Letter To Gov. Okorocha:Gross Abuse Of Human Rights Through A Homophobic Attack On Three Men In Ekwe Area of Imo State

Three men tied together, paraded naked and beaten in Ekwe
By Steve Aborisade

I write in very strong terms to condemn a mob action by the people of Umuka, in Njaba Local Government Area of Imo State yesterday, Monday, January 14, 2013, against the three men in the attached photographs.

Our organization have reliably confirmed and authenticated the incident and of the identity of one of the men in the picture, and are calling on security agents to quickly respond to the plight of these men. As it is, only the perpetrators and the community can tell the whole world what has become of these men who were seriously beaten up, stripped naked and paraded around the community bounded together like animals on allegation that they were caught having sex together.

As I write, our source reliably confirmed that the men were yet to be released from the location where they are being held in Umuka, Njaba Local Government Area of Imo State.

We demand that the plight of these men be given the urgent attention it deserves by the Nigerian Police and other security agencies, and we especially appeal to Owelle Rochas Okoroch, Executive Governor of Imo State to intervene to save their lives.

While acknowledging that several Nigerians find the practice of homosexuality strange and unnatural, we also realize that it does not confer a license to trample on the rights of people who engages in it, with the sort of inhuman treatment that was meted out to these them.

So many informed commentators, including Nobel Prize winner, Prof Wole Soyinka have commented on the scientifically proven fact that more than anything, gays are just victims of biology.

We note and condemn the prevailing adverse legal and social environment that most LGBT now have to face in Nigeria, being criminalised for their sexual orientation and being made a target for harassment and violent assault fuelled by the on-going debates by the nation’s parliament on criminalizing homosexual acts.

Instead of being singled out for harassment and prosecution, what this community deserves is support and access to sexual health services that they lack as citizens of this country. The LGBT community remain a high risk group to HIV/AIDS infection, yet it is a community that has been denied of all access to life saving HIV/AIDS services. We suggest that our parliamentarians should devote equal energy at fishing out and punishing our treasury thieves who are doing more harm to the continued survival of our nation instead of dissipating energy on an issue that borders on private morality.

We enjoin other rights group to show solidarity and ensure that the rights of sexual minorities are protected like other marginalized groups in the country.
Thank you,

Steve Aborisade

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Do not kill no matter what

Please do not take the life of these men, they commited sin which I know many are commiting in any other way ( fornication, adultery, etc.), if you partake in killing any of these men because of homosexualism,you that is commiting fornication or adultery, will start having problem immediaely or even die. SO EKWE COMMUNITY, IN UMUAKA RETHINK. GOD BLESS YOU AS YOU COMPLY

Stupid write up

I wonder why Sahara Reporters published this stupid petition or whatever, homosexuality is totally forbidden in Igboland, these guys are lucky they are still alive, if they choose to behave like animals, I see no reason why they should not be treated like animals. Let us not take this human rights sentiments too far, soon having sex with your grandmother and Grandfather will be will be termed ' Human Rights'

Shame on the useless people who striped these men of their digni

The mob action against these adults based on their sexual preference is grossly unconscionable and disgraceful on several levels. The same useless people who striped them naked are probably worse sinners themselves. Hypocrites!!!! Homosexuality is a sin against God and not against man, so let God deal with the offenders or deliver them from their fallen nature as he deems fit. No one has any right to maltreat another adult based solely on their sexual preference. We act like savages in our part of the world sometimes. Shame on everyone who had a hand in this show of shame! Tufiakwa. Pervert... that is what anyone who striped these men of their dignity is!!!!

re: Humanity at Biological Crossroad-HOMOSEXUAL ANIMALS EXISTS!!

sorry to burst your bubbles,there have been irrefutable documented homosexual tendencies in the animal kindoms too. please reference a book by researcher and author Bruce Bagemihl's 1999 book Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity.

They are every where... Lesbians and Gays!

Terrible thing to do.... Kai!!! But, they are not alone oh! Search National Assembly, Governors, Ministers, Chairment, First Ladies at what ever level, top government and non government funtionaries and aids, traditional and religious title holders... every where! You will be over whelmed at the number and caliber of people who are lesbians and gays. Otile, Oleku, Ndigbo etc, etc, etc. What say you???

The Height of Lawlessness

The Whites hated Africans; turned them to slaves and later colonised them. Hitler hated Jews and mindlessly murdered over six million of them. Because some Nigerians are rabidly homophobic, many men and women may end up dying for no just cause. Looking at the disgraceful picture above reminded me of the tragic fate of Africans in the hands of their Slave Masters. They won't arrest armed robbers or the many blue collar thieves parading themselves as leaders in the country; but they could strip these people of their dignity based on their perceived sexual orientation.I am disgusted.

