Why I am Accepting Jonathan's Offer To Serve-Nuhu Ribadu

Nuhu Ribadu
By Nuhu Ribadu

I was greeted to numerous calls and mail yesterday when the administration announced my name as Chairman of the 21-man Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force.

Given my recent political pedigree, many inquirers naturally wanted to understand what was happening, and whether it was true that I was consulted and whether I would accept the offer.

The history of my life is a history of public service, and if we cast an honest look to the recent protests in the wake of the oil subsidy removal, it will be clear to all that the biggest single victory Nigerians scored was to put the question of corruption squarely back on the top of our national policy agenda.

Regardless of our affiliations, our differences, and our engagements, it is at least safe to say that we have a national consensus on the deadly impact of corruption on our march to greatness, and on the capacity of our people, particularly the youth, to earn a decent, promising, life.

If we would effectively isolate and defeat this scourge therefore, we must all see it as a preeminent national security threat. We must see it as a war within our borders, a war that has assumed a systemic and endemic character, but to which all must now urgently enlist with our different capacities, or accept to all go down with the ship.

At this point in my life, it is also easy to answer the honest question if it is inappropriate to invest my modest talents and capabilities to my country what I have readily offered many foreign communities, from sister nations in Africa to far flung places like Afghanistan. This, if nothing, makes my decision very personal, freeing all affiliations [social and political] of complicity, but investing the decision also with the unique character that when people reach evaluations in favour of their larger communities, it doesn’t necessarily blemish their moral identity.

This therefore is a national call. In answering it, I go back to the template of my own parents who taught me that honest public service is the greatest asset a person can offer his community. It was the same lesson I learnt from his biographical example when my own father returned home as a federal legislator in Lagos to take job as a local council official in Yola—it is all about the community, and it is sometimes bigger than our personal egos.

Nuhu Ribadu Esq.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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If the Majority is corrupt... I doubt you alone can change

You can go not waste the oppoturnity for your region, with good faith. May Allah help you if you have a good plan for progress and development for the poor Nigerians. But not that, If the Majority is corrupt in the sector including your boss, am advicing you resign this work or your mission will turn to something else

Dont report to Minister of Petrolium

Yes i agreed with u. That is a good decision. Pls for u to av outstanding performance in the task given u. Dont accept reporting to Minister of Petrolium or else u will regret at the end of the day. We are talkng of corruption eradication in d sector. U must also know that pple are watching.

GEJ is one of the most sincere president we ever had

GEJ is one of the most sincere president we ever had. He knows how to circumvent the real EVIL men in Nigeria. The real evil men bringing down Nigeria are within Nigeria they are not poor but most of them are the rich folks whose wealth can not be explained.
If Wole Soyinka decides to head the committee in charge of the money from Subsidy removal people will still call him thief.
We've been betrayed by Govt. in the past but we still need to trust a GOVT.
GEJ is for a change. He's doing the right things that are unpopular. Past presidents they did popular things that are not right.
WEALTHY Northerner politicians are the canker worms of the NORTH.

GEJ is after credibility

The choice to recall Ribadu is a laudable action as it goes to show dat GEJ id committed to shuffle his government with proven credible individuals, dat posses somewhat a remarkable track record of sound administration and respectable governance, Auntie dora, u r next!!!!xoxoxo Fatai Mark (GEJite)

Nuhu Ribadu is an agent

There is no way we can trust NUhu RIbadu. In fact, he is an agent who is always hired to kill the NOrth. History always remembers itself. Itis you Ribadu and Soludo who outrightly collaborated together and killed Bank of The North despite the fact that you were aware with all the misappropriation in the other Banks owned by southerners. You are the one(Ribadu) arrested and indicted many innocent citizens while you don't even have their files at hand. Ribadu, you are saying regardless of our differences, affliations and engagement we can move to greatness, yes, is true. But, it is obvious when our cheaters want to cheat us, they will begin to mention words of unity. But, whenever they are sadlined politically, they will talk about north. To sum it up Ribadu, you are not our son. You are not representing us at all.

Nuhu Ribadu is BROKE

Wallahi Nuhu Ribadu is not what evr1 tot he is. A number of us postulated that he picked d job becos he is broke and need to settle some outstanding bills. Secondly this job automatically makes him answerable to deziani, meaning if he sees rot he either play along or run mute. So where is the ideology, the principle? We r quick to remind u that all he did as efcc head were selective and aimed at impressing his master obj. Little wonder how ahmed tinubu was just sshoving and tossing him around during the run up to the last election, thnk God him no win o. With this appointment, the guy just sent what was left of his reputation into thee shredder. This are not the kind of pple needed to speak for thee masses. The guy is a total wrong number and address... Sorry for him.

