How Prof. Charles Soludo Sent Thugs To Disrupt My Sister's Burial-Dora Akunyili

Following reports of fracas at the burial of Dora Akunyili's sister in Anambra she  sent out  this press statement from her father’s compound at Nanka, Anambra State.
See Dora Akunyili's statement below:

“I came down to my village to join my family, relations and well wishers to pay my last respect to my late sister Gloria but unknown to me, my family and invited guests, a large number of thugs loyal to Prof. Charles Soludo were carefully organized to disrupt my participation in my sister’s burial ceremony. I have never seen the number of thugs I saw on Friday in any event. The thugs were also instructed to embarrass my invited guests. As you may be aware, Prof. Charles Soludo is marrying my late elder sister’s daughter Nonye. So we are in-laws, but since he lost the last gubernatorial election in Anambra State, Prof. Soludo has singled me out as the source of his failure to win the election, and he convinced my sister to believe that I was the cause of his failure. All efforts by people to make him understand that I alone cannot make him Governor have failed. So he brought that anger, grudge and frustration to the burial of his mother in-law who is also my elder sister. All arrangements made by me and my other siblings to receive guests at Isuofia, where my late sister was residing (which is also Soludo’s village) were vandalized by Soludo’s hired thugs. They followed this up with text messages of blackmail to my guests, friends and well wishers. When the environment in Isuofia became too insecure, tense and hostile, I quietly relocated to my father’s compound at Nanka which is few kilometres away just to avoid trouble. But Soludo’s thugs also trailed us to my own village Nanka to commence trouble but the security agents quietly dismissed them.

I want to remark that my late sister Gloria was a very peaceful, Godly and well brought up woman. While she was alive, I enjoyed her love and friendship as a sister no matter what Soludo and his hired thugs think. Because of this, even in death, I will do nothing to dishonour her because what Soludo and his thugs has done is to dishonour her but God has taken control. I therefore wish to thank all my invited guest for their understanding and the church for their prayers and co-operation.”

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PEACE, PEACE, PEACE,....... My respected profs.

In times like this, it is not

In times like this, it is not always good to conclude because we were not there. God knows what had initiated this quarrel and I pray for mutual understanding among them so as to settle.



sssssssssssooooooooooolllllluuuuuddddddoooooooooooo you are very syupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a big thief ole eeeeeeeeefffffffffccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc were are u . who do u think u are if dora stand can u stand .u stupid illitrate.were are ur family members stinji he goat

•Why Is Soludo Fighting A Woman?
How can Prof. Charles Soludo descend so low as to be fighting his sister – in – law, Prof. Dora Akunyili, who is older than him by at least six years? What kind of am impudent man is this? Why will Soludo not become the godfather of all thugs in the South East, when he is left scotfree after desroyng our banking industry an looting CBN’s treasury?

•Why Is Soludo Fighting A Woman?
How can Prof. Charles Soludo descend so low as to be fighting his sister – in – law, Prof. Dora Akunyili, who is older than him by at least six years? What kind of am impudent man is this? Why will Soludo not become the godfather of all thugs in the South East, when he is left scotfree after desroyng our banking industry an looting CBN’s treasury?

Soludo Is A Thief
Anyone who has any doubt that Charles Soludo has “consolidated” away our national treasury in his private pockets should go and behold the architectural wonder which Soludo has acquired in London, Off Kilburn Road. Where did he get the money from? Farida Waziri’s EFCC should find out.

•EFCC Should Arrest Soludo Now!
During the PDP Primaries leading to the last Anambra Governorship elections, story has it that the arrogant Prof. Charles Soludo offered his fellow contestants the sum of 10million dollars each to forget their aspirations. Now he has acquired a huge mansion, in London’s highbrow Kilburn Road area. How long will this man who destroyed Nigeria’s banking industry and looted the CBN treasury be allowed to flaunt his ill – gotten wealth?

•Where Did Soludo Get The Money With Which He Bought A Mansion Off Kilburn Road In London?
There is a multimillion pound mansion off Kilburn Road in London’s rich neighborhood. The owner of the house is Prof. Charles Soludo, former CBN Governor now turned Isuofia thug. This is one of the numerous houses SOLUDO owns in western capitals. Where did he get the money to acquire them from? Clearly the man was looting our treasury while shouting Consoludotion (banking consolidation). No wonder the programme has destroyed our banking industry.

