Oil Theft: Two Women Bag Three Years Jail Term

Helen Itemba & Aladini Johnny Money
By Wilson Uwujaren- Ag. Head, Media & Publicity

Justice Ibrahim Buba of the Federal High Court, Asaba has sentenced the duo of Helen Itemba and Aladini Johnny Money to three years imprisonment for offences bordering on conspiracy and illegal dealing in Petroleum products.

 The convict who were prosecuted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, were found guilty of the two count charge preferred against them and convicted accordingly. The court sentenced them to a three-year jail term on each count with an option of three hundred thousand naira (N300, 000) fine.

The two accused persons illegally conveyed one hundred and thirty six plastic drums of petroleum products in a truck with registration number XN 789 EGU at Egbidi, Isoko Local Government Area of Delta State in 2009 without a license and thereby committed an offence contrary to section 3(6) of the Miscellaneous Offences Act Cap. M17, laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2007 and punishable under section 1(17) of the same act.

Helen Itemba and Aladini Johnny Money were arrested in May, 2009 by operatives of the Delta State Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), along with a truck containing one hundred and thirty six plastic drums of petroleum products driven by one John Ufo and his co-travellers: Emmanuel Itemba, Oluchukwu Olomu, and Okwuosa Onyedika.  They were handed over to the EFCC for investigation and prosecution.

One of the charge that sent them to jail reads: “that you Helen Itemba, Aladini Money, and others at large on or about the 4th May, 2009 at Bomadi Water side, Bomadi in Delta State within the Jurisdiction of this Honorable Court did conspire with one another to commit felony wit dealing in petroleum products contrary to section 3(6) of the miscellaneous offences Act CAP, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2007 and punishable under section 1(17) of the same Act”.

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And what about those who steal billions?

It is not like they actually stole the products, they were just transporting them without licences. And what jail term do people who steal billions of naira get in Nigeria? Answer accelerated promotions and Ministerial or party positions.

EFCC has really tried,they have nicked a jerrycan oil thief !

Though,there work does not include catching multi billion oil subsidy thieves.They have really tried by catching the jerry can thief,what a big news, fooooools.

don't support stealing

i am how my country people dey support the thieves and criminals, when a judge made his case dey open mouth and abuse him. if d judge mess dey come say this judgment is not good. which kind country men una get for this naija?

re-why are the owners of oil in trouble?

Mumu , pple like u are the problem of this country. You always tend to ignor the real circumstance behind such emergin situations. Rather u use ur stupid religious nd tribal sentiment against others.


U r idiot 4 making such comment,if nt bcoz u want create problem why do u bring Hausa\fulani to this case? Are they nt deserve to b purnished on the offence they commited u idiot u r also Nation's resources thief god purnish u mumu southeners.


How many years would the mega thieves like petroleum minister, and NNPC staff receive?

Why Are The Owners Of Oil In Trouble? What Of Gen T. Danjuma?

The Hausa/Fulani have finished us. They prosecute the Southerner of their oil and the they violators are free. These women have the right to the oil in their lands. Plateau state people mine their Tin Ore without trouble. The minerals in the North are being extracted by the Northers nothing happened to them. What a shame. Most oil well in the South are own by these Hausa/Fulani greedy Bastards who have no stakes in the land. President JEJ, you allow the thieves to prosecute your people of the South what a shame. Alamajiries are on the loose again. Where did this Sharia Judge comes from. So Sharia is operative in the South. These women are not guilty of any crime. They should be set free immediately.

illegal dealing in petroleum product

What a shame. Justice Ibrahim to me, is a disgrace to his profession. How can he in his right mind sentence two women who are a struggling to survive to a term of imprisionment while people like him who have been embezzling and stealing our money are allowed to go free. How many of the Governors, Chairmen of various councils etc have Ibrahim jailed for stealing our money? Another question, why did it take such a long time to render this harsh judgement? If the women were financially capable of bribing their ways out of the offence, the public would not have held about it any more. However, the judge shall not escape the judgement of the Lord, if he too at one point or the order stole, embezzle, took bribe in any form that influences his judgement.......

What has happened to the

What has happened to the subsidy thieves? EFCC, please fear God. Mr. Judge, please leave this women alone.

Christian women in action

I am not surprise. I want Deri and Otile to tell their god GEJ to do something to these christian southern women. All disgrace and shame comes from southern Nigeria. Infact i am tired of this people. They are causing shame to the country. Today armed robbery, tomorow rituals, next tomorow kidnapping, upper next tomorow raping, upper uper next tomorow prostitution in Italy and Mali. Everyday smugglin cocaine, staeling electric cable in UK.Many many bad things. I am disapppointed with this southern christians.

