PRESS RELEASE : Plane Crash In Lagos A Hoax - NAMA

Scrapped Aircraft seen at a gas station in Lagos today
By Engr. Mazi Nnamdi Udoh

The attention of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) has been drawn to a purported plane crash yesterday at Igando, a suburb in Lagos State.

‘’ This morning, we were inundated with phone calls and enquiries  over  a crash involving  a small aircraft but there is nothing like that ,it is a hoax  because our system did not capture any missing plane’’,the managing director of the agency, Engr. Mazi Nnamdi Udoh affirmed in Lagos on Thursday  while  dispelling the rumour.

The American registered aircraft is marked- N972TF.

NAMA boss said in a statement that the aircraft in question is actually a junk one belonging to Late Apostle Gabriel Oduyemi of Bethel Ministries and had long been parked at a NAMA facility up till Wednesday night when it was eventually removed.

The aircraft was actually released to Captain M.J.Ekehinde who will be using it for educational purposes in Badagry, Lagos. A cross section of the wings was removed to ease transportation to its new location.
 I affirm again that NAMA facilities are working at optimal level and this could have assisted in detecting any missing plane within the nation’s airspace.
While we appreciate the concern of the public on sighting the plane at an unusual site, we urge that people should always contact police and local government officials for proper information before spreading the news on incident involving any aircraft.

Engr. Mazi Nnamdi Udoh

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Does this look like the plane just dropped straight from sky?

Whoever thought this plane had crashed must have been out of his mind! The only way this could have happened was for it to drop vertically down. Definitely, there's no way a plane could do that! Very fertile minds we have here, or should we put it in another form? Ignorance.

I Laugh

What do you expect, plane is meant to fly on air, its in Nigeria that something reverse do happen.
When plane begin use main public bus road how will you expected the tyre not to bust.
The tarred on the road that the plane do plight in different from the road we masses use everyday.
Our people do have accident on the roads day by day, let alone the plane that is just using the plane for some few hours (busted tyres).
I laugh....May God Bless our nation.

Ahn ahn, why so pained? it

Ahn ahn, why so pained? it is clear you are projecting your own issues onto someone else. Mazi means Mr in Igbo, if you are unsure of things, do your research. furthermore, it is a matter of personal choice as to how one decides to be addressed. It would be nice if you critiqued the job they do in the aviation industry (if you have enough evidence to prove they arent doing their job) instead of picking on frivolities. Cheers.

So what is the plane doing in

So what is the plane doing in a fuel station, and how is it been moved to Badagry? By road abi?? Ikeja to Oshodi to Mile 2..... Ha!

Na wa...all you see do na to

Na wa...all you see do na to pick on the today dem don dey put title for name...if you no get title go read obtain one also now? Shio!

Tell Them

These folks should, by now, be ashamed of titles. My boss here is a lawyer and you will not even know unless you probe. The chairman of my company is an Engr., unless some else tells you before you will know. Shameless waste pipes with titles bigger than what they can offer. Foolish empty cans.
My brother don't mind them !!

Gosh! Title, title, title!!

Mr. Mazi,
Do you have to put "Engr" in your name to do your job to make you important for heaven's sake? It is time you people do away with this inferiority complex!!! For all your big titles and all, none of you has made any lasting impact in the country. Of what use are you and your attainment in degrees when it is all decay in the nation?

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