Anthropological Studies

Ritual dance-naked or half naked has been employed by societies to resolve abominations Ekwe is not an exception. In some Nigerian communities sex misdemeanor such as adultery by a married woman triggers insanity and the quick fix is either a naked dance in the market by the woman or a cleansing bath at the shrine of the earth goddess . Anything short is endless visit to a psychiatric hopital. In this light, Gen. Petrous and his mistress should have been cleansed through a bath if he where from such communities. The people of Ekwe are not only cleansing these perverts but their land by making these perverts dance naked in the market square so as to pump more testosterone into them to become straight. Inference to Alu 4 is unfortunate because no body is holding cane or whip in the crowd.

Humanity at Biological Crossroad

bushMaster in calling for the protection of homosexuals you quoted numerous scientific studies. These scientists are yet to explain the the biological crossroads humanity is confronted with: why do some evolve into" straight" and others devolve into "gay/lesbians" and such devolution is not taking place in other species inspite of hormonenal imbalance theory. Sexual bestiality- rape, incest, sex with animals, homosexuality, adultery, pedophilia etc were all frowned upon by civilizations however, in recent times the human rights community in want of what to do and for the likes of Steve, more funding from the West, began to smuggled homosexuality out of sex crime law codes. The pervert became audacious and further instituted hate crime codes to include those who expressed displeasure with their abominable conduct.

Homo Treatment

Steve or by whatever nomenclature you go by, your ilk abound all over the world needing psychiatric attention, from the free-thinkers to the so-called bishops and clergies involved in this gross act of homosexuality. Why would someone wake up one day and try to call God almighty the creator of the universe and all that dwells in it a fool??? These are clear manifestations of the end-time and we that are never going to allow such bestiality erode our life-style must speak in one loud voice against it, the likes of Steve Aborishade deserve prayers of deliverance. May God have mercy on Steve and his ilk.....



Homosexual is a sin Mr. Steve

well Mr. Steve I've read your story on the subject matter and even though l agreed with you in some areas l disagreed. You need to see thing from the religious point of view that our two major faiths condemned homosexuality in totality and frankly its not in our culture be you from any part of this country. so if the people in your stroy photo were caught in the act, l think the best thing is to hand them over to the police even if they maybe release later.However, please if l may ask you a personal question that need a frank answer please are you one of them? if not l will advise you to use your agancy to champion sensible things that affects the lives of the genrality of Nigerians.


keep it straight...the issue is not IF homosexuality is abhored...we ALL AGREE it is sickening. the question is, HOW SHOULD THEY BE TREATED, ADDRESSES, DEALT WITH. yes, it is immoral - can the issue be addressed more humanely rather than the fucked up barbaric method been employed? would you rather they become paedophiles and rape your daughters, sisters and mothers? would that be a more dignified sexual outlet???


Homosexuality must be stopped at all cost. Those supporting it are evil. We must stand up against this western/evil act.


FACT: we are sometimes overcome with overwhelming desire for a particular food. Also, some people have a preference for one food over others. the yorubas eat spicy food, hausas drink hot tea in hot weather, but @wahala, ndigbo are enamored with eating that stink fish called stockfish and equally stinking ugba…two delicacies that you have to open all windows while cooking them. What is the excuse for this? what is their punishment for eating such disgusting food??????how is the natural inclination to 419 and kidnappings any different that homosexuality if they are not all wired the same. what evil lurks in the minds of men. will public shame and threat of death stop them? @wahala...so why didn't the pogrom work?


FACT: A study of one homosexual vs. two heterosexual male triplets found that the homosexual triplets scored more on the female side of the Masculinity-Femininity scale of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory,14 suggesting a possible hormonal influence (decreased androgens) involved in male homosexual orientation. [Hershberger, S.L., and N.L. Segal. 2004********
FACT: A study by Allen and Gorski examined the anterior commissure of the brain, finding that females and homosexual males exhibited a larger size than heterosexual males. [Allen, L. S. and R. A. Gorski. 1992]********


FACT: when a man is injected with testosterone, his thoughts become inundated with sexual fantasies and he wants to sleep with any woman he meets. On the other hand, if his testosterone level is depleted beyond the normal male level, he becomes totally disinterested in sex.********
FACT: An examination of family pedigrees revealed that gay men had more homosexual male relatives through maternal than through paternal lineages, suggesting a linkage to the X chromosome. [Dean Hamer]********
FACT: An analysis of 40 pairs of gay brothers and found that they shared 82% of their alleles in the Xq28 region, which was much greater than the 50% allele sharing that would be expected by chance. [Hamer, D. H., S. Hu, V. L. Magnuson]


