We Will Occupy The National Assembly If They Pass The Supplementary Budget Of N161 Billion For Fuel Subsidy-Dino Melaye

By Anti-Corruption Network

Last year, 2011 the National Assembly appropriated N245 billion for fuel subsidy. In violation of the Appropriation ACT 2011 and the Fiscal Responsibility ACT 2007, the Central Bank of Nigeria paid N2.3 trillion for fuel subsidy on the basis of fraudulent, satanic and wicked recommendations of the Ministries of Finance and Petroleum resources.

In 2011 budget, the sum of N888.3 billion was appropriated by the National Assembly for fuel subsidy.

Last two weeks at the budget defense in the National Assembly, the Executive Secretary of Petroleum product pricing Regulatory Agency, Mr. Stanley Reginald told Members of the House of Representatives that a total sum of N679 billion had been spent on fuel subsidy from January – October 2012 and that the sum of #670 million had been saved by the Federal Government.

From his postulations to the National Assembly Nigeria spend an average of N67.9 billion per month. So since we have paid unto October, we will only need #135.8 billion to settle for the remaining of November and December. If this N313.8 billion is deducted from the balance of #208 billion left now in the subsidy account, there will be an outstanding of N72.2 billion in the account at the end of the year. So what do we need a supplementary appropriation for it is fraudulent, not necessary and pure corruption.

So we conclude that the National Assembly and indeed the House of Representatives had yet to pass the bill must not do so. Because it is a total and complete fraud.

If this is passed, we will match and occupy the National Assembly. We can not be taken for granted. Subsidy is a total fraud, as it does not exist. What we subsidize is actually corruption. At all cost within the ambit of law, we must protect the resources of the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The SURE – P program is an aberration, fraud and corruption pipe for 2015 elections. We call on the House of Representatives to demonstrate courage and support for the common man by throwing the bill out through the windows of the National Assembly.
God bless Nigeria.

Otunba Dino Melaye
Executive Secretary  
Anti-Corruption Network

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Which daughter?

Who told you Dino is the father of the baby. The actress was sleeping with many men at the same time and Dino was just one of them. It is also a known fact that where the actress has been living even up till today at Austin Agbonlahor close in Magodo G.R.A was gotten for her by another man all together. She should be advised to look for d real father

This is a about Nigeria and not Dino

Please lets face reality, Dino is not fighing personal cause, why insult him if you or your parents are not benefiting indirectly from the subsidy scam?

is protest a crime?

i believe there is no crime in protest if it is conducted within the armbit of the law. for doubting Thomases, even if Dino is corrupt, he is not agitating for his own share, but for Nigerians at large. so why vent your personal hatred? join hands to OCCUPY NIGERIA for NIGERIANS.

The Solution is simple....Blow up ALL oil wells in SS&SE

The Solution is simple....Blow up ALL oil wells in SS&SE ... and continent Nigeria will not survive even a month. Simple.

This is what we intend to do when Jonathan leaves office. We need not go to abuja or 'national assembly'. We destroy all gas & oil installations with ballistic heavy caliber bombs & the game of continent Nigeria is over forever.

It is clear today, more than ever before, that the SS&SE can not feen the West & North forever.

Long live the United States of the SS&SE


Ill gotten wealth is a bane for short life. All those who had stolen where are their children? Biggot-idiots. Judgement is coming upon them all.


Ill gotten wealth is a bane for short life. All those who had stolen where are their children? Biggot-idiots. Judgement is coming upon them all.

Day 1 - Ngozi's mother

Day 1 - Ngozi's mother kidnapped
Day 2 - Kidnappers request for $1bn
Day 3 - GEJ requests N161b supplementary budget ( $1bn = N161bn
Day 4 - Senate approves
day 5 - Ngozi's mother released

Too many coincidences, just thinking!!!

Jonathan Must Trace Otedola/Senator Lawan's Crime Dollars Now!

Yes o! Me I go dey Nigeria that time. We go march up Aso Rock and senate. Na play-play butterfly take dey enter bush. This regime don jam rock.

So after chopping N888

So after chopping N888 billion, these blood suckers want an additional N161 to steal in two weeks? God have mercy! Pray, what convincing reason can justify this clear case of corruption? Let anyone tell me any regime, whether military or civilian that displayed this brazen degree of corruption in the history of the country. I have never seen anything like this which goes to prove the established fact that Jonathan and his den of robers consciously perpetrated the entire N2 .3 trillion subsidy scam last year as a looting scheme. But even with the highest ever increment in fuel prices,with N888 billion already stolen this year in the guise of fuel subsidy, fuel has sold for as high as N250 per litter in most parts of Nigeria. Yet this group of cannibals are still baying for our blood, to the extent that they want to steal a hefty N 162 billion in two weeks in the guise of subsidy for two weeks? Nigerians must rise and Act now or neve

occupation is not workable in the zoo

After you occupied someone else' property what follows, he will forcefully de-occupy you,using none else than the dead brain police. . You can only occupy in the south west, the home region of enlightenment, anywhere else is invitation to chaos. Until when we start reasoning in a way away from tribal, religious, ethnic and class considerations we are going nowhere. Your rulers know this and are taking beneficial advantage of it.The void of these reasons make Arabs different, they enjoy the commonness of almost everything. If we do not have any other thing in common let us have common interest to archieve a common goal.In the Middle East this is a serious and worrisome information but in the animal kingdom that you call Nigeria it is a weightless common ranting that is not worth loosing an hour sleep over, for it is business as usual. Can not even be considered a threat because it lacks the potentials of execution.Do not fail to say i said it.

Jonathan is themist corrupt Nigerian ever!

Honestly, I marvel at the capacity of this Jonathan to steal and keep a straight face at the same time. This is the most corrupt government Nigia has had and it bats no eyelidincookingone form of unintelligent, stupid and childish nonsense to steal. This supplementary appropriation nonsense of seeking to steal a hefty N161 billion in the guise of one and a half weeks subsidy is one of such open and bizarre cases that show Jonathan and his greedy cabal as greedy, shameless,irresponsible vampires. I crave the attention of patriots, whether military or civilians to join hands and put an end to this stealing brood of vampires before they finish us. At the rate they are going, they will soon finish this country ifno action is taken now. Jonathan or whatever name this egregious tragedy of a man is called, is a big disgrace to his people.


PDP leadership style is all about coruption,therefor it's our responsibility to protest corupt leadership style.we the angryyouth of nigeria are behing you mr. anticoruption campaigner.

Dino Melaye should go and see

Dino Melaye should go and see his daughter first.He is so shameless.There is no greater corruption that to deny the product of your illicit affair.


Dino,pls shut and get ur facts right if u don't know about something...are u holier than Ngozi who painstainkingly verified claims and has come out to say the money is not enough? Pls stop misquoting the PPPRA man for ur own selfish ends...

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