Sahara TV Livestream Show- 10/22/11

By SaharaReporters, New York

SaharaTV will be broadcasting LIVE October 22nd via livestream. This week’s discussion is on the future of the people of Libya.

Emira Wood, co-director of Foreign Policy at the Institute for Policy Studies, will be joining us LIVE via skype to help us understand what this means for Libya now.

Then we will allow you – our viewers - to call in through Skype and provide your opinions on this whole dramatic Libya episode.

Then we go to Ivory Coast, a country that is still shaking from Laurent Gbagbo resist to step down from his presidency earlier this year

Native Ivorian Gnaka Lagoke, political analyst and CEO of will skype in from Washington DC to update us on instability in the Ivory Coast.

We also have controversial author Kola Boof, who will finally make an appearance on our show today. She will be calling in via Skype from her location in California.
She will be discussing Racism, Sexism, and Colorism in the Black Community.

We have that and many more……… Tune in and don’t miss out

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There is no evidence that Muammar Qaddafi treated the Libyan people poorly! There is no evidence that Muammar Qaddafi stole the wealth of Libya!

Moving nigeria forward

Is like the leaders we elected and the ones we did not elected,still dont know we are grown people,and we know more than the knew.By now,we should be thinking how to better the lives of the people and to move the nation forwards.Why is that the only language some nigerian leaders understand is to corrupt.Why are leaders not emulating developed nations?Instead,they emulating countries that care for their people.Is that the way forwards?Lets put our infrastrute in place and move nigeria forward which is the best way to solve our problems

The show broadcasted by Shara

The show broadcasted by Shara TV via livestream was superb.they had also allowed people to give review by skype call

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Gadhafi go for good

You must be blind then, upon all the luxerious life his children are living, having villas in both home and abroad, flashes cars and throwing millions of dollas for parties. though Gadhafi realy try for his people but in comparing with the money libya realising on oil every day, he did nothing. is better and is better and more educative than this rubbish from CNN and other main stream media!

revoluions are no tea parties-only be sanctioned by d CIA

There is no evidence that Muammar Qaddafi treated the Libyan people poorly! There is no evidence that Muammar Qaddafi stole the wealth of Libya!
There is no evidence that Muammar Qaddafi lived in any way unaccustomed to the way a leader of a proud and wealthy nation and people should or would live!There is also no evidence that Muammar Qaddafi had, or was going to, kill or hurt the Libyan people!And yet, without any evidence, NATO and its allies are in their 8th month of destroying this nation, its people, its culture and its truly democratic leadership! after the cold blooded murder of Gaddafi by Obama, Hitler Clinton, Sarkozy and Cameron! Gaddafi never dies!


There are tens of thousands of cars in Libya which are worth many more times than a piece - and they are owned by the Libyan people! The most expensive car I have ever seen Muammar Qaddafi in was a Toyota Land Cruiser (2005, six years old), the type you see driving all across Libya and the entire region for that matter! I have never seen him in anything which could be remotely construed as being a "luxury car", even by Libyan standards!


The mainstream media want the world to believe that this man, Muammar Qaddafi, has been an evil tyrant who wallowed in opulence at the expense of his "impoverished" people. But when all fantasies are put to one side and the propagandists have ceased their foaming at the mouth, can anything actually be produced as evidence of these claims?