hijacked the protest. This has prevented an objective assessment and consideration of all the contending issues for which dialogue was initiated by government. These same interests seek to promote discord, anarchy, and insecurity to the detriment of public peace.
6.    Government appreciates that the implementation of the deregulation policy would cause initial hardships and commends Nigerians who have put forth suggestions and credible alternatives in this regard. Government also salutes Nigerians who by and large, conducted themselves peacefully while expressing their grievances. Let me assure you that government will continue to respect the people's right to express themselves within the confines of the law and in accordance with the dictates of our democratic space.
7.    Government will continue to pursue full deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector. However, given the hardships being suffered by Nigerians, and after due consideration and consultations with state governors and the leadership of the National Assembly, government has approved the reduction of the pump price of petrol to N97 per litre. The Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) has been directed to ensure compliance with this new pump price.
8.    Government is working hard to reduce recurrent expenditure in line with current realities and to cut down on the cost of governance. In the meantime, government has commenced the implementation of the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment projects: including the Federal Government- assisted mass transit programme which is already in place, and job creation for the youth. 
9.     Furthermore, the legal and regulatory regime for the petroleum industry will be reviewed to address accountability issues and current lapses in the Industry. In this regard, the Petroleum Industry Bill will be given accelerated attention. The report of the forensic audit carried out on the NNPC is being studied with a view to implementing the recommendations and sanctioning proven acts of corruption in the industry.
10.                       Let me assure Nigerians that this administration is irrevocably committed to tackling corruption in the petroleum industry as well as other sectors of the economy. Consequently, all those found to have contributed one way or the other to the economic adversity of the country will be dealt with in accordance with the law.
11.                       My dear compatriots, I urge you to show understanding for the imperatives of the adjustment in the pump price of petrol and give government your full support to ensure its successful implementation. I further appeal to Nigerians to go back to work and go about their normal duties as government has made adequate arrangements for the protection of life and property throughout the federation.
12.                       Government will not condone brazen acts of criminality and subversion. As President, I have sworn to uphold the unity, peace and order of the Nigerian State and by the grace of God, I intend to fully and effectively discharge that responsibility.  Let me add that we are desirous of further engagements with Labour. I urge our Labour leaders to call off their strike, and go back to work.
13.                       Nigeria belongs to all of us and we must collectively safeguard its unity.
14.                       Thank you. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Federal Republic of Nigeria

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ashamed or our ethnocentrism

Honestly it a shame on ppl who stil hav faith in nigerian govt for sme selfish reasons,sme of u are surportin him bcs of religion or whr he cmes frm,I pity us,u tink any of doz reliogios leaders and political leaders care abt us?? No one doz,thy jst keep usin us,yet u fight for dem...hw can we trust jonatan again?? Wat did he do wit over 40bilion dolars for jst 1 and half year in office?? And wat did 0bilion cudnt do dt 8bilion wil?

to this camel dick

Hey you punk!! Let me tell your what you must know loser! 95% of nigerians are poor that's if you sufficiently educated to code tha I mean.. So for that we don't have any class segregation.. We all belong to 3rd class. We gatta work it way forward by election majority leaders.. A minority is a minority so let's decline any of their existance in politics.. As for this bastard ebele.. Your days are numbered u daft.

the poor suffer the most

My fellow niggas, its so sad that the country situation is like this.But when we look into this matter critically, the poor are loosing more.Note corruption has its root in this nations chaos.If revolution will take place then war must be it. Bcos we will loose friends, relatives,etc who in govt.South sudan has started newly with a high currency value, we better split this country.can we do it? No, we are too weak for it for ther will b great looses.which means we have to manage the govt of the day or start revolution of war.

Na God go punish U̶̲̥̅̊ for

Na God go punish U̶̲̥̅̊ for supporting the idiot Egbere badlock Jonathan. G̶̲̥̅̊♁ die with him

Answer to the questn of those who sed we shud support GEJ

I think those who are saying GEJ with his stupid policy are big fool like him.. Talking about smuggling of the product as a case study.. Can that idiot tell me why we have customs at every ports and borders.. And for the fool that said if we didn't accept #97 we shud be trekking, I'm very sure u re GEJ's broda or sista... Bird of a feather that flocks together..

welldone Jona.

U all shud use ur brain nd not ur head on this Coz u might be mislead by the taste in ur mouth or things ur eyes sees...JONATHAN IS HEARTLESS..even if u mean well nd now seein people dying of ur unknown goodwill in which several leaders like u had deceived us..u shud at least be a genius nd find other way to make things right..u are a lucifa,we don't need u.. .middle finger for u.gej



Durin uwarka badluck

Durin uwarka badluck illitrate.. As a minority u gana remain a dick and a loser you confused dog.

military shld tak ova n put jonathan's head on a spike

Jonathan is a puppet..A man with a purpose n a man witout one r 2 different tins..the late president had a purpose n hence his policies tht affected the lives of many..jonathan ws carried and supportd by the goons in nigeria to front for nigerians shldnt xpect anytin frm a puppet..all I'm sayin is for nigerians to come together and fight to liberate ourselves frm this modern day slavery

We say no to 97naira

We do not agree to 97naira, govt. should take it back to 65naira , cos they has other ways of settling the subsidy, the government should take over the importation of fuel themselves, so they will stop paying those eating the subsidy money. How can govt pay 18naira minimum wage and u expect people to buy fuel @ N97. GEJ do u want to kill all the poor people who are still managing themselves. Steady light u promised has not worked, so how do U xpect us to believe dat wat u want to do is for good? Just serve the people who voted you in well and stop being silly. GEJ cut down your salary and dat of ur house of assembly and all ur domestic allowances.

call off the strike

U fools who does not have brain. GEJ is taking a bold step to step all those greedy corrupt nigerians looting our oil in the name of impotation ripping us huge amount of money. Meanwhile has started fighting them yet some1 will be talking rubbish. Ple leave GEJ alone.