Mind ur language

Bala pls mind ur language.Why are u castigating Tinubu when Ribadu couldn't even win his own ward in his village, it showed that he has no market value. Can u compare d votes he won in d entire north 2 what he won in Osun state alone,not 2 talk of Southwest. So if u dont know how 2 talk 2 an elder in ur village dont abuse our leader here because Yoruba people are well cultured&well mannered. God bless Nigeria. God bless the Yoruba Nation.

Ride-On, Ribadu!

That you accepted to serve in the Task Force for the sake of Nigeria is courageous and commendable. Ride on, Ribadu.Some will see you as a "mole" in the committee. But those who know you will agree that your contribution will be invaluable in the workings and directions of the Task Force, hopefully to produce some far-reaching decisions that will shake the foundation of corruption rendering it a negative pursuit. Be on the alert all the time and remain and behave the Nuhu Ribadu the world knows! Good Luck and God's guidance, all the way!



am not suprise

I am not surprised because you do not even have integrity since you can deny your party leader’s crime the former governor of lagos state(Tinubu) .

nuhu ribadu

you are meant to your opinion,but stop being used and dumped becos you love your country you have to be man of principle not man of power...more gist here at www.gistyinka.blogspot.com

I feel sorry for Nuhu Ribadu!

I feel sorry for Nuhu Ribadu!

who is he?

I think there is one ques we all have to ask...who is he?is he the best we have in Nigeria?Can`t we get another person to do something for us?Nuru was used by obj...who did he arrest that was not against obj then?EG.where is lucky now...in EDO..let him go back to his mate who are commissioners.we don`t need somebody like him to make 9ja better..We have so many women and men..let follow another chain.what is the finance minister and the petroleum minister still doing in the office..we all know the different between black and white.you must be self-conceited man Mr Nuru.Am not a fool.....I WON`T GIVE UP BUT I KNOW ONE DAY WE WILL KILL ALL OF UNA...

Nuru Ribadu

I support the mind and courage you have. You've shown to the world several times that you are man of your words and ready to change the country at all cost. It's quite unfortunate that you were betrayed by unscrupulous elements in the party you carried their flag. Please before you append your signature on any paper, give them your terms and coditions so that they do not use this to rubbish you and distroy your polical carrier. Thank you my brother, we share same belief and mind, do ley anyone discourage you. This is another opportunity for you to relaunch yourself and shine once again. I bet you are our next president.

The Man Nuhu Ribadu

Big Kudos to GEJ for this appointment, starting to have faith in his government. Mallam Nuhu Ribadu is a humble, straight and honourable man, having met him at Kotoka Airport and on two other occasions. Please take your time and read his Testimony before the US Senate Foreign Relations hearings on Nigeria - http://www.globeboss.com/news/us-senate-foreign-relations-hearings-on-ni...

The man is honourable and principled. Well done Mr President - The Boko Haram menace and the strikes seem to have

Ribadu"s Appoitment

We should encourage Ribadu on this mission to unravel the corruption in the oil indusry. Record has shown that he is fearless when it comes to corruption. He does not care whose ox is gurred.He was able to prosecute a former inspector of police in this country. The rich are afraid of him.For now we dont have a better hand in crime fighting than Ribadu.Let him be; with the hope that he will be able to train people of like mind.

Ribadu's Appointment


As you pointed out, its all about service to your people. To correct a system, its always good to be part of the system. I wish you luck, pl's do what you believe in and if it gets to a point of trying to stich you up, pull down the blind and say bye. God bless Nigeria, God bless Ribadu, God bless all those that wish Nigeria and Nigerians well.



There is nothing wrong in accepting the job

You have to be in it, to win it. If Nuhu Rubadu can make a difference, why not. Because you disagree with the way government is being run does not mean should not accept a position in it. Yes, there are certain area that a person could reject, but not in all cases. As for me, I would vote for ACN. However, if for any reason, I'm called to serve my country, I will definitely accept it. And I will do my best possible to serve my people.

Rubadu, maybe your performance could even lead to the removal of the current minister, so that you can wield all your power to correct the anomalies!

Question of change of heart obviously to keep Nigeria One folks!

Wonders they say can happen in Nigeria; it’s not surprising that this heart-changing is taking place! I suppose Mal. Ribadu is familiar with American political formative history where they talked about the gathering of like minds! Like I said Dr. Jonathan’s administration could well be another breather for Nigeria to assemble that kind of self made and conscientious persons of like minds! Ribadu has even said it; His father told him what it means to serve the public irrespective of where U find yourself & like said, this appointment could be opportunity for him to prove something 4 Nigeria! I said also that we may find Mrs. F. Waziri back into the government in some other ways; you’ll never know in Nigeria as they say - anything can happen! The fact is that this government wants to prove a case & here the stage is now set 4 those who want to serve the people in good faith though! ACN can oppose, it is understandable, but the objective is Nigeria - to save Nigeria first!

