Sahara TV Livestream Broadcast

By Sahara Reporters New York

Saharareporters TV continues its weekly broadcast.

Headliners this week, August 20, 2011 include Journalist Darcus Howe, The Honorable Patrick Obahiagbon and newly emerged African talent – The FOKN Boys.

Sahara Reporters will go LIVE to London, via Skype and talk with Darcus Howe, the legendary journalist, broadcaster and vocal critic of the recent uprisings in the UK. Tune in to find out why YOU should be concerned about in the current unrest sweeping certain parts of London.

Following that, Nigerian Senator Babafemi Ojudu will Skype in LIVE from Nigeria to discuss the current privatization scandal brewing in Nigeria.

And Speaking of Senators – due to popular demand - the Honarable Patrick Obahiagbon will re-join us LIVE via Skype this week to continue his intellectually verbose conversation on the preposterous and superfluity salaries of political persons in Nigeria.

“Thank God I’m Not a Nigerians”. Have you heard this tune? Ghanaian natives, FOKN Boys and the musicians behind these lyrics will have a chance to explain themselves LIVE. Tune in to find out their reasons for igniting a musical battle between Ghanaians and Nigerians.

The line up continues with prominent Nollywood Actress Dorothy Njemanze. Dorothy will be Skyping in from Nigeria to discuss the horrible issue of young girls in Nigeria being wrongly accused of prostitution in Abuja.

And don’t forget we have our regulars: Africa News Roundup with Ama Mensah, and the all knowing “Dr. Damages” show.

As always we want to encourage you to call into the show and voice your opinions. It’s your chance to have your own say. Tell us what you think about all the issues raging in Nigeria or African as whole.|TWITTER:@saharareporters|WEB:Saharareporters.TV|

You don’t want to miss this show; It starts at 8.00 AM Eastern Time, that is 12:00 Hrs GMT and 1PM Nigerian time.

Please, join us.

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These new technologies are really making things easier for us. Now watching movies has become so easier better as well especially now we have adaptations of TV shows to Big Screen.

With technology making our

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The media has become so

The media has become so pervasive in our lives, but it has definitely brought the world closer together. It would be better if they put the focus on the real issues more rather than celebrity gossips and scandals.

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I watch Seun's presentation on Kenya, I was impress. You need to do more of those shows, it real have impact on me and many others.


IBB, OBJ at Daggers Drawn! Neither is a Bigger fool! Whatever they exchange, these two are Nigeria's CURSE,whose lost HONORIFICABILITIDUNITY IS IRREDEEMABLE.

Obahiagbon has no moral

Obahiagbon has no moral standing to comment on d large salaries which political offfice holders enjoy in Nigeria. Was he not among them some months ago? Is it because he lost out in d last election. If he was still a memba of d house, would he talk about large salaries. This is hypocrisy in its prristine form.

Sahara tv

SR, where do I tune to watch this Channel please. This is a very good idea. I love it SR. You shall stand in Jesus Name.May God give u strenght.

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