NLC not functioning

NLC is on strike for fuel subsidy removal, Y have they not done anything about persuading the government on the issue of getting the refineries working at at least 85% production level, building of industries to take care of the unemployed youths roaming around in the street,all the do is minimum wage protest to enrich themselves while the poor masses suffer.

stop complaining and start reasoning.

If u are not a fool,don't u knw dat n person wit sense knws dat u strike or attack wen sum1 is week,so d lack of action on d part of d mumu Boko Haram persons,means dat dey are also feelin d effect of his policy. Coming 2 d issue @ hand,I undastand dat Nigerian need 4 GGovernment 2 b transparent and dat is not d fault of Mr. President,he is tryin 2 tackle dat,he cannot just wake up and slash d salaries of oda's,dis na Nijja,u wan make dem kill am. Try and. B reasonable.

y cant we cut cost on government allowances

Let's stop fullin ourselves, all dis food allowances,flowers n d likes, are we not wastin money or the president and the crew does nt know they are spending lavishly,@ Obama white house he pays for food by himself not the country money.I think there is stil much work to do not only on dis fuel subsidy


If the only way you can express yourself is by using 'gutter language' then you opinion is without valueand your reputation would be deemed accordingly.

If you are displeased please let us resort to intelligent dialogue rather than insaults. You cannot convince people with vilgarity

shame on u

Its a shame u choose 2 cme hre n show ur very high level of illiteracy n lack of gud home training...if u can remove him na from being d president if dey put u thr uld do ni beta...arrant nonsense

Badluck jonathan

If by now our so called president can't listen to the oice of the people then he should resign or b imbeached.What a shoe less president.v

You try jare....With God by ur side who wan try?

One with God is majority,jonathan ur God sent keep on riding on eagles wings in this year of comeback.please mek u dey watch TB Joshua ministeries 4 prophetic messages.God bless nigerians..

y cant we cut cost on government allowances

Let's stop fullin ourselves, all dis food allowances,flowers n d likes, are we not wastin money or the president and the crew does nt know they are spending lavishly,@ Obama white house he pays for food by himself not the country money.I think there is stil much work to do not only on dis fuel subsidy

Economy of the Jungle

no matter the economy of the jungle, i can never eat grass. it is not pride. it is just who i am- i am a lion.
me i don call of strike ahead of NLC/ TUC pronoucement.

dear whatever

9jira is a problem that has problems within its problem;its until the governments recognize the fact that removing subsidy is not a reasonable way to solve 9jiria's problem,but to see into re-volutionalizing the local govt structures cause it is the most efficient+effective+relivant means to tackle 9jiria's problem,cus it is the closest govt to the people and nt D federal govt.........this D most efficient thing for the FG to do now,or else I c 9jiria heading for a WAR. What we need is a revolution in nigeria.

We need truthful leaders

We least expected d deceit from d Govt. We expected that removal of subsidy would have been done as stated last year, that is to commence in April 2012. With what has happened now how do d masses trust Govt?

trust is earned, its not

trust is earned, its not taken by force.
everything in the speech is I will do, I will do...
We dont trust u anymore.
Your first two years as president, all you have done is rubbish and nonsense statements.
Why you nor like us Jona, why? wetin we do u?
N65 or nothing. go and find somewhere else to save money from

#65 or nothing

You asking what we want? We want for now #65 or nothing b4 any form of compromise. This has been happening for years and we want an end to it. We know GEJ is working and is still gonna work more but let him revert first to #65 then we'll move forward. God bless Nigeria.

65 or nothing

Have heard some people say we are too rigid.can u pls ask ur govt where is d profit from deregulation on diesel and AGO.on 65 we stand.even on 65 they are still making so much money.I did not hear in his speech that he was going to reduce recurrent expenditure so that we can have more money for capital expenditure.Jonathan has failed us 2 ways about it.Wanker!

GEJ,jst rmba dt Ʋr nt greater

GEJ,jst rmba dt Ʋr nt greater dan our GOD...same way pharoah perish,Ʋ shall perish...

did he gave us a chance

Nigerian a quick to follow emotions,that is why we can't stand for out right. Did Jonathan gave Nigeria chance before he inflated more pains on us? If he has to donate his kidney he will have to. And stop insulting people because most people using this media are learned.your president should respect Nigerian who can't speak for themselves.


Nigeria's portion from that money is not 100% but based on Production sharing contract. That money is shared between the oil companies (e.g. Shell, Agip, etc.) and Nigeria. Please go and do more home work, b4 u put things on the web and bring confusion.

#65 or nothing

You asking what we want? We want for now #65 or nothing b4 any form of compromise. This has been happening for years and we want an end to it. We know GEJ is working and is still gonnaa work more but let him revert first to #65 then we'll move forward. God bless Nigeria.


Honestly, the subsidy policy is a good one but the problem we have with the govt is corruption. How can we trust the govt to use the money from the subsidy justly. What did they do with the money gotten from the removal of diesel subsidy???.
My fellow nigerians, from independence till nw, our govt has been a leech to d economy's resources. How will a few eat wat is meant for 160 million pple!!! They done nothing to earn our trust. If govt officials salaries are drastically slashed, only pple who're willing to serve the pple with run for the offices. Also, our judiciary system is thrash. In america, there're also corrupt pple in the govt but if you're caught, U MUST PAY "ADEQUATELY" for your CRIMES!!!

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