You're Just Being Power Hungry

This guy is just being power hungry. He will accept any position as long as it will put him in the news and let him pilfer from the department's allocation. Show me a Nigerian that is ethical (not to steal and be blinded by “bigmanism” syndrome) or that is guided by positive ideology?


The issue is not whether Mallam Nuhu Ribadu should accept the position or not, it is not about who appointed him, or whether there is an ulterior motive behind the appointment. It is not even about Ribadu's antecedents. What really counts is whether Ribadu can deliver on his mandate or not. If, in the near future, we see positive results from the actions of this task, the appointment would have been justified. However, if nothing changes, and the petroleum industry continues in the same direction as it has hitherto fore taken, then the appointment would be the usual, bootless, toothless entity that previous task forces were. Let us give Mallam Nuhu Ribadu a chance before we make any judgement.

On Ribadu's acceptance of appointment

Yes, we must all rise up to save our country but must we entrust this to men who had allowed themselves to be used by the powers that be in our immediate future? We have not forgotten the uses to which the EFCC was put under the watch of Ribadu. All I can see here is a case of come and chop.

Kudo Mr Ribadu

Those of castigating Mr Ribadu, did you ask yourself what was tinubu,the so called leader of ACN doing in aso rock few days before the last presidential election? It was clear that the biggest thief from SW is ahmed bola tinubu,who pocked 4Billion naira from GEJ and told Ribadu to go hell.
The fact is,tinubu is the greatest enemy of progress for the SW people, a traitor like him cannot tell ribadu what to do and what not to do.

Ribadu Head of Petroleum Ministry Task Force

This is Minister of Petroleum's appointment. The task force reports to the Minister and not to the President! The appointment was not from the Secretary to the Government. Mr. Ribadu should thank Diezani and not Jonathan!


Before you judge Ribadu, as Mr President why he decided on Ribadu. Is it for political reasons to win him to his team, if so, nothing has gone wrong. If it is because of his integrity and international reputation, it is still good. But if it is because of other reasons, we can only judge Ribadu from the Presidents motives. Stop this congratulation and criticism, nothing has gone right or wrong?


Bewera of the buccanaires and vampires in NNPC.these people are desperadoes that worship in the devil's shrine.My fear is that GEJ was unable to deal with this people, how can you tame them?they are above the law in Nigeria.Although,I have confidence in you.You are a pride to the generation of youthS in Nigeria.Remember your name and integrity is at stake.If GEJ willnot allow you,pls resign b4 its too late bcos of your future.Pls, ensure transparency and accountability in NNPC and turn it to be like PETROBAS OF Brazil.I pray to God to protect you as usual

Nuhu Ribaddo i congratulate

Nuhu Ribaddo i congratulate you on you recent appoitment.Am
also drawing your attention to the expectation of all nigerians and the corrupt government you are to work for. The job given to you is a very sensitive one which will draw the attention of not only Nigerians but all the globe you should use this forum to prove to Nigerian the promises you made while seeking election during the April 2011 elections don't allow those corrupt government official and private individual which without hestation will be surrounding you to jeopadise you expected good job

Nuhu's intentions

Can Nuhu be thinking that he is on a crusade to salvage nigeria from corruption again as he did whilst he led EFCC? or is the righteous one Nuhu wanting to finish unfinished business of chopping this time round. The sadness about Nuhu is the sorry tale of 99.9% of nigerians and SR commentators, you all have been systematic, morally corrupted to the core. Nuhu, please stop fooling the idealistic fools, this appointment is a simple game of position your ego for power and politics, your ambition to get to the top means you will sleep with the devil and look the other way as suits. Nothing but 40 years of authoritarian, benevolent dictatorship that will purge the system of corruption will save nigeria, not even your mindless prayers, if not let all nigerians commit seppuku.

Reason Nigerians are governed by retards.

The reason why Nigerians are governed by retards not even mediocre(s) can be seen in some of the comments here. You have a ruler who wakes up in the morning and decides that the price of fuel should be =N=141.00. His minister, Allison Madueke appoints within a space of three weeks four committees - One headed by Udo Udoma, one by Nuhu Ribadu, another by Dotun Sulaiman and then a new one by Kalu I. Kalu. All for the same industry!
Meanwhile there is a congressional hearing going on that reveals the sham in the same industry. I am not fooled. Most of those appointed are players in the same industry.
I wonder what kind of intelligence is required to govern a Nigerian?

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