JTF Recovers Shoulder Fired Anti-Aircraft Guns, Rocket Propelled Grenade Tubes And Several General Purpose Machine Guns From Boko Haram Fighters

By Sagir Musa

 JTF's Press Release: Update On Joint Task Force Special Operations In The Last Ten Days In Maiduguri

Based on information and intelligence report, series of operations were conducted by the Joint Task Force Operation RESTORE ORDER in the last ten days from in Borno State. The latest was the one conducted at Bulabulin, Bayern Quarters and Jajeri in Maiduguri metropolis between 3 – 8 pm yesterday Friday, 8 March, 2013.

During these operations under the period stated, there were exchange of fire that led to the death of 52 Boko Haram Terrorists including ten commanders of the sect. 70 terrorists were also arrested. In the period under review, the JTF lost 2 personnel, 3 were wounded and no civilian casualty was recorded. The under listed weapons, ammunition, uniforms and other items were recovered in yesterday’s operation;

a.    3 Anti Aircraft Guns
b.    10 Rocket Propelled Grenade Tubes
c.    3 General Purpose Machine Guns
d.    17 AK47 Rifles.  
    e.    3 G3 Rifles
    f.    1 Pistol (Lama)
g.    20 RPG Bombs
h.    12 RPG Chargers
i.    1x 36 Hand Held Grenade
    j.    1 Teargas Rifle    
k.    33 AK 47 Magazines
l.    11 FN Magazines
m.    3 G3 Magazines
n.    11,068 Assorted Ammunitions
o.    2 Techanical Vehicles with mounted Anti Aircraft Stands
    p.    1 Box of weapons cleaning kit
    q.    4 Swords and 2 Knifes
    r.    5 Walking Talkies
    s.    4 VHF Hand Held Sets
    t.    1 Multi Links Router
    u.    Assorted uniforms and kits

The Task Force wishes to thank members of the public particularly our moles in the Boko Haram’s Camp for giving us the information that assisted in the successes so far recorded. Thus, members of the public are reminded to continue to give credible and timely information to security agencies to combat insecurity through the following Hot Lines that are operational 24/7;
Lieutenant Colonel
JTF Spokesman

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each time i used to read smaller content that as well clear
their motive, and that is also happening with this post which I am reading at this place.


may the Almighty continue to strengthen you and your boy. may He also give you the wisdom to differentiate between the Boko Haramist and the civilian.

Well done JTF

Well done JTF more grace to your elbow. @ otile, no patriotic Nigerian will ever say what you said. I doubt if you are not one of them

For goodness sake JTF should

For goodness sake JTF should leave this people alone. There is no way they can defeat the combined forces of AlQuada, Baal,and Beelzebub who are aiding and abetting Boko Haram Mohammedans fighters. Get real, people.


Please I dont buy the idea of keeping all the arrested Boko Haram inside any custody, Please for the safety of this noble country any Person that was involve should be Kill Staright for the strenghten and progress of this country. I realy appreciate the work weldone that the Task force are doing over there, may God continue to protect them. I wonder at time where this people are seen this kind of the sofisticated weaponthat they are using, Bringing this kind of the weapon into this country without the interferance of the security, mainwhile the security are colided with this boko Haram. Thank you for the Job weldone, Nigeria must move forward

Dont be like a paroot

He who dose not know how to distinguish between lies and truth and doesnt think or make research upon what he heard is just like parrot. Islamic countries and cities were the most peaceful areas in the world, but due to some corrupt people who doesnt want the world to live in peace all these are happening, and that started with September 11. These people can hold your left hand and slap you with it and tell the world that: you are slapping them or you are slapping your self.
Please go to youtube and type "Bildaberg group" or "the secret rulers of the world" and watch ten parts of videos starting from 1 (because they are many, there and then you will come to realize that ours is not different we been misled in all the stories. God who created us knows and sees all that is happening. soon or later He will tackle the matter.

@ Gen. Rommel : Forget Sagir and his daily saga ...but, Thanks!

@Gen. Rommel:
You're right, Thanks. It was typo error as I write on ten at supersonic speed. I also meant "RPG" launchers instead of "RPB" Bombs. RESPECT !!!

I still don't buy one line from the press release. JTF are as guilty as the BH in murdering innocent citizens and this Col. Musa chap has a track record for cheap propaganda. The weapons are theirs. They have arrested no Real Bokos, those he claimed are commanders are actually cattle herdsmen acting as informants. And they have no "moles" anywhere, otherwise, the insurgency would have been contained. Forget Sagir and his daily saga! When you add up all the hundreds of BH thugs in his custody, one wonders if the bad boys are actually more than the Nigerian Army! Nothing like Boko Haram, it's evil PDP's contraption to siphon our common wealth via Security Vote. Dumbo is an acclaimed creek crook using Sagir to claim "progress" against the BH. A cruel joke. Animals!

@sanusi a. Yaradua

mayb when u stop covering up nd hiding them within ur conclaves, then the jtf can differentiate btw civilians and bh. Jtf wear uniforms, bh and u r in civil attire. As long as u will continue to support bh d way u do, jtf carry on.

Well Done JTF

@ Wahala, the press release did not state Anti Aircraft Batteries, Instead anti aircraft guns. I can see some 20mm like Guns in the pictures & with those mounted pods behind the pick up trucks you can bring down a low flying Helicopter or a plane taking off or landing. Even with those RPGs too; So, thumbs up for JTF. I hope they summarily execute those one captured in action.