•Prof. Charles Soludo Is The Thief of Baghdad
Can Soludo please tell us where he got the money with which he acquired the multimillion pound mansion off Kilburn Road in highbrow London? Only a few years ago, Soludo was a poor lecturer with a thin neck. Now he has become a multi millionaire in every currency. It is obvious where his sudden wealth came from: he colluded with the thieving bank CEOs whom he should have been regulating to steal depositors’ funds in addition to looting CBN’s treasury.

The thugs that disrupted the reception for the burial of Dora's sister wore T-Shirts with Soludo Fan Club inscription on them. When will Soludo change?

Professor Charles Soludo is a failed politician and that was why he transferred his frustration on the hapless Dora.

Professor Soludo is at it again. He foisted a sick bank on Nigerians and showered praise on them until Mallam Sanusi exposed them. He wanted to be governor but the Anambra did not consider him good enough to lead them. Last week Friday,attempted to no avail to harss Prof. Dora Akunyili with his thugs. I think this Soludo is a failure and must be careful.

Not even 10 Professor Soludo can diminish Dora, the rising star!

I like the sound of it: Soludo equals the godfather of thugs!

My verdict: Soludo is wrong. what he did is objectionable. i have read most of the comments and i think soludo should have execrised more restraint. Thugs at a burial? there is no way you can defend that!

Soludo has just lost my vote forever. harrassing a poor woman

I am curious. so dora and soludo are related by marriage. but is it compulsory that your inlaw would support u in gubernatorial bid? no. soludo should let sleeping dogs lie. if he continues this way, he is never going to win any election in anambra

Soludo should spare dora the harassment. it is unimaginable how he has sunk within a short time. to think that he used to be my hero. now, he is the patron of thugs. who do we look up to in thos country?

This story reminds me of what soludo did to the banks. the question is why is he not in jail? if this were a different country, he should have been arrested and sent to prison. to think that he became the pdp gubernatorial candidate in anambra! what kind of a party is that. May god help us in this country.

I concur, soludo is a common thief and a criminal. he should go and face what he did at the cbn.... By now, he should be in jail. to think that he had the guts to contest for an elective office in nigeria. just imagine!

This despicable act by soludo marks his downfall in the anambra politics. i have always had my suspicion about him. it has been comfirmed by his despicable action. may god forgive him!

Soludo is definetely not a gubernatorial material. he is the typical politician who uses power to feather his nest. how did he come about the billions of naira that he used during the campaign?

Now, he has descended so low that he is the patron of thugs! why cant we get it right in Nigeria

Professor Charles Soludo is a serial liar. He should not vent his anger and frustration on the innicent lady- Dora

It is abominable to have thugs at a solemn ceremony like a burial. it is a fact that akunyili could not have rented the group who destroyed her canopies. that leaves soludo as the likely suspect. why would he want to do that. probably bcos he is still smattering rom his defeat in the last election. but he should put that behind him and move on. blaming dora or godfathering thugs is not the ay to uild a formidable structure. Soludo is guilty as charged!

This is no longer a private matter since it was published in Tribune. After ruminating on it, I think soludo should have been more coureous to the minister. Instigating thugs against her is abominable. not at the burial of his mother-in-law!

@Jagun - The following is culled from my previous post "In fact, a lot of Nigerians here (forumites) are too quick to condemn and do not appraise issues properly. They toe the way of their so-called 'leaders' that they themselves criticise daily as not handling issues well, including sports, economic and policing decisions or strategies. There is no balance in their judgement...". You have just made my point. You accused Soludo of being a typical Politician, while you are guilty of being branded the same - No balanced judgement - on issues, on views or events, but blind followership.

Contd- I have no position on the matter, except that we should not have been subjected by Madam to a purely FAMILY feud. She exercised judgement error by this and by not dealing with it in the family circle. 2ndly, her account is unverified, and she did not confirm that Soludo sent the thugs. 3rdly, she writes (and talks) like she borrowed her Professorship, and she is timid, classless and unrefined. (I remember watching her defence to the accusation by one Canty Bello at the Senate Chambers on TV). And most of all, she writes poorly and it appears she is a product of a very bad educational foundation. Lastly, she is not suited for the Information Ministry post.

@Jagun - Re: "I have followed the matter closely...". How? Were you one of the thugs? Or did Soludo confirm this to you? Is this SOLOMON's judgement you have just applied here or you have been paid to say these things (as someone had earlier suggested)?. And as for your follow on statement "...I think...", this confirms my point that you are not even sure or certain, by thinking. Unless you were one of the thugs, I cannot understand how you came to your conclusion without hearing from Soludo...

soludo should hide his head in hame. this is a new low for him. fter destroying the banks, he has become the godfather of thugs.

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