MEND's Hurricane Piper Alpha unleashed its fury in Rivers state today, Sunday, June 21, 2009, leaving in its wake two battered oil installations.

UPDATES: Hurricane Piper Alpha lashed out at the Shell Off-shore Ofirma oil fields today, Sunday, June 21, 2009 at about 0400 Hrs blowing up  jacket A in the process. The structure is currently engulfed in fire.

At about 0230 Hrs, the hurricane pounded the Shell major pipeline located at Adamakiri before moving on to another major Shell pipeline in Kula at 0300 Hrs. Both pipelines are located in Rivers state of Nigeria.

    We have been reliably informed that the Chevron Air Strip in Escravos was used by the military as a staging area for the jet fighters and helicopter gunships used in the attacks and bombing of civilian communities in Gbaramatu kingdom of Delta state.

  By allowing its facilities to be used in committing atrocities against the host communities where it drills oil and gas from, Chevron has repeated the same mistake by Shell against the Ogoni communities and will pay a price in double measure.
    Our public appeal for information on the two men summarily executed by the JTF has paid off with an overwhelming response of leads which led our investigators to the families of the victims.
    The best lead happened to come from an anonymous soldier who  described himself simply as a born-again Christian from the South.
    The murdered men in the You Tube video have been identified as Messrs Boma Green and Stanley Tamunobere Pepple, humble fishermen who come from Bonny Island of Rivers state.
    They were arrested and shot on August 8, 2008 on suspicion of being militant informants by the JTF  even when they showed their catch and fishing tools as proof of their profession.
    Both men were shot on the legs to immobilize them before taken to the Bonny Jetty base of the JTF. It was there that the soldiers sort the services of a camera man to video their "prized catch".
    After the shootings caught on tape, we were told Stanley did not die instantly and after appeals from some witnesses that the men are known fishermen were they then allowed to be taken away to the hospital.
    They were rushed in a private car to the Teme Clinic run by Doctors without Borders in Diobu, Port Harcourt where he died few hours later from the injuries inflicted by the gunshot wounds. Medical records are available.
    We also gathered that the JTF commander in charge of the Bonny area at the time was one Colonel Hassan.
    Stanley Pepple left behind a wife and three lovely children and was buried on August 30, 2008.
    With this little piece of information to work with, we are again requesting the Federal Government, the Ministry of Defense, the House of Representatives and the government of Rivers state to take the same quick actions they took in attacking civilian communities in Delta state in investigating this matter and giving justice to these men.
    When a female civilian was assaulted in Lagos by ratings accompanying a naval admiral that was caught on tape, the Lagos state governor offered to help. The same is expected from the governor of Rivers state.
    Those killers are supposed to be the good guys paid by tax payers money. They have more reason to be held accountable.
    It is unfortunate that the initial response by the unprofessional spokesman for the JTF was to deny this tape without an investigation.
    The ball is the court of the government who refers to the Niger Delta people as its children when it wants peace to access oil and gas. They must display that fatherhood by fishing out the perpetrators who the army can easily identify from just watching the God sent video clip.
    Jomo Gbomo

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this country is in trouble. the country will never know peace unless we embrace the youths and reeducate them. it si so unfortunate that the youths are being killed everyday for no just cause.... i bet you, we are approaching another civil war. mark my words

It's rainy season in ND now and JTF cordon and search operation is ongoing. Gbaramatoru kingdom area refugees are suffering. FG/Niger Delta Ministry and NDDC should do more to help the suffering refugees. the same politicians are releasing one paragragh statements about ND militany but none of these politicians has visited the refugees or volunteered to offer relief materials to the suffering civilians. Nigerians are wicked! Yar Adua is wicked! the ghost of ND victims will hunt all decision makers of the JTF/FG/State Governors and oil companies. Greed! IT's raining now in ND and refugees are open to malaria, cold and malnutrition.

Before the known unknown soldiers who, without conscience, committed and have continued to commit crimes against humanity are unmasked by the federal government, MEND should continue to make the kind of statement they are making so that the world will continue to know that the government troops are not in-charge in the Niger Delta. Let the HURRICANE continue to go round!

MEND should not blow their cover because of the "filthy" amnesty trap the "Hear am do am"(Yaradua) administration is offering, instead they should blow off any Northern and F.G interests in our Niger Deltans backyards, if that is what will take their eyes off us here, even if its going to cripple the Nigerian economy,we don't just fucking care so as far as it will let us live here in Peace & Harmony once more. After all most of us here has not benefited anything from the economy even when it was said to be booming, so why should we care if its crippled? MEND and other Freedom groups across the Niger Delta coast should team up and resist the federal govt from intimidation and oppression and killings of our poor,harmless, armless and innocent brothers, sisters, mothers & fathers that has constantly suffered under the pontious FG by extending the freedom fight beyond the water coast (offshore) only to offices,installations and bases onshore (on Land) so that other citizens who can stand up for their liberation and also fight alongside them with all they have got.

I hope Yaradua is watching what is happening in Iran because that is exactly what we will do come 2011 if he ever try to rig the presidential Election. He is not fit to lead his own family let a lone lead a country as big as Nigeria.

If you are reading this make sure you have set up your facebook account then use the search box on facebook and type 'Nigerian Groups' , you will see a number of Nigeria groups to plug into, join in the discussion. Also make sure you have a youtube page where you can start uploading video's of what ever you see happening in Nigeria. Get use to these tools and start using your mobile phones to start videoing any important stories that would not be seen by the public especially those stealing votes to rig election to corrupt practices in Nigeria

Finally, the 'Mend' boys will be stupid to listen to yaradua's trap setting amnesty because all of them will pay once out of those camps

its really sad very sad indeed to see-such crime take place in nigeria in the 21st century-all because of oil and gas-the tape should be sent to the ICC-as part of the evidence needed to prosecute these criminals in uniform-Amaechi is a very serious problem in the ND-

How can we raise money for weapons to cripple this bloodsucking demons called the federal government. An advise to MEND , blow the bridges connecting the three regions and lets see the effects. Bloody fiends called senators and representatives all interested in their pockets with tax payers money. Set up a site so that we that are nigerians at heart can contribute to your fight. U are a graduate with a Masters yet no work, old men are still in the service making use of declaration of age. Everything is done for the north yet nothing is done in the south or west. Funds where gotten to build a dual lane of almost seven hundred kilometers from Kano to Maiduguri, ten lane in Abuja but that of Lagos and Ibadan that 60% nigerians pass through daily couldnt be raised. Lets rise up and destroy this so call country of few.

MEND should cripple the economic mainstay of Nigeria. This way, this masses bereft of any hope and in need, would charge on to chase those in Aso Rock and their cohorts to Madagascar. And we all would be free at last!

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