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@sanusi yaradua

you are a monkey, bastard. BOKO HARAM fool

@sanusi yaradua

you are bastard for sure and JTF will catch up with you very soon, BOKO HARAM idiot

God bless u

keep it on like that God will bless you and save u.good job.

Col. Sagir Musa is lying ...only a fool would believe this crap!

"The Task Force wishes to thank members of the public particularly our moles in the Boko Haram's Camp for giving us the information that assisted in the successes so far recorded" - Col Sagir Musa (JTF Vuvuzela)

Swords and knives maybe, Anti Aircraft Batteries and RPB Bombs, outright lie. The Bokos have never employed anti aircraft machine guns in previous attacks and I seriously doubt they have that capability. The foolishness of the release is, if JTF have "moles" within the BH, the above unprofessional statement shows why they're not winning. Most likely, JTF emptied an armory, cornered some Fulani herdsmen and hauled them into illegal detention, stupidly trying to justify the billions wasted in chasing ghosts. Weekly, they claim to have arrested hundreds of BH thugs and their commanders, yet, the attacks keep coming. I've stopped believing JTF propaganda, they should release those innocent citizens and stop clowning around. The Real Bokos just murdered Seven Foreigners!

Walking Talkis indeed, by

Walking Talkis indeed, by sagir mohammed.

wel done, if community

wel done, if community members are willing to feed the JTF with relevant information the issue of BH will become history insha Allah.




Thats to show you that all these na Charade of the highest order....How a well trained Security personnel let that classified information that he used to catch his enemy out????

My broda na counter

My broda na counter insurgency tactic. There are no moles there. He wants to set them up to kill themselves out of suspicion for each other. It usually works

Boko Haram - Poverty / Unemployment

Indeed the large recovered weapons display attests to the Northern elites' claim (their LIES now confirmed) that Boko Haram is the result of poverty and unemployment. What a spineless claim!Your money is being well spent! Bravo!

Very light weapons

...even though we consider these very light weapons from our perspective, it does show that the Northern countries are getting set for the impending w..

I only pity those regions who are "sleeping". I really pity them. Na so I talk reach. Na parable I speak so.

Verily verily I say unto you, Nigeria is not a country but a continent. Break up NOW!!!

Long live the United Republic of the SS&SE


GOOD News Sagir keept it up May Allah Protect u and ur boys the Police/Army/SSS AND others.

Officer, we throway salute

Well done sir and to all our boys who have heeded the national call to rid our nation of these criminals. People should stop calling them jihadist or islamist because they are nothing more than drug addicted vagabonds. May Allah reward all the men and officers of JTF.


Few days ago at Kaduna,a huge cache of similar weapons was uncovered by the JTF in a politicians residence.The quantity of confiscated weapons means a lot of money is being expended on the purchase and smuggling of the illegal weaponry.
BH is definitely a violent wing of a political establishment,they are not terrorists by accident,these are terrorists used in the oil-block cold war.The whole idea is to bully their way to political control of the country and keep possession of the oil blocks.
The JTF are doing a good job but they need more intelligence to really over-power the killers and neutralize their sponsors.


Well done guys. The entire nation is with you in spirit and May the souls of the slain Soldiers rest in peace. BOKO HARAM MUST BE DEFEATED.

mallams wicked sha

See what they use the over 89% ownership of oil wells to do?

JTF well don

o buy if u notice any illegal activities around ur hood guy hala ooo. This people dey craze. Make the natives continue to dey sectetly hala jtf to com arrest dis baggers. I belive say no b nigerians dey do all these rubbish, na all those malo from outside dey com brain wash our northen brothers in the name of islam and islam is suppose to preach peace. Imagine the Tourist prospects wen borno get. There was a time in my life i wished to travle there to explore the beauty of the town and and learn more about the history i studied about the place... Not any more ooo. Jtf flush dem out make we enjoy our country abeg


What do news like this wanted us to react? Do we have to say 'hahhh!' or to start crying. The soldiers that kill innocent people in schools and villages are worthless celebrating. Who will commend agencies of security that cannot give account of the large number of corpses found swimming in a river? Who will commend the security agencies which are used by politicians to snatch ballot box and tossed ballot box with fake ballot papers? Who will commend security agencies that consumes the whole of a country's budget for providing security yet nothing can be showed about that? What is so special and impressive to come over the media telling us that JTF has seized ammunitions from Boko Haram? Rubbish!

una do well

Keep up the good work. Make una continue to the finish dem ooo, nothing like Amnesty for dem becos if they refuse to show their faces and talk what they want (rather than that pipe dream of theirs of ismamizing 9ja) forget dem. Who una wan grant amnesty? If u grant amnesty without knowing who they r guy even me go comot say i b BH becos amnesty no b to carry men go yankee go study, me too wan travel ooo. Let them tell us what dey want. If not kill dem all

Circumspection very vital!

Good work, Sagir. And, kudos to you all gallant operatives of the JTF Operation Restore Order. But Sagir, why this: 'The Task Force wishes to thank members of the public particularly our moles in the Boko Haram’s Camp for giving us the information that assisted in the successes so far recorded'?
Or, are you trying very hard to blow the cover of, and compromise the security of your 'moles'?

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