"PDP Will Rule Nigeria Forever": Nigerians Wake Up! Enough Is Enough!

Osita Okechukwu
By Osita Okechukwu

‘We will continue to make it and PDP will continue forever as the dominant political party in Nigeria.’
                              -------Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party {PDP}, Alhaji Kawu Baraje, Wednesday 7 September 2011.

Nigerians Wake-Up; the Peoples Democratic Party {PDP} is at again with the Riot Act; traditional proclamation which regrettably reminds us that PDP has captured our commonwealth, subverted our electoral process, undermined our judiciary and hence fuels the dangerous slide of Nigeria into a failed state.

Our dear country men, if Nigeria fails as predicted or remains underdeveloped; we should look nowhere but hold those who on one hand want to rule Nigeria forever and on the other hand have an incurable Free- Election- Phobia responsible.

We recall that two former chairmen of the Peoples Democratic Party {PDP}, Dr Ahmadu Ali and Chief Vincent Ogbulafor at different fora publicly issued the Riot Act when they boasted and proclaimed that PDP will rule Nigeria for 60 years.

To confirm this unholy alliance the former president and chairman of PDP Board of Trustees, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo reaffirmed the Riot Act in the presence of his supporters at Hillview Hall, Government House Abeokuta when in 2006 he declared the 2007 election - a Do-or-Die Election. True to the Riot Act the 2007 election was rated the worst in the history of Nigeria; where over one thousand lives were lost and over one thousand post- election petitions filed at the Election Tribunals.

Few days ago, the chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Kawu Baraje has not only followed the ignoble foot- steps of his predecessors, but has gone further to raise the bar of the Riot Act when he proclaimed that PDP will rule Nigeria forever.

Questions! Questions! Questions! – Whereas the prevailing consensus is that most Nigerians pray that democracy endures and thrives in Nigeria; while PDP wants to rule at all cost, but the questions are, does PDP merit to rule forever? Is Nigeria a one party state? How did we come to this sordid pass? Lastly how do we get out of this rot?

How PDP Manipulate its victory?

The Earth-Shaking-Wikileaks’ revelations on massive corruption in Nigeria have confirmed the home truths of how we came to this sordid pass, how PDP leadership became lawless, manipulated the electoral process, purchased justice and corrupted the judiciary.

Apart from the Wikileaks disclosures we recall that the $57m bribe judgment was a split decision of 4-3; where the then Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice L. Kutigi and three others validated unserialised ballot papers used to compile the presidential election which is substantially at variance with the provisions of the 2006 Electoral Act.

This time around PDP in an unholy alliance with Independent National Electoral Commission {INEC} knowing fully well that National Voters Registration Software, hence the Voter Database used for 2011 Elections is an amateur 1,260 matches per second as against world best standard for elections which is 1,000,000 matches per second; had once again manipulated the newly assembled Appeal Court to reverse an earlier order granted by the same Appeal Court on May 24th 2011 in the following terms:-

‘An Order that INEC shall grant the Petitioner and any other party in the Petition, their Counsel, agents or experts access to Biometric Data Base created by the DDC machines for register of voters, used for the Presidential Election held on the 16th April 2011’.

If INEC is confident enough that they conducted the 2011 presidential elections in substantial compliance with the Constitution and the 2010 Electoral Act, why refuse this Mission-Critical of access to the Biometric Data Base? INEC why subvert the Constitution, 2010 Electoral Act and the Evidence Act?

Enough is Enough Nigerians, every dog has its day, PDP must not rule Nigeria forever; for is it not paradoxical that a political party which squandered the unprecedented oil receipts of our dear country without commensurate service delivery and which failed woefully in the provision of neither security nor welfare, has the temerity of boasting of ruling forever?

Conference of Nigerians Political Parties {CNPP}, therefore calls on President Goodluck Jonathan to as a matter of urgent national importance to nip in the bud the dangerous slide of Nigeria into a failed state:-

I} by calling his party hawks to order, as per the inordinate ambition to rule Nigeria forever
 2} set up a high powered inquiry to investigate the Wikileaks allegations
 3} forward an Executive Bill for devolution of powers to the National Assembly and
 4} stop interfering with the judiciary and indeed reverse the untidy suspension of Justice Ayo Salami, President of the Appeal Court.