FACT: Studies involving a rare hormonal imbalance, congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), caused by defective 21-hydroxylase enzyme, suggest that hormonal abnormalities can influence sexual orientation. CAH results in increased production of males hormones during development. In males, increased androgens has little effect. However, female fetuses that develop in this environment develop ambiguous external genitalia, which complicates subsequent development. In utero treatment with dexamethasone reduces the androgen imbalance, resulting in an individual who is genetically and phenotypically female. However, dexamethasone treatment also results in reduced homosexual orientation among treated females,16 suggesting that some homosexuality may result from hormonal influences during development. Homosexual rights groups have suggested that dexamethasone treatment not be given, because it reduces homosexual orientation in females affected by CAH.[Dean Hamer]

Let us focus on the real issue: mob action

Nigeria is witnessing a dangerous trend whereby people resort to jungle justice and take the law into their hands based on accusations whether true or false. They are committing crimes. Any culture metes out jungle justice is barbaric, backward and condemnable.
There is no cultural, religious or societal norm/tradition that is above Nigeria's laws. No law in Nigeria prescribes stripping people naked in public for whatever reason. What if they are falsely accused as in the Aluu case?
In civilized societies (and I refuse to believe that Nigeria is not one), an accused person is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.
Above, I wish to stress that the attacks and abuse on the person of Mr. Steve Aborisade just for airing his views are unwarranted and unfair. I also laughed when I read people saying Aborisade is gay or should be lynched. He has been my close friend for over a decade. He is not gay.

Whatever the theory of

Whatever the theory of sciences or biology or anything you may call it, whether Soyinka or whoever, God can never make mistake.
He created us male & female for procreation and only male & female relationship can produce children.
If their father did not meet with a woman, how can they come to this world they are trying to turn upside down.
The truth is that those who engage or promote these practices are AGENTS of Satan or children of devil, their father.
Anyway, it is a sign of end time.
God have mercy.


A disgusting write up by a disgusting idiot protecting disgusting perverts who exhibit disgusting traits

Na waa for Igbos

Yet we condemn Boko Haram.
This same community (Umuaka) in 1974 buried an INNOCENT BOY ALIVE AND THUNDER SAVED HIM.

Look at some Igbo cultures and see cruelty, wickedness, violence, and self denials.

Look at "OSU"...everyone will be against you but will accept your material gifts.

Look at "Killing Twin & Babies that 1st grew upper tooth"...They said it was forbedden and killed.

Look at "Nju-afor" (Swollen tommy caused by kidney failure)...they will throw into the forest alive.
Look at "Leprosy",...Igbos will banish you in deep forests.

Look at "Masqurades"...called god and used to victimize the weak.

How about"Ogwu-ego" (Rituals)...Igbos kill their wives, parents and kids just to make few change to build house and buy a car.
What a wicked society.

Gowon should have let them have their Biafra and eat themselves up.

Sahara reporters you are off

Sahara reporters you are off course on this report. Gay isn't 'biology, it is a psychiatric disorder and its certainly not African or Nigerian. It is a perversion of the so-called freedom of association that has almost destroyed the American society. Please don't bring that to Nigeria, it is not acceptable to us as a people nor is it in accordance with our laws -remember the jail term? To expect a village in Nigeria to accept or accommodate gays is being totally unrealistic. Get a grip guys this isn't America!!!

What is barbarism

Dear Steve please can you bring us all up to speed with your understanding of barbarism ? The action of these men or the social remedy by Ekwe community. A man sticking dick into another man's anus and licking the feaces thereafter or the community act of reconciliation and spiritual appeasement requiring sexual perverts to dance naked in the market square?

Thank you for that comment...

Thank you for that comment... If our forces cannot pass justice... we will do so... Aborishade Saharareporters is not Imo State... go dere abeg...

social cleansing

Aborishade please can you send your petition by hand to government house owerri.
Gene and biology can justify any social perversion. Traditional societies do not have prisons so perverts are cleansed with the land and reintegrated. This is more humane than spending tax payers money in maintaining prisons and criminals and perverts at huge expense. Imagine Farouk with $650,000.00 inside his cap dancing naked at Eagle square. Obiamaka and Ibori cleansing themselves at a naked gig in Asaba rather than wasting tax payers money in Uk jail. Let us all emulate Ekwe.

all homosexuals vshld burn in

all homosexuals vshld burn in hell for all i kia


Are you human @ all? You need to check yourself spiritually,people like you do worst thing and remmember almighty God the giver of life is watching.


If obama likes let him marry david cameron .that is their business.
Its time to arrest all gay activist in nigeria.


Homosexual name in Northern Nigeria is Yan Daudu or Dan Daudu
This act is nothing new in Nigeria

Ur mother's rear side must be BARBARIAN!!!!!!!!!!!


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