N500,000 In Prizes: PREMIUM TIMES Launches Centenary Essay Competition For Nigerians

PREMIUM TIMES is inviting interested Nigerians to participate in an essay competition to commemorate the one century existence of the country since its amalgamation.

The essay, titled ‘Visioning The Centenary,’ hopes to look at the remarkable journey Nigeria has taken from mere geographic expression of several hundred ethno-nations to a country in one hundred years.

The competition, open to all Nigerians but with special emphasis on people aged 30 and less, is expected to be an essay on events visualised on a decade-by-decade progression

“This is part of our corporate social responsibility for our country,” PREMIUM TIMES’ editor-in-chief, Dapo Olorunyomi, said of the contest. “We want to encourage young people to actively engage and consistently participate in constructive debates about their country.”

Conditions & Prizes

Before submitting a full essay, interested Nigerians across the world are expected to send in a statement of interest in the form of a short synopsis, with details; on which decade they want to write on; a short bio of the writer that includes, but not limited to, gender, age, religion, education, occupation, interests, passion, among others.

Prospective participants are also expected to provide their contact addresses as well as their phone numbers.
The deadline for the statement of interest, which would help make the grading process effective, is Friday, April 13th, 2013.

Each essay, which must be single lined spacing and not more than 2000 words, must focus on a particular decade – 1914 to 1923; 1924 to 1933; 1934 to 1943; 1944 to 1953; 1954 to 1963; 1964 to 1973; 1974 to 1983; 1984 to 1993; 1994 to 2003; and 2004 to 2013.
The winning essay for each decade will get 50,000 Naira. Prizes worth N500,000 will also be given out.
Each contestant can enter for more than one decade but must not exceed three essays.

The focus elements of each essay should revolve around the defining politics, science, technology and arts of that decade; it should touch on the defining intellectual momentum, major events, and leaders of thought in that period.

The essay should also mention outstanding Nigerians lost in that decade and their contribution to society.
The essay should be sent, as an attachment, to essays@premiumtimesng.com and must be submitted on or before May 25th, 2013.

Further details about the contest are available here.


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AKPOS you are making sense jare..

Akpos 1...

I am with you bro! i do think your objective reaction to this essay topic could also form an essay itself. no one asked anyone to paint the roses red, we can just report it as it is.
but dont let them use you to 'report' Nigeria to the world (not like Nigeria has not reported herself). i think i will follow after my first Madam and title my essay "i will rather kill myself than commit suicide"
that is the education Lord Lugard left Nigeria with.


PREMIUM TIMES,as mentioned by the editor-in-chief, Dapo Olorunyomi,This is part of their corporate social responsibility for the country. And is to encourage young people to actively engage and consistently participate in constructive debates about their country.
But people like Akpos 1 or what ever name you call your self, make comments showing how evil minded he is. Akpos 1 get this clear in your evil mind that Nigeria will remain one indivisible entity with the Atlantic ocean to the south Bordering Benin Republic to the West, Niger Chad and Cameron. Nemesis will surely catch up with brought up people of you like who do not wish well for your country. Nigeria will outlive you and all your yeye of springs. I am not Nigerian but I feel bad about some one to be so wicked minded to his mother land.

Spot on buddy, spot on! God

Spot on buddy, spot on! God bless Nigeria.

Objection!!! Wrong Essay topic

To ensure equity, justice & fair play, in line with Premium Time's self delusive motto, I hereby suggest that eligibility be extended to the dead to enable people like myopic Luggard & Queen Victoria to participate especially in the decade 1914-1924.

I also wish to protest the limitation of 2004-2013 to same 2000 words as other decades. This is bcos, 2000 words is not enough to describe even the 9 months in which Musa absconded from Aso Rock only to resort to communicating from the land of the dead via BBC. 2000 words will not do to describe over 27 Catholic Churches bombed in a spate of 2yrs. 2000 words will certainly not do....but is this what premiumtimes shud be interested in?...an essay on possible ways of fast tracking the breakup of continent Nigeria would have made more sense & will be interesting. This is what a proactive news media shud engage pple with & not 'yeye' essay with a vague title of 'essay on events visualised on a decade-by-decade progression'. Nonsense.