What A Shame!

We should all be ashamed of what this country has turned into. These women are either victims of circumstance in an uncaring nation that has no provision for a honest means of making a living, or mere foot soldiers, small fries at bottom rung of a sophisticated oil bunkering syndicate. To date, those identified as causing this whole mess have not been brought to book. What a shame!

It is working!

Going after poor rural people; is that how low the EFCC has stooped now? What of the oil subsidy crooks and governors that have been indicted since 2007?

And why is the Buba guy still a judge, by the way? How can such a corrupt man be judging corruption cases?

ITS AN INSULT ON JONATHAN-sack lamorde now

The owners of the product which Nigeria has been depending on for over 54 years, sent to jail by an unrhinking evil minded judge-for selling petrol in gallons-if this not an insult to the SS then tell me what it is-the judge needs to visit togo-in the village which late Azazi hails from in Pretorugbene, there are no petrol stations-there are none in the hamlets that even the president comes from in the SS.

Guilty before the law

They were found guilty four years after, for dealing on 136 drums while the BIG Bunkerers are stealing in barges and getting away.hnmnmnm, my fear is that a revolt is looming. Good luck Nigeria.

I don't get it...

Can someone help me out on this mess. imagine 3 years sentence on women for illegally conveying fuel while the fuel subsidy thieves are still enjoying there lives.... it took them 4 years to get to bottom of this common theft,...i see why it is taking forever to finally sentence the oil subsidy thieves. what a shameful legal system we have...




A big shame to EFCC and the judge that judged this case. Among all the criminals that had made this sham of a country ungovernable both in and out of govt, none has been convicted despite glaring evidences against them. Maybe these ones have no one to enter pleas bargaining for them. A very big shame to you. Idiotic judges and EFCC.

My dear brother i just want

My dear brother i just want correct ur english the word ----to know their FATE and Not FAITH.

naija don finish

Kai look at this malo tenant prosecuting and sentencing the owners, only in Niaja. Well MEND what is your take on this? Abi una belle don full too much to make a move? Janathan your son just dey look like mumu.

Nig, Judiciary again

Na only small small people una dey sentence o. when all the ig big fuel subsidy thief dey. Becos dey no fit settle una abi.Okay una don encourage theives to thief big and remain untouchable in this naija be dat.


How about Babangida who steals billions of dollars? Is it because he is a muslim, northerner and untouchable? Why can't the EFCC prosecte him?


People are stealing millions of Naira in the Oil industry yet, there has been no fair judgement like this.What is one hundred and thirty six plastic drums of petroleum products to #62bn Fuel Subsidy Scandal? We must be sincere to ourselves. If fair Judgements are like this with the #62bn Offenders, it will help alot.

Re: EFCC stop disturbing us with these silly stories

The judge is indeed an idiot. Going after small fries struggling to survive the hell that they have made this country!
Ibrahim Buba, abi wetin be your name sef, you will definitely go with the Nigerian harmattan that is soon to come, trust me. Fool!

Nonsense ,,,

Can you imagine??? Prosecuting and jailing individuals involved in petty trade leaving real crooks with license milky the nation dry. Nonsense!

Another injustice vented on SS and SE citizens...

This is absolute nonsense. Why jail these women for a product that came from their backyard and worship the musa's and femi's for doing same. This is pure injustice. These women have the rights to do whatever they want to do with the SS and SE oil. What kind of life is this. You deprived my people of their right to resource control after polluting their land and still jail them for no just cause. Unbelievable!!!

This is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!! its not worth been in the news, when the real thieves are walking the streets of ASO ROCK free.

Poor women

The justice system is only hash on poor people.Where are the real thief???

If it took 4 years to convict

If it took 4 years to convict 2 drum peddlers who can not defend themselves, then there is no hope of catching the real criminal shifting products in vessels illegally and claiming subsidy for non existent products.

Well done, EFCC!

With the high level of corruption here, we must continue to encourage this agency by applauding their successes. Them say na small small e good to leak hot soup!

EFCC wonder ! Lamorde is a fool !

Jeezzz ! So the Otedolas, Alison Maduekes and other oil thieves are scamming Nigeria in Nbillions while EFCC are busy chasing after women dealing in N300k oil theft ! SILLY IDIOTS !

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