Osita Okechukwu
National Publicity Secretary

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At this presnt time and age,a

At this presnt time and age,a military oupe will only set us back another twenty years.let jpnathan and his party continue with the padi padi govt.nagerian was destined to be a failed state even before we got the indepence we did not deserve.


The foolish man thinks he is the owner of life.They have forgotten,"NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT" not even life.Heaven and earth shall pass away,but the word of GOD remaineth.It does not change.Where are the great kingdoms of the world of yesterday?Their rulers,wealth etc.For a mortal man to say "PDP WILL RULE NIGERIA FOREVER" marks the end of PDP in Nigeria.No man on earth is the owner of his life talk less of a nation.So proclaiming they will rule Nigeria forever shows how miopic,visionless and greedy they are.If the Great British empire,Aparthied South Africa,Col. Gdaffis' Libya etc can crumble.Come to sports,wealth,technology etc change takes place with time for progress.When it starts,it looks like childs play but the proceeds is what marvels people.How manage is always the question.Nigerians shall witness the disgraceful exit if PDP very,very soon by themselves.Everything wey get begining,must have an end including PDP.It is unstopable.

Non Violence Protest!!

Nigerians of all class, ethnic, religion, etc. should paralyse the state of affairs until President GEJ & NJC revise Salami's illegal removal. If not, they will embark on more unconstitutional acts. They are only trying to see the how we will react to their planned unjust acts. Non violence or civil disobedience is the way forward. We hope civil society organisations take the lead and then you will see millions of impoverished and hungry Nigerians follow suit. GEJ + PDP + NJC stink!!!

Where is the Tunde Idiagbon of today

Nigeria needs another Tunde Idiagbon. Maybe Boko Haram members should join the Nigeria Military with the intent to indulge in a very bloody and violent coup that will make sure that all thieving politicians since 1999 are arrested and KILLED. An alternative would be to hijack a pl**n, and then crash it into the national Assem*y, and A*o R**k, where those thieves and diseased kleptomaniac mediocres have the weekly or month executive meeting. We can easily slaughter a bunch of them this way, easily. Otherwise, some patriotic military office can rescue the country through a very violent and bloody coup that would exterminate these cancers in power. Yes, Jonathan and this administration is a cancerous to Nigeria!

you appear very frustrated

Our problem is not PDP but we don't have alternative to PDP.
Please Osita go and work hard and stop making empty dry press statement.Since the opposition can't work together because you don't trust each other, then PDP will continue to rule forever as simple as that.
Why did the alliance between ACN and CPC failed? why did ACN failed to attend meeting of the oppositions held at CPC's headquarters on how to impeach Jonathan?
Abusing Jonathan and calling PDP all sorts of name will not win election for you.
Go and appeal to Nigeria electorates on why your party is better than PDP, until that you will continue to be bitter losers forever.

enough is enough

the truth is our beloved country is gradually slipping into a no nation state and its almost suffering from the sickness they said that killed our former president of blessed memory , so for me the time to act is now and no further delays, but i totally disagree with a coup detat, so therefore all and sunfry get prepared for the mother of all showdown bcos of this PDP hawks thanks

Nothing Short of Firing Squad

After the Wikileaks revelations, I am NOW sure that we need nothing short of firing squad to solve Nigeria's problem.

(Maybe their ghost can go to the Americans and tattle-tale. Useless SOB)

we are tired of PDP leadership

We are tired of PDP leadership in Nigeria. What we need is a bloody revolution to cleanse all the past and present leaders, their governors, commissioners, local govt. chairmen, ministers, houses of reps and senate from 1999 till date.

These sets of people have massively looted our resources into private pocket. Enough-is-enough and this is the right time.

Though I voted for Jonathan but his 100 days in the office is nothing to write home about. He has failed woefully. We need bloody revolution to cleans these bad system and inject fresh blood...


 Nice article but we all know that any solution will be sabotaged by the ruling Government and as long as we have shameless politicians there will be no honourable resignations and all enquiries will lead to appointment of fraudlent tribunals and at the end of the day nothing will come out of it. Not suprising though as a criminal does not condemn him or herself. The only thing that might help us is a bloody coup led by officers that have honour and love for their country & helped by a mass uprising or people revolution where we all are ready to sacrifice our lives for our